CHANGE AND THOUGHT live very quickly, we want to do adults, having a job, money, a comfortable life, we laugh but

we pretend to the outside, and why all this wh en we apparently are not as happy as we thought? The reason may be that we all p ut our real idea on the grounds that we love, and emotions like we can. We live, like it or not, in the world of emotions and feelings. We want to change the wo rld and we are unable to do so because what does not "fall", we are not able to internalize is that our domestic real world is one that is not cultivated, witho ut working. We are who we are and not what we have. We are what we want to be, a t bottom, but our refusal to strive to change (resistance to change) is preceded by the inner classic "is that I can not." It is often "use" someone's finally d epends to make us happy, we make life easier, make us feel, make us fly, we do . .. We all try to come from outside to inside, to us and when we imbued with this dynamic that cry from within, we want to be independent, self-sufficient, auton omous, which, like it or not, will happen, will happen because all we want what we have, each, within which is why happiness, freedom in its well understood, pl easure, dreams, sexuality, everything starts from within one out. For all this ( honestly analyze it and you'll understand) I can be myself with someone else if my life depends on her. What we really need is courage to be oneself, a situatio n that does not conflict in any way with the commitment, loyalty, freedom and pr osperity for living together, showing as a standard appropriate and effective co mmunication. The aim therefore is to achieve the individual's ability to be the protagonist of his own life, which is not synonymous with having to be alone to do so. Those of us who decide to want to help educate the human being in their, say, "emotional imperfections, we have an obligation, when we ask for help, to c reate lines of communication channels to remove the" noise "and eliminate the ro utine of silence that is, at times, which covers up our fears and thus get only nurture our mutual insecurities. It's funny how sometimes paralyzes us topical p hrases and used them to justify our actions to conceal a terror to deal with ourselves and make that change which in essence we need or we hide them as if we did settle on the life choices we have chosen are appropriate. Usually take onl y part of those phrases. One of the most I've heard is that of José Ortega y Ga sset: "I am myself and my circumstances ..." and for this and that fact marks me I can not get out of it, is mine and so I'm for it. We read on and we have show n that Ortega also said that "... if I save my circumstances except me." Why sho uld I evolve and mature and adaptive ways to get obtain, without necessarily lea ving social tax rate, I need to balance the ultimate goal of human happiness. I know that it is very difficult to live our life as a harmonious whole, without f anfare, without the daily problems and not so everyday. When we seem to have ach ieved stability, something strong, unexpected, we live and we returned to the me ntal chaos, the restlessness, to suffer yet another loss. What next?, Why me?, W hat have I done to have to suffer? Logical questions, human, emotional, and for which one must pass to get the appropriate focus of our new circumstances, harsh and cruel as it is. We're back in the world of emotions, feelings, and we have two possible options in every crisis: destruction (death) or opportunity to deal with it and leave renewed and stronger (when one door closes a window opens ) E verything, as usual, going to depend on our attitude towards this event that has arisen. Yo. I depend on me, from the preparation to make the event, the need an d desire for change or, on the other hand, the desire to regress to be feeding m y beliefs, what they think, feel and measure with my scale values. Static I / a or dynamic / a. I have to decide if I'm wrong, but not so wild and steep. Being reflective (I know it costs a lot right now) is the form. Everything will change in my thinking and my ability to ask for help if alone I can not. My feedback i s positive if my thinking is positive (or at least I try,€because the road is m ade up of small steps) even if it costs a lot of inner energy. Some people think to be proactive in these situations is to be in constant motion and enter a fre netic pace of activities, attitudes, apparent changes in one go back to your chi ldhood roots, but do not make a "stop" to reconsider their schemes mental and their deepest feelings. They do not want time to see his own face in

the mirror, see the pros and cons of the decision to be taken. It is now comes t he classic "excuses" (which in the mind of an actual disability are not aware th at you have one): "I need my space" "I do not feel free," "I have already decide d and no more than talk, "" nothing can negotiate "... Generally there are two i mportant questions why someone makes the decision, for example, to separate from your partner: A difference in expectations from the situations and / or indiffe rence, which may occur by a change of heart or a disproportionate difference in development between different stages, so there is a large imbalance. But to see that we have to be completely honest with ourselves because if we do not fall in to the problem of being our own worst enemy, being an irrational, emotionally sp eaking, to think that the "enemy" is another. Here are two individuals who try t o live and reach an overall balance without success, perhaps because there is no t initially individually. But there is guilty, is responsible for irreparable at titudes, sometimes because they lack adequate skills and losing the opportunity, on the other hand, to seek professional help to assess the circumstances with a therapeutic perspective, with implications emotional, more objective. I suppose you have heard the Latin phrase "homo homini LUPUM" which can be translated as man is wolf to man, one is his own enemy, but there is another more positive Sen eca: "homo homini RES SACRA, which can be translated as man is something sacred to man. Two very different phrases that pose a very different position. So I thi nk that is all to life. Choose your choice and works to the limit of your will o n it thinking that if positive thinking can have obvious results, what do we avo id the crisis by refusing to address the change is really needed? As always do n ot mean anything to this article to create a space to think and analyze how it h as to be one in life, because you, only you who must learn to think in any situa tion independently and critically. Being happy requires maximum effort and is th e most difficult goal that human beings have been proposed, but we are on the ro ad if everyone, every individual, puts something on their part and change its la rge and rich inner world. Do not run away from yourself job or fill your mind so litude not confront your own fears unsolved. We are what we think and it is clea r that thought can change it, but do not ask me to change mine, change yours as mine is up to me and I'll do it for myself. If you feel good abo ut yourself minimizing the imperfections of others which is not perfect because it is "simply" a human being. JUAN JOSE LOPEZ NICOLAS. Family Counselor http://w