SILVER METALLIC, THE PATRIOT Khaki LIGHT METAL LIMITED, THE BRAND NEW LIBERTY LIMITED 2008 in Red Rock Crystal Pearl, AT THE GRAND CHEROKEE OVERLAND Graystone Perl COMMANDER OVE RLAND IN BLACK, RED IN THE WRANGLER RUBICON WRANGLER UNLIMITED CALLS AND RESCUE GREEN METALLIC THE FUN IS IN THE JOURNEY. Driving a Jeep, boldly facing the mud, snow, mountains and all types of roads an d adventures. The excitement is guaranteed. ® For over 65 years we have been lovers of adventure to the most remote places. Ev ery Jeep is designed to open up a world of fun, arriving where few dare. Discove r the new line with the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Patriot, Grand Cherokee, Comman der, Compass, Wrangler and the all-new 2008 Liberty. 4x4 Jeeps crowned the summi t of the mountain, now join the celebration. The rest of the trip, you promised. Jeep. Fun ATV. ® . This is freedom. COMPASS ALL HEART The Jeep Compass combines exclusive design of adventure, efficient capacity and great features, fun reinventing ® Jeep brand. Your World Engine, 2.4L with dual system of variable valve timing wi th electronic control is very efficient, generating 172 horsepower 4-cylinder. C VT2 automatic transmission available with AutoStick allows automatic or a clutch less manual. If the road turns away from the beaten track, you can add FreedomDr ive I 4WD system with 4-wheel-drive lock, which offers a unique technological ba lance. Comes standard with many safety advances such as ABS brakes and electroni c rollover mitigation. Optional features include heated front seats with leather and Group Rallye package, which gives it a marked character. TM (1) ® The speakers in the liftgate generate 458W of power in the Group of High Quality Audio 9 speakers. The Compass Limited interior features a leather-wrapped steer ing wheel with audio controls and chrome rings on the dials of the radio. Comes standard with a variety of storage compartments. (1) Dear EPA: 23 mpg city / 28 in highway in 4x2 models equipped with 5-speed manual transmission.

3 JEEP COMPASS ® jeep.com / compass SHOWN IN THE JEEP COMPASS LIMITED Bright Silver Metallic ® PATRIOT OF ASPHALT ROAD TO HIKING INDOMABLE This solid new addition to the family of the Jeep brand dresses fun features the ability and style. The classic design ® Patriot compact houses a super-economical 2.4L engine with standard transmission 5-speed manual, front wheel drive and a great standard safety features like tra ction control and ABS brakes. Choose FreedomDrive II ™ Off-Road Group, enjoying the ability 4x4 Trail Rated certification. Its interior, fun and functional, inc luding the optional Group High Quality Audio 9 speakers, soft case, the system U Connect hands-free communication and more. The standard leather interior Patriot Limited includes heated front seats and a folding passenger seat plane that can serve as a handy table. Properly secure all cargo. ® ® (1) (1) Dear EPA: 23 mpg city / 28 highway on 4x2 models equipped with 5-speed manual tr ansmission. jeep.com / patriot JEEP PATRIOT ® 5 SHOWN THE JEEP PATRIOT LIMITED WITH FREEDOM-DRIVE-TERRAIN GROUP II METAL CLEAR K haki ® ® LIBERTY GREAT ADVENTURES The all-new and redesigned Jeep Liberty thrilled with fully retractable roof opt ional Sky Slider and the system ® TM Available Selec-Trac II 4WD, the most advanced of its kind. With automatic tract ion to all 4 wheels, transfer case permanently connected provides optimal tracti on capability and certification continues Trail Rated. The solid standard 3.7L e ngine has 210 hp and 235 lb-ft of torque, with which you can tow up to 2.5 tons when properly equipped. Inside the spacious and comfortable cabin, the tech-savv

y can opt for the system, MyGIG multimedia infotainment, multimedia control cent er for music, photos, communication, traffic, GPS and much more. Use your full-c olor touch screen or voice control to access your media files stored on the 20GB hard drive. And choose the many amenities available such as automatic air condi tioning with air filter€heated front seats in leather, reverse ParkSense assista nce, remote start and more. Based on the basic SUV segment 2007 Automotive News. With MyGIG in-dash DVD not available in all states. For more details, visit your local dealer. Always check entire surroundings before reversing. (1) (2) (3) ® (1) ® ® (2) ® (3) The Sky Slider ™ roof lets you enjoy your outdoor Liberty with its huge opening 33 "x60". The Liberty's cabin is more luxurious than ever, with a long list of f eatures first. 7 JEEP LIBERTY ® jeep.com/08liberty SHOWN IN THE JEEP LIBERTY LIMITED RED ROCK CRYSTAL PEARL ® GRAND CHEROKEE Original power Experience the freedom of choice genuine American with all the ability and luxur y models Grand Cherokee Laredo, Limited, Overland and SRT8 performance. The V6 t urbodiesel engine, available 3.0L uses advanced technology that generates a powe rful and economic performance at the same time. The new V8 engine, 4.7L flex fue l runs on any combination of gasoline or E85 ethanol eco-one of the five availab le engines. Choose the Grand Cherokee Overland, enjoying the comfort of heated f ront seats standard with dual-density foam with an exclusive embroidered Overlan d logo, heated seats in the second row and a host of standard luxury features. (2) ® (1) The new system, MyGIG multimedia infotainment, navigation devices, audio, entert ainment and communication by voice activated touch screen is standard on Overlan d models. Inside the spacious cabin, replete with accessories Grand Cherokee Lim ited comes standard two-tone leather Royale. (1) (2) (3) ® (3) Not available in CA, NY, ME, VT, PA, CT or RI. Estimated EPA ciudad/23 18 MPG highway. With MyGIG in-dash DVD not available in

all states. See dealer for details. jeep.com / grandcherokee JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE ® 9 SHOWN THE JEEP ® GRAND CHEROKEE OVERLAND PEARL in Light Graystone COMMANDER POWER, EFFICIENCY, FLEXIBILITY This solid platform for seven passengers is the perfect vehicle with which the a dventurers will travel any path in luxurious comfort. Choose the rugged Jeep Com mander Sport, the well-equipped Limited or the king of the road, the Commander O verland, with plenty of features ® high quality, as the HEMI V8, 5.7L with MDS and 4WD Quadra-Drive II (4x4 models. ) The landscape inside the Commander has been designed with standard first detai l a long list of available features: GPS, MyGIG Multimedia Infotainment, Reverse Assist Camera ParkView, DVD entertainment system, SIRIUS TV Rear Seat system, U Connect hands-free communication voice-activated, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Group of High Quality Audio 6 Speakers and heated seats and leather microfiber on Over land. ® (1) ® ® ® ® Sets the Commander with two or three rows of stadium seating for your passengers enjoy the scenery. The luxurious interior of the Commander Overland features su mptuous leather front seats embroidered with the Overland logo unique. The panor amic power sunroof dual CommandView allows passengers a magnificent view of the sky-standard on Limited and Overland. (1) DVD System MyGIG in-dash not available in all states. View your dealer for detai ls. 11 JEEP COMMANDER ® jeep.com / commander SHOWN IN THE BLACK JEEP COMMANDER OVERLAND ® WRANGLER UNLIMITED SPACE FOR 5 PASSENGERS With four doors and room for five adults with his team, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimi ted lets you share the ultimate off-road experience ®

bold and big. Extra fun with the wheelbase of 20.6 "and 3.4 front trail" of the Unlimited, in addition to supreme comfort and plenty of room for cargo. The Unli mited includes all the safety features of his younger brother with the same stre ngth. Choose the Wrangler Unlimited X, Sahara or Unlimited Unlimited Rubicon wit h Rock-Trac 4WD system with electronic differential locking front and rear and d isconnecting front stabilizer bar. A new dimension of adventure. ® Vibrates in the Wrangler Rubicon Sahara or audio system with high quality standa rd with 6 speakers and amplifier ∞ Infinity 368W. Properly equipped, the four-do or Unlimited can tow up to 3,500 lbs easily. Properly secure all cargo. jeep.com / wrangler JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED ® 13 SHOWN THE JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED RUBICON RED FLAME ® WRANGLER ADVENTURER BY NATURE The original vehicle of freedom and adventure. Trail Rated The Jeep Wrangler com es with a standard V6 engine, 3.8L SMPI that generates 202 hp and 237 ® ® lb-ft of torque. The superrobusta Command Trac transfer case is standard on Saha ra and X can also be equipped with the advanced Rock-Trac 4WD system of the migh ty Rubicon. Amenities abound in the cabin of the Wrangler with lots of options t o suit your personal style. ® ® The system available MyGIG multimedia infotainment ® ® (1) includes a 20GB hard drive, full screen navigation, digital jukebox Gracenote an d traffic updates via SIRIUS. The modular hardtop available Freedom Top 3-piece lets you travel to enjoy the outdoors. (1) ® MyGIG in-dash not available in all states. For more details, visit your local de aler. 15 JEEP COMMANDER ® jeep.com / commander SHOWN IN THE JEEP WRANGLER X Detonator Yellow

Black Commander, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler Bright Silver Metallic Commander, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Patriot, Wra ngler (2) Jeep ® Green Metallic (1) Commander, Compass, Grand Cherokee (3), Liberty, Patri ot, Wrangler Light Graystone Pearl Commander, Grand Cherokee (3), Liberty Mineral Gray Metallic (1) Commander (5) Grand Cherokee (3, 4) Red Rock Crystal Pearl (1) Commander, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Wrangler Steel Blue Metallic Commander, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Patriot, Wrangler Commander Stone White (5), Compass (6) Grand Cherokee (3, 4), Liberty, Patriot, Wrangler (2) Inferno Red Crystal Pearl (1) Compass, Liberty, Patriot Compass Light Khaki Metallic (6) Patriot Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Compass, Liberty, Patriot Detonator Yellow Wrangler (2) Note: Due to occasional printing irregularities, the colors shown may differ sli ghtly from actual hues. LIMITED WARRANTY DRIVE TRAIN FOR LIFE No deductible. See dealer for details and get a copy of this limited warranty. T ransferable. Not available on SRT, diesel vehicles or on certain fleet vehicles. Friendly staff are available and understood at your service at dealerships, with specific preparation to offer professional advice. VISIT jeep.com to obtain updated information you need to buy well informed. Call (800) 925-JEEP to speak with our customer service representatives Jeep, that wi ll solve all your doubts. ® Surf Blue Pearl Compass, Patriot (6) Wrangler Rescue Green Metallic WARRANTY Jeep vehicles have a limited basic warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles. Go to your dealer for more details and a copy of this limited warranty. Does not include daily maintenance and wear parts. INSURANCE OF AUTO FOR JEEP ® is the only sure guarantee to repair your vehicle u sing repair parts of accidents for Jeep Mopar long as you own the vehicle Jeep a nd up to $ 100 deductible after completion of repairs at a dealership Jeep-price s difficult to overcome. For a free quote, visit www. jeepautoinsurance.com or c all (800) 836-1586 and ask for U18XXX key. CHRYSLER SERVICE CONTRACTS Your Jeep vehicle is one of the most capable

Wrangler Flame Red (2) Liberty Modern Blue Pearl (A) (2) road. Protect your investment with a Chrysler Service Contract LLC or Maintenanc e Plan. For more information, see your Jeep dealer, call 1-800-442-2666 or visit servicecontracts.chrysler.com. (3) (4) (5) Toasted Orange Pearl Compass, Patriot (6) (1) (6) For an extra fee. Not available on Wrangler Sahara or the Wrangler Unlimited Sah ara Not available in the Grand Cherokee SRT8 Not available in the Grand Cherokee Overland Commander Not available Not available in Overland Compass Rallye Group CHRYSLER FINANCIAL With feature splendid Chrysler Financial financing options, competitive rates an d flexible payment plans. Find out about your financing benefits and submit a cr edit application to chryslerfinancial.com. ACCESSORIES AUTHENTIC JEEP OF MOPAR are designed specifically for your Jeep vehi cle, with a magnificent finish and performance. See your dealer or mopar.com. SI RIUS SIRIUS Satellite Radio delivers over 130 channels: commercial-free music, s ports, news, talk, entertainment, weather and traffic. SIRIUS satellite radio, f actory installed, includes a year subscription. For more information, visit siri us.com. For each purchase made with credit card Jeep Rewards Visa, you get points you ca n redeem for any product in your Chrysler,€Jeep or Dodge-all with no annual fee. For more information on how to apply, visit jeepcreditcard.com As founding memb ers and official sponsors, we urge all Jeep owners to follow the guidelines of T read Lightly! For more information, visit treadlightly. org or call (800) 966-99 00. JEEP REWARDS VISA. TREAD LIGHTLY! ® ® All illustrations and product specifications are based on current information at the time of publication approval. Although descriptions are presumed accurate, we can not guarantee complete accuracy. Chrysler LLC reserves the right to make changes sporadically, without notice or obligation, in specifications, colors an d materials, and to change or discontinue models. Only available in U.S. markets . Jeep Trail Rated, Commander, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Wrangler, Compass, Patri ot, Freedom Drive I, Freedom Drive II, Sky Slider, ParkSense, Go Anywhere, Do An ything, SRT8, HEMI, ParkView, Command-Trac, Freedom Top, Selec-Trac, MyGIG, Quad ra-Drive, Rock-Trac, CommandView, UConnect, Camp Jeep and the Jeep grille are re gistered trademarks of Chrysler LLC. "SIRIUS", the SIRIUS dog logo and related m

arks are trademarks of SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Inc. All other trademarks, servic e marks and logos are property of their respective owners. Not available in Alas ka or Hawaii. ∞ Infinity is a trademark of Harman Industries, Inc. Sunrider is a registered trademark of Bestop, Inc. Powertrain Limited Warranty LIFETIME. No deductible. All vehicles include a 2008 Jeep Powertrain Limited Warranty Life time. See dealer for details and get a copy of this limited warranty. Transferab le. Not available on SRT, diesel vehicles or on certain fleet vehicles. Cert no. SW-COC-1576 CAMP JEEP is organized exclusively for Jeep owners and their guests. Spend three days with us unforgettable entertainment and activities, tours 4x4 trails, hiki ng terrain, adventure sports, guided walks and ® activities for children. jeep.com / JEEP JAMBOREE USA campjeep In vehicle owners ® Jeep have the opportunity to enjoy weekends of outdoor adventure and explore the most remote places in the country with real people and their Jeep 4x4s. jeep.co m / jamboree TEAM JEEP. There is a whole line of gifts and equipment ® for Jeep enthusiasts. This selection of clothes, sports equipment, luggage and e lectronics is perfect for those who like showing off the Jeep brand. All article s are so versatile and durable as your Jeep vehicle. jeep.com / gear . This is freedom. JEEP IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF CHRYSLER LLC.