, product or service, location, location business objectives of the project / business) innovation, value added, particip ation in clusters, chains, or regional development. Include information about pe rsons involved as advisors to the company, which are not necessarily partners (i f any). MARKET POTENTIAL OF FIGURES (figures summarize the strength of regional markets, national and international has a good or service) COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES AND VALUE PROPOSITION (most important advantages that will ensure the success (commercial, technical, operational, financial, etc.). SUMMARY OF INVESTMENT REQUIRED (Defining the main investments, contributions partners, resources requested to undertake Fund) PROJECTIONS OF SALES AND PROFITABILITY (Summarize projected sales and yields the same) CONCLUSIONS AND FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT (Specifically This major financial benefits and supporting the market feasibility, technical a nd operational) TEXT FIELDS IN TOTAL MAXIMUM 3 PAGES. Subtab INCLUDE THE "TEAM" 1 MODULE: MARKET MARKET RESEARCH Should be clarified the sources of information used in each case (primary, secon dary), such as query databases, surveys, interviews, focus groups. SECTOR ANALYS IS: (a forecast of the current structure of the domestic market and / or target countries, technological and industrial development of the sector imports and ex ports of the product / service to national and targeted markets (countries). Etc . MARKET ANALYSIS: (Define the target market, target market justification, estimation of market potential, apparent consumption, per capita consumption, ex tent of need, one; estimate of segment / niche market (size and growth). Consume r Profile ANALYSIS OF COMPETITION: Identification of key players and competitors potential, analysis of competing companies, List of guilds existing analysis of the cost of my product / service; Analysis of substitute products; Analysis sell ing price of my product / service (P / S) and competition; image competition to customers, which is directed segment competition, position of my P / S face of c ompetition. MARKETING STRATEGIES PRODUCT OR SERVICE CONCEPT: Basic description, specificatio ns or characteristics, application / use of the product or service, design, quality, p acking, strengths and weaknesses of the product or service against competitors. Alternative Distribution Strategies penetration, marketing alternatives, interna tional physical distribution, sales strategies, budget, distribution-related tac tics. Pricing:

Competitive analysis of prices, equilibrium point, payment terms, insurance requ irements, sales tax, transportation cost, risk, tariff preferences, price-relate d tactics, possible changes in price to withstand the price war. STRATEGIES FOR PROMOTION: Promotion to customers and channels (or volume discounts for prompt payment), ma nagement of special customers, special concepts used to justify the sale, initia l geographic coverage and expansion; promotion budget COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES: Media selection, media, communications-related tactics. SERVICE STRATEGIES: Warranty and after sales service, customer care arrangements (installation servi ce, home delivery, etc.), payment methods, comparison of service policies with t hose of competitors. BUDGET OF THE MARKETING MIX: Quantify the costs incurred in the marketing strategies 2 SALES PROJECTIONS OF SALES PROJECTIONS: Set a monthly sales numbers the first ye ar, and Total years 2 and 3 taking into account seasonal demands in case of, as well as increases. Determine income (in $) according to the pricing strategy and the pla ns of units sold MODULE: OPERATION TECHNICAL PRODUCT OR SERVICE. What are the technical characteristics of product or service to be developed: ability, qualities, design, size, technology , etc. DEVELOPMENT STATUS Description of the state of the art of good or service and th e progress that is the new good or service to be developed DESCRIPTION OF PROCESS: Design, implementation and production) If describe the process outsourcing is the responsibility of the company (to proces s flow diagram,€and insert it as an attachment) NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS Raw materials and supplies; Technology Required: description of equipment and machines installed capacity, maintenance, technolog ical status of the company: technical and technological requirements, location a nd size specialized operational manpower required. Quantification of the budget required for these acquisitions. PRODUCTION PLAN. Drawing on the sales plan, establish the quantities produce and their respective times, taking into account the inventory policies. PROCUREMENT PLAN: Based on the Production Plan. Identification of suppliers; attention span of orders; relative importance of suppliers, paying suppliers pla nning purchases; Quality control: quality control processes required by the comp any, quality control of purchases, implementation and monitoring quality standar ds set, plan Quality Control 3 MODULE: ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY 4.1. SWOT Analysis Strategies to Maintain, Scan, Fix, Fa ce the different weaknesses, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses

SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS officinal both private entities that have supported the process. Evidences that support. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Management team, lines of aut hority, level of participation the Board of Directors, participation and control mechanism, organization. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY AND LEGAL ASPECTS LEGAL ISSUES: Type of society, present st atus, existing legislation governing (advantages and disadvantages) of economic activity and the commercialization of the P / S (urban, environmental, labor and social protection, registration, tax, intellectual property protection and envi ronmental) costs of incorporation, rules or policy of profit distribution STARTING BUDGET EXPENDITURE: Quantify the cost of starting a company, such as records, certificates, permits, etc. Staff costs: salaries and wages Estimate payroll and payments to the piece and fee to be undertaken. Do not forget to id entify a supply of services payments, social security charges, etc.. 4 UNIT: FINANCIAL SCHEDULE OF INVESTMENTS AND FINANCING VALUE CONCEPT WEEKS - PROVIDED BY MONTH: Total BUDGETS Append files P & G, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet. Present information in its fore cast for the next two (2) years. MODULE: OPERATIONAL PLAN Attach file. MODULE: IMPACT OF THE PROJECT ECONOMIC IMPACT, REGIONAL, SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL. (Employment Generation direct domestic sales and exports, as appropriate, etc.). DOCUMENTS According to the type of business add: Plan exporter, Research and technological development, any other act which is considered relevant. Contents: Under each i nitiative 5 6