Recipe (Chicken Bolognese) Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • 1 chicken 1 1 / 4 kg about 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 medium onion, 1 clove garlic 1 medium carrot

, 2 tomatoes, tomato sauce hom e or a can of crushed tomatoes or fried, good quality, salt, spices and herbs, a ll or choice: freshly ground black pepper, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, oregano, cumi n, parsley, a teaspoon of salsa Paris, pasta taste. (Spaghetti, shells, piston, fat noodles, etc.), A little butter. • Preparation: Heat oil and saute finely chopped onion Fine. Add the crushed garlic clove and grated carrot (this is done before) and s aute briefly. Add tomatoes, peeled, seeded and finely sliced into almost pureed. Season lightly and simmer, stirring occasionally. A half cooked add the sauce P aris. Meanwhile, bone the chicken and cut into very small dice. This operation i s infinitely easier if the chicken is half frozen, because otherwise the chicken meat is slippery and the danger of cutting Recipe (pink spaghetti sauce) Ingredients: • • • • • • • • One pound of spaghetti, two tablespoons of tomato s auce, two tablespoons of mayonnaise, a cup of milk half onion, a tomato sauce, a paste, chicken soup color to taste. Preparation: Cook the spaghetti al dente. Apart liquefy all rema ining ingredients and takes this mixture to medium heat in a spaghetti pot, add the pasta, drop left the boil, lowered the heat and serve the spaghetti with gra ted cheese. You can add shredded chicken or tuna in water. Recipe (Meat with plums) Ingredients: • • • • • • • 1 kg. of lean pork, 300 gr. pitted prunes, 1 jar of p lum jam (the acid), a can of Coca-Cola, oil, a bit of chilli, Bouillon cube or salt Preparation: 1 .- tie up the meat and brown well in the pr essure cooker. 2 .- Soak the prunes with a little water. 3 .- is added to the po t, a can of Coca-Cola, plums soaked with water, half a jar of jam, hot pepper (t o taste) and salt or bouillon cube. Boil half an hour at normal pot and 15 minut es in the ultrafast. 4.-Cut the meat into thin slices. Part of the sauce is abou t the blender and sprinkle the meat. The rest, with plum salsa is served. Recipe (Carnitas) • • • • • • 2 kilos of meat pork solid, 4 cups milk, 1 large onion, 1 orange heading herbs ( oregano, bay leaf, thyme) to taste, a kilo of butter for frying, salt, necessary . Recipe (Carnitas) Ingredients: • • • • • • • 1 1 / 2 pound of diced pork, assorted. (Rib, loin, ba ckbone), 1 cup milk, 1 / 2 onion, a twist of orange, herbs, butter for frying, salt and pepper. Preparation: Fry the meat with the onion and remove the onions golden brown, add the cup of milk, herbs and the twist of orange, lower the heat and simmer, uncovered, for about an hour and a half, squeeze the meat. Add salt and pepper, serve with warm tortillas and guacamole. Recipe (Pork with beer)

Serves 4 Ingredients: • • • • • 750 g. of rack of pork or bondiola, 2 tablespoon s shortening (butter), 3 / 4 liters of beer, 10 girls peeled onions, 1 tablespoo n mustard. Preparation: Brown meat in hot fat to fire moderate. Add the onions and when making good color, slowly pour the beer. Add t he mustard, salt and pepper. Stir and let simmer for 1 hour. Place in a dish of sliced beef, available at a cost of onions. Cover with the bottom of cooking may thicken with 1 tablespoon cornstarch dissolved in cold water. Recipe (Pork brown sugar) Ingredients: • • • • 2 kg. of rack of boneless pork, 1 cup brown sugar, 3 tables poons mustard, 1 cup orange juice. Preparation: Tie the pork loin with a thread to keep lose its shape. It is peppered and puts it in a baking dish with water halfway. Cook over high heat for 1.30 hours, turning periodically. While connecting the b rown sugar with mustard to make a paste. When the car is cooked, it changes into another baking dish, add the orange juice and poured over the sugar mixture bob black mustard, is carried back to the furnace to melt the mixture every so ofte n spray the rack with the same cooking juice, 15 to 20 minutes. Recipe (Pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce) Ingredients for 4 people: It is advisable to make this recipe to coal. • • • • • 1 kg€pork rib. 3 cloves minced garlic, 1 / 2 cup tomato sauce (preferably catch up), 1 tablespoon honey. salt and pepper to taste. Preparation: a: the rib part in lots of catch as catch and eat me in two bites., (Calculate bites for everyone). b: For the rib is not raw, cooked first in boiling water for half an hour over medium heat, water has been seasoned with a pinch of salt. c: mix the tomato sauce, minced garlic (can be substituted for garlic paste, which sold in the supermarket) and honey, add pepper. d: coal is ignited and is expected to be ready (this means that coal bur ning and the grill is hot where you roast the ribs). e: each rib is smeared with sauce and put on the grill (it is obvious that the grid has to be on the grill) . f: Be careful that it is cooked very quickly in less than five minutes, play t hem back to the ribs, because they burn or not. g: Enjoy these ribs, along with a