Josman GarSal Rubik cube Resolution 3X3 Starter J.M.G.S. RUBIK Solving 3x3 Rubik Cube.

We must know that the centerpiece of each face is what d ecides the color of all that expensive. This solution is just one example, the p osition of the colors and number of repetitions in each step may vary. In all th ree cases Pimero parts are discovered on the base. Step 1: Form a cross on top. And the top pieces match the sides. It must be as follows: Step 2: Join the corners of the first side. We also have to match colors. It mus t be so: Step 3: Second row. The colors must match. It must be as follows: The algorithm of this step is: If the color is here: You have to see in this pos ition. Base to left, front right, left base, left front, left base, right side l eft, right base, right side right (recovered). But if the color is here: It does everything the same but the opposite. From here we turn the cube. After coseguir the line. Step 4: You must be given a s: With white face, the first bone we've made up. The algorithm for this step is: R ight side down, left base, right side up, front right, left base, right front, r ight side up, top counter-clockwise, top left, top clockwise. To do two times. To output line Explanation of sides, base, front ... Right side Left side Base Top Front Step 5: Form a cross below. Would read: The algorithm sel would be next. Seeing him thus: Right front, right side up, top side clockwise, right side down, top left clockw ise Front Step 6: Join side of the cross. It must be so: This step requires thinking, not worth it to say well done. I can only help you. Right side up, top clockwise, right side down, top clockwise, right side up, top clockwise 2 times right down. Probably has to do it several times until it is so: You can only give a piece like this:

If you give two or more, than counterclockwise and repeat the above. When applyi ng argoritmo 1 before that as a front face. Step 6: Get to order the corners. It must be so: This probably varies widely. Mu st fit the pieces into position, even with a poor orientation. Site changed colors. The algorithm is as follows. It is used on each corner to put them in position, but some may well be made now, or have to change the orientation. Superior clock wise, right side up, top clockwise, top left, clockwise top, right side down, to p clockwise, left side down. It may be naecesario do it several times. Step 7: F inal. Sort corners. Must be made whole. This step is a trap that if you equiboca s Start from 0. You have to apply this algorithm on the corner you want to targe t. Always orient the corner there. Read it thoroughly before you start all over. Right side down, base clockwise, right side up, base counterclockwise. Just mat ter that ordered the top row. Just move the top corner to put the guide here. Never move these two rows. You may not leave at first, keep trying is very easy. But if you do not see a vi deo here of course very easy to understand. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Manual by: Josman GarSal ⠢ josman.garsal @ Jose Manuel Garcia Salmeron JMGS ®