Training Program in the "USE OF ICT IN THE PROCESS OF RESEARCH AND TEACHING-LEAR NING" 1) Objectives: 1.1.

General Objective: To train teachers in the UCV Chimbote in Using ICT for Teachi ng-Learning Process and Research " 1.2. • Specific Objectives: To know the various tools of the Information and Communicat ion Technology (ICT) are available online at our ICT Internet Apply for research process Apply online ICT for teaching-learning process • • 2) Duration: 1 Month 40 academic hours 50 minutes per academic • Start: first we ek of February 2008 • Ends: last week of February 2008 3) Time: 2 sessions per w eek, total 8 sessions in 4 weeks . Each 5 hours academic session. The schedules are coordinated according to requirement s 4) Target group: Teachers of the UCV in all specialties. 5) Contents 5.1) Session 1: Advanced search engine information, metasearch engin es, bookmarks in Internet • • • • • Planning searches: identifying key concepts, the kinds of sources Concept of Sea rch Engines, Search Engine types: automatic search engines, thematic and special ized. Using metasearch Using Advanced Search Operators Information: Logical Oper ators, Proximity, existence, accuracy OnLine Using Bookmarks. 5.2) Session 2: Creating WebBlog, Photoblog, VideoBlog, Podcasting and Educastin g • • • • • WebBlog: Concept, creation, use LiveJournal, WordPress, Movable Type FotoBlog Bu ilding Web Building Web VideoBlog Podcasting Creating Web Building Web Educastin g of Freewebs, Blogger 5.3) Session 3: Using with Teleport Download, Emule, Ares to download Internet f iles, SW Educational and Teaching Tools • • • • • 5.4) • • • • Installing and us ing TELEPORT to download web pages with up to 500 files hyperlink EMULE installa tion and use of all types to download Internet files Installing and using ARES t o download all file types and use Internet Download Educational Software install ation and implementation of Teaching Tools Session 4: Generation of Installation and Educational Videos Using Camtasia Videos Create Educational Videos Educatio nal Edition Creating Videoconference Webcast

5.5) Session 5: Using WebQuest in teaching and learning processes • • • • 5.6) D efinition of a Webquest Webquest Structure Types Creating Webquest Webquest Session 6: Virtual Library, E-Books, Translators and Converters On Line • • • • Use Virtual Library E-books Using Using Using Dictionaries On Line On Line Conve rters PDF to Word, PPT and vice versa Session 7: Using Concept Mapping on the We b 5.7) • • • • • • 5.8) Download and installation of Cmap Tools created with Cmap Concept Maps Cmap Tool s link with link text files to Excel files Cmap Cmap Liaison with PowerPoint fil es Cmap Liaison with other Cmap Session 8: Lists and Journals on the Web Use Int erest Lists Use Distribution Lists Using the Naming of Academic Research Network Academic Ranking of Universities in the Web Feedback from the use of ICT • • • • • 6) Teachers Consortium Aimed at UCV-SIPAN 7) teaching and learning strategy: • • • • • Methodology is applied to the continuous active involvement of the participant. Internet information will arise on issues related to course development. The tea ms will develop applications based on the contents using ICT for research and th e EA process. Upon graduation, each participant will present a Web page with lin ks that show the applications developed with the use of ICTs in the investigativ e process and AD. Will be permanent and virtual consulting on the topics covered in the course. 8) Media / Materials: • • • • • Canyon Multimedia Whiteboard and markers reading material selected topics on the Web Newspapers and Journals Internet (Web pages) 9) Speaker: Dr. Carlos Chavez Monzón Master's in Higher Education, Masters in Systems Engineering, Industrial Enginee ring, Second Specialization in Educational Technology Doctoral Studies in Busine ss Administration, currently PhD student in Education at the Graduate School of the UCV de Trujillo Author of Integrative Methodology Business Process Based on Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence Consultant ICT Exhibitors and tea ching university.