Increase lung capacity, expand the chest, cough up phlegm and blood regeneration KRIYA to increase lung capacity

, expand chest, expelling Dedicated to my mother. phlegm and blood regeneration. by Atmananda Devi. 1-Meditation. We started sitting on easy or Burmese posture, back straight, shou lders back and relaxed. Bend your elbow and relax right next to the trunk carryi ng the forearm and hand up and making an oath, and left index and middle fingers extended and the ring and little fingers folded under the thumb. The left hand takes the same mudra, but resting on his chest. The eyes may be closed, or focus ed on the tip of the nose. Breathe slowly and deeply. * This meditation balances the level of white blood cells in the blood, strength en the immune system. 2-Head Spins: Sitting on easy or Burmese posture, back straight, shoulders back and relaxed make head turns from the left, before inhaling, exhaling back. We ch anged the meaning from the front. 1 or 2 min., In every sense. 3-Drafts Sufis: W e continue to stand easy, and we drop the trunk up straight ahead (breathe) and has started to rotate the trunk from the waist to the left side, behind flexible column (exhale) and down the side right back in front. 1 or 2 min., In every se nse. 4-lateral Stretching: sitting in Easy Pose, inhale while the left forearm s upport on the ground (with the back of the hand up) close to the body and carry the right arm stretched above the head. Exhale and let the other side. We try no t to lift the buttocks off the ground or the sword tip forward or backward. 3 mi n. 5-Curls column. Sitting in vajrasana, shoulders relaxed and chin receded. Han ds on his thighs. Inhaled, move your chest forward flexible spine, exhale tilt t he pelvis forward and relax the spine back, and continue to dynamic. 1 or 2 min. 6-Yogamudra, raising his arms. Seated Easy Pose or rock (Vajrasana), clasp your hands behind your back, lean the trunk forward bringing the forehead to the gro und and try to raise the arms as possible, opening the chest and feeling as unit e blades. Breathe deeply and relax in the posture. 2 min. * This position helps to prevent and cure a cough. 1 Increase lung capacity, expand the chest, cough up phlegm and blood regeneration 7-Cat-Cow (Vyghrasana). Placed on the knees and arms outstretched with their han ds, to the width of the hips and shoulders respectively. Inhale, bend the column down, and raise his head. Exhale, flex the spine upward, tilt the pelvis forwar d and put your chin toward your chest. Brisk pace. From 1-3 min. 8-Pats. We were kneeling in the log. Inhale and raise arms patting on the head. Exhale and let fall her arms on either side of the body. We spanked in front of us, and inhalin g high again and we spanked arms up, exhale ... Continue. 1 min. * This exercise prevents lung problems. 9-Drafts of column: we vajrasana hands on shoulders, elbows high, thumbs back, k nees apart, who may well turn the trunk to the left looking at the left elbow. E xpired fully turning to the right side looking at that side. Quick and vigorousl y we repeat 30 times. 10-Expansion of the chest. Sitting posture easy, put his h ands clasped in the neck area. Inhale deeply and raise your elbows or head back straight, exhale completely and bring your chin and elbows to the chest trying t o put together. Continue. 1-3 min. * This exercise increases lung capacity. 11-seated position easy, put your hands in gyan mudra (thumb and forefinger together). We lift the arms forming a V, ex hale and bend your elbows, leaving the arm parallel to the floor or the forearm

pointing up, inhale and raise, exhale ... continue quickie. 1-3 min. * This exer cise helps to clean the top of the lungs. 12-stretch height of the column (Dandasana). We sat on the floor with your legs together and knees straight. Back straight, chin receded, behind shoulders and c hest expanded. 1 min. 13-Clamp with bent leg in dynamic (Janu sirsasana). From d andasana. We turned right knee approaching the foot inside the left thigh bringi ng the heel to the groin area. Inhale,€raises both arms and breathing down the trunk with the back straight and from the chest on the left leg bringing your ha nds toward your left foot off the hook head and without tension. Inhale, and rai se the trunk and arms back to righteousness, 2 Increase lung capacity, expand the chest, cough up phlegm and blood regeneration exhale, and continue down again. Switch legs. 1 min. with each leg. * This exercise is great for sinus problems. 14-Position of fish (Matsyasana). Lying on the floor with legs straight and toge ther, elbows slightly bent near the trunk helping to raise and support the base of the head on the ground and feeling the deep relaxation of the neck. We starte d deep breath (pran agni) or yogic breathing. 1 min. * If there is enough flexibility performed some of vajrasana, bending the trunk backwards, sustaining his elbows and supporting the base of the head. This posit ion will prevent colds and digestive problems. 15-Camel (Ustrasana). Placed on her knees apart to the width of the hips, we bri ng the pelvis forward contracting buttocks and trunk dropping back and hands dow n to his ankles. Lowered the head back. (1 min. Agni pran). We return slowly and rest in the Folded Leaf (Adhomukhavajrasana), carrying the buttocks to ankles, arms along the body and head against the floor. 16-Torsion lying (Supta Matsyand rasana). Lying on body posture. Put his arms crossed. We bend the knees and let it fall to one side, the turn neck to the opposite side of the knees approaching the cheek to the ground. 1 or 2 min. on each side. 17-Savasana. Body posture. 3