DAMM THE BENEFITS OF BEER Beer is a natural product, alcohol moderately and without a dditives.

The beer, taken in moderation can be included in the diet of hypertensive patien ts. It is very beneficial for the elderly, as their consumption causes an increa sed appetite, aids digestion, energizes, facilitates blood flow and helps you sl eep better, among other qualities. Can reduce up to 60% the risk of coronary les ions, nor affects a person's weight as a liter of beer is equivalent to between 400 and 500 kcal. (Approximately the same amount of calories it in the same quan tities, orange juice). It also delays the onset of menopause on average two year s. This delay of menopause results in a decreased risk of coronary lesions. DAMM ESTRELLA DAMM The culmination of our BREWING EXPERIENCE Special beer. Estrella Damm is the culmination of centuries of experience in dev eloping Damm beers. Since the August 1876 Kuentzmann Alsatian Damm founded the c ompany that bears his name, numerous generations of master brewers have perfecte d this lager until it became one of the world beer references. DAMM BIER NO ALCOHOL BEER TASTE BETTER The beer "without" with all the flavor Damm. Developed through an exclusive proc ess Damm, getting rid of the alcohol and keep the flavor and body of the best be er. XIBECA DAMM THE MORE FAMILY The smooth taste of beer from its exceptional smoothness to his presentation, Xi beca Pilsner beer is that it is a symbol of the tradition of sharing in the home . His name has become generic format liter in Catalonia. VOLL-DAMM DOUBLE EXTRA CERVEZA MALTA Extra Cerveza Voll-Damm differs from other beers for its unique method of produc tion with double amount of malt for more body, and incorporates aromatic hops, g iving it a unique taste. That is why Voll-Damm has become a real myth among prem ium beers. DAMM A.K. DAMM 1876 ORIGINAL METHOD BOCK-DAMM BLACK FROM MUNICH 1888 Special black beer. Authentic black beer known for its mild flavor, roasted and slightly sweet. Since 1888 represents the essence of dark beer for beer lovers. 100% natural beer. A.K. DAMM has been created to mark the 125th anniversary of B eer Damm. We pay well, a tribute to our founder (master brewer) August Kuentzman n Damm, and who has always rely on our expertise. AKDAMM is possible by using ou r original method, to a rigorous selection of ingredients and the slow maturatio n cellar. A.K. DAMM represents the pure and gentle Alsatian character. LEMON DAMM THE PERFECT CLARA The perfect marriage. Excellent beer, lemons and limes Primofiore variety of Car ibbean and Argentina, delightfully together, so that its establishment can serve as clear brand.

BUDWEISER KING OF BEERS The world's best selling beer. Budweiser is produced since 1876 following his un changing traditional method, which begins in the selection of the finest natural ingredients, through a unique process of aging. DAMM · 1872 DAMM KUENTZMANN AUGUST BARCELONA COMES TO FLEEING THE WAR FRANCO-PRUSANA. IS PIO NEER IN THE MANUFACTURE OF BEER IN SPAIN, opening a brewery in La Rambla de Barc elona. ° 1921 BIRTH OF GOLDEN STAR, AFTER ESTRELLA DAMM. · 1955 ONE OF THE MOST RATED BEER OF DAMM GET YOUR NAME AND IS VOLL-DAMM relaunched as: PERHAPS THE MOST APPRECIATED BEER BETWEEN CONSUMERS DEMANDING MORE, FOR YOUR BO DY AND TASTE. · 1989 TRADITION AND INNOVATION MAKE IS DAMM-BIER (originally called MALZ BIER). 1st DA MM BEER WITHOUT ALCOHOL, ALL NEW ONE SHOWING THE CONSTANT SENSITIVITY TO THE NEE DS AND HABITS OF NEW GENERATIONS. · 1992 DAMM IS THE OFFICIAL SPONSOR OF 1992 OLYMPIC GAMES. IS THE FIRST TIME THIS IS A BREWING COMPANY IN the Olympics. · 1999 ONE of the most advanced European production plants. WATER Viladrau Viladrau water 1l. ret 1/2l Viladrau water. ret 1/3l Viladrau water. ret 5l Viladrau water. pet 1500 Viladrau pet water 500cc Viladrau water. pet Viladrau water 330 cc. pet BALANCED AND VITAL The origin of Viladrau Natural Mineral Water Viladrau born into a privileged pla ce in the Natural Park of Montseny (Girona) ecological enclave declared a Biosph ere Reserve by UNESCO. With an area more than 20,000 Ha; Natural Park acts as a broad and unique belt aquifer protection against external pollutants (eg, agricu ltural fertilizers or livestock or industrial pollution)€conditions offering har d to find purity in any other spring. The topography of the area, the high rainf all, dense vegetation and the dominance of granitic rocks create an ideal settin g for them to develop a slow, magical natural process. A hydrologic cycle in whi ch Viladrau acquires all its richness and ending in Viladrau bottles you drink. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS IN MG / L

-Solids: 136.0-Bicarbonates: 106.5-Calcium-Sodium 26.7 13.2-Sulfate: 11.5 Chlori de-5.0-Magnesium-Fluoride 4.3 1.0 WATER GAS SAN NARCISO NATURAL PROPERTIES Since ancient times known digestive properties due to San Narciso antacid action of the bicarbonate present in its composition. Rich in minerals and trace eleme nts, water is highly regarded San Narciso in the treatment of rheumatic, arthrit ic, liver and kidney, although many of taste for its digestive qualities, or sim ply ... for its refinement. All waters of Caldes are identical in composition. C an also be seen that in the field of composition is the same type as the classic "Vichys" French. SAN NARCISO is indicated for gastric and intestinal ailments, liver disease and its effect of decreasing uric kidney disease and gout. ORIGIN The heart of hydrotherapy in Catalonia The natural mineral water NARCISO SAN bor n in the heart of Caldes de Malavella, inheriting the benefits of spa since Roma n times has led to this population center. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS IN MG / L -Bicarbonates: 2196-Chlorides: 596-Sulphate: 54-Calcium 55-Sodium: 1138-Fluoride : 7.7-Nitrate: 0 PERRIER Mineral water from springs of Vergez in France. Reinforced with natural gas from the same source, presents consistent bubbles pleasant and refreshing taste. WATER VERI NATURAL MINERAL WATER 1,5 L. PET NATURAL MINERAL WATER 0.50 L. PET NATURAL MINERAL WATER 0.33 L. PET NATURAL MINERAL WATER 1L. RET NATURAL MINERAL WATER 0.50 L. RET NATURAL MINERAL WATER 0.33 L. RET MORE WATER LOW SODIUM (0.6 mg / l) The privileged location of the spring gives VERI unrepeatable qualities. VERI is a natural mineral water that stands out as the lowest sodium content market. Fo r this reason, VERI is recognized and recommended, often by the medical establis hment as an essential ingredient in diets low in sodium (salt), infant feeding a nd the preparation of feeding bottles. Medicinal mineral declared on 23 May 1969 VERI natural mineral water is valued for its diuretic properties and is therefo re highly recommended in any weight loss program. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS IN MG / L -Solids: 201.0-Calcium-Sodium 74.4: 0.6-Magnesium: 1.4-Bicarbonates: 207.0-Sulfa tes: 13.9-Chlorides: 1.0 VERI EXCEPTIONAL WATER Veri now comes to us with a new image. True to itself, its new presentation better than ever conveys the characteristics that make it unique t o a natural mineral water of exceptional quality. The Veri spring is in the hear

t of the Pyrenees, in the mountains of the Benasque Valley. This is a place of u nparalleled beauty, surrounded by the highest peaks of the Pyrenees and out of a ll urban and industrial aggression. Water from snowmelt and heavy rain is filter ed and purified through granite rock formations, where it rests at length. Perso ns over time, Veri slowly enriched with mineral salts and trace elements typical of Pyrenean basement. This natural process allows a natural mineral water and e xtreme crystalline quality. Veri springs spontaneously to 1235 meters above sea level throughout the year maintaining a constant temperature of 6 º C. Syner Red wine aged in oak barrels Made from Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. The g rapes from each variety separately fermented at 26 ° C. Aged in American oak bar rels for 3-4 months, then making the blend for bottling and evolution in the bot tle. Cherry hues, combining red fruit flavors with notes of wood. The palate is elegant and balanced. In the post-like repeats nice combination of fruit and woo d. Perfect for stews, red meats, roasts and tapas. Syner FOSTER Foster is able to keep, wait for several years that the wine gets t he maximum expression of character and maturity in its structure and softness. V ARIETIES: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. AGING: Aging in barrels of American and French oak for six months. Then it is bottled to continue the agin g process. CATA: dark cherry color.€It combines the aromas of small ripe berries with a balanced presence of wood notes that persist on a pleasant taste. Gastro nomy: red meat, stews, game and cheeses. SERVICE TEMPERATURE: 16-18 º C. PINK Made with Garnacha grape varieties and Tempranillo.Vendimia manual. Macerat ed for 15 hours with one traced to enhance the extraction of color and aroma. Fe rmentation at 16 º C for 7 days. Bright red currant. Broad nose, with aromas of red fruits (strawberry, raspberry) and notes of confectionery. Balanced in the m outh, fleshy and fresh, with an elegant memory, where the fruit flavors persist. Combines with tapas, salads, meats and pastas. WHITE Made from grapes of the Macabeo and Muscat of Alexandria. The run juice is fermented at a temperature of 15 º C for the wine to retain their full fruity c haracter. Pale yellow, with floral aromas (rose and jasmine). The palate is soft , fresh, with aromas body, repeating the previous aromas. Perfect for rice, past a, white meats, sausages, fish and appetizers. RAMON ROQUETA Ramón Roqueta In the cellar, we produce fine wines since 1898. We enrich them wi th new solutions like an old winemaking passion. We care and spoil all the delic ate process of wine making: selected strains, we expect the optimal degree of ma turation and fermentation and aging submit to rigorous control. Therefore, our w ines have deserved to be covered by the DO Catalonia. Currently, large and moder n warehouse facilities are equipped with the latest technology, thus optimizing the process of winemaking. The strict control on production combines the most ad vanced winemaking techniques with traditional know-how on the cultivation of vin es and harvesting. Satisfy all palates with a wide range of wines is the philoso phy that has led to Ramón Roqueta currently have different product families, eac h with its own personality. RAMON ROQUETA SALON DE BARNALS varieties Barnals Hall (White / Pink / Red) have been made with selected grapes from different wine regions. This is a young wine, light, fruit y and easy drinking, well that accompanies any dish of meat, fish, pasta or chee se. Best served the red wine at a temperature of 1718 ° C and white or pink, at a temperature of 68 º C.

HOUSE SANGRIA House Sangria is a delicious drink obtained from the maceration of quality young wine with natural extracts of orange and lemon, to which is added grape juice to give it a sweeter taste in the mouth. It has a fresh and elegant aroma, and combines the perfect balance fruity aroma and flavor. This Sangria i s 7% vol. which gives body and a great expression. Serving Temperature: Serve at 8-10 º C. RAMON ROQUETA SAN MAURICIO CASTELL DE Farners young wine, aromatic and fruity. Carefully selected the best wine regions of the country, care and bottled in our winery using the latest tec hniques to take your drink this excellent wine, soft, fresh and tasty. TERRA NOSTRA This wine is made from a selection of the best grape of our wineries. Its carefu l fermentation and aging give an elegant bouquet and pleasant taste balance. You r bottle was made by this firm with the delicacy that forces its winemaking trad ition. This wine is made with grapes selected from the best strains and followed the la test fermentation techniques to maintain and fruity aroma from the grape. Young wine, easy to drink. Join closely for any meat dish, fish, pasta or cheese. Best served at 14-16 º C at any time of year. WINES SERE RED VINE SERE VIÑA PINK SERE VINEYARD WHITE RONDINE MASIA VINO TINTO ROSE WINE RONDINE MASIA RONDINE MASIA WHITE WINE CATALUNYA WINE OF THE RED SEA BREEZE PENEDES WINE OF THE SEA BREEZE WHITE PENEDES WINE OF THE SEA BREEZE PINK PENEDES CAPEL WINES COAST VINEYARDS COAST VINEYARDS COAST VINEYARDS SOLAR Ricote TIO BOTA PUREPACK SANGRIA

CAPEL WINES Repository of the experience accumulated over nearly a century, CAPEL WINES, SA selected and carefully prepared with fine wines, attentive to the tastes and pre ferences of today's consumer. Tradition and modernity, combining these concepts, we offer our wines at your table, in the most current formats and packaging. At tentive to the needs of today's market, CAPEL WINES, SA has developed a commerci al organization and logistics of the first order, capable of ensuring the presen ce of its products at any point in our country.€Our business in foreign markets makes us to be present on all continents. CAPEL WINES, SA is a company that dedi cates its activity to the bottling and marketing of wines and musts. It is locat ed in Espinardo, 2.5 kilometers from Murcia, has a facility of approximately 27, 000 m2, these units are the offices, warehouse, storage and packaging and bottli ng plants. It also has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga and log istics centers in La Coruña, Vizcaya, Asturias, Cantabria, Palencia, Sevilla, Cá diz, Córdoba, Almería, Murcia, Zaragoza and Castellón, and in the Balearics and Canaries. CAPEL WINES, SA System has a Quality Assurance to comply with the UNEEN ISO 9002 and has been certified by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardiza tion) with company registration number ER-0006/2/98. This quality policy is unde rstood, implemented and kept up to date on all levels of the organization, and h as the full commitment and support of the Directorate of CAPEL WINES, SA, who se ts out to achieve the following objectives: Maintain an appropriate level of qua lity. Enhance the image quality bottled wines. Meeting the needs of most demandi ng customers. Leneu - Valfrío Orchata The Levantina GRANINI 200 cc GLASS, flavors: Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Fruit Cocktail, Pear, PeraPiña, banana, ZanahoriaNaranja ACE, Citrus Cocktail, Tomato, Apple, Good Morning, Tas te of the year. GLASS 1l. flavors: Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Fruit Cocktail, Orange-Mango, Pear, Pear, Pineapple, banana, pink grapefruit, ZanahoriaNaranja ACE, Citrus Cocktail , Apple, Tomato, Good Morning, Taste of the year. 0.33 l PET flavors: Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Cocktail frutasMultivitamina. 0.2 MINIBRIK L.X3 flavors: Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Orange Carrot-ACE, Multivit amin. GRANINI To taste the most of your Granini! To enjoy the intense flavor of natural fruit that provides Granini, it is best t o keep the product in the refrigerator until five minutes before serving. The id eal temperature of the juice is 16 º C. Shake juices and nectars with pulp befor e being consumed, and that thus the pulp is spread evenly throughout the contain er. Once opened, consume juice, preferably before 3-4 days and keep cool. Granin i is ideal for any time of day. SANMY Beverages GC Carbonated soft drink, light and no-calorie returnable glass containers: 1 L, 1 / 2 L PET recyclable containers: 1 / 3 L, 1 / 2 L, 1L, 1,5 L The Soda .... we re member of our childhood ..... which we drank at home (84% of consumption in hous eholds "30 years ago) ... the real gas SANMY factory. SANMY produces gas under i ts own brand and is a national leader in the bottled brands, ie, marks of former manufacturers (today beverage distributors) who do not renounce to be present w

ith their brand on the market. PET 1500 SANMY PET 1000 SANMY SANMY 500 PET SANMY 1000 RET BECMAN 500 RET SANMY 500 RET RET 250 SANMY SIPHON Consumption trap, one of our most traditional and beloved beverages, has suffere d a serious decline in recent years. SANMY has adopted a strategic objective to manufacture and marketing of a new siphon fully recyclable single use. The geyse r supersifón has been designed with an excellent design that provides a positive response to all customer requirements and combines: FUNCTIONALITY: The supersif ón works like the old traps with reusable container, the liquid is consumed unti l all the contents of the container. SECURITY. The product is adequately protect ed for transportation and marketing with an innovative sealing system in the saf ety lever HYGIENE. Unlike the old traps returnable now presents a single-use pro duct that meets strict hygiene conditions required by consumers. 1500 GEISER SIP HON SUPER PET recyclable packaging. The new supersifón is for single use, fully recyclable, incorporates the Green Point and once used is recycled through the i ntegrated management of packaging and packaging waste SANMY Sanmy is today one of the largest independent bottlers of our country. Its origi ns date back to 1895, when the company was founded in Barcelona by brothers Fran cis and James Puértolas. Sanmy manufactures products with its brands and is a na tional leader in the bottled brands, ie, marks of former manufacturers (today be verage distributors) who do not renounce to be present with their brand on the m arket. Since 1995 Sanmy has concentrated its activities in the bottling plant Te rrassa.€The facilities provide excellent opportunities for the manufacture of ne w products, brands and formats, was packaged with the highest standards of quali ty. SANMY is a pioneer in adapting the product to consumer needs, was one of the first brands to launch the format 1 / 2 L in glass screw-capped recoverable. Th e recent launch of the new presentation of Soda in 1L PET and 1 / 3 L, SANMY con firms leadership in the development and adaptation to market change. SPECIALISTS IN A GLOBAL MARKET soft drinks market is high concentrated. The three multinati onal marquistas monopolize more than 85% market share and brand of distribution of 10%. SANMY based on specialization strategy, responding to those needs not co vered by the multinationals. The mix of products produced and the type of custom ers they are intended reflecting a high specialization in hospitality, where SAN MY guarantees its customers better alternatives. SANMY bagged brands - with a st rong presence locally and regionally, ensuring an active presence in the channel s of trade and off of large areas of Spain. SANMY is also present with local bra nds in major retail groups such as Carrefour, Alcampo, Caprabo and The English C ourt, by delivery services directly to schools through its network of distributo rs. The key to success of our company is the confidence of our dealers and custo mers. Our distribution network, transport vehicles, and in general all the effor t and enthusiasm of the team working in our company is our difference.