How to Set the Avast antivirus.

You do not want or can not invest fifty euros in the purchase of an antivirus, d o not panic, there are ways to protect themselves free. With generally fewer fea tures than their counterparts in trade and a bit slower, the software still rema in an honorable alternative to protect you against viruses. Thus, avast! is a fr ee antivirus for personal use which, in the absence of Kaspersky Anti-Virus or N orton Antirivus, protect you against viruses. Slightly faster than its competito rs free AntiVir or AVG, Avast does its job well. Click Here to download Avast. Select I accept the license agreement and click Next again. â ¢ The default installation folder of the program is proposed. If you want to mod ify, click the button .... Then click the Next button. â ¢ Select the Typical setu p then click Next twice to begin the installation. After a few minutes, the program offers to scan your hard disk to start your nex t computer. Confirm the operation by clicking the Yes button. Finally, select the Restart option and click the Finish button. When you restart Windows, the program welcomes you and tells you it is necessary to register in order to use it for free. Click on the link page of avast! Home Edition. You will be redirected to the website of the publisher of Avast! to request a ac tivation key. Scroll Registration language and select French. Fill out the form by specifying a valid email address to receive an activation k ey. At the bottom of the form, copy the control characters that appear on the form i mage and finally click on the Save button An email is then sent by the publisher of avast! with your activation key antivi rus (note that this item may be several minutes). Open this email and select the key between the lines cut here. Copy it to the clipboard using the keyboard sho rtcut Ctrl + c. Double click on the icon avast! Antivirus software is located on the desktop. In the Save dialog box, enter the key you received by mail or paste (if you have copied to the clipboard) using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + v then click the OK button . Avast! is saved and can be used free of charge. Update avast! To be protected against viruses that appear every day, your antivirus must be up dated. You can configure avast! for this update is automatic. 1. In avast!, Clic k the Database link next to Automatic updates. 2. In the Settings window that opens, verify that Automatic Heading viral Databa se is selected and then click on Update Now. 3. The bases are then antivirus updates. Click Close when the operation is compl eted. 4. Then select Automatic under program. Then confirm with OK. 1. The bases are then antivirus updates. Click Close when the operation is compl

eted. 2. Then select Automatic under program. Then confirm with OK. Improving Real-Time Protection With the real-time protection, avast! continuously protects you against viruses by scanning files that you use, what sites you visit and emails you receive. 1. Within the main interface of Avast!, Click on the link next to Standard Resident protection. 2. Move the slider to High. All files and no exceptions will be rev iewed in real time. Run a full scan once a week, it is advisable to thoroughly analyze your hard dis k looking for viruses. 1. To do this, click on Local Disk icon. 2. In the dialog box that appears, move the cursor to the right to select the Sc an careful. Then check the box Scan archives to check the files in compressed ar chives such as zip files. 3. Then click the Start button to begin the analysis. Delete a viruses. When a virus is detected, whether by a complete analysis or an alysis in real time, a warning dialog box opens to inform you and ask you what t o do. 2.€Click the Repair button to try to disinfect the infected file. If repair is impossible, for users can delete the infected file or quarantine it to try to di sinfect it later. Just click on the appropriate buttons. Accessing the files quarantined Once quarantined an infected file can not infect other files and run the virus. To view quarantined files, click the Quarantine Zone symbolized by a toolbox. To send the file to the laboratory of the publisher avast! for a thorough review, click the right mouse button and then choose Email to ALWIL Software. Add some m ore information about the circumstances of the contamination and then click Send an email. Plan your antivirus analysis Unlike the professional version, the family version of the Avast!, Which is free , does not provide functionality for planning your virus scans. It is only possi ble to schedule a scan for the next start. However, using the Windows Task Scheduler, you can completely plan your antiviru s scans, whenever you like, once a week, for example, thanks to the tool to scan files for Avast! accessible via Explorer. 1. Click Start, Programs, Accessories , System Tools and then Scheduled Tasks. 2. In the Scheduled Tasks window opens, double click on the icon Creating a scheduled task. 3. The Scheduled Task Wizard opens. Click the Next button. 4. Click the Browse b utton and then using the Explorer window, open the installation folder of avast! , That is to say C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast4 default. Then clic k on the file ashQuick.exe then click the Open button. 5. Enter a name for your task, Analysis Avast! example. Then choose the frequenc y of execution of this task, every week for example and then click the Next butt on. 6. Then choose the date and time that you want to perform a virus scan, on Sunda y evening at 22 hours for example. Then click the Next button. 7. Then enter the password of your user account in the text box enter the passwo

rd and enter it a second time in the text box Confirm password. 8. Then click the Next button and then click Finish. Your new scheduled task is then created. 9. In the Windows Task Scheduler, double click on this new task I plan. The dial og box is then open its properties. In the Task tab, you must change the content s of the Run field to specify the drives and folders to scan. 10. To analyze the C: drive and the hard drive D:, the contents of the Run field must be: "C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast4 \ ashQuick.exe" C: D:. E ach volume must then be separated by spaces. If you want to scan a particular folder, you simply specify the path in quotatio n marks. To analyze for example the folder C: \ Program Files, the command becom es: "C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast4 \ ashQuick.exe" "C: \ Program Files" 11. Then press OK to back and fill in your password. 12. You can test your sched uled task to check that the virus scan will work fine. Just click on the task an alysis Avast! with the right mouse button and select Run. The disks and folders that you defined in the properties of the task are then analyzed immediately. You can view this document directly online on the site at: http:// Pavlov Sylvain, I publish a blog on best practices and tips on the web. You can visit it by clicking below: