Language: Spanish Quality: TVRip Size: 350 MB Duration: 45 min First Prophecy Sy nopsis: The world of hatred and

materialism will end on Saturday 22 December 201 2 and with it the end of fear, in this day mankind will have choose to disappear as a thinking species that threatens to destroy the planet or move towards inte gration in harmony with the universe, understanding and becoming aware of everyt hing is alive and that we are part of that whole and that we exist in a new era of light. The first prophecy tells us that from 1999 (8 years), to make the chan ges in consciousness and attitude to deviate from the path of destruction on the move, to one that opens our consciousness and our mind to integrate with everyt hing exists. The Mayans knew that our sun is a living being that breathes and th at every so often synchronized with the enormous body in which there is, on rece ipt of a flash of light from the center of the galaxy shines more intensely, pro ducing in the surface which our scientists called solar flares and magnetic chan ges, they say this happens every 5125 years, that land is affected by changes in the sun by a shift of its axis of rotation, and predicted from the movement to produce large cataclysms, to the Maya universal processes such as breathing in t he galaxy are cyclical and never change, what changes is the consciousness of ma n that passes through them, always in a process to perfection (remember the mess age of Jesus Christ in Bible: "Be perfect as is his father in the kingdom of hea ven"). Download: mpo.Las_7_Profecias_M ayas.profecia_1.avi prophecy Second Synopsis: It announced that all human behavior change rapidly from the solar eclipse of 11 August 1999 , and that day we saw a ring of fire against the sky, an eclipse was unprecedent ed in history, cosmic alignment with center cross in the land of almost all the planet s of the solar system, is positioned in the four signs of the zodiac, which are the signs of the four evangelists, the four guardians of the throne to star in A pocalypse San Juan. Download: uenos_Del_Tiempo_Las_7_Profecias_M ayas.profecia2.avi Third Prophecy Synopsis: T he third Maya prophecy says a heat wave raises the temperature of the planet, ca using climatic changes, geological and social unprecedented magnitude, and an am azing speed, the Mayans say that the increase in temperature will by several fac tors, one of them generated by man that its lack of harmony with nature can only produce processes of self destruction, others will be generated by the sun to s peed up their activity by increased vibration produces more radiation, increasin g the temperature of the planet. Download: 29310/3_Los_Duenos_Del_Tiempo_Las_7_Profecias_M ayas.profecia_3.avi prophecy Fou rth Synopsis: The fourth prophecy said that as a result of increased temperature caused by human anti-ecological behavior and increased activity of the sun, wil l cause a meltdown at the poles (and recent press release we had a block of pola r ice the size of the territory of the state of Tlaxcala is located in Mexican t erritory), if the sun increases their activity levels over normal will have a gr eater production of solar wind, but massive eruptions from the sun's corona, an increase in the irradiation and an increase in global temperatures. The Maya wer e based on 584-day rotation of Venus to calibrate their estimates solar planet V enus is easily visible in the sky, as its orbit lies between Earth and sun. They left recorded in the Dresden Codex Venus every 117 turns marked every time that appears in the same place in the sky, the sun undergoes alterations are enormou s spots or eruptions of solar wind every 5125 years warned that changes occur ev en older and that when this happens the man should be alert, is the harbinger of change and destruction. Download: Los_Duenos_Del_Tiempo_Las_7_Profecias_Mayas_04.avi Fifth prophecy Synopsis: This prophecy tells us that all systems based on fear is based on what our civilizat ion will be transformed simultaneously with the planet and the man to make way f or a new reality in harmony, man is convinced that the universe exists only for him, that humanity is the only intelligent life term, and therefore acts as a pr edator that exists.€The systems will fail to meet the man himself and make him see the need to reorganize society, and continue on the path of evolution, which takes us to understand creation. The new galactic day is proclaimed by all reli

gions and cults as a time of peace and harmony for all mankind, it is clear then that everything that does not produce this result should disappear or transform , the new era of light can not take a humanity based military economy dictates o f truth by force. Download: _Siete_Profecias_Mayas_05.avi Sixth prophecy Synopsis: The sixth Maya prophecy s ays that in the coming years will see a comet whose trajectory will endanger the very existence of man, Maya saw comets as agents of change who came to set in m otion the balance so that certain structures are processed in the evolution of c ollective consciousness, all things have their rightful place in all circumstanc es, even the most adverse are perfect for generating understanding of life to de velop awareness of the building, so the man is constantly faced with unexpected situations that create suffering, is a way to get to reflect on their relationsh ip with the world and with others, and over many lifetimes include the universal laws of reason of creation, for the Mayans, God is the presence of life that ha s all the forms and their presence is infinite. Download: m/get.php/3195532635/6_Los_Due_os_Del_Tiempo_Las_Siete_Profecias_Mayas_06.avi Sy nopsis Seventh Sign. The Maya Prophecy tells of time in which the solar system i n its cyclical turning out of the night to dawn will come into the galaxy, says that the 13 years from 1999 to 2012 the light emitted from the galaxy to synchro nize all living beings and enables them to voluntarily enter an internal transfo rmation that produces new realities, that all human beings have the opportunity to change and break their limitations, receiving a new meaning: communication th rough thought, men who are voluntarily his state of inner peace, bringing your l ife energy, bringing its internal vibrational frequency of fear to love, can cap ture and express themselves through thought and the bloom on new meaning. Downlo ad: _Profecias_Mayas_07.avi Conclusion Language: Spanish Quality: TVRip Size: 124 MB Duration: 20 min Have we reached t he destination? The Maya built their cities and pyramids in the south of the Mex ican Republic. They were students of the behavior of galaxies. The wise Maya Pal enque (Chiapas, Mexico) to study the cosmos and its sacred calendars, left a mes sage through signs and hieroglyphics to convey to humanity. A message from the t ime of travel of the sun, moon, Venus and the path for humanity to be directed t oward a growth in light of the new era and towards materialism and destruction. Download: