10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com V 3.01 Schroffenegger Thomas, 2008 1 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.

com 2 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com Content 1 Introduction ________________________________________________________________ 4 1.1 General Information - Self __________________________________ 4 1.2 To-Do List ___________________________________________________________ 4 1.3 5 1.4 cor rect version select ______________________________________________ conditions __ ____________________________________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________________ 7 2 8 2.1 Registration General Registration Information 8 2.2 Registration as a teacher __________________________________ _ _________________________________________________ 10 2.3 Registration as a stude nt with Teachers Register ________________________________________ 10 2.4 studen ts for their own class / Add the password mail _________________________________ _______________________ ____________________________ 10 2.5 11 2.6 13 3 Login __ _____________________________________________________________ Index - Personal d ata __________________________________________ overview 14 3.1 - 14 3.2 Key elem ents _____________________________________________ _____________________________ _______________________________ 16 4 Start - See the complete __________________ _____________________________ lessons start 17 4.1 Lesson and write - now go! __ ___________________________ 17 4.2 Performance during the exercise control _____ ______________________ 19 4.3 Correct operation ________________________________ __________________ 20 4.4 Changing the view ____________________________________ ______________ 21 5 performance - see your own performance table, performance as sess ___________________ 22 5.1 Performance table lessons ______________________ ________________________ manage 22 6 List of classes - classes and performance a ssessment _________________________ 24 6.1 List of classes - Information Overvie w __________________________________ 24 6.2 Registration Form __________________ ___________________________________ build 25 6.3 Details - students performance in the Klassenliste_______________________ 26 7 upload - your own exercises and tests and edit _____________________ 28 7.1 Upload - Upload of texts generally _ _________________________________ 28 7.1 Upload - Upload of exercises by teacher s _______________________ 29 Upload 7.2 - List of exercises - the exercises test s ________________________________________________________________ _____________ _________ 30 7.3 31 8 Options - Setting the correct 33 _________________________ ______________ 8.1 Keyboard - Regional Settings ________________________________ _____________ 33 Tastatur/Regions- 8.1.1 8.1.2 Operating System and Language ___ ______________________________ 33 ______________________________________________ ______ 34 2.8 Change Password __________________________________________________ ____ 34 8.3 Account löschen_______________________________________________________ assign 35 08.04 outdoor pupils in a class or a teacher ________________________ __ 36 08/05 clef and performance requirements set ________________________ 36 9 Education - Reflections, notes, thoughts, ideas ____________________________ 37 10 Help - Known issues and FAQ _________________________________________ 42 10.1 Before you check Ask Please _________________________________ 42 10.2 Error Des cription __________________________________________________ 43 3

10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 1 Introduction 1.1 General Information - Self The online typing tutor is a free tutorial for use in school or extracurricular lessons, to companies for Adult Education, for self-educated and interested peop le of all kinds can basically be any / log r completely free of charge for onlin e writing coach and use it freely without restriction. The writing coach is basi cally a study project, which will continue to operate after completion of my stu dies and only for occasional, NOT PERSONAL evaluations will be used for teacher training. All in the system, application and user data are used exclusively with in the system and will not be! The use of different applications are excluded. A pplication and user data can be deleted by the user independently at any time. T he online writing coach was the result of the search for successful e-learning c oncepts and provides a direct image of part of teachers and school functions in teaching typewriting dar.€The objective of the use of the online writing coach a r elief for teachers, and an increase in self-learning of students due to differen t considerations for self-assessment and potential benefits of e-learning is com mon. More information at point 9 For suggestions, ideas, criticism and correctio n proposals, I am very grateful. The online writing coach has the last few years developed primarily because of good suggestions from practitioners and will con tinue to do so. oem@gmx.at At the address you can reach me by email and will, it allows my time to answer questions. 1.2 to-do list The following points should be implemented at the following updates of the onlin e writing coach (in order of importance): - Vista bug (Windows Vista is occasion ally recognized as MAC OS) operating system in the problem by selecting the menu item "Options" fixed. - More lessons are planned (for now 200 more lessons) - A llow option "Repeat lesson" (teacher can choose whether students can make lesson s more often) - Option, whether students can repeat lessons himself - MS-game (w ho meets certain lessons may then a simple word game complete) - ISO / DIN / ÖNORM exercises / tests (learning units to the standards for typewriting) - ... sugge stions welcome - Display the selected operating system of the students in the cl ass list 4 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com English version translated: Manual (OMG ) Swiss version - adaptation to MAC / Lin ux / Vista - Customize your manual - adjustment to the grading system Choose Correct Version 1.3 Other countries, other customs. Different countries have different character set s and therefore need other Maschinschreibtexte and learning systems. Especially the umlauts and special characters make the difference here. On the side www.sch reibtrainer.com you can select the correct version: Version for Austrian and Germany: This version includes all countries with Germa n / German and German / Austrian keyboard setting. Version for Switzerland: As u sed in Switzerland is not a sharp S (ß) and other characters are different positio ns is a separate version necessary. This version is valid for all countries with a German / Swiss keyboard setup. Version for English-speaking countries: 5 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com This version is suitable for English-speaking countries. Here, again, no umlauts . The keyboard is adjusted accordingly. Age writing coach: who wants to can of c ourse also use the old version on. However, there will be no more developments. This version works only with the German or Austrian keyboard and runs only under Windows (98/2000/XP/Vista).

6 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 1.4 Must haves In order to be online to use writing coach, the following conditions are necessa ry: - computer (Windows, Apple, Linux) with Internet connection - Internet brows er with an installed Flash Player (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, ...) The F lash plugin, visit the page: http : / / www.adobe.com/de/ the "Get Adobe Flash P layer" 7 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 2 Registration 2.1 General information on registration Applications are generally on the menu item "Registration" executable. Please cl ick: It shows: 8 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com We offer two types of registration: A registration as a teacher and a registrati on as a student. Teachers have extended rights in the system and can groups and classes and manage issues including the performance of their students. Teachers can also upload lessons and tests for classes themselves and themselves and the students in their class lessons on specific classify / reclassify. Teachers can also set some options and performance requirements. Students can simply practice alone or within a class work when they are assigned a teacher. You can practice the lessons in the system or upload their own lessons. The following fields are required: - Desired Username: many user names are of course already used. Peter and Paul are probably already gone. Here I recommend a name with words such as Peter22, Paulzz, Michi3a, ... Good is also the email address as user name, becau se that is certainly unique! In my class I always have the school / class given its SandroM3b - first name, "Here I would choose the correct first name, as it a ppears in the class list. False names are just as admissible, but confuse the te achers. - Name: As with first name - E-Mail: Since the password sent by e-mail, specify a VALID e-mail address inevitable.€Teachers can register their students wi thout student email address (see 6) or use the teacher mail address for the whol e class. This is what the form is filled out correctly: WARNING! Now is the decision: student or teacher: How can I register now? 9 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 2.2 Registration as a teacher The use of the teacher function allows you to manage class lists, ormance, performance measures, targets, lessons etc. If you learn wn (without a teacher / course / class), you can also register as ause you thereby access to additional has options. To register as he simple declaration "Teachers" button. Teacher feature: Enable 2.3 Registration as a student with teacher students, perf one wants to o a teacher, bec a teacher in t

If the teacher has already registered, requires students to the "User name" of t he teacher in the field "teachers name = Group Name enter". If the teacher had c hosen as the user name "Markus3b", the registration form should look like this: 2.4 Students register for their own class / Add 10 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com There is mply use see 6). ass list also a simplified application of group members by the teacher. This, si the registration form below the class list (after login of the teacher, My tip: Sign only used as a teacher in and add their students to the cl behind (after login of the teacher, see 6).

2.5 Mail Password After filling out the form please each click "Login". Then the following screen appears: It is usually sent within the next five minutes, via e-mail with your username a nd password to the address: If the e-mail longer than 20 minutes in coming, you should check the set spam fi lter or browse the spam folder. Since the e-mail is generated automatically, the re are cases where the mail ends up in the spam folder. 11 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com If the information is incorrect or the username is already in use the following message appears: Other errors: The form looks like a mistake at this: Please correct the fields and login again. In rare cases (such as typos in the e mail address), it may happen that the password is never sent. Then please just r egister again. Unnecessary / incorrect user can subsequently be deleted from the class list, or do not interfere. 12 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com In case of persistent problems, you can send your bug report to oem@gmx.at. Plea se use this template, the text "Error Description" from the point 10. 6.2 Login With the obtained e-mail user data (user name and password) you can register now : Then it will automatically be logged in and to the home page in the internal are a. Should there be problems when logging in, please try again. If you forgot you r password, click Forgot your password "(on the right). Enter your username then . Shortly after it received a mail with your password. 13

10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 3 Overview - Personal Data View 3.1 HTML - Elements Under the menu "Overview" summarizes the previous work and the existing exercise s and tests can be found. The following points appear: User Name: user name - fi rst name last name Lesson Current Lesson. Once the lesson is reached 50, it can also be printed on a certificate the exercises. Why the lesson 50? It's simple: After the lesson, master the 50 students, the le tter box, and can basically write blind. Thus, the central learning objective is achieved and the students can apply what they have learned already in practice. More exercises with the writing instructors are of course useful, as the write speed and thus the sustainability of the learning success be assured. Visits: sh ows the number of logins (= visits). Time: At this point will save the current p ractice time: 0:10:18 / 0:00:00 / 0:10:18 positive / negative / sum (hh: mm: ss) 14 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com Green: the time spent for all the positive lessons completed Red: all negative l essons (Lessons must be written to the end!) Blue: sum of all time in lessons (p ositive plus negative). Basically, the sum of the exercise periods a crucial inf ormation. Thus have to see how long students learned. Thus, this can be seen as a measure of the diligence of the student. Success or failure is with the ratio green to red visible. It is important€that the students not successful lessons wri te to the end. Otherwise, the working time in the lesson will not be added to th e result. eMail: The system stored in the e-mail address of the user. Message: Y ou can send the teacher every / r each student in a message. Meaningful messages could be praise and blame, or certain targets: "You are currently the most forw ard! Super! Next to be so, "to write" try a little faster, "" until 02/12/2008 a t Lesson 50, you should "or similar. Class: Shows the name of the teacher if one is / e students in a class or group assigned. Teachers are themselves always in their own class! (Eg teachers, "Steiner" is fully applicable to the class Stein er). Practice exercises are additional lessons that one teacher for their studen ts entering teachers. Exercises will be evaluated separately and presented in a separate table in the service overview. As soon as the teacher of the group or c lass exercise a high load (point 7) it is offered here as a number button and ca n be started by clicking. The same applies to "own" and "tests". This is an addi tional way to adjust the typing tutor individually. Here you can as you wish, or draw your own exercises but the entire exercise work. However, this is not nece ssary, since the concept of online writing coach enough pretends lessons for lea rning the 10-finger system. Own your own exercises, additional lessons, which an y user (students) can put together for themselves. Our own exercises are evaluat ed separately and presented in a separate table in the service overview. Tests T ests are additional lessons, which enters a teacher for his students. Extra test s are evaluated and presented in a separate table in the service overview. The a verage grade of the tests is automatically calculated per student. 15 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 2.3 Symbols Throughout the program icons before coming back with information. These are each square frame with characters. The following meanings are present: ... Information ... A lesson grade up (teacher function) ... A lesson deep class ify (teacher function) ... editing (reclassify teachers can edit lesson, ...) ..

. failed lessons. Made it ... lessons ... Once the mouse pointer is over an icon , the function / meaning will appear. 16 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 4 Start - Lessons complete Oops! Before you start a lesson, you should have set the correct operating syste m. Default is Windows, MacOS and Linux are optionally available. The operating s ystem can be set in "Options" (point 8.1). After the correct processing of the f irst 50 lessons should be given most of the pupils in 1000 attacks in 10 minutes to write error-blind. The other lessons are learning the numbers and special ch aracters in the top row and increasing the write speed. 04/01 lesson and start writing - now go! A total of four types of lessons to be processed. - The standard lessons of the program - The exercises, which the teacher sets - Tests, which sets the teacher - on your own, which can even upload every student all four types of texts in th e performance table (see Section 5) are displayed separately. This allows a sepa rate evaluation be made. The standard lessons of the program be started via the button "Start" menu. Exercises and tests of the teacher and the student's own ex ercises are called directly in the overview. The following description refers to the processing of the standard lessons. Info rmation on its own exercises and tests are listed under item 7. 17 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com In the menu on the Start click ". To start the next lesson, click again on "Start" in the exercise module. It may be that they have to click two times on the Start button, before a text message. This is due to that, because the first click of the Flash Player until activate d. Because of the logins, the system recognizes what lessons have already been c ompleted and can automatically display the next lesson to practice. 18 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com Now they can write off the mark. All the characters are written correctly green, walk to the left of the picture and then fade. It depends on the correct attitu de and way of working! 2.4 Performance during the exercise control During the writing in real time, the current performance data is calculated and displayed at the top right: The following information is given: Error: Number of errors in the current text. Right: number of correctly completed attacks. In percentage Wrong / right stops (error) as a percentage of the total so far written attacks. (Example: 2 errors , 31 attacks correctly False => 6.069%, 93.93% correct) nor: Number of attacks y et to be written in this lesson. Time min: none needed time in the current lesso n in 10: Projected number of attacks in 10 minutes if the speed is assumed as be fore. 19 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com

CCI: Standard Value of Industry and Commerce for the assessment of writing performanc e (For more information see point 5). With this switch, the display to be writte n sign of the current be turned on (see 4.4). When the switch is pressed, a swit ch is displayed with "off". Thus, the display can be switched off again. Upper a rea: green> right attacks, red> false attacks (%) Bottom line: written green> al ready know> to write 0% 100% 4.3 Correct operation The following points should be followed for a good learning experience: - NEVER look at their fingers or on your keyboard! - If you are not sure, look at the ke yboard on the screen! - Write them equally fast! - Better a little slower - but accurate! Beginners often have to write more than 800 attacks per 10 minutes. Th is is much too fast. This will creep a more mistakes. Here I recommend einzubrem sen the students case by case. - Share the written letters aloud or think of the letters (prompt still). - Say or think they are for each letter of a word is di fficult for them and introduce yourself as the corresponding finger in front of this word. For example: you forget where the "S" is located. Imagine, her left r ing finger would be a sheep or would wear a shoe. - I have had the experience th at the students at the beginning usually write too fast and sure to make many mi stakes. This is the performance summary of the students to recognize. Here you s hould inform the students on it and possibly a bit slow. The following points sh ould be followed for fatigue-free writing and a good attitude: - Keep your upper body straight, sit upright! Press occasionally with the pelvic floor in the bac k seat up (similar to riding). - Provide for a comfortable sitting position! - I f you have back pain, pull the legs up on the chair and sit stay a minute in thi s position. - Sit up as straight as possible before the screen! - Set the screen as high as possible so that you can look out as straight as possible (do not lo ok down)! - Try to make with the elbow at an angle of about 90 °! - Place the palm s NOT! Try to keep your hands loosely in the air! - Loosen your fingers on occas ion, write in the air, "wash" your hands in the air, kneading them the fingers o f each hand, ... - Our body works with oxygen - air can work wonders! 20 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 4.4 Changing the view Some students want a display of the current character to be written. This can be especially helpful if you have problems to detect writing space bar or the resp ective characters. Just click in the right training module on the button "on" switch on this functi on. Then appears in the upper area with the comment that writing to each charact er. If no sign is visible, this means "space". 21 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 5 Power - Own Performance table view to assess performance With "power" you get insight into their own performance data. It will be display ed depending on previous performance four tables: - Performance table Lessons Performance table exercises - exercises its own power chart - Performance Table

Tests 1.5 Performance table Lessons The performance table contains the minutes of the lessons given by the program l essons and includes the following information: Lesson Number Lesson Completed OK - The line is green and shows that the lesson was completed successfully. If the orange line appears, this means "not done". T he cell then contains a "." Number of attacks of the terrorist attacks in the le sson The lesson includes x = characters. Error Number of errors that were made i n the lesson. % Correct percentage of correct stops. hh_mm_sec hours, minutes, s econds, which were needed for the lesson. In 10 Min Projected number of characte rs written if it had been written for 10 minutes.€This information is a measure of the pace and can write whatever the length of the lesson, an assessment / evalu ation of the write speed. CCI 22 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com Metric under the formula for calculating the CCI value = default value of German Industry and Commerce for the assessment of writing performance. The value is c alculated using the formula: error x 100 / characters = IHK IHK Note Based on th e calculated value and CCI is calculated with a very strict one clef note. This note is NOT critical to the successful completion of a lesson. See http://de.wik ipedia.org/wiki/10-Minuten-Abschrift to 10 minutes transcript and the ICC, as we ll. This assessment is for beginners very strict, as is with two errors in 200 a ttacks, already rated as 'allocated insufficient'. Therefore, I recommend starti ng at the normal note (see next point to fall back). NOTE Based on the requireme nts set by the teacher and the appropriate grading scale (See Item 8, options) w ill generate a note. This note will decide on the successful completion of a les son. If a lesson with 5 (= not enough) assessed, it will be automatically by the program and demanded once again be rewritten. Students can go inside at the nex t lesson if they have completed the previous lesson successfully. Date is displa yed here, the date on which the appropriate lesson was completed. The current da te is shown in bold in each case. Thus, we see at a glance which / how many less ons we have today done on that day. Total / average, depending on the total colu mn is about the average set of table and column displayed. In the note are two v alues. The first value is the average of all the lessons (not "enough" is consid ered), the second value represents the average grade of successful completion of the lessons I have calculated each dar. my touch on the successful completion o f lessons. For me, then, was the second Decisive value. The information in the p erformance table for exercises and tests are essentially the same. If you carry out from time to test, you will appreciate the writing coach, as it no longer tu rn nasty correction work. In addition, the students receive immediate feedback o n your performance and can practice at home in a real scenario. 23 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 6 List of classes - classes manage and assess performance A special feature of the online writing coach is the class list. Thus, the progr am also highlights the many programs available on the market from. About the cla ss list, the teacher receives an overview of the performance of his students and has the opportunity to view student performance and detail. To see the class li st, click after logging in to the option "class list". 1.6 List of classes - information at a glance The class list contains some important user an overview of the management data o f the students. The following columns are displayed: name User / Pass to be here

first and last name of the students displayed. Here, the login information of t he students are displayed to students. The username is in the column. In additio n, there is a [i]. If you hover your mouse over the [i], the password for each n ame 24 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com Lesson displayed. Here are the current lesson is displayed. By clicking on the arrows t o students at each lesson will be an up or down graded. can] with the symbol [E any lessons can be set: Note time visits Last / Nb less. Function Average of all tests. Crucial to the rating of the teacher the information under "options" Number of logins in the system are made here are two times. Green (Sm ile): time spent for successful / positive lessons completed. Red (Trauri): time spent on unsuccessful / negative lessons completed. Oops! Lessons have not fini shed writing will not be displayed here. The time (in lessons is not successfull y completed), but an important indication of the commitment of the student, whic h is indeed crucial. Therefore, students should also complete unsuccessful lesso ns, so that the time is displayed. Here, the date the last login is displayed. I n addition, the number of items at this date lessons (positive and negative) are displayed. Thus, the teacher sees, for example, at a glance how many lessons ha ve a student / completed in the current hour.€A very pleasant thing! With the link "Details" comes the teacher in the detailed view of Lehrnenden. 6.2 Registration Form With the registration form at the end of the class list can easily students to y our class to be added. The user name can the student / log in later. First and last name as any other d ata in the system will be kept confidential and under no circumstances! They are the teachers, especially in the class list for better overview. In E-mail box a utomatically the address of the teacher is pre-entered. This can be left in it. Therefore, confirmation emails are sent with the password to the address of the teacher. The e-mail address can also be replaced by the corresponding student ad dress. This takes longer, since they have to enter extra. 25 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com For a forgotten password is forgotten "password" on the home sent directly to th e student address. Since students can often transfer their passwords this is ver y helpful. 06.03 View details - students performance in the class list If you click on the class list (last column: functions) on "details", they get t he following view with performance details of their pupil / student: The tables provide similar information, as already described in detail in sectio n 5. But just to match the / to the corresponding student. The only difference i s the little [x] in the last column. In order to delete a lesson by the teacher one entry. At the end of the lists, there are the following view:

26 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com About "inform students" can be simple, short messages are transmitted. The enter ed message is displayed after logging on each page of the student / student. If you want to delete students, note the following: - Each user has the option to r emove themselves from the system (See paragraph 8.3). After a login is no longer possible and the corresponding user data is deleted. - Students who belong to a class, can not delete itself (protection function, so that students delete the inside can not. Otherwise, would the performance lost to the teacher!) - Teacher s are able to delete the "student Delete a / n pupil from the class list. The ac count of the student / student without them. Then can delete individual students . - Warning! The password is changed by the student's removal from the class lis t in the password "nopass. This prevents that will continue to put out a double entry in the class list the wrong access from the students. This password can of course be changed if necessary. 27 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 7 Upload - on your own, and create and edit tests The Online Writing Coach offers a set of given lessons. So that users can look f or the integrated teaching approach, the 10 finger system to learn quickly and e asily. Some users have nevertheless felt it their own texts, test, upload and ex ercises to learn to perform with his own texts and tests. The use of own texts c an be motivating and is therefore used by many users. The use of the test functi on helps to save time and especially correction offers the students an immediate performance feedback. Overall, there is the possibility of their own texts with three different functions to create. Depending on your role (teacher or student ) is under the "Upload" to upload your own text available: - exercises (teachers can - exercises to practice the students in addition to offering standard lesso ns. Results appear in the detailed performance summary on ) - Tests (Teachers test tasks, which are separately assessed. note appears in the class list) - own exercises (students - texts that can only see them exert themselves and) The ex ercises, tests and their own exercises after successful Login from home about th e numbers of buttons are called. Tests can be done only once and are having comp leted (negative or positive) is no longer available. Exercises are available as long until they were completed POSITIVE. If you move the mouse over the small nu mber of the title of the lesson or the test is displayed. 1.7 Upload - Upload of texts in general When uploading texts, there are no restrictions. Since the texts are only visibl e within the class, there can be no copyright problems. We request 28 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com However, about uploading any texts from textbooks, as these may also be copied w ithin the class NOT. Such texts can be removed by the administrator without warn ing! The only other limitation applies to special characters. For reasons of sys tem security, only the characters a - z, A - Z, 0-9,! "§ $ / ()? + *,,.: - To use. All other characters are removed automatically when uploading! Otherwise there are no limits on upload. 1.7 Upload - Upload of exercises by teachers When you click "Upload", appears the following view: To upload an exercise, all three text fields are required: - title: This title w

ill appear in the list of the exercises and for the self-orientation. Here it is probably useful an information on the content to be shown (eg: "Exercise on R a nd U", or "pace exercise. Theme: Hiking Day") - Information: The information is in the exercise module shown above and inform students about the content, techno logy , ... (See Picture ) - Text: Contents of the exercise. This text must then b e written by the pupils / students. After entering the data click on "Submit Tex t". Done. The text is then displayed in the list of exercises. 29 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com Upload 7.2 - List of exercises - the exercises After a text has been uploaded (7.1) it appears in the list of exercises: Besides the ad title, description and content (content is visible when you move the mouse over the [i] beside the title), there are four buttons as functions on the right side of the list: [i] ... This is the Lesson loaded back into the inp ut mask can be edited and saved again. Oops! This always creates a copy of the o riginal lesson. If you do not want a copy, you must delete the old file afterwar ds. The newly created unit is automatically activated and it is their own studen ts. This will create a lesson from the current test. By clicking the lesson will automatically appear in the list of tests (below). The test is NOT activated au tomatically after creation and is only available to the students, after being st arted (see 7.3). Start Practice. This one exercise for the students is made visi ble. Exercise, stop. This exercise for the student is made invisible. Exercise w hatsoever. This one exercise will be deleted. [T] ... [>] ... [ ] ... [] ... x

When uploading texts automatically the level of difficulty (level) is determined . Levels are determined based on the following character sets: Level 1: asdfjklö Level 2: asdfjklöASDFJKLÖ Level 3: asdfjklöASDFJKLÖghGH Level 4: asdfjklö SDFJKLÖghGHeiEI Level 5: asdfjklöASDFJKLÖghGHeiEIruRU Level 6: asdfjklöASDFJKLÖghGHeiEIruR UtzTZ Level 7: asdfjklöASDFJKLÖghGHeiEIruRUtzTZwoWO Level 8: asdfjklöASDFJKLÖghGHeiEIruR UtzTZwoWOqpQP Level 9: asdfjklöASDFJKLÖghGHeiEIruRUtzTZwoWOqpQPbnBN Level 10: Level 11 asdfjklöASDFJKLÖghGHeiEIruRUtzTZwoWOqpQPbnBNvmVM: asdfjklöASDFJKLÖghGHeiEIruRUtzTZwoW OqpQPbnBNvmVMc, C; Level 12: asdfjklöASDFJKLÖghGHeiEIruRUtzTZwoWOqpQPbnBNvmVMc, C; x X: Level 13: asdfjklöASDFJKLÖghGHeiEIruRUtzTZwoWOqpQPbnBNvmVMc, C; xX: qüQÜy_Y_ Level 14 : abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZß1234567890 !§$/()?,.-+;:-* öäüÖÄÜ 30 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com The level is displayed directly next to the title in the table. 7.3 Tests As already shown in 7.2 can be created using the [T] button from a separate exer cise is a test. The test is not activated immediately and can be accessed by the students on the home until he was started on [>]: Test 1 was activated. Therefore, is available on the home page of the student fo llowing view: Once a test has been completed, it disappears from this view and may not be made available again by the teacher. If this is still desired, the teacher simply co py the test and re-activate. The scores of the tests are presented as average in the class list. The pleasant is to test the function of the simple process for the teacher. Due to the central activation / deactivation, a test can be offered

within a certain period and is then immediately and automatically corrected bef ore. The results are then both in the detailed view of the class list (for the t eacher) and in the performance summary of the student show: 31 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com Oops! In calculating the test score in the class list all the tests are evaluate d equally. At least in Austria, the regime that provided benefits are modified t o be more highly valued than past performance.€This correction has the teacher as required to make by hand. Tests can be done only once. If a test was negative vi ew he is finished yet and can not be repeated by the student. 32 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 8 options - program set it up right The options are on the menu item "Options" section. Set options remembers the sy stem. Teachers have more opportunities as a student. If you sign up alone withou t class to practice in the writing coach, it is therefore advisable to register as a teacher. Thus they stand for themselves more options. 8.1 Keyboard - Country Setting Different operating systems and different keyboard settings and regional setting s provide for the training module in different codes umlauts and special charact ers. If you have any problems with the entry of special characters in the module practice they need to make the correct setting. If all the umlauts, special cha racters, above all, Z and Y in the writing coach accepted correctly, you need no t worry about this point and may proceed to 8.2. The following cases of keyboard settings and operating system and all the resulting combinations: Considered ke yboards: German / German German / Austrian German / Swiss English / UK English / USA Considered operating systems: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista MacOS (...) Linux (...) (not yet supported partially complete) 8.1.1 Tastatur/Regions- and Language settings for different countries, there are three different writing tra iner. Switch to select http://www.schreibtrainer.com/ and select the right syste m for your keyboard: German / German and German / Austrian German / Swiss Englis h / UK and English / USA 33 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com Sometimes even when the PC regional settings are set wrong. In this case the sys tem (Win: Start> Settings> Control Panel> Regional / Language) to please make ap propriate changes. 8.1.2 operating system at the German system is also the right attitude for the respective operating systems required. To do this move after s uccessful login to the menu item "Options". Right now below the operating system can be chosen. Default is Windows. The selected operating system is displayed in color. The settings are automatica lly saved for future visits. Students must adjust the operating system itself (s ome students sometimes work at home with a different operating system, ...). Att ention to try: Sometimes students simply on the options, and adjust it by mistak e. A control function by the teacher comes to the next update. In the area of pr actice "without having to log is still the standard Windows operating system" "i s set. The selection must be made here each new before a lesson is selected. 8.2 Change Password

Each User / s / in has to be the possibility / her password to change. Students sometimes forget their password and then change it again. In the class list, the password is changed then the teacher for each can be seen again. 34 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com To change the password once you give your old password and twice the new passwor d (maximum 16 characters). Then click "Send". Then briefly displays a confirmati on and the password is changed. You will also receive an automatic email with th e changed password to the registered address sent to you. The next time you log in the new password is valid. 3.8 Delete Account Every user in any time have the right to delete their account. All the personal data from the typing tutor system will be removed. This is even after the comple tion of the work in the writing coach not needed (no one eats hay Account ), but at any time. Write to delete your account, simply remove your password and the w ord "in the appropriate field. Delete Click on "OK - my account click". Done. Su bsequently, this confirmation message: If you want to delete students, note the following: - students who belong to a c lass, can not delete itself (protection function, so that students delete the in side can not. Otherwise, would the performance lost to the teacher! ) - Teachers are able to delete the "delete student" a / n students in the class list (see 6 .3). The account of the student / student without them. Then can delete individu al students.€- Warning! The password is changed by the student's removal from the class list in the password "nopass. This prevents that deleting a 35 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com Double entry in the class list of students is the wrong approach continue. This password can of course be changed if necessary. 8.4 Assigning students outside the class / teacher one Students who join a teachers want (filed incorrectly, inadvertently removed from class list) can join by entering the name of the class teacher. This field is v isible only to students, no teachers are assigned. 08.05 clef and performance requirements set One of the key features is the ability to determine their own clef by the teache r. The clef is set here affects the whole class of its own and the users themsel ves, the clef is used for both the standard classes as well as for their own exe rcises and tests. This clef is also crucial for the successful completion of les sons. It can be entered for certain grades in the top four fields the necessary percentages correct attacks. Similarly, the minimum number of attacks to be ente red in 10 minutes. If a student achieved / not graded or not this number is posi tive, the lesson must be repeated. In de fields with the percentage of the note can also decimal numbers can be entered. With the "Register" the values are stor ed. If you return to the default settings you want, simply click on the "standar d". I have made with the default setting for years good experience with beginner s. For advanced students especially should the pace be increased. After some sta ndard assessments would be enough already subscribe to 99.5. 36 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com I consider this severe treatment today but for absurd, because justified by mode rn word processing systems and related low cost error correction for a higher wr iting speed in the corresponding error rate.

9 Education - Reflections, notes, ideas, ideas 1.9 Advantages of online writing coach for students The following benefits for students arising from the use of online writing instr uctor: - Free (The online is writing coach and will remain exclusively for free) - no installation of programs required (plus except standard web browser Flash plug-in) - The same exercise program at home and at school; constant learning en vironment (thus also a constant learning process is possible) - also run on olde r machines (especially students often do not have the latest hardware. small scr eens and slow processors are not a problem) - Taking into account already perfor med services (system "remembers" services already rendered and thus enables effi cient way of learning. Students can individually provide its services) - Respons ibility for own classification of learning time - all have their own power as th e basis on their own responsibility to learn (only those who can judge himself, is also able independently to use their own cost efficiently. Online writing coa ch allows a detailed overview of the performance information for their own benef it). - Individual support (regardless of the performance of the class each stude nt can do his own work and build on their learning outcomes on) - Temporal and s patial independence. - ... 9.2 Advantages of online writing coach for teachers - No correct adjustment work more (way side of Troublesome Tip exercises elimina ted completely) - Automatic management of the class list with all the performanc e data. Teachers can focus on other important work in class (sitting posture, te chnique, support weak students, student performance requirement). - Free (The on line is to write a trainer and is invariably free of charge. The school budget w ill not be charged. About donations I am of course ) - No installation of program s required (other than standard web browser plus Flash plugin - especially in sc hool networks is the installation of additional software expensive) - The same e xercise program will be at home and at school, constant learning environment (Th is is also a constant learning process possible. benefits from homework program also included such as school exercises. This accounts for the teacher lengthy co rrection work.) 37 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com - Runs also on older computers (even older school computer cope with it.) - Over view of student performance.€- ... 3.9 didactic concept, timeline constraints Research shows that students master the online typing tutor with appropriate emp loyment after 10 hours, the keypad blind. Slower students need sometimes 15 hour s, but can then use what they have learned already directly in practice. Thereaf ter, in parallel to increase the pace of actual implementation. For this reason I recommend the following time-frame structure: - One hour per week word process ing - A Jahr/40 weeks - to reach 10 weeks to write a trainer with the aim of the lesson, 50 => 5 lessons each week. review - then connect first tasks in their r egular lessons with word processing (Unit, text, essay, ... with word processing can be). Making sure that more in the 10-finger system is written! WARNING! Thi s should not happen until all students master the keypad. - To achieve 10 weeks further work with the writing coach with the aim of the lesson 100th Here, the c haracters learn and increase the writing speed. Here, the goal should be reached more than 1,000 attacks in 10 minutes with less than five errors to write. - 20 weeks exercises and information on general word processing - working in word pr ocessing programs. In parallel, regular exercises on writing coach to further in crease the tempo. The achievement of the lesson to create 200 with the aim of mo re than 1,500 attacks in 10 minutes at this time no problem and is passing. 9.4 What is the ideal age? Are such small hands ... Because of the size of the fingers and hands of childre

n I have always argued for an education in the 10-finger system around the age o f 12 years. Due to the early employment of children with the computer and the da nger of "false Teach" by the "core search system" I would start today but the id eal time earlier. This has to do with the fact that the smooth operation of comp uter keyboards for small hands, not so impossible task is more, as was previousl y the case with mechanical typewriters. So you can start at the age of 10 years certainly problems with the 10-finger writing. I have in the past few years, how ever, also heard from teachers who already in the second Elementary school class to work successfully with the online typing tutor. 38 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com ... Actually, it's all about the head - not just the hands rightly Since in mode rn computer keyboards and small hands are already quite good, the question arise s as to other criteria for consideration for the ideal age. Here, of course, an investigation would be appropriate for the time being, unfortunately, I have to remain guilty. Based on extensive research related to sensitive periods, however , is pressing on the hypothesis that children learn the letter - finger movement stimulus-response chain in the age 7-10 easiest. As I said ... this would be an investigation appropriate. are successful examples of this but it already. 9.5 learning theory background (Revised excerpt from my Master thesis on online writing coach) At this point I would like to bring the whole issue in a theoretical framework t o provide appropriate background information also. It should first be determined which can be associated learning theory aspects can be found, and related theor ies behind these aspects. Only then will realize what you can expect it at all. Thus, in advance of the expected learning process is presented. It goes well wit h the required skills, so that certain letters (perhaps even whole words are rec ognized), enter into consciousness, and in response to certain finger movements can be executed. The faster and error-this is done the better. Whether the lette rs originate in consciousness from the mind of the writer (itself invented), or encoded in any written or auditory form, and by reading (copy) or listening (dic tation) are made aware of, is irrelevant here. Specifically, it will be useful t o present the student a letter and present it at the correct operation of that k ey a corresponding response in the form of a reinforcement. This can be done abo ut some of the reward with points, with other tasks or the like. 39 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com The described process seems relatively trivial and can be clearly assigned to th e behaviorism. The stimulus-response (stimulus-response theory) or the required reflex chain, which is necessary for writing.€This view of learning is due in outl ine and in particular a rather accidental discovery of the Russian scientist Iva n Petrovich Pavlov. He and, subsequently, some others saw the beginning of last Jahrhunderst learning as a kind of reflex chain, which is also applicable in our example. Thus, especially in the experiments of BF Skinner a surprising similar ity to the situation to recognize the typewriting. Skinner's experiments with pi geons, which for a given proper behavior (pressing Pickscheiben, select certain pills on an assembly line, etc.) have been rewarded with positive amplifiers (Zi mbardo, 1983) * seem to be a similar problem as the keys have to write. * Zimbardo, P. (1993). Psychology. Berlin: Springer Verlag. It is therefore close to describe the learning of the letter keys as operant con ditioning by Skinner. The student is a behavior (stimulus: press), which draws s ome consequences (response: letter is written). However here and reaction amplif ication seem to go hand in hand. A crucial role in the construction of a behavio

r play called positive and negative amplifier, which reinforce a desired behavio r (= pressing the right button) (Gudjons, 1999) **. It is probably useful for ac hieving a desired behavior, such positive Amplifiers in sufficient quantity to h ave available and according to present directly to performance. A belated boost or undetectable amplification would certainly not be conducive to the learning e ffect. Gudjons (1999) ** describes subsequently Skinner's research in relation t o the intermittent reinforcement, which has proved remarkably resistant to delet ions and, therefore, is certainly desirable. It is essentially a question to pre sent not in all cases the amplifier. Of course, a link to the letter keys, in wh ich each character should be properly controlled and therefore difficult to unde rstand. ** Gudjons, H. (1999). Educational Basic: Overview - Compendium - study book. Ba d Heilbrunn: Klink Hard. Of course, it seems a little strange to define in a scientific consideration of the 2008 learning as pure behaviorism, when discussed on the other hand, it is t he new media as the ne plus ultra of learning materials for teaching with a cons tructivist view of learning. Such an exclusionary definition is not my intention . It will only be shown, 40 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com that in the specific case of learning the keyboard letter of instruction to clas sical behaviorism is classified as an appropriate learning theory. Schwetz point s in a general context to the fact that each objective requires a different teac hing and speaks of a situation-specific application of different theories of lea rning (2001 )***. A critical attitude towards a generalization of the behavioris t notion of learning is certainly justified. In this situation, a different theo retical justification is hardly useful. *** Schwetz, H. (2001). New Learning for the Information Society. In Schwetz, H. , Zeyringer, M. & Reiter, A. (Eds.), Constructive learning with new media (pp. 3 5-52). Innsbruck: Verlag study. Baumgartner and Payr (1994 )**** describe, despite their clear commitment to a c onstructivist learning process and its presentation to the critical point of vie w of behaviorism just typewriting as a concrete example of the successful use of stimulus-response scheme: "Other examples of such" mindless "Training methods a re the finger exercises when learning of typewriting, piano playing, juggling" ( Baumgartner, Payr, 1994, p. 102 )****. Baumgartner, P. & Payr, S. (1994). Digital Learning Learning with software. Inns bruck: Verlag study. Although the ability to write with a machine, certainly not a very high skill, y et the term "brainless" has been placed at this point perhaps a little rashly in to play. The term "mindless" is just not as scientifically standardized expressi on. He could best be used on the grounds of stimulus-response chains as they are also possible via the spinal cord. But this can not be used in typewriting, bec ause the written characters for the time being in consciousness must be present and are thus stored in the brain. Gudjons (1999) ** leads to the "self" as an im portant criticism of the behaviourist learning theory. He is referring to the fa ct€that students (most especially people) can think about what is reinforcing and whether he intends to respond at all to it. In this self-reflection can also be a great advantage. An interesting offers access while on the principle that reco gnizes students often expose behavioral stimulus-response processes in order to learn something. Therefore, it is still a long way to immature students. A music ian is to learn an instrument, by: (working through more or less voluntarily) lo ng scale exercises. This will continue until a desired sound from stimulus-respo nse chains can also be played accordingly. Thus, if the student has the willingn ess to learn typewriting and aware is that he must exercise it, he will serve yo u a "learning machine". 41

10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com He is not only a "Labor dove", but voluntary exercises with the machine and thus even the use of behavioral learning theory. Both the machine, and the students and teachers provide the necessary motivation constantly. Learning the "necessit y" will take place without the machine - the learning of the "reflections" with the machine. As clarified in the model discussed educational learning theory not ion is, we can refer to a behavioristic learning model and see it in their educa tion as part of a situation-theoretical substructure. Thus does our educational materials and in particular the conditions of a behavioral performance requireme nts. The right attitude to work and raise awareness about the need for the learn ing of the said skill should be achieved through the work of the teacher. In add ition, the medium is able to contribute very little. Didactic consequence, the a forementioned learning theory models require a teaching tool in focus following features: - provision of reception of response stimuli + + real, depending on th e feedback response. - If possible, immediate feedback. - Ability to understand their own performance to realize the construction work of stimulus-response chai ns. The online writing coach is exactly these requirements: - In the Practice mo dule, errors are reported immediately, without the correct input is not another work possible. - Made the comments during lessons and tests directly and immedia tely be part of your own performance. This is the basis for building further mot ivation and participation in other exercises - The recognition of own shortcomin gs to the formation of the willingness to eliminate them. 10 Help - Known Issues and FAQ I will stand for any inquiries you may have. As far as my time permits, I try as quickly as possible to e-mails to answer. If you want to ask me by phone ... 17 .00 clock is usually a good time for me. 1.10 Before you ask, please check - Installed right selection system (1.3) - right keyboard setting - Flash Player ? - ... 42 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com 10.2 Error Description If you have a problem with the writing coach, so please provide the following in formation as possible so that I can quickly find out where the problem might lie . - Name - Email - OS (Win98, WinXP, Win2000, WinVista, MacOS, Linux, ...) - Int ernet Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, ...) - country - count ry settings of your computer - possibly information on the computer - possibly F lash Version 03.10 list of frequently asked questions I forgot my password on the home page click on "Forgot password". Then enter the user name. The password will then be sent automatically to the registered email address. As a student you can also ask the teacher. Teachers see the passwords of the students in the class list. I forgot my user name Sorry. Since I can unfo rtunately not help. Just a new account and set the desired lesson. As a student you can also ask the teacher. Teachers see the passwords of the students in the class list. I would like to repeat a lesson / skip A student can unfortunately n ot change their own lesson. This is necessary so that the teacher has control of the exercise sequences. The structure of the lessons and the gradual developmen t of that is important to learning. If you belong to any class or group, I recom mend the application as a teacher. As a teacher you can practice as normal, but have any in the class list, the possibility of the lesson adjust / convert (arro ws in the class list in section 6.1).€Teachers can in the next version of the repe tition of lessons activate it for their students. I would like to change my e-ma il address The e-mail address is important for the delivery of forgotten passwor

ds. Therefore it can not be changed arbitrarily. In the new version, but a funct ion to change is provided. Meanwhile, I do it by hand. For this I need the follo wing information: - username - password 43 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com - New e-mail address - What to write trainer version / language I signed up ... but no password get the password sometimes emails end up in the spam folder. Che ck your spam folder or use them for a new declaration to another email address. If it still does not work, send me an email with your address and the specified user name. I deleted a student. The name is still not free. Teachers can not del ete pupils. You can only remove from the class list. Here, although the password on "nopass is modified. The user remains preserved. Users can only delete YOURS ELF (under Options). I received my name and my password - but I might not log He re there are several possibilities. The following cases are common: - Wrong vers ion. You've registered with the Swiss version, and try to log in to the German v ersion ... Choosing the right version you can make under www.schreibtrainer.com. - Spaces in the name or password. Either during registration or when entering t he user data, a space has smuggled. The missing now is / is too much. Essay on " Forgot password" with your name to get the password again. The password is alway s the beginning of a 4 - or 5-digit code. I am writing often not sure whether I need a space or even the next letter you write is in turn exercise module, you c an right on top of the little purple button "on" button. Then, in the upper part of the training module always displays the current letter. So you know whether the space bar or even the next character's turn it is. When I do the umlauts cor rectly. Ö, Ü, Ä ... are not adopted, mostly ... Here is the system set incorrectly. Se e the section 8.1! How many students can I log in each group / teacher? In princ iple, one can register any number of children per group. The management of the G roup's specifications for the teacher but is probably easier if you simply creat es a new class per teacher. The list display will run even faster because the da tabase less students have to be called inside info. The teachers can even call i t all pretty similar ... Just markus2b, markus2a, etc ... How much does it cost to use the writing coach? The question is easily answered. NOTHING . This will remain so. The writing coach is offered for free now and in the future. About donations I am 44 10 Steps to www.schreibtrainer.com me of course. Who on the Amazon link on the homepage does his orders Amazon sett les me a favor ... all the best school library . 4.10 Comments from users The following news, I have devoted the last years (see many others ): Hello, I fi nd your program great. It gives me enormous pleasure. Especially as I have previ ously searched for with two fingers the letters. I have made progress supertolle . Almost, I am rather addicted to the exercises. Thank you for the "Horny" progr am. Anke I think your really great and writing coaches like to work with it. Stefan 45