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Hebrew letter ALEPH ORIGIN OF THE SYMBOLISM OF THE FIRST CARD OF THE TAROT expressed aleph man as a collective unit, the beginning teacher and ruler of the land. The man or the Microcosm, the unit is the beginning of all worlds. THE MA GICIAN The magician available ideally suited to the configuration of the letter aleph. At the top you can see the divine sign of universal life. The bottom repr esents the earth decorated with their products. The right and left of the figure is occupied by the performer's hands, one of which points to the earth and the other the sky, the two principles: active and passive, Jakin and Bohas of Solomo n's Temple and Freemasonry. With one hand the man seeks God in the sky, plunging the other in the lower to raise the devil to yes, which meets in the human divi ne and diabolical. Thus the Tarot shows us the universal mediation role accorded to the Adam-Kadmon. The Magician press at his hand up the magic wand in front o f it are placed the four great symbols of the Tarot, the Copa, the Sword, the Pe ntacle or Basto Talismans and figured by the Magician's wand in her hand. Bastos or Iod Iod's men, or inventors, Producers, Nobility of Intelligence. I drink or I Men or the trustee of the great truths discovered by men of Iod: scholars, ju dges, the nobility of the robe. Swords, Cruz or Vau. Vau's men or guardians and defenders of precedents: the Warriors, the nobility of the sword. I Oros or 2nd. The men of the 2nd I, the crowd among whom are recruited at all times with othe r breeds: the People. The four large symbols are placed at random on the table, the man has to dominate and to sort the first resentative the microcosm, the lat ter represents the macrocosm and which serves as the universal link between all complementary Tarot represent the current universal reflected between the worlds . The unit - a principle whose origin is impenetrable to man, is the beginning of all things. God, Man and the Universe will, therefore, the triple meaning of our first sheet. EXTENSION OF THE THREE MAJOR PRINCIPLES TO TAROT The threefold mea ning of the first sheet represents respectively: Creator or Iod. The Recipient o r HE. Transformer or Vau. A sevenfold: God. 2 septenary: The Man. 3 septenary: T he Universe 2nd The Hebrew letters BETH The Beth man's mouth as organ of speech. The word is a being's inner development , central room where we can isolate undisturbed. The ideas of Sanctuary, inviola ble house of man and God, Beth also expresses all production emanating from this mysterious house, any action inside and active, hence the ideas of education, h igh science, law, Gnosis, science hidden or completeness. The number 2 correspon ds to Beth and the moon, the passive meanings emanating from the binary, where t he ideas of reflection, of Women implemented by reference to the moon the sun an d women by reference to man. THE SECOND CARD OF THE TAROT Papis: Man is the divi ne receptor second card of the Tarot to express all ideas in the first conceived in the negative. A man standing is the opposite: a woman sitting first idea of passivity represented by women and by position. The woman is adorned with the at tributes of authority and persuasion and is placed under the portico of the temp le of Isis, between two columns. Idea of the sacred enclosure, receiver divine. The two columns express the positive and negative as the arms of magician. The w oman is crowned on which rests the crescent moon, worn on the chest and solar cr oss on her knees an open book that covers half his cloak. Such is the image of I sis, the nature of which we should not lift the veil to the profane. The teachin gs of Isis are hidden order, as indicated by the book, it is she who teaches the magician the secrets of true Kabbalah and the occult. This profound symbol dese rves our admiration. Significance of Isis, enDiois, is a reflection of Osiris, t he reflection of God the Father, God the Son Isis. The man is a reflection of Adam, man's absolut e: Eva, wife, life. 3rd Hebrew letter Ghimel The Ghimel expressed, throat, man-h alf-closed and in an attitude of grasping an object, the throat is where it is f

ormed, which embodies is concebidoel brain, thus Ghimel is the symbol of wrappin g material spiritual ways of generating organism in all its aspects, of all the ideas that arise from the body organs or their actions. TAROT CARD OF THE THIRD THE EMPRESS The idea generation,€of embodiment in all the worlds a woman seen f rom the front is on the side of women that man puts on his body, he embodies. Id ea of the spirituality of the animating principle of beings. Passionate about an eagle in his right hand. The eagle is the symbol of the soul and spirit holy li fe. In his left hand holds a scepter, astrological sign of Venus. The rod is sup ported by the left hand to indicate the influence exerted by nature passive. Ven us-Uranus or woman for the generation of beings. It is surmounted by a crown of twelve points or, even of twelve stars. Sample The outcome of the interaction of the first two terms that are neutralized in the same principle: the neutral ele ment of Wronski, base of any system of reality. The creative force or Osiris and Isis conservative force or neutralized in the balancing force. In God will bala nce the Father and the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Horus universal animatriz fo rce in man is the balance of Adam - Eve or humanity. In the universe it will be the balance of nature and nature naturans nature: The world conceived as a being . This entity corresponds to the second of the sacred name I therefore indicate transition from one series to another. 4th Hebrew letter daleth The daleth expre ssed within an object capable of producing an abundant supply for future growth also represents the wealth born of the division, a sign of active creation, this creation is the result of previous actions easily determine the origin of unit is inaccessible for human conception. The daleth expresses Created by a created being. The image will daleth animator and active principle of the universe: Jupiter, reflecting the first cause. THE TAROT CARD OF THE FOUR TH EMPEROR. The symbol shown as passive all the previous letters expressed in ac tive form. A man is sitting in profile indicates the active man is generated by a top term. The active magician all shown standing and facing the four asset is represented sitting on the side. The symbolic scepter Venus generation is the sc epter in his right hand to indicate the active influence exerted by the animatin g principle in nature, as opposed to the top secret trainer 3. The man wears a b eard and wears a helmet of twelve point six on each side. He is sitting on a roc k form, cubic, the hull indicates the domain of the divine in the universe and u niversal action in the creation of life the eagle. His position on the cubic sto ne expresses the realization in the three worlds: 1 realization of the verb divi ne creation. 2nd implementation of the ideas of contingent being due to the work of the spirit Quad: Affirmation - denial Discussion Solution 3 ª realization o f intended acts by the will. Domination of spirit over matter 4 always expressed a reflection of the first sheet. 5th Hebrew letter HE The life is for man what man aleph is for the universe, the principle mediator par excellence. TAROT CARD OF THE FIFTH POPE tre The cross symbolizes the triple cross of the Th eogony Indian Lingham penetration creative power through the divine world, the i ntellectual world and the physical world to produce all the manifestations of un iversal life. The two columns on the right symbolize the law and freedom the rig ht to obey and disobey, essence of being. Two men are crowned here expressed the active command in the second sheet liability instruction is practical and oral. The Empress 3 popess 2 is completed by 4 + 3 = 7 The Emperor 4 7 = 28 = 10 = 1 5 Pope 2 +5 = 7 The Wizard January 1 +6 = 7 The lover 6 Is a direct reflection of the arcane 4 and 2 indirect reflection of the arcane. In the divine reflection of the will, the intelligence characteristic of God's s on. The characteristic authority on women, religion: faith. In the natural refle ction of the soul of the world or the universal creative flow. The characteristi c of universal life NATURA universal love represented by the secret 6. 6th Hebre w letter VAU The Vau represents the eye with light and glare are revealed to our consciousness the relation and also the meeting of opposites the image of the k

not that meets or point that separates the nothingness of being, moving from a n ature other communicating on one side with the sign of light and spiritual meani ng that is its most high and the material sense Ain looks lower. The wow is the second letter represents Taurus simple. THE SIXTH PLATE OF THE LOVE TAROT. The i deas of assembly and antagonism with all its consequences,€two women one on the right one on the left hand support on their shoulders, say the two paths you ca n go, the woman on the right cinema a gold circle on his forehead, the left is d isheveled and crowned with branches. The magician's hands represent the positive and negative, the two columns of the temple of Isis the necessity and freedom r epresent two women vice and virtue. The young wizard may become an initiate of t he secret or the mystery rash struck 16, the genius of justice embodies the arro w vice of punishment, symbolism that indicates that if a man chooses the path of virtue, it will be aided by Providence to overcome evil. The passions and the c onscience, the antagonism of ideas love is transmuted into a powerful force unde r which the opposites meet. 1st appearance as three of four representing the fou r arcane or reflection of a consideration in their relations of marriage. 2. Loo ks like balancing a 4 and 5 as taught by the triangle formed by the second triad , each card balances to the other two. The four balances on 5 and 6. The balance 5 4 and 6. The balances in June 4 and 5. From here the following meanings: in the divine. Balancing the will and intellig ence: the characteristic beauty of the Holy Spirit. In the human balance of powe r and authority: the love characteristic of humanity charity. In the natural bal ance of the universal soul and universal life. The universal attraction, univers al love. 7th. Zein POINT THE TRUCK PLATE Expresses an arrow, hence the ideas of weapon or tools used by man to dominate, conquer and achieve their purposes. It also expresses the victory of all worlds. Astronomically for the zodiacal sign o f Gemini. The car expresses a cube covered by a canopy of blue with stars and su pported by four columns, advancing a winner is crowned with a circle, on which t hree staves of gold glitter. This reproduces the arcane symbol 1 and 22. The fou r columns correspond to the four animals and four arcane 22 arcane symbols 1, ex press the Quaternary in all its meanings. The winner at the middle of the four e lements is the man who conquered and directs the elemental forces, this victory has been confirmed by the cubic form of the car, and the staves that crown the i nitiate. Besides the winner on its shell holds three overlapping squares. Bring on the Urim and the backs of the sovereign sacrificer Thumine figured by the two crescents, wields the scepter over balloon, a square and a triangle. In the fro nt of the car is the Indian Lingham on which the field notes wheel of the Egypti ans. Two sphinxes, one white and one black are harnessed to the car. Is the repr esentation of sacred sevenfold in all its manifestations. The name Yod Vau I hav e is represented on the front of the car by the winged globe to indicate the tot al septenary gives tarot key. The two sphinxes correspond to the two principles: active and passive. The winner is for the sword and the sacred name wow. The se venth card of the Tarot shows the influence of creation on the conservation of t he Divine in humanity, also represents the Yod or the God of the 2nd septenary: man as a function of God the Creator. FATHER The 2nd law of septenary: THE REALIZATION OF POWER REFLECTION. The man septenary 2nd Nature functions by Adam. ASTRAL LIGHT. The 3rd term in this series will re flect the first and the second term of the first set reflected also the time. As the second septenary is the average of the other two, located at the bottom of all these mysteries the idea of mediation or equilibrium. 8th Hebrew letter Heth Is this letter a field, everything takes work, pain or effort. Continuity of ef fort arises balance between destruction (fatal result of the action of nature) a nd the conservation of the works of man. Of these concepts arises the idea of ba lancing power and justice, given to this letter. Correspondence Heth astronomica l point is the zodiac sign: cancer. TAROT CARD OF THE EIGHTH JUSTICE The content s of this symbol is the idea of balance in all its forms. A woman, represented t he face, is seated on his throne, between two columns of the temple. On his fore head wears a crown of iron and his heart is revealed the cross of stars. We find

the back of the arcane symbolism 2 and 5. The fact that the woman is Handily be tween the two columns reflects the initial idea of balance: The balance between good and evil. In the right hand grasps the sword, whose tip is directed upward, left hand holds a balance.€Occult science (2), theoretically has a value today practiced through oral teaching. This science is now displayed in all the rigor of its terrible consequences for the false magician (The Sword), more just for the true initiate (The Balance) this arcane occupies an intermediate position be tween 5 and 11 arcane. This film is complementary to the eleventh (and the 5 was the tenth). In the first septenary all sheets whose sum was 7 were explained to each other in the second septenary case with all those who have 19. 7 The car i s supplemented by 7 + 12 = 19 19 = 10 = 1 8 justice is complemented by Hangman 1 2 Force 11 8 + 11 = 19 9 The Hermit is complemented by 9 + 10 = 19 The Wheel of Fortune 10 The eighth card of the Tarot leads the conservative of the second sheet. It summ arizes the ideas of the second and fifth sheet and is a reflection of the sevent h, represents: 1 In the Divine. God the son of the second septenary. Women as a function of God the Son. MOTHER Reflection of the parent. Consevador the son of God in humanity. 2 seconds Law septenary passive. JUSTICE Reflection of accompli shment and authority. 3rd Woman of the second septenary. Nature according to Eva . THE EXISTENCE ELEMENTAL Conservation Nature in the world. The elemental existe nce is the means by which the vivifying fluid astral (Astral Light) 7 was expres sed through the ether or astral matter in September. NINTH PLATE THE HERMIT the letter Teth represents and is a roof, hence the ideas of protection, safety. All ideas that awakens this letter derived from the union between the safety and se curity, through wisdom. Astronomically for the zodiacal sign of Leo. THE HERMIT' s ideas suggest that this plate are: 1st 2nd Protection Wisdom, circumspection A n old man walks leaning on a cane in his right hand holding a lamp whose light i s half hidden in the folds of the robe that covers it. This symbol occupies an i ntermediate place between the sixth and twelfth arcane. The protection is symbol ized by the cloak that covers the elderly. Wisdom half hidden by the lamp. The s tick indicates that the sage is always armed to fight against injustice and Erro r. This film compared with the sixth and the twelfth will see that the youth of the sixth sheet is decided on the right track. The experience gained in everyday li fe has become a wise old man, and this coupled with the wisdom and this leads to the high end proposed in the lamina twelve. The arrow of the genius of the sixt h sheet, has become his cane and the aura is now enclosed in the lamp that guide s started, is the result of an ongoing effort. The ninth card of the Tarot repre sents the third conceived in a sense conservative and receiver balances the seve nth and eighth sheet. 1 Humanity as a function of God the Holy Spirit, the human force of creation. HUMAN LOVE consevadora power of humanity. mother. 2nd Balanc e between Production and Justice. PRUDENCE (Street) Balance between the father a nd 3rd Nature as a function of humanity. Balance between Light and Existence Astral Elemental. CONSERVATIVE FORCE NATURAL Astral Fluid which represents the univers al conservation of the forces acting in nature. This concludes the first ternary septenary conservation. TAROT CARD OF THE EL LOCO SCHINAS hieroglyphic Hebrew l etter expresses alo same as Samech zayn and is an Arrow, an object pursued a goa l. More direct in motion and circular zayn Samech here acquires the characterist ics of a rhythmic movement and newspaper, as with the pendulum. The Schin is the sign of the relative duration and reciprocating motion, while the cyclical move ment expresses Samech and therefore the absolute duration. This letter is one of the three letters mothers. A PLATE OF LOCO distracted-looking man, covered with a cap of a madman, a knapsack on his back and his clothes tattered, he walks wi thout worrying, and a dog bites your legs. Without looking up the cliff that ope ns at your feet and where a crocodile is ready to devour him. It is the image of

the above situation that the human being when they dominate their passions. Lev i Elifas beautifully explains the symbolism: To suffer is to work, is to fulfill its task. The lazy bastard who sleep on the road. The pain, like a dog, biting the heels of the coward, who lost for just on e day, overload your morning. 1. Back in a more active, the divine world. Person ality states: ON THE MOVEMENT OF LONG. 2.€The intelligentsia is emerging under the influence of evolution innervation instinct. 3. The matter reached its peak of material progress: the animal kingdom.