Satisfy your senses C i n c o p e r u t a s A striking style & Satisfy your senses ......................... 4 Feel something new ............. ..... Vision and sound ............... 6 ................

21 in line contact wit h their needs ..... Feel 23 Security Security ............................ 25 .. ... 27 on all four sides feel a power and unparalleled performance. ............ 28 From A to Z in detail ............... 30 The power to surprise ......... 34 ............... an unforgettable experience! 2 3 Satisfy your senses / / the Kia cee'd The Kia cee'd will answer all your senses to meet expectations. The car is the r esult of innovation of Kia and its ability to surprise. 4 5

Feel something new / / the Kia cee'd Pay attention to the dynamic appearance of the cee'd, the gentle sound of the en gine, the quality of the elements and finishes. Enjoy the feeling of driving the Kia cee'd Before we began to develop a new car for the compact segment, we ask the Europea n drivers really seeking this type of car. We bring together top-level designers , efficient production facilities and improved technologies. And the result is a European car, designed and manufactured in Europe, it integrates the best eleme nts of both technological and aesthetic. cee'd (pronounced ced) is a surprising name for the new Kia model. Combine 'ce' European Community, and 'ed' of Europea n design, is an innovative new term, in line with Kia's brand attributes - quali ty, reliability and dynamism. The Kia tagline "The Power to Surprise ™", shows t he approach of the brand through this model. There is nothing in the Kia cee'd that will leave you indifferent. At first glance, you will appreciate its sharp exterior lines and elegant, and improved aerodynamic profile. But closer inspect ion reveals the use of the main developments that give complete peace of mind an d a great sense of comfort for the driver of the Kia cee'd. There has spared no detail in favor of style. The quality has increased. Not waived the performance by the desire to provide savings. With the Kia cee'd can be sure you will succee d, since it has an innovative design and incorporates the major developments to meet the needs of most demanding drivers. Kia shows a new direction with the cee 'd. A new direction based on the principles Kia considers important. Environment plays a key role in the development of the cee'd. To promote our glo bal environmental management objectives, we created the Eco-Research Institute o f Technology. This center allows us to participate in the development of environ mental technology and demonstrate the brand's ongoing commitment to the environm ent. The Institute of Eco-Technology Research has established its own environmen tal management targets to respect the environment and solving global environment al problems. With a coherent environmental strategy, we hope to respond to all e nvironmental issues quickly and proactively. The five-door cee'd is just the beg inning. The cee'd range is expanded "Sporty Wagon" and "Sporty Hatch (3 door). The Sporty Wagon will appeal to a wid e variety of drivers, requiring space and quality. While the sporty feel is comp

leted with the three doors, which have a flexible and cutting edge design. 6 7

Sense of Style 8 9

Let your imagination soar 10 11

Open your heart and mind 12 13

Technology at your service / / the Kia cee'd With the cee'd, Kia has achieved what he wanted. The attractive appearance of th e cee'd sports confer its rounded shapes, its superb aerodynamics, applied the l atest technology both inside and outside the vehicle, and its fantastic driving. The Kia cee'd will delight and amaze you. Technology plays a key role in the manufacture and design of the Kia cee'd. As f ar as convenience and comfort are concerned, there are elements such as electric power steering and a steering wheel that adjusts vertically and telescopically to drive improvement. The automatic climate control and air conditioning will en sure an ideal temperature inside the vehicle regardless of outside weather condi tions. The technology incorporates spoil you for peace of mind. When it rains, t he wipers are automatically activated and brushes "Aeroblade" provide a perfect cleaning of the windshield, providing excellent visibility even in the most adve rse weather conditions. The audible warning of seatbelt warning to all passenger s, both front and rear, the need to wear it. The anti-theft system protects your vehicle . And do not forget that technology is fundamental: ABS brakes with electronic b rake-force distribution (EBD) to achieve an efficient braking, suspension and mu lti-link MacPherson wheels to make your trip more relaxed, and Electronic Stabil ity Program (ESP ®) which allows more precise driving with an improved responsiv eness, BAS System (Brake Assist) and TCS (traction control). 14 15

Driving is a pleasure 16 17

Feel the space 18 19

Sight and sound in harmony / / the Kia cee'd The Kia cee'd is a car that will suit your design requirements, performance and usability ... But it also has little extras that make driving a real pleasure. The instrument panel provides an update of the average speed, distance covered, range and average fuel consumption. The orange light creates a pleasant atmosphe re and allows a perfectly clear visibility. The integrated digital navigator in the center console shows a variety of useful information such as date, time, tri p computer, outside temperature, audio system, open display and control system f or tire pressure. The automatic climate control is equipped with a controller th

at achieves the ideal temperature in seconds and an LCD panel that indicates the indoor temperature and settings of the air direction. The Siemens ™ audio syste m and the four / six-speaker Blaupunkt ™ maximize the quality of music choice, a nd you can select how you want listen. At high speeds the cabin noise level may increase and the volume is adju sted to compensate. The Kia cee'd is fitted with a stereo RDS next-generation CD and MP3 player, all carefully mounted on the center console of the dashboard. C onnections USB, AUX and iPod ® ready to use you can take your iPod ® or other MP 3 player, Minidisc or DVD with you. The sound control knobs on the steering whee l are also standard for improved handling. Whatever your destination, the option al navigation system satellite 'turn-byturn' clear visual arrows used with voice support to guide you anywhere. March 1 April 2 1. Sports Dashboard. 2. Automatic Cruise Control *. 3. Center console. 4. Connec tions USB, AUX and iPod ®. * Available in version 1.6 high power petrol and 2.0 diesel (mid 2007). 20 21

Contact with your needs / / the Kia cee'd Breathe amplitude space is essential in the Kia cee'd, which has ample space for heads and legs, a boot capacity of 340 liters and folding rear seats that allow it to accommodate bulkier items for the tailgate. The Kia cee'd has a length of 4.2 meters, so that their battle is exceptionally long and offers interior spac e class-leading. The space has been defined to ensure comfort and convenience of all occupants, as well as better management and a world class technology. The Kia cee'd has everything at hand to make driving a relaxing and enjoyable fo r both the driver and passengers. The driving position is as comfortable as poss ible by the careful location of controls, and a spacious interior and visually a ppealing. From this vantage, you'll appreciate the performance and driveability of the car. The seats have been designed to offer total comfort, with lumbar adj ustment knobs on the front seats to get an ideal position. Throughout the vehicl e used quality materials cause a luxurious feel in the front and rear seats. The space for the head and l egs is wider, which facilitates entry and exit of the vehicle and makes long tri ps more comfortable. The trunk of 340 liters * is large for a small car, and ext ending to 1300 * liters when the rear seats folded. Sufficient interior space wh ether carrying luggage, the supermarket or take the kids to school. (* According to the VDA measuring standard) 60/40 folding rear seats 22 23

Strong, safe ... and comfortable! Feel safety / / the Kia cee'd The Kia cee'd is a car that combines practicality and comfort, not to mention sa fety, since Kia is considered a priority and hence the high level of commitment to get more and more drivers. The Kia cee'd is a car that is extremely safe and is equipped with a wide variet

y of standard features that protect occupants in the event of an accident.€Activ e head restraints reduce neck injuries resulting from collisions at the rear of the vehicle. With a quick movement forward and upward after the impact, absorbs shock and head restraints can prevent injury. The Kia cee'd is fitted with six a irbags, designed to maximize protection for all occupants, both front and rear. The front airbags, side and curtain have been enhanced to provide improved prote ction in the pelvis, torso and chest. It is also equipped with seat belts with pretensioners for front seats to provid e full protection to passengers. All seats have safety belts with three anchor p oints with adjustable headrest, plus two ISOFIX anchorages in the rear for child safety. The reinforced body is designed in a compact, favoring not only his lif e but also his leadership and management during operation. It also has crumple z ones to absorb the blow in case of accident. Security on all four sides / / the Kia cee'd The Kia cee'd has been designed to meet the demands of drivers in safety and com fort are concerned. ABS brakes with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) an d BAS (system Brake Assist) allow more efficient detention. The Electronic Stabi lity Program (ESP ®) is equipped with sensors on the wheel and the wheels to det ect oversteer and understeer. By offsetting the braking force or torque applied to a single wheel, the ESP ® corrects the steering angle and avoid slipping into bad roads. All this together with the TCS (traction control system), allowing i mproved management and more secure. The lighting is bright lights, white, crisp and clear, and improves visibility on the road during night driving. The anti-th eft system is sophisticated: with alarm, electronic immobilizer and security lig ht in the top of the dashboard to prevent theft of the car and objects inside. T he automatic closing of doors while circulates and central locking are additiona l security measures, and for convenience has placed a button to activate the cen tral locking on the center console. The control system indicates tire pressure w hen a tire is punctured or the pressure is low, or if a brake light failure. As parking aid, rear parking system is equipped with four sensors that warn the dri ver by a warning as you approach an object at the rear of the vehicle. (Dependin g on version) ESP ® corrects oversteer. ESP ® corrects understeer. 1 March 2 1. Active head restraints. 2. Rear parking sensors (depending on version). 3. Re inforced body. 26 27

Feel an unprecedented power and performance / / on Kia cee'd Regardless of the destination to which we direct, the Kia cee'd offers the perfe ct engine for your lifestyle. With two petrol engines and two diesel, they can s atisfy the needs of drivers as responsible driving and fuel economy concerns, as well as acceleration, power, comfort, softness, control and responsiveness. 1.4 petrol engines and 1.6 liter CVVT (continuous adjustment of the distribution) a re designed to be as efficient in both high and low speed, ensuring a great resp onse and economic return regardless of driving conditions. Designed to provide a quiet and vibration-free driving, the Kia cee'd engines feature the latest tech nology and reliable. Diesel engines 1.6 and 2.0 liters CRDi VGT (variable geomet ry turbocharger) combine the features of a gasoline engine with the consumption that gives fame to diesel, and allow you to feel the benefits of fuel savings in all engine speed, low noise and a softer ride.

Transmission The Kia cee'd offers a selection of transmissions that lets you cho ose the one that best suits your needs and characteristics of each engine: manua l gearbox with five or six speeds. No matter what the engine option you choose, you can be sure that it has taken a great decision. Coupled with the major developments, all Kia Motors are the res ult of exhaustive research and development, and provide peace of mind and a grea t sense of quality. 1.6 liters DOHC Petrol 180 Torque (Nm / rpm) 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 Power (hp / rpm) Torque (Nm / rpm ) 160 140 120 100 80 150 60 40 20 100 300 1.6 liters diesel CRDi 160 Power (hp / rpm) Torque (Nm / rpm) 300 140 250 120 100 80 150 60 100 40 50 2 0 50 1.6 liters diesel CRDi 160 140 250 120 100 80 60 40 20 Power (hp / rpm) 200 200 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 Revolutions per minute (rpm) Maximum power (hp / r pm): 122 / 6200 Maximum torque (Nm / rpm): 154 / 4200 Fuel Consumption (l/100 km ): 6.4 CO2 emissions ( g / km): 152 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) Maximum p ower (hp / rpm): 90 / 4000 Maximum torque (Nm / rpm): 235 / 1750 ~ 2500 Consumpt ion (l/100 km): 4.7 Emissions CO2 (g / km): 125 ~ 126 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) Maximum p ower (hp / rpm): 115 / 4,000 Maximum torque (Nm / rpm): 255 / 1900 ~ 2750 Consum ption (l/100 km): 4.7 Emissions CO2 (g / km): 125 ~ 126 1.4 liters DOHC Petrol Power (hp / rpm) Torque (Nm / rpm) 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 160 140 120 100 8 0 60 40 20 DPF (diesel particulate filter) To remove particles from the exhaust gas of diesel engine (available in mid-2007 ), contributing to environmental care. 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 Revolutions per minute (rpm) Maximum power (hp / r pm): 109 / 6200 Maximum torque (Nm / rpm): 137 / 5000 Consumption (l/100 km): 6. 1 CO2 emissions (g / km): 145 The Kia cee'd is equipped with a McPherson-type suspension in front and multilin k in the rear to achieve a quieter driving, improved control and easy handling. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of pub lication and subject to change without notice. * Version 2.0 diesel available from July 2007. 28 29

From A to Z in detail. Sports Dashboard. When the wheel of the Kia cee'd will love its revolutionary de

sign and perfectly clear visibility instrument panel, with a black and white con trast which heightens. The visibility of the instruments is perfectly clear than ks to the orange light creates a pleasant atmosphere. Browser built into the cen ter console: The trip will be more comfortable with this sat nav 'turn-by-turn' that using simple visual arrows voice support will guide you to any destination. Board computer and integrated information system: Provides the information neede d to maintain a safe and efficient driving, and this useful information is the d istance traveled and fuel levels. TPMS (pressure control system of the tires) *. The optional TPMS is a safety sys tem that senses when a tire is losing pressure. This reduces the risk of tire fa ilure and increases the control and vehicle safety. * Available mid 2007 Automatic climate control: Keep the ideal temperature with automatic climate con trol. Set the level you need and the indoor temperature is automatically adjuste d. The AQS (Air Quality System) detects the outdoor air quality and when to redi stribute the air inside, and you can adjust where to circulate cold air and warm with clear settings. RDS Radio + CD + MP3, adjustable volume control with speed: A sound system of Si emens ™, developed specifically for the Kia cee'd, offers the option of listenin g to the radio, a CD or an external device through four / six-speaker Blaupunkt ™. At high speeds the cabin noise level may increase and the volume is adjusted to compensate. Connections USB, AUX and iPod ®: The technological revolution that is taking the music and MP3 players like the iPod ® can not be used in vehicles that are not compatible. With the Kia cee'd will hear all your favorite music easily connect your MP3 through the USB port, AUX. Audio control on steering wheel: Intelligently located, allowing easy control ov er the audio system. Electric power steering (MDPs): The address of the Kia cee'd is sensitive and so ft-touch, enhancing sensation and minimizing consumption. This allows drivers to easily maneuver at high and low speed, providing greater stability and handling . Adjustable steering wheel tilt and telescoping: To get an optimal and comfortabl e driving, you can adjust the height and tilt steering wheel according to their position. Check wiper water: Thanks to these outputs, the nozzle lance-shaped water spray, easy to clean the windscreen. Parasol Mirror: Ultraviolet rays can damage skin and interior cabin while the di rect exposure to sunlight can cause glare. This lens hood is specially designed to prevent the sun's rays can damage or affect visibility. 30 31

Rain sensor and electro chromic mirror (ECM): The sensors activate the wipers wh en it starts to rain and will adjust depending on the intensity, while the elect ro chromic mirror (ECM) automatically adjusts to reduce glare caused by lights w e back. Aero-Wiper Blade: This new generation of brushes provides a perfect cleaning of the windshield, providing perfect visibility even in the most adverse weather co nditions.

Audible warning seat belt: Safety is paramount and through audible reminder of t he need to wear a seat belt, the alarm is activated if the driver or any of the companions are not wearing it. Center console compartment: Save objects in the center console compartment, whic h becomes a comfortable armrest when closed. With three levels that fold intelli gently find a perfect place to store your smaller items as well as being a place ideal for your records. Porta drink: Pour liquid is a thing of the past with these two convenient drink holders. One is placed next to the handbrake, and the hole is deep to ensure tha t even tall bottles remain stable in the most difficult driving conditions, whil e they are on hand for the driver and front passenger. The other can be deployed from the rear seat Glove: In the large glovebox can save all documentation, and other practical obj ects, and is designed to prevent objects falling to the floor when opened. We ca n also have a refrigerated glove box perfect for storing anything that may spoil or melt during the trip. Overhead console: Have your glasses by hand in a convenient compartment clamshel l to head height, which opens with light pressure. In addition, this console inc ludes two map reading lights. Compartments in all doors: The compartments are scarce in the car, so the Kia ce e'd has a creative and spacious compartments in all doors and under the armrest. Tray center console and ashtray: Located conveniently at the bottom of the cente r console, this compartment with a flip is the perfect place for storing small i tems and has a handy ashtray and a lighter inside. Central locking with remote control: Easy to use ... The remote control integrat ed into the optional folding key from mid-2007. Escort function (Delayed light off): This delay in the optional lights off for t hirty seconds can continue to have this enlightenment. 32 33

Kia's slogan is "The Power to Surprise" represents the commitment of Kia Motors to exceed customer expectations through continuous automotive innovation. Offeri ng our customers products and services, we provide an active life full of satisf action. Our vehicles are not just transportation, but personal and emotional pro perties that harness the best of each. The renewed range of Kia vehicles dynamic design, high quality and world-class service guarantee that our customers retur n again and again with enthusiasm to Kia. DYNAMIC EVOLUTION Driven by innovation: a solar-powered car, a car with water as fuel, a car "smar t" does not need a driver. They are not the product of imagination, but that som eday will be parked in his garage. Kia researchers are continually working to cr eate the definitive automotive solutions with the services safer, more environme nt-friendly and easier to drive. The R & D center in Namyang Kia (Korea) and our research and design facilities in Singapore, Japan and Germany are combining th eir efforts to develop new vehicles that meet the diverse needs of each part of the world. With a new generation of cars with chassis shock resistant and long l asting, information and entertainment systems and economic engines, lightweight, high power with low emissions and noise, Kia automotive lead innovation in the XXI century.

THE WORLD OF SPORT. As a competitor decided, Kia strives to be the best, and we enjoyed the victory through our sponsorship of major sporting events and professional athletes world wide. As a proud sponsor of the Australia Open and Davis Cup as automotive partn er of FIFA since 2007 and current sponsor of the Asian X Games,€Kia is pleased t o promote the love of the sport among our customers around the world. Building o n the momentum of the increasing attractiveness of the vibrant brand and image a s one of the fastest car manufacturers is growing, Kia will continue its ascent towards the summit actively supporting the sport for the young at heart strong, dynamic and fun, just as our new range of vehicles. GUARANTEE OF KIA. Over the years, Kia has become one of the automakers more successful in Europe. What is the key to this success? We offer our customers that something more: a b etter service by highly qualified technicians, a constant product innovation and excellent warranty coverage. So again. What better way to thank our customers f or their loyalty to offer extended coverage? After all, your satisfaction is our success. * 7 year warranty from the registration (1st and 2nd year legal guarantee unlimi ted kilometers, 3rd, 4th and 5th year or 150,000 km whichever comes first Kia co mmercial warranty on the powertrain). See general and specific conditions in the Books of Kia Motors Guarantee. Warranty valid only for the Kia cee'd model in a ll States of the European Union (including Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Gibr altar). New vehicle warranty - 7 years / 150,000 km. (1st and 2nd year legal guarantee unlimited km., 3rd, 4th and 5th year or 150,00 0 km. What happens before Kia commercial warranty on the powertrain). This warra nty is transferable to subsequent purchasers, provided that the vehicle has been maintained according to the official service. Anti-corrosion warranty of 10 years. Your new Kia vehicle is equipped with enhanced anti-corrosion protection and has a warranty against rust 120 months for the entire vehicle. Funding. Kia dealer will help you develop a financial plan tailored to your needs. Reques t more information. Mobility Guarantee 5 years. In case of accident, Kia guarantee your mobility: Roadside assistance, towing se rvice, a replacement vehicle, hotel and rail costs 24 hours a day throughout Eur ope. Accessories. Customize your vehicle with a wide range of accessories. For detailed informatio n ask for our range of accessories to your local Kia dealer. Paint warranty 5 years. The high quality of the paint on the body provides protection and lasting shine for your new Kia vehicle. 34 35

Kia Motors Iberia, SL C / Anabel Segura 16. Edificio Vega Norte 2. 28108 Alcoben das (Madrid). / Ceed

All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of pub lication and subject to change without notice. Contact your local Kia dealer for current information. 261 504 eng INFOKIA 902 283 285