Grupo Bimbo was founded in Mexico City on December 2, 1945 Prepares, distributes and markets over 3,600 products

is present in Honduras, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua , Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Austria and the Czech Republic. It has some 90 prestigious brands. The Group is formed by: â ¢ 76 floors, and marketing firms â ¢ 9 Grouped into four divisions: â ¢ Organization Bimbo: There are 6 regions in Mexico and one in Central Region â ¢ Organization-Ricolino Barcel â ¢ Latin America â ¢ Bimb o USA Organization VEHICLE ROUTES 21.000 23.000 600.000 SALES POINTS The miles that run through our whole units daily would be equivalent to circle 3 9 times around the Earth. Bimbo Group provides employment to more than 74,000 people Our Philosophy Our company is essentially an institution of service: exists to serve The backbone of the company is not in your organization, or its systems, or tech nology. The base and support of the company is its philosophy. Once it is establ ished the company to serve men and men, there is no doubt that the company shoul d have a profound human sense. The concept of human consciousness is an essentia l part of Grupo Bimbo and its activities. Our Mission concrete whole concept whe n we say we want to be a highly Daniel Servitje Montull Director General Grupo Bimbo Productive and people. Our Philosophy If a company has no soul, not worth trying to live there. It is not just doing b usiness, but trying to create something valuable, something we can be proud, som ething that has significance. The company should be focused on the human being, men and women within and outside the company, should be directed to do good beca use we do well. In every human being is a huge potential for useful things, beau tiful things, good things. Lorenzo Servitje Sendra Founder Grupo Bimbo We all strive to turn this potential becomes reality, and be enriched. Commander s have a duty to be the critical conscience of the company, ensure that the comp any has a human sense, for which we have great interest and affection. We in thi s group wanted to have the responsibility to preserve and add to the human sense that is the soul of our company. Our Vision 2mil10 Our Mission Develop and market food products, develop the value of our brands. Committing to be a Company: Highly productive and people. Innovative, competitive and strongl y oriented to the satisfaction of our customers and consumers. International lea der in the baking industry, with long-term vision. Our Purpose

1. Make our business a business, be productive. Achieving profitability levels s et. 3. Achieving a growing volume and participation of our brands. Being close to ou r consumers and customers, they are our reason for being. 5. Search our personnel to develop, and fully (live our philosophy). Permanently oriented learning. 7. Ensure proper operation in a control environment (information, systems and tr ust). Participation and self-control. Our Values Our Values Passion These words, spoken since 1945 by our founder, since we are called to work diffe rently for a purpose with passion. "It is necessary that those working feel to t he company as their own, as its heritage, its mission, its passion, adventure .. . and only make sense for them, only then will their common goals, only then ass ume full responsibility and will give you the best of themselves. " For this to happen, heads, leaders should inform, involve, explain why and wherefore. "It is necessary that the goals of those working are almost the same as those who run it." This is where inner strength is born, the passion for serving. Our Values Effectiveness The effectiveness is a primary value of our group. Effectiveness is achieving re sults, reach the goal, goal meter, reaching the summit. And along the way, in th e game, we are called to do the right things and do them correctly. We believe t hat the goods of the earth are not to squander, but to be used productively. The refore we must find better ways to do things and do more with less. In the pursu it of effectiveness must be lean, simple, agile. Our Values Confidence The trust is to have the other. The trust is based personal integrity, effective response,€commitment. Our survival, our competitiveness depends on the confide nce we have in others. Confidence in our products, our services, the value of ou r brands. Without the security that produces trust is not possible the exchange between people and institutions. The trust is beyond all law, all standard. The confidence is based on the person. Thus we say "trustworthy" or "trust in the wo rd" because a word uttered by a trustworthy person, to perform as promised. When we say "with love as always," is because we know that behind every product is t he trust of each other in an endless chain of wills with passion and tangible re sults which are intertwined suppliers, employees, shareholders, customers. Our Values We have symbolized the previous values in the primary colors: the passion with r ed Effectiveness with the blue and yellow with Confidence. To complement these, other values emerge which together form the Personality of the Company. Profitability Profitability is the oxygen that allows us to continue as a company, gives us th e opportunity to continue growing to meet our mission of international leadershi p. At Grupo Bimbo, we must ensure that in each of our operations are carried out cost-effective. She is the visible result of all our ideas, efforts and dreams. Our Values Quality

The quality comes from the confidence and effectiveness. Since our foundation we have pursued the quality of a thousand ways. Consumers identify us by the quali ty of our products and services. This is a feature that we must always remain. T he efforts of analysis and process redesign and improvement in the systems have their primary reason for finally deliver quality to our customers and consumers. We believe that quality is built into the process and its three pillars are: cu stomer focus / customer, teamwork and process management Our Values Teamwork The teamwork that comes from the passion and confidence is also a central featur e of the community that builds daily. We at Grupo Bimbo want to leave something of who we are what we do. We wish to turn every day into an opportunity to learn , give, share and grow. We are called to work together and live with enthusiasm. That is why the enthusiasm manifested vital energy and commitment, and closenes s to others. A key feature of teamwork and enthusiasm is the positive view. Our Values Person In the center of our range of color is an individual. Is it the engine, who is a nd makes our company. It is also the reason to our actions and results, call par tner, customer, shareholder. Bimbo Group we are convinced that no one should be used or manipulated. The person is not one thing. Hence we avoid recursive calls , employee element. The person is the central point where all colors come togeth er, as the target of Newton. The center or origin of any color. The target cente r, where they must merge the benefit of all our efforts. We see human beings as the hub of economic activity and we believe that economic development rationale is to human development. Our mission is to guide all our actions. Pursuing his achievement every day and every day we move in our purpose is our reason for being as a company. Our Princ iples and Values are what give us the personality, the way of being. Values only be understood together as an integral component. We represent each of the value s with primary and secondary colors. In the center of all as a fundamental princ iple, is the Person, origin and purpose of our action. Our Code of Ethics Contributors guarantee respect for their dignity, individuality and facilitate a n environment for their welfare and development. Provide shareholders a reasonab le return on a sustained basis. Suppliers Maintain cordial relations and encoura ge their development. Provide clients with exemplary service and support their g rowth and development. Value of our brands. Competitors compete in the market vi gorously and objectively, based on fair trade practices. Consumer guarantee qual ity, healthy food and variety of our products through continuous improvement of our products. Society promote the strengthening of universal ethical values. Sup port economic growth and social development of the communities where we are. "We see the company as a community of people" who work continuously to build a h ighly productive and people.