THE MUSIC OF CAPOEIRA ___________________________________________________ Music is an instrument of preserving the memory, transmitting the traditions of different epochs of the

past of Capoeira. The song sometimes expresses sadness a t the absence of a comrade who has died, closing a further warning or notice, a practical example, a lesson for life. At the end the litany is begun by a solo c horus, the input signal to the choir formed by the barns. As the game has in its development, the songs will accompany and describe - in a peculiar language - s ituations that happen on the wheel, if there is no singing determine, in a subtl e way, the development of actions. Poetry can mean a provocation or a joke to so meone with any of the barns; can translate a warning to shape much of the danger ous times in which the game unfolds, may still be reverence to a deity. Anyway, the songs bring a common characteristic - the figurative language and understand ing is restricted to players. The vibrant sounds of the berimbau is magnetic. No w touch the Iúna. The old ones say that in this corner of the touch resonates I nhuma bird (or Anhuma) and the legend that she is the bearer of a magical force. Enchanted, its principles of off the magic of the gods ... Listen to the touch. At one time we highlight the sharp sounds of the berimbau for the next moment b eing supplanted by another, which vibrates with deep gravity. It is the dialogue of Iúnas. As if two mythological beings, taken a deep passion, his singing bec ame audible love. Pg 01 WWW.CAPOARTE.V10.COM.BR Pg 02 WWW.CAPOARTE.V10.COM.BR Sometimes seeming to echo understanding, to suddenly transform into the incongru ous clash of passionate disagreement. In the end prevail understanding between b erimbau gunga and viola - the bass and treble tones, respectively - but it gets the distinct impression that suddenly everything will start once more. The conga brings evocations carrying the world of magic. The pace discovers mysterious the vision of the mind - a scene of magic realism. The strength of sound invades the poultry, dragging the thought that gets lost in a whirlwind of emotions and can lead to trail the supernatural fascination and excitement translate into ag ility and strength. And unfolds Africa alive in every one of us. Mysterious, as well the elation that comes from within, to spurt, it reaches the skin surface a nd overflows in acts of strength and beauty. Until befall the calm and quiet, li ke a strange dance. Agogo tones stand out in a clear contrast between markings a nd slight dissonance that hurts the senses, despertandoos. That is their functio n, and the extent to which these sounds are heard, you lose track of time and sp ace, in the excitement that stuns: everything becomes magic. To fund the ganzá imposes the sound balance capable of holding - in its rhythmic movement - the fl ow of the will, dragging it and releasing it only after poultry conquered his so ul. Only then he returns, surprised and ecstatic, the confrontation with reality . Perhaps a mythical snake has rocked the bells, amid the turmoil of the senses free, and has captured its prey, making it similar, giving it characteristics of contained aggression and determination. The constant roar of noisemakers can pr opel the listener quedar be surprised. Attention is diverted to the unpredictabl e sound that causes the sensation of a whip imaginary, causing cracks that reson ate within the poultry raising chills stripes of courage and the consequent stru ggle. In another moment the berimbau play Angola. You are about to happen the mo st important game that defines the spirit of Capoeira. The master's voice rises, with an accent of sorrow and regret, singing a song with a strong nostalgic fla vor. The berimbau gunga accompanying seriously the modulations of voice, peaking in a paced and highlighting each verse of the song. And perhaps herein lies the great music of the litanies, all extremely simple. Pg 02 WWW.CAPOARTE.V10.COM.BR Pg 03

WWW.CAPOARTE.V10.COM.BR While the gunga fits the voice that pulls the singing, forming a duet, the berim bau viola adds to all the high-pitched, emerging in improvisations that follow a n amazing wealth of variations. Each instrument adds special color to the music, giving life to Capoeira. African by origin, born of blood and nature of the bla ck, built the Brazilianness. Thanks to them, nativist singers are able to find e lements to compose a musical expression of Brazil, representing the common senti ments of our people. The sound will continue for hours, making the delight of th e players brought to art,€rapture those who attend to the wheel and taught a pa th to the rediscovery of other forms of communication. Text: Camille Adorno, The Art of Capoeira Pg 01 WWW.CAPOARTE.V10.COM.BR

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