The Ardina a Ardina 2nd Period Academic Year: 2007/2008 1st Edition Rio Maior, January 2008

TEAM RESPONSIBLE Coordinator: Cristina Santos Permanent Employees:. Patricia Rob erts Other Collaborators:. Faculty, Staff, Parents Association and Student Print ing Graphic:. RioGráfica EBI Fernando Casimiro Pereira da Silva Urbanization Sho vel Ribeira, n º 1 Regional Department of Education of Lisbon 2040 - Lezíria MAJ OR CAE da227 RIO and Middle Tagus Integrated Primary School Fernando Casimiro Pe reira da Silva Tel: 243 999 180 / Fax: 243 999 185 RIO MAIOR E-mail: info @ eb12 Hello everyone! Do not be shy! ... Leave to explore our pages and live with "The Ardina" the adventure of uncovering some of the School of life in recent months . Read our news, our articles ... Enjoy yourselves in our place to relax. This Edition: Space News of Our Work Our Stories ... Just Imagine! Our BE here ... W e notes and reflections! The Language Corner Space Relaxation ______________ _________ ... Among other things ... Simple and heartfelt Christmas tribute Corta Mato Stories and Christmas traditions ... BE Healthy Food Festival Corner of Languages The game caught the Area of Work Student Recreation Christmas Carol s Passion for Books EDITORIAL Another year, another challenge that we must seize Hercules. So it is with great pleasure and satisfaction that here we leave you another edition of "The Ardina , the first of this academic year. The Ardina is a project that wants to grow, t he educational community for the educational community. It is a project that aim s to actively involve all schools in the pool, causing them to participate in di fferent ways, giving rise to creativity, imagination and why not to criticize. W e want - and need you in this challenge! - That the "Ardina" is a project to bui ld ever more ambitious, which is a facilitator of trans-formation, which continu es to grow as a privileged communication between school and community ... as ref lective space of encounter, awakening pleasures: the pleasure of reading, writin g, thinking, "Living School "!... The coordinator, Professor Cristina Santos GOOD READING January 2008 The Ardina Page 1 Dear Grandparents Another year we invite our grandparents to come to school in San Sebastian to sh are the Bread of God. We received our grandparents with great affection, we sang some songs and offer the scones we did in school. Also celebrating the Saint Ma rtin with the users of the Wellness Center who helped roast the chestnuts. Were two moments of conviviality in the School very interesting. Special Education Department All Day - the - Santos On the eve of All - the - Santos, we students of Special Education - Alternative Curriculum made scones, in Cabinet 3. Soon a

pleasant smell spread through the school and many people came knocking on the do or because they wanted to taste the scones. Students Kindergarten 1st Cycle So we decided to sell them. Some people liked it so much until we asked for the recipe. Going to the Library We came to class Accompanied Study and walked to the door. We were just kidding. When we left the school, the boys set about immediately to climb the barriers. We continued walking to the library and the students looked like they were elect ric. We have entered. They neither looked like they were in a library because th ey were too loud. We have entered into the playroom junior and was there a man w hose name was Miguel Horta e was a writer, illustrator and musician and lived in Cape Verde. He taught them to do the kinds of balloons of comics and made onoma topoeia. Were pasted on the wall a big role with the divisions A, B and C groups to do to change the sounds for verbs. We still take long time to guess. After w e left the playroom and came away. Paulo Caetano No. 18, Class 6 E January 2008 The Ardina Page 2 January 2008 The Ardina Page 3 Festival of Healthy Eating Within the Project Health Education, implemented this school year at our school for disciplinary group of Natural Science and Physical Education, in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Rio Maior, Health Center and the Parents Association w ith the aim of addressing the Thematic Food and Physical Activity, has been boos ted the Festival of Healthy Eating by students in the 9th grade, class A, B and C, which we planned the activity took place in the project area in conjunction w ith the Class Director and activity "Move!" . Thus it was pointed out the World Day of Diogo Antunes (1st year student) at the dry bean soup.€During these activ ities was also exposed a "Wheel of Food the Natural", surrounded by information on healthy eating habits. Noted that the funds raised in this activity reverted to students facilitators for the trip of finalists. The working group considers that the activity was a success because, unlike the thought, the students apprec iate the these healthy sandwiches, one who knows this day in our various Food. On the 16th and 17th October the activity took place "Vitaminix" with sale s of healthy sandwiches, fruit and natural juices. The sandwiches made of bread mix, cereal or another, could be meat, egg, tuna, turkey ham (Sponsorship Noble) and staffed offered bar

school. sense, co obligatory lettuce, carrots and tomatoes ... very yummy! Among the juices of ber ries, or apple (Sponsorship Compal) or orange juice. The fruit ranged from apple (Sponsorship Frubaça) and banana. On 18 October, "For your health, eat soup" contest soups. In this activity there were five soups to tender, which were subj ect to proof by the respective board of jury, consisting of the Chairman of the Executive Council, Professor Vicente Diaz, Professor Pedro Lapa, Professor Paula Silva, D ª Isabel Peralta (Employee of Administrative Services), D ª Jacqueline (Support Action expressed interest in selling soup in the bar. With regard to physical activity "Move it" took place: aerobics session on 10 October; Walk to Marine Sal on 21 O ctober, two sessions of yoga on December 13. Educativa) and the student Fabio Santos, a student of 9th A. Taking first place was awarded to Eleanor Solla (student of 1st year), the soup of fish, according to Diogo Mug (4th year student), the grain soup with spinach and a third in Janu ary 2008 The Ardina In the second period, there will be 23 January session of Belly Dance, February 13 session of Kempo. Professor Clara Cruz Page 4 Laboratory open to the 1st cycle Classes 7 A, 7 D and 8 B will perform during the 2nd period, several sessions of science for students of the 1st cycle of our group. These activities come under the discipline of Project Area from these classes and aim: Awakening the smaller ones a taste for science; Enabling the approach of stu dents from various schools of grouping, also allowing a certain familiarization with the spaces of our school. The science sessions, fully prepa red, organized and presented by students, consists in performing several experim ents, subject to such diverse topics as sound, light, magnetism and astronomy. A ll members of the school community, Sub-Department of Physical Education, is her eby thank all those who directly or indirectly contributed to the huge success o f the activity IV Cross Country Municipal School, held on Tuesday , December 11, 2007. In a joint organization of schools E.B.I. Fernando C. P. Silva, E.B.I. Ma rine Salt and ES / CS 3 Augusto Ferreira and with the support of the School of S port, City Hall, National Guard and Fire Department of Rio Maior, through the co mbined efforts of all those involved in the activity, could involve dozens of te achers from different cycles and disciplinary groups participating and 826 s, of which 431 of our school. By their participation, all students involved deserve a positive result, pointing out the following participants: Bambis Men (500m) 1 Marcelo Romao (2 C, paragraph 12), 2 Alfonso Barreto (2, paragraph 1), 3 John Lindo (2 C, 9) Women Bambis (500m) - 1, Maria Ines Coelho (2 C, paragraph 13), M ariana Catarino (2 C, paragraph 14), Rita Adrião (2 a, paragraph 19). A male inf ant (1000m) - 1st Ruben Araujo (4 C, paragraph 21), 2 Nuno Coelho (4 C, paragrap h 16), 3 Bruno Ferreira (5, paragraph 5). A female infant (1000m) - 1st Shykunov a (b 4, paragraph 6), 2nd Laura Henriques (5 º E, paragraph 18), 3rd Carolina Si lva (5b, paragraph 5). Kids B Boys - 1st Peter Regueira (6 C, paragraph 16), 2nd Michael Rodriguez (6 C, paragraph 15), 3 David Miranda (7, paragraph 7) Child B Female 1 Joana Costa (7 C, paragraph 12), 2nd Tamara White (7b, paragraph 24) , 3 Tania Jenny (7 D, paragraph 20). Men started - 1st Miguel Carvalho (8, paragr aph 17), 2 Claudio Abreu (9b, paragraph 6), 3 John Simplicio (8b, paragraph 10). Initiates female - 1st Hurllebaus Ana (7 C, paragraph 2), 2 Ana Sousa (8 C, 1), 3 Mariana Ferreira (6 D, paragraph 10). Junior Boys-1st Diogo Henriques (9 º E, 5), 2 David Henriques (9 F, paragraph 7), 3 Mauro Urgeiriça (8 D, paragraph 19)

. Page 5 January 2008 The Ardina The James was a boy who lived in Thailand,€he had many friends and enjoyed playi ng with them especially with the Thomas and Toni Tozé. In the summer James was g oing to spend the holidays with his uncle Thomas who lived in Tavira, Uncle Thom as had many instruments that he had James loved playing drums, trumpets, trumpet s, tubas. Tiago also liked that Aunt Tina prepare your favorite food, rice Monkf ish. When I fell asleep to the sound of the clock that was ticking dreamed with friends Tom, Toni and Tozé who were having fun in Thailand. I'm not shy, stubbor n or clumsy. I'm still working, talented and tarot reader. directed by: James (n.20, 6 F) Poems Love is a company! .. Love does not know how to ride alone! .. I no longer walk the paths; Because I can not walk alone: A visible thought makes me walk faster and see less, and at the same time like seeing everything going well ... Even th e anxiety of seeing everything, everything Everything, everything ... Everything can be dangerous! ... Dangerous is the life! ... How funny we live! ... What is life? Andrew Herman, No. 2, 9 F ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. Love with the look and not with fantasy. I am subject to visual passions. For me, a creature has no soul, the soul is alone with herself. Andrew Herman, No. 2, 9 F The gods a question thanks Sleep forget ... life now that can never be happy the refore to set a rite forehead leaning against the pillow and lay down as a judge before ... Yes, sleep, rest, unless Death has always longed for nothing ... In the quiet of the forehead resting ... We do not like shows ... despise actors an d dancers. The whole performance and wretched imitation of what had just dreamin g of you ... My life and a perpetual fever yields an ever-changing ... Our love is a prayer ... anoints me see you That I'll be tediousness of my Fathers -Our S orrows and my Hail Marys ... Our country was too far for roses. Andrew Herman, N o. 2, 9 F The Ardina - page 6 Without E: Hello, I'm Susan storytelling Bixana My cat does not like my cousin G loria. Without O: My cousin is mad funny Stay Where to see my cat feline. Not I: I write this block to tell you that love comes when you least expect it A nd it brings with it the heat. Without O: Learning is knowing is being intelligent, never stops learning is alw ays in front! Not I: Ears Paws Fluffy Tail black and white is my cat Patusco farrusco Work don e by: Susana Magdalene n.19, 6 F Without E: The new moon makes its mission statement herein is indeed, love flies in the air but eventually settled. Work done by: Karyna n.11, 6 C Not I: TO WRITE IF LOVE WITH A RECALL. COM M IF MOTHER WRITES THAT in my heart. No: And NOW CLICK THIS MONTH Warm COME TO A STREET FOR BEATEN. No O: The rain fa lls outside HOUSE WILL STAND BY PLAY, SMILE, THINGS WILL DANCE PAINTING.

Work done by: Ana Catarina, N.1, 6 C January 2008 The Ardina Page 7 NO "O" love life and be assured of HAPPINESS OF NATURE AND CHARITY AND YOU WILL ALSO LOVE /////// SEM "E" IN THE WORLD THERE IS LOVE THERE'S HEAT, BUT THERE'S C OLOR hatred, rancor IN LIFE MAD PAIN //////// WITHOUT "I" I'M CRAZY FOR YOU YOUR LOOKS brownish green MAD LOVE Without rancor! Work Directed by: Francis January 2008 The Ardina Page 8 Cats and felines - are carnivorous mammals digitigrade. Ex: lion, tiger, panther , cheetah, jaguar, domestic cat ... Cats camouflaged creep up close to their pre y and attack with a sudden leap. Habitat of many felines: They can be found in A frica or Asia, in the open plains chasing prey and kill them by jumping them ove r the back. Species: Panthera leo Genus: Panthera Family: felidae Order: carnivo re Class: mammals Phylum: sane Animal kingdom 1 - The lion has some features in common with the other cats. All roar and sit a ll the same. Never sit as domestic cats. So part of a group called gender. 2 - T he big cats share characteristics with small cats. So get together in another gr oup called family. 3 - All families have carnivorous teeth classified in another group called the Order. similarly. Are jointly 4 - The group that comes next class call, all animals of the class are mammals, mammals are the animals and nurse from the mother. Humans are part of the same c lass. 5 - This group is called sub-phylum or kingdom. In this class are the only animals with backbones, or vertebrates. 6 - The Animal Kingdom is the last grou p is the set of all animals. Here there are 45 000 different vertebrate and inve rtebrate 950 000. There are more kingdoms. Ex: Kingdom of the plants. January 2008 The Ardina Page 9 Did you know that: - the African lions and tigers are the giants of the cat fami ly. - The mistake by the Lions with the plains where they live. - While the lion esses hunt lions have to take care of their offspring. - The Lions of the cable disappeared were the largest and one for long. - The saber-toothed tigers are of the age of 12,000 years ago and his teeth (canines) can reach 20 cm. The sabertoothed tigers had short legs, and were more like bears than it does with cats. The African serval is a cat that can jump up to second to catch some flying prey . m, the Cheetahs can in short periods of 370 m race)

reach over 110 km / h time (after about - Leopards capture their prey and carrying them up the trees and there it feeds. Work Directed by: Joana Miguel Pedro Machado No. 16 No. 20 No. 23 Rui Carreira 6 a January 2008 The Ardina Page 10 Christmas Message January 2008 The Ardina Page 11 The wolf and the seven little goats was once seven young kids who lived with his mother. One day the mother went shopping and told the children not to open the door to anyone. The wolf came knocking on the door, but the young kids know - no . So the wolf put flour on legs and deceived them. Once you have opened the door the wolf ate - the less to the smallest who hid in the clock. The mother arrive d and the little told him everything. His mother cut the belly to the wolf, took the young kids and put stones. When he awoke, the wolf felt very thirsty, drink ing water was the river, fell and died. The young kids were happy. Joanna, 3 C The Meeting of Love ... My story began on a summer evening of August 15th at a p arty nearby. It seemed an ordinary night, like many others in that they are not doing anything, or nothing happened, or rather it was not customary to happen. B ut tonight was different. There was an unexpected encounter, I never thought wou ld ever happen to me, but it happened. A grip that gave me the heart that does n ot feel thought the first meeting, a look that made me shiver. Classes started d ifferently, despite not being the same school ... One kiss that night that made me shiver. A special touch as we danced. There have been so many months of such passion and nothing seems to change. There was a different evening. And a few mo re days I was happy ... But the past few days, a message asking for a time to th ink. Days later another message that said to come back. And at the end of this a nd much more, a face awash in tears! A heart that walks to suffer in silence. A smile that I can no longer give with happiness. A thought to live no longer make s sense. A love that never ends. And today I have hope that one day will result and that it will not be long for this day so you want to happen ... but I hope a nd hope is the last to die. Marta Santos, No. 4, 9 D January 2008 The Ardina Page 12 The story of a film I'm the leaf of a chestnut and have many little sisters like me. Was tied to the arms of my mother, where I felt protected from the weather. My mother is a very large tree, lush and beautiful. In spring and summer dresse s in green and is a haven for birds that make their nests there. But when autumn

arrives, the color green color gives way to yellow, brown and red. It is stunni ng! When winter came, I and my sisters set off in the wind. We traveled through distant lands and saw the big cities and very different landscapes. After a few days and tired of the trip I ended up with a garden where a boy was playing with his dog named Bell. The boy, seeing me on the floor, grabbed me and took me hom e, colocandome inside your favorite book of Christmas stories. Since that day I became the happiest sheet because I live surrounded by beautiful stories to ench ant. Bernardo Santos, 3 C In the autumn ... Autumn is cold and rains a lot. Begins to light up the fireplace and start hunti ng. On the hunt for hunters and dogs. The trees are starting to run out of leave s. And the days begin to be shorter and the nights more. Nuno Gomes, 3 C January 2008 The Ardina page 13

Christmas carries the imagination of younger to an enchanted world, somewhere in the North Pole, where he lives a gentleman "paunchy, white-bearded, dressed in red" who heads a toy for them at night from 24 to December 25 . The gift list is extensive and varied. Bikes, dolls, puppies and kittens, makeup kits, X-Box, Ga me Boy, computer, some applications are already on the way the toy factory of Sa nta Claus.€For today's children the old man dressed in red and white beard there and who does not behave well it risks not present in the shoe. "To win a gift f rom Father Christmas we have to behave well," said Rachel, five years. In the Ga rden-of-childhood Boiça, who attends, as his colleagues asked all present that t he educator has in a letter to Santa Claus. Fernando, 4 years, sitting beside he r, urges the teacher to call the Father Christmas, to confirm requests! In this garden-schools, children are already living with anxiety and anticipation of the night 24. "I'll spend Christmas in Angola says Neuza, four years, that's where lies the father, mother and brother. In another year he came into my house throu gh the chimney, I was having dinner and did not see him, says Michael, 4 years. The task becomes more complicated when Father Christmas has no chimney to come d own. Joaquim resolve, "the houses that have no chimney, he walks in the door yar d." Many do not sleep in the hope of seeing or hearing any sound that feeds the imagination. Miguel makes chocolates for reindeer near the chimney, as Jessica l eaves juice. Carolina strange, "the reindeer do not drink juice." But these are special reindeer, "has a rocket underneath to get to travel around the world ove rnight," explains Maria de Miguel four years. Children will not be ensnared by t he thousands of Father Christmases that populate the shopping centers. "These ar e masked them off fake bellies, Santa's North Pole to work," explains Joachim of four years. A little more suspicious, the Charlotte, four years, says, "I think that both parents give money to Father Christmas to go shopping because they ar e working." Contrasts convinced Tatiana, four years, "Santa does not need money. Do not you know that the Baby Jesus gave him a factory of toys for him to deliv er the boys to do well? "According to psychologist Ana Isabel Mestre children fi rmly believe in the Father That Father Christmas visit to your Christmas tree and bring you much Joy and Pe ace Dear Love, Santa Christmas up at six, seven years old. "This imagery is very important for the cr eative development of children, because there's a whole other world that only ex ists when it is small," he says. I fully share this opinion, because childhood imagination is fertile. It's good to dream while you can. S. Nicholas to Santa Claus for Coca-Cola. The story of Santa Claus that inh abits the imagination of children of today differs from what is regarded as the true story of Father Christmas. St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra in present-day Turk

ey where he was known for his generosity to the poor and protecting children wit h complete dedication. Around this man came several legends. In some places it w as said that he traveled sleigh pulled by eight reindeer. In other countries the figure of old man with long white beard appeared on a donkey, with a bag full o f gifts. Later it was believed that the old man down the chimneys at night to le ave gifts in their socks and shoes for children. This image of S. Nicholas lived until today, personified by Father Christmas, a symbol of gift, love and brothe rhood, characteristics of Christmas Christian. The Father Christmas as we know i t today is the result of a consumer society. The disclosure in the world due to the United States, where it is known as Santa Claus. It was mid-century. Century that Thomas Nast created the image of Santa Claus as we know it. In 1931, this same image was used in an advertising campaign for Coca-Cola, written by Louise Habdon Hawk, kindergarten Sundblom. So Santa Claus reached fame. The legend of s preading (Article developed from records so the whole world. Today, Christmas is not the same if there is a mouth of my group of children and old man dressed in red, white hair and beard, with a research the Internet.) huge bag full of gift s. January 2008 The Ardina page 14 Who enters the Library realizes immediately that there are days in a pleasing wa y, with many innovations and full of adventure. It is an open, active and very b usy, from opening time until closing, every day of the week. To do so, has great ly contributed to the momentum given to it by the core team, employees, entertai ners and employees of the same. This has promoted various activities that attrac t students to the Library. Here are some highlights ... It began by giving the " Meet the School Library." All classes of the Group were invited to visit the BE and know her more closely. Experienced the various spaces, viewing a documentary film and learned of its operation and organization. 1st Cycle - 1st Class B - School Headquarters As a matter of accessibility, the School-based courses were the first to make th is visit. Along 2nd and 3rd cycle - School - Headquarters of month of November, came the Kindergarten and 1st Cycle Arrouquelas - the 1st school to visit us. divisions of the Gardens-kindergarten and 1st cycle of the remaining parishes. T he experience was very positive and is expected to be repeated at other times, o r by the BE at the initiative of the schools themselves, since BE is a space tha t is enriched by the participation and collaboration of all of us. "Once upon a time ..." From October 23 until November 12, held at the Library during the lunch period, between 13h and 13.30h, an activity entitled "Once upon a time ...". This activi ty was the encouragement of a short story, in this case the La Fontaine fable "T he Lion and the Mouse." The students listened, reflected and illustrated the sto ry. Finally, all works have been exhibited in the library. Once upon a time ... The Lion and the Mouse January 2008 The Ardina Page 15

The School Library also not forget the celebration of some holidays. "Internatio nal Day of School Libraries" As part of the celebrations of International Day of School Libraries, 22 October, students in the 1st round were invited to partici pate in building a great book titled "The book is ...." Classes envolveramse, pa rticipation was intense and the result was a large picture book. It was still po ssible to visit an exhibition of work done by schools of the parishes. Students in the 2nd and 3rd part in a Bibliopaper. Divided into groups and cycle the students were going through the library in search of answers. It was very s tirring! ... The big winners were the Chili Paper of 6th and F Worms of 8 ° C. The book is ... Bibliopaper - Winners of the 3rd cycle - 8 ° C "Halloween and Day of Saint Martin These days have not been forgotten. On Halloween, the Library encouraged with Bibliopaper - winners of the 2nd cycle - 6 F much witchcraft, there was a table of books and an exhibition of works depicting the theme. By S. Martin, our Magic Tree, embellished with many nuts, sea urchin s and other decorative motifs, made by students of the 1st cycle. January 2008 The Ardina Page 16 But not only! Other activities will take place throughout the year and rely on y our cooperation. Search the "Notebook of Being," since it is permanently at your disposal and it can register your opinions or thoughts, according to the motto given weekly. You may also participate in a competition problem, "Matematicando. In the first week of each month, will be offered a challenge that consists in s olving a math problem. To participate, you must move yourself to BE and you plac e your answer in the box that is there for that purpose. By the way, took the op portunity to learn many interesting facts about math. Prizes will be awarded to the highest scoring competitors. Participate! Have you met the Malas of Imaginary? Did you know that there are bags that can c irculate through the rooms and which contain cards with images from them so that you may create beautiful stories. Ask your teacher for them! Already circulated . Club Friends of the Library " If you have not already aware, the Library has a Club! Yes, a club where you wan t the students to engage in a direct and responsible activities in the Library: in attendance, in reading, information technology, audiovisual, among others. St udents enrolled will receive a little training and a card identifier of its stat us, which they use whenever they are in office. Already many students have enrol led and their collaboration has been very important. The Team of the Library and the Executive Council Ana Rita and Rafaela - 7a, collaborating in the activity "Once upon a time ..." story time for the 1st cycle. thank all students who voluntarily cooperate with our library, making it a space so special. Patricia Couto (8a) and Rita Jesus (5 C) by placing quotas on the books

Bruno Santos - 6 B, collaborating in the activity of receiving the school's grou ping. January 2008 The Ardina Page 17 School Parents Enjoying the celebrations of the European Day of Parents and School, a group of teachers and the Association of Parents of School Grouping Fernando Casimiro Per eira da Silva, conscious of the need to approach the school to the family, invit ed all Parents and Guardians of the Grouping to attend the school library and pa rticipate in a meeting / gathering. This resulted in the desire to create a Scho ol for Parents. Exhibition "The school and parents holding hands" The School Parent serves as a place of reflection and debate where parents seek to jointly overcome some problems inherent to their status as educators. Yes, be cause school is not easy! The first meeting took place on November 16. This was a meeting without a theme and set with a single objective: the parents present m ade up, conversed, exchanged ideas. It was also possible to collect some informa tion for further characterization of the group. Thank goodness for all! Stay tuned! The Library holds many surprises for the 2nd period. Some of the Guardians present during the gatherings held in the Library January 2008 The Ardina Page 18 Simple and heartfelt tribute "As the rivers run, shadows and the mountains forming stars in the sky there's m emory should last well received in the mind of man grateful," said Virgil. And it is mainly as wife and mother here today, I want to acknowledge before you all my gratitude for living with D. Eduarda. First, as a teacher, for helping m e in my performance: always affable, cordial, polite, attentive and available to everyone. Then, and perhaps primarily, as her mother, because my son followed, and so many other mothers in their first steps in our school, treated them with gentleness, spoiled them when he realized that the pats needed, talking to them a tone of g entle and softly, and need not raise to understand his reason when he needed to impose, it was all of them by their first name, easily distinguishing them from day one, and recognized his parents mothers or other relatives of each, always k new whom to describe, in detail, as there was after the school day at school, se nsitive to the anxiety of all parents at the beginning of the school life of the ir children! I have often wondered: "How can you distinguish them? Know everyone 's name so early? Recognize them? Meet the needs of each? With whom she lived an d worked quickly found that just so happens when our work is a vocation! As a wo man, mother and teacher I know that for that reason alone can be! And I also kno w how difficult it is to keep every day a good disposition, be patient, do not a llow our problems, however great they are, interfere with our performance in chi ldren who, by virtue of the letter we choose, live with us all days, how many ti mes longer than with his own family! Finally, also as a woman, Dona Eduarda was for me an example of strength and greatness, so I could follow. Neither the adve

rsity or the disease changed their character and their way of being with those w ho lived with her in everyday work! Finally, I want to quote a maxim that synthe sizes Hebrew praise here that I intend to make public, "Who gives, should no lon ger remember, but whoever receives should never forget." "Memory is the only par adise from which we can not be expelled. " This much I received and because forever keep in memory and heart, thank you for your donation, D. Eduarda, and that God allow him rest and peace. Anabela Bridg et January 2008 The Ardina Page 19 A passion for books ... The question that imposes itself is easy and obvious formulation: how to train a nd develop young players? The pleasure of reading can be transmitted and feed th emselves, but this is a task that should be borne by those who have a passion fo r books and know how to communicate. Inconsistent and not a passion that exclude s reason, but a passion and heartwarming conscious, because the intelligence mus t not be detached from emotions and feelings. In this sense, the school assumes a dual role. On the one hand should teach reading, students in developing readin g skills that enable them to decode the written code, and, moreover, must teach to understand, appreciate and enjoy what you read. However, the "construction" o f a player is a slow and complicated, requiring regularity and continuity in its activities. Besides this, it is essential that the child / young person is emot ionally involved with reading, yielding to the seductive powers of the text and letting themselves be led by wealth or "unpredictability" of reading. To this en d, it should be taking care of the taste for reading, building strategies that e nlist more partners (family, school, library) to develop a passion that will hav e to rely on your material element: the book. This must be, increasingly, a subj ect touched or handled in many times and in many areas by more incredible they a re, because the book should be part of daily routines. The pleasure and passion to read feeds on the construction of familiarity with books and reading.€It is i n this sense to recognize books and reading as elements of the construction of p ersonal identity and civic education of young people and as the natural extensio n of Being and Being of each one. The National Reading Plan assumed the developm ent of reading and appreciation of the book as a priority, seeking to broaden an d diversify the activities that promote reading in the school context, family an d other social contexts. Consequently, the school has provided books and other r esources, through financial support that has been embodied in a phased manner. O ur Group had already been covered in the first phase national allocation of fund s (Pre-school, 1st and 2nd cycle of basic education) and last November was also selected to receive support for activities promoting reading in the 3rd cycle af ter submitting their registration project. Although there is awareness that this Plan is not the panacea for all ills, studies show that the basic skills or are acquired early or give rise to difficulties, which gradually accumulate and mul tiply. Hence it is assumed that, for reaching children and young people is essen tial to mobilize responsible for their education. It is here that the involvemen t of all teachers (not just teachers of Portuguese!) Becomes crucial and indispe nsable. Professor Susana Naughty The Ardina - page 20 The Game Caught!

... I am a teacher by profession and vocation .... In my profession since I spent much of my life, I have done great sacrifices, and also have had the gre atest joys. And amongst them, lived, not long ago, a moment of rare beauty that can not fail to note and share with you. It was the last hour of the day, one af ternoon in drizzling rain and gray. Have a little tired, I prepared for another lesson. Suddenly, when calmly open the door of the room, come to me "kids" by st orm, some weeping girls, one, Dulce, the same cry, boys nervosíssimos and I soon realized that would have a "drama" at hand ... E "pulled" from my calm, my pati ence ... "That was the Dulce" Chiba ", ie made" little chin "of two colleagues f or having eluded the control of the employee entrance and have gone out to buy t wo slices of pizza and a handful of delicious gum, she was a embirrenta, who nev er played with anyone, ever "aligned" with the group, who never played the catch , ever, ever ... The verbiage, the noise, cruelty, unconsciousness of children a nd misfortune, the misfortune of Dulce moved me. Of eyes shallow water, shrunk, you could see what was being made the scapegoat for the whole class ... imagine, is not it? You know, ... the children are able to be cruel! And I took immediat ely to defend the Dulce which as the name says is a shy girl, always alone, big brown eyes and sweet. It pained me that injustice. And I saw that girl in your e yes filled with tears in their loose and nearly silent protest, someone accustom ed to suffer a long and silent ... In adults, my God, that we hold and defend, b ut in children, no, no can be! ... And gradually, responding to this and that I was dominating the general uproar, "turning to face the situation" and gradually "rehabilitating Dulce. At one point he told them: "You know, it's almost Christ mas! ... ... And Christmas can be every day should be every day. And do you know ? I told them then: "Aggression is often a way to get help." And the "kids" stop thinking. I told them that life is already hard enough for everyone, from time to time, to walk, already at a school guerrearmo us to each other. That friendsh ip, fellowship, forgiveness, brotherhood, tolerance are not things that are read only in books but figures to be learned there, in school, with each other and n ow. That the school is not just to learn Portuguese, mathematics, English, ... b ut to train men and women of tomorrow, if possible for a future more just and mo re humane ... And now, with Christmas approaching and could start to think of it , feel it in your heart, putting it into practice ... "What Christmas is always like that man ..." And "my kids" realize ... and smiled ... and Dulce changed po rtfolio alongside the side of one of the girls who had accused but that "ultimat ely" was his friend and left the back of the room and all alone. At one point, M arianne turned to me and tells me:-Know "store", the "Store" is a cool Bué "And this time I will not fix the Portuguese ... and when the ringing sounded and out put Alexander challenged the group to a game of "caught" to seize the last rays of sun,€Dulce brave and timid there was "wrapped" in group play with the rest of the class, breaking the barrier of silence and their mixing with the "kids" whi ch bunch of birds. Sai. Interestingly, I was not tired, the stress was gone, a s ecret joy invaded my heart, I felt light, and for ever undertaken. Maybe he coul d help make a child happy and less lonely Maya! ... The sun was disappearing. A remnant of light in a late afternoon rain caused the clouds of water to draw a g reat game of shadow puppets in a gray velvet sky ... Happiness filled my chest. Christmas had arrived early that class. The sun is placed, while a group of boys played happy to get caught. Professor Cristina Santos The Ardina - page 21 The Meaning Of Christmas The Christmas

arises as the birthday the Germanic and Celtic of Solstice of birth of Jesus Christ, Son of God, being winter, all of these festivals is curre ntly one of the most pagan festivals Catholic, the Church saw this as a major op portunity. Initially, the Catholic Church to Christianize the day, placing secon d in not plan their pagan connotation. Some areas have opted to celebrate celebrating Christmas. It was in mid-fourth century AD it began to celebrate the birth of the event on January 6, however, Baby Jesu s, and Pope Julius I fixed the date that date was gradually being linked to on D ecember 25, since it ignores the arrival of the Magi and not the true birth date of his birth. One reason for choosing the 25th of Jesus Christ. Christmas is th us dedicated by Christians to December as the Christmas day concerns Christ who is the true Sun of Justice as the fact that this date coincides with the (Matthew Roman Saturnalia and feasts 17.2, Revelation 1:16), and became one of the festivities January 2008 The Ardina Page 22 Central Church, treated early Easter. Despite being a Christian festival, Christ mas, over time, become a family celebration with pagan traditions, partly German ic, partly Roman. justify our sins by his own death. In those days, whenever anyone sinned and wis hed to obtain divine forgiveness, offered a lamb in the form of sacrifice. So Go d sent Jesus Christ as a lamb without sin, came to earth to wash away the sins o f all mankind through His death, so that one day we can have eternal life throug h Him, Christ, Son of God. So do not forget that Christmas is not Under the influence of Franciscan spread, down to the beautiful decorations and gifts, from 1233, the custom in all because its essence is the celebration of th e birth Christendom, if they build cribs, as the One who gave His life for us, J esus they reconstructed the scene of Christ's birth. Jesus. The Christmas tree a ppears in the sixteenth century, being decorated with lights symbol of Christ, L

ight of the World. Another Christmas tradition is to exchange gifts, which are g iven by Father Christmas or the Christ child, depending on the tradition of each country. Despite all these traditions are important (do not even seem to Christ mas Christmas if not we should get), the truth is that we must not forget that t he true meaning of Christmas has to do with the birth of Christ, who came into t he world with a single purpose: to January 2008 The Ardina page 23 To All A Merry Christmas Chorus everyone a Merry Christmas To all a Merry Christmas Let it be a Merry Chr istmas to you all Let it be a Merry Christmas to you all Chorus To all a Merry Christmas to all a Merry Christmas Let it be a Merry Chris tmas to you all Let it be a Merry Christmas to you all On Christmas morning They hear the bells ring and there is great joy in the air Then there are round dances Children hold hands In Christmas everyone feels brot hers Chorus To all a Merry Christmas to all a Merry Christmas Let it be a Merry Chris tmas to you all Let it be a Merry Christmas to you all Chorus To all a Merry Christmas to all a Merry Christmas Let it be a Merry Chris tmas to you all Let it be a Merry Christmas to you all On this Christmas morning there in every country many millions of boys, happy If this were true for all boys was good to hear the bells ringing. Chorus To all a Merry Christmas to all a Merry Christmas Let it be a Merry Chris tmas to you all Let it be a Merry Christmas to you all Chorus To all a Merry Christmas to all a Merry Christmas Let it be a Merry Chris tmas to you all Let it be a Merry Christmas to you all Go jumping around the house barefoot or in slippers Find your gifts, so beautifu l (Letter from Lucy Davies) January 2008 The Ardina Page 24 Christmas tree Background In Celtic cultures, the Druids had the The Christmas tree is a pine or fir, custom of decorating with old oaks decorate d and illuminated, especially in homes for golden apples festivities also indivi duals, on Christmas Eve. The tradition of the Christmas tree has its roots much further afield than Christmas itself. celebrated in the same season. According t o tradition, St. Boniface, in the seventh century, preached in Thuringia (a regi on of

The Romans decorated trees in honor of Germany) and used the triangular profile of Saturn, god of agriculture, more or less in spruce with symbol of the Trinity the same time that we prepare today to Tree (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Thus , oak, Christmas. The Egyptians brought green branches until then regarded as di vine symbol, was palm trees into their homes on more replaced by triangular fir. short of the year (which is in December), as in token of triumph of life over d eath. Central Europe in the twelfth century, trees hung with the height down as a result of the same triangular symbols of th e Trinity. January 2008 The Ardina Page 25 This allowed an industry that arose from the Christmas decorations, where he spe cialized Thuringia. In the early seventeenth century, Britain Christmas tree as we know it today The first reference to a "Christmas Tree" appeared in the sixte enth century and was at this time that she has been popularized in Central Europ e, there are reports of Christmas trees in Lithuania in 1510. It is said that it was Luther (1483-1546), author of the Protestant Reformation, which after a wal k through the forest in winter, on a clear night and bright stars this image bro ught to the family in the form of Christmas tree, with a shining star on top and decorated with candles, because for him the sky must have been well on the birt h of Jesus. The custom began the families, to take root. In rich and began to im port German tradition of the Christmas Tree at the hands of the monarchs of Hann over. But only consolidated tradition in the British Isles after publication by "Illustrated London News," an image of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their children near the Christmas tree at Windsor Castle, at Christmas 1846. This tradition spread throughout Europe and c ame to the U.S. during the war of independence at the hands of soldiers Germans. The tradition has not been consolidated uniformly given the divergence of peoples and Germany poor, decorated their trees with fruit, candy paper flowers (red flowers cultures. However, in 1856, the White House was represented knowledge and the white represented innocence). decorated with a Christmas tree and the tradition remains since 1923. January 2008 The Ardina Page 26

Christmas tree in Portugal As the use of the Christmas tree has pagan origins, this predominates in the Nor dic and Anglo-Saxon world. In Catholic countries like Portugal, the Christmas tr ee tradition was gradually emerging alongside the more traditional nativity scen es. However, in Portugal, the acceptance of the Christmas Tree is recent compare d with other countries. So between us, the crib has long been the only Christmas decoration. Until the 50s, the Christmas tree was up to something malevolent in cities and camps was simply ignored. However, today, the Christmas tree is alre ady part of Christmas tradition and Portuguese have all surrendered to the pine trees for Christmas! January 2008 The Ardina Page 27 COMMENT ON DIT? Les Jours de la Semaine (weekdays) Portuguese Day Week What day is today? It ... ... Monday ... Tuesday ... Wednesd ay ... Thursday ... Friday ... Saturday ... Sunday Today is October 8 End-of-wee k French Le jour / La journée la semaine Quel est le jour? C'est ... ... lundi . .. mardi ... mercredi ... jeudi ... vendredi ... samedi ... C'est dimanche le hu it octobre Aujourd'hui Le week-end Pronunciation jur le / la Jurni there çeméne Kele Le mardi jur Cé Ladi mérkredi Jadi vãdredi Camedia dimãxe ui cé le le októb ra ôjurdüí uikend Trouve dix noms de couleurs dans la grille. January 2008 The Ardina Page 28 Noël en France a few days before Christmas, the French towns and villages have a n air of celebration. To decorate the facades of municipalities. Decorate themse lves huge pines in the squares and the squares of these locations. The main stre ets and the trees are covered with ribbons and colorful lights and bright. The s tores are beautiful windows and put some robots in storefronts. Children take ph otographs next to Father Christmas. Primary schools decorate their rooms. On the 24th, evening, families gather for a dinner consisting of delicious delicacies as oysters and foie gras.€After dinner, most Catholics will, as a family, to the midnight mass. During the night, Santa Claus comes to deliver the presents and the kids discover ourselves in the next morning beside the Christmas tree. Chris tmas Day is spent with family, around the table. The meal is often composed of t urkey or roast capon and ends with a cake or a trunk of Christmas (chocolate cak e in the shape of a tree trunk). In Provence, in some churches by the sea at the end of the midnight Mass, a procession of fishermen and fishmongers deposits ne ar the crib a basket full of fish as a sign of affection and gratitude to the Ba by Jesus. Tradition says that the Christmas Eve meal ends with thirteen desserts symbolizing Christ and the twelve apostles. These desserts bring together all t he fruits and sweets of the region. Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année! Ana Cigarettes (2007)

January 2008 The Ardina Page 29 - Arrêtez! Partez Ne pas! Comme les rennes sont obéissants, ils s'arrêtent imméd iatement. Wed to create? Surgit Une silhouette de la forêt. Ce grand manteau rou ge. cette longue barbe blanche ... C'est lui ... c'est le Père Noël! Les lutins croient n'en pas leurs yeux. Voilà un deuxième Père Noël. Et ce Père Noël est en colère. II repeats: - Ne pas partez. Attendez-moi. Le Père Noël, c'est moi! - Pas du tout! Le Père Noël, c'est moi! Décollons vite, Nous sommes en retard. L es rennes ne savent plus quel to Père Noël obéir. Le premier dit: - Vous pas cro ire n'allez cet inconnu! Envolons-nous. Et zou ... Le deuxième rouspète: - Je su is allé faire un petit pipi. dans la forêt et ce vieux brigand a pris ma place. Faites-le descendre de mon Traineau! Sont bien les lutins embêtés. Les Deux Père s Noël is ressemblent tellement. Comment reconnaîtras le vrai? Un Lutin courageu x a une idée. Il s'approche du Père Noël dans le Traineau et, d'un coup sec, il tire sur sa barbe. - Ouille, ouille, ouille! fait celui-ci. January 2008 The Ardina Page 30 - Pas de doute, c'est une vraie barbe, le Lutin affirm. Puis il va tirer sur la barbe de l'autre Père Noël. - IEA, EIA, aie! create celui-là. - C'est aussi une vraie barbe. conclut le Lutin courageux. Un Lutin malin a une autre idée - Le vr ai Père Noël connaît le nom de tous ses rennes. Alors, je vous écoute, messieurs les Pères Noël. - Trop facile! rigolant en dit le Père Noël sur le Traineau. Et il Vient murmure d six noms à l'oreille gauche du Lutin. - Hyper-simple, throw ricanant l'autre e n Père Noël. Et il chuchote les memes noms à l'oreille droite du Lutin. "Incroya ble, soupire le malin Lutin ... Donné ils m'ont tous les deux la bonne réponse. More deux Pères Noël, c'est beaucoup trop. Il y a un faux Forcement! » À cet instant, la porte d'une petite cabane en bois brusquement s'ouvre. Un vieu x bonhomme en caleçon apparaît. Il a une barbe blanche et il n'est pas content. - Vous avez vu l'heure, dit-il aux lutins. Je fais une dans mon sieste et person ne n'est venu cabanon me reveille. Les cris des lutins poussent of bewilderment: - Encore un Père Noël! Impossible! Trop c'est trop! Le Père Noël en caleçon ron chonne: - Qu'est-ce vous attendez that? Puis il Ouvre grands yeux étonnés lorsqu 'il découvrir tes deux autres Pères Noël. -Albert! Dagobert! s'exclame-t-il. - S end j'avais d'essayer ton Traineau, dit l'un. - Moi aussi, dit l'autre. Les lutins ne comprennent vraiment plus rien. Heureusement, le Père Noël en leur donne des explications caleçon - barbus Ces deux frères sont months, Albert et Dagobert. Ils me ressemblent beaucoup plus rassurez-vous, le Père Noël, le vrai, l'unique, c'est moi! D'ailleurs, je suis le seul the connaître les adresses de tous les enfants de la Terre. - Emmen Tu nous un jour avec toi? demandent en Cho eur et Albert Dagobert. - Si vous êtes sages, je vous fera faire un petit tour d ans l'univers j'aurai fini lorsque ma tournée, repond le Père Noël. Alors, vite, Albert pass lui son manteau, Dagobert lui donne son pantalon. Noël et le Père, le vrai, tout habillé maintenant, avec ses rennes s'envole distribute pour ses j ouets. January 2008 The Ardina page 31

The story - Why do Camões is famous? - Luizinho, who want to be when you grow up? - For yo ur memory, sir professor. - I want to be "Santa Claus"! - Why do you say that? Because in his monument, it says "ON YOUR - Why? MEMORY. " - As always I will w ork one day a year! The right choice True laziness - I sent you make a drawing on the characteristics of laziness and supplies me w ith a blank page. - Of course, this is a characteristic of laziness. Even Idiot - I believe that one type is silly when you think to be absolutely sure of anyth ing. - And you're sure? - Sure. Find the 20 words with the names of fruit hidden. January 2008 The Ardina Solution Page 32 January 2008 The Ardina Page 33