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First they came for the big companies. I did not worry that I'm not a big company ...

Then they came for the service stations. I did not worry that I have no ... Then they came for meat producers. I'm not worried about cattle ... And also, what is richer than the best beef in the world and very cheap? What do I care what it costs to produce it! I like the barbecues! Then by the INDEC And look the other way ... Self-deception is something I always did ... And so we went. Then for the milk producers. I'm not worried about tambero and I just want good, cheap milk Then, by farmers. I did not worry that I am not a farmer, say they earn a lot and I live in the ci ty ... the problem of the farmers Now they came for me. • Again, Argentina and cheated. • ate my savings to inflation. • I threaten to d ispose what I earned with my work and effort. • I have to buy on the black marke t. • Because you get all the good trout and must be paid ORO. • Go back over 60 years in this game • And we lost the best opportunity ever seen ... • Because th e recession starts and I have no job and no previsivilidad no future for me or m y children. • Because the queues start at embassies AGAIN! We continue to believe in the resiliency Criolla, which are more vivid and astut e that countries progress, those who are right next, just like that. The same th at plunged us into backwardness, ignorance, in the clash, in resentment. We believed that Argentines can always slip off to those beliefs that only exist here. And our level is falling year after year, repeating the festivals of spen ding and waste. With a "long term" as this week! Argentino, do not delete, do not look the other way. Believe it or not, WE ARE A LL THE FIELD. The same field that took us from the worst crisis. And with so man y rages, many ignore or ... For archaic prejudices, almost 70 years ago! We asked to be left alone because when the field is going well, Argentina is doi ng well. And that, really, you know. After Tequila After 2001-2002! Join us in our claim, so we can keep producing, investing, employing, providing multiple currencies. So that tomorrow you can still have bread, milk, meat ... In order not to continue filling the slums of large cities with more crime and o vercrowding. NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IN THE WORLD discourages the field! And for Argentina occupies in the world, the place that the world expects of it. The failure or success is YOURS!

The Argentines are farmers. We are not enemies, as I want to believe. Do not bel ieve in false dichotomies: field or industry or services. No country smart to be lieve this, NOR OUR NEIGHBORS! The Field creates jobs. The field does not protest when their crops fail, and no one proposes lower your taxes to alleviate the failures. It is true that producers can borrow 4x4 ride, but they do for pleasure or to ap pear to be many government officials who forget they are our employees. Producer s do that could not otherwise get home, since no one invests in roads to the fie ld ... The field is not "fully complaint" as inept officials say. The field is quiet th at often prefers to work despite everything. But we are tired of the abuse. Forgive us because these days you can miss things. It's just that once, WE WANT stop discriminating and to demonize ... and especia lly ... WE WANT TO HEAR us