Forever Living Products The company Forever Living Products is a world leader in planting, processing an d product distribution of Aloe

Vera as well as world-leading products of the hiv e for nourishment. The story of Forever Living starts with a man and an ambitiou s dream. Rex Maughan had been searching for years for an idea of business that c ould combine the two biggest goals of his life: better health and total financia l freedom. In 1978 he found what he sought and invited 43 people to attend the f irst meeting of Forever Living in Tempe, Arizona (USA). Then began a journey tha t would provide a successful business unthinkable. Forever Living the dream quic kly passed from one person to the dream of millions of people. The quality of ou r products and the simplicity of our business allows anyone, if you really want to improve their quality of life. Forever Living has developed a wide range of p roducts of unparalleled quality: Aloe Vera juices, products of the hive, nutriti on, personal hygiene, skin care, beauty and cosmetics. Forever Living has expand ed globally and is now represented in over 120 countries, with annual sales exce eding $ 2 billion, becoming one of the largest network marketing companies in th e world and has its products distributed through of over 8.5 million independent distributors on five continents. In Brazil, the company operates since 1996. Th e wide acceptance of its products, the excellent model of your Marketing Plan an d dedication of its distributors have made Forever Living reached Brazil in 2006 , the 5th place in 2007 and the 3rd in sales worldwide FLP. The Brazilian headqu arters of the FLP is located in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. The company serves its distributors around the country and already has established branches in São Paulo , Ribeirão Preto, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Joinville, Curitiba, Recife and Be lém Products For nearly thirty years, Forever Living Products has dedicated itself t o finding the best sources of health and beauty in nature to share them with the world. Its line of aloe juice, cosmetics and skin care offers the benefits of A loe Vera to the entire body. Added to that its line of nutritional supplements a nd bee products, and you have a complete system to achieve better health and bea uty so completely natural. The following products are proof of the incredible na ture's capacity to offer ways of making our lives healthier and also represent t he tireless commitment of Forever Living with the quality and purity of everythi ng it produces. What is Aloe Vera? Aloe Vera - The famous Barbadensis Miller Alo e Vera or Aloe Vera is a plant of the lily family that owned numerous regenerati ve properties, healing, moisturizing, lubricating and nourishing. Called "the pl ant's health and beauty," its use has been documented since the days of ancient Egypt, with passages in the Bible and ancient documents Phoenicians. There are a lso reports that Alexander the Great used Aloe Vera as the only palliative for t he wounds of war. And numerous renowned scientific institutions and scholars, as the Office of Science and Medicine Linus Pauling, Palo Alto, California; Weisma n Institute of Israel, University of Oklahoma and others, have made formal studi es on Aloe Vera. Testimony of Mahatmãn Gandhi "You ask me what were the secret for ces which sustained me during my long journey. Well, it was my unshakable faith in God, my simple and modest lifestyle, and Aloe, whose benefits I discovered wh en I arrived in Africa in the late nineteenth century. " Properties Supported by laboratory tests such as the Institute of Medical Sciences Linus Pauling, Palo Alto, California, the International Aloe Science Committee (IASC) and the Univer sity of Oklahoma working in official studies on Aloe Vera. Okay, and what are th ese properties that make this plant an "Empress"? Dr. Greg Henderson, director o f a clinic naturalist, in California, supported by laboratory tests, mentions th e following properties of aloe vera: 1) Anesthetic Action: The Aloe Vera reduces pain when applied in place of injury due to its high penetration ability, caused by the presence of lignin, an advan tage that is not found in most other products. 2) Anti-inflammatory Action: The Aloe Vera has an action similar to steroids such as cortisone, but without the h armful effects it causes. For this reason, it can be used in all inflammatory di

sorders such as bursitis, arthritis, or insect stings. 3) Coagulant Action: How the Aloe Vera contains high content of calcium and potassium, it causes the form ation of a network of fibers that trap the red corpuscles of the blood,€helping to clotting and healing needed. Calcium is a very important element for the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscular action, being a major catalyst i n the process of healing. 4) keratolitic action: This action allows the damaged skin or wound is detached, with a renewal of tissue with new cells. There also a llows greater blood flow through veins and arteries, livrandoas small clots. 5) Antibiotic Action: It was shown that Aloe vera inhibits the destructive action o f many bacteria such as Salmonella and Staphylococcus that produce pus, etc.. It is an excellent product to eliminate bacteria and to prevent them. 6) Action De tox: Detoxification = disposal + regeneration + uptake due to potassium that con tains Aloe Vera, it improves and stimulates the liver and kidneys, which are the main organs of detoxification. Aloe contains uronic acid, which eliminates the toxins at the cellular level. 7) Action Nutritious: Aloe contains 18 of the 23 a mino acids (components of proteins) that the body needs to form cells and tissue s. It also contains enzymes needed to process carbohydrates, fats and proteins i n the stomach and intestine. 8) Action Digestive: Aloe contains a large amount o f enzymes. Some enzymes are produced by the body (eg the pancreas), but others a re not, and these need to be acquired externally. During the digestive process, enzymes transform proteins, converting them into amino acids, carbohydrates into sugar (glucose) and fats into fatty acids. And so these elements are absorbed b y the intestine processed and brought to flow. 9) Action Energizing: The Aloe Vera helps in proper functioning of cellular meta bolism, ie help in producing the energy that the body needs. Furthermore, due to their vitamin C content, it produces an action that improves and stimulates cir culation and proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Vitamin C is not p roduced by the body, so we have to seek it externally. This vitamin is very impo rtant for strengthening the immune system, circulatory, digestive, intervening i n the prevention of most diseases. 10) Action Rehydration Skin: Aloe Vera penetr ates deep into the skin and restores lost fluids, and restore the damaged tissue from the inside out, as in the case of burns, both caused by fire, radiation or the sun. 11) Carrier Action: The Aloe Vera is a perfect vehicle to carry deep i nto the skin or other substances to which elements are combined. This is why the re are thousands of cosmetic and medicinal mixed with Aloe. 12) Action Regenerat ing Cell: Aloe Vera has the hormone that accelerates the growth of new cells and also removes old cells. Thanks to the presence of calcium in Aloe Vera, the cel ls can maintain their internal and external balance, thus providing better cellu lar health to all body tissues, as calcium regulates the passage of liquids in t hese cells. This ancient plant is the most important tool against cancer in the future, but since 1939 has been proved that Aloe Vera prevent, combat and cure c ancer. Dr. Faith Strickland, Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Aloe V era ensures that prevents the immune system of skin damage. An important feature is that Aloe Vera contains 18 amino acids that the human body needs to form pro teins. Properties and Activities of stabilized Aloe Vera Gel has been observed a nd reported as properties or activities of Aloe Vera when used internally (like drink) or applied externally to the skin or hair: 1) It is a natural cleanser du e to the presence of saponins. 2) It penetrates tissue due to its lignin content . 3) Anesthesia tissue in the area over which it is applied, relieving pain deep beneath the surface, including pain associated with joints and sore muscles. 4) It is bactericidal at high concentration for several hours in direct contact wi th the bacteria, whereas antibiotics kill bacteria when highly diluted. 5) It ca n reduce bleeding. 6) It is virucidal and fungicidal when in direct contact with a high concentrati on for a Iong time. 7) It is anti-pyretic - fever reducing heat caused by ulcers . 8) It is anti-inflammatory. Acts as a steroid but without side effects. 9) Fin ish with itching and burning. 10) It is a natural moisturizer bringing moisture to all skin layers. 11) stimulates cell division.€12) The proteolytic enzymes brea

k down dead tissue, cleaning the wound. 13) Helps to increase blood flow to the skin through dilation of capillaries. 14) provides health care to the skin and b ody, providing a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes and amino a cids, essential and secondary. 15) Security - each of the above can be achieved with one or more types of drugs. Usually they are expensive and have numerous si de effects. 16) The Aloe Vera in high concentrations can produce these effects, but without side effects. Vitamins and their fields of work most important: • A (B eta Carotene) vision, skin, bones and against anemia. • B1 (Thiamine) Growth of ti ssues and energy. • B2 (Riboflavin) Vitamin B6 Associate participates in the produ ction of blood cells. • B3 (Niacin) participates in the regulation of metabolism. • B6 (Pyridoxine) Vitamin B12 Linked to participate in the production of blood cel ls. • B12 (Cyanocobalamin) Against the anemia and neuro-pathological. • C (ascorbic acid) fight infections by stimulating the immune system. • E (Tocopherol) Together with vitamin C fight infections. • Folic acid (B Complex) helps build the blood. Minerals and their field more important: Aloe Barbadensis contain over 20 minera ls essential to health. We will identify a few: • Calcium Phosphate Growth of teet h and bones, food nervous system. • Potassium regulates fluid from the blood and m uscles, the heart beats. • Iron absorbs oxygen into the blood cells and increases resistance to infection. • Sodium along with potassium regulates the body fluids a nd carries the amino acids and glucose into the cells.

• Hill One of the compounds of lecithin, essential to metabolism. • Magnesium and Ma nganese: Preserve the nervous system and muscles. • Copper participates in the for mation of blood. • Chrome Collaborates in controlling blood sugar levels, metaboli sm, glucose and circulation. The mono and poly saccharide and its most important fields of activity: The long-chain polysaccharides seem to be really responsibl e for the miraculous effects generated by the use of Aloe Vera. They are diametr ically opposed to mucoploysaccharide (simple sugars) that can not be destroyed b y water. They are: • • Cellulose Glucose Mannose • • • aldopentose Uronic Acid Lipase • • • liinase raminose • Aceman recently discovered and has become the major focus of mo st research on Aloe Vera, has been appointed as the most responsible action "mir acle" of aloe as an agent against autoimmune diseases like cancer, AIDS, rheumat ism, arthritis, allergies. Essential amino acids and their fields of work most i mportant: Amino acids are the elements that make up proteins. ESSENTIAL AMINO AC IDS: Are those the body can not produce. Fundamental to brain functions, they al so exert a direct action on emotional reactions. Among the eight amino acids cla ssified as essential, seven are present in Aloe Vera. AMINO SIDE: Of the 14 side , ie that the body can produce from the eight core, 11 are present in the Barbad ensis Miller: • aspartic and glutamic acid, alanine and arginine •, • Cystine and Glyc ine, and Hydroxyproline • Histidine; • Proline and Serine; • Tyrosine. Enzymes and the ir fields of work most important: Brandiquinase Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immune system stimulant. • Catalase: prevents the accumulation of fluid in the bo dy • Cellulase: help digest cellulose • Creatine phosphokinase: muscle enzyme • Proteo litiase: liquefies proteins inside • Fosfotase, Amylase and nucleotidase. Other substances, not less important than o thers previously presented, are: • Acids: Acids are essential to health in place. Among these, Caprylic acid is used to treat fungal infections. • Lignin: rapid pen etration to the third layer of the skin. • Saponins: are both purgative and antise ptic. • Anthraquinones: analgesic and laxative. • Aloin: antibiotic and cartática. • Iso barbaloin: analgesic and antibiotic. • Acid alloethic: antibiotic. • Aloe emodin: ba ctericidal and laxative. • Cinnamic acid: germicide and fungicide. • Ethereal Oil: s oothing. • Acid Crisofânico: fungicide for the skin. • Research and Resistannol anthra line bioeletrography consumption of Aloe Vera The bioeletrography it is a method of obtaining a photograph of a light that surrounds the living and nonliving, s uch as minerals, plants, animals and humans.€The taking of these photographs is th rough a specific high-voltage generator, capable of generating an electrical cur rent suitable for impregnating the "human energy" in a scene when a body part is in contact with the film, in this case, the finger of the right hand ... Testim onial "After using the juice of Aloe Vera have improved more and more welfare ..

. Through my experiences with bioeletrography only became more clear how importa nt taking care of physical, vital, mental and emotional." Loelmo Coelho Gonçalves (businessman) Brazil - Sao Paulo - SP Final Conclusions According to Dr. Peter A therton, Aloe Vera is not a panacea for all ills and there is no magic in it. "I believe that it works primarily in two areas already mentioned epithelial tissu e and immune system. This is largely backed up by anecdotal evidence, thousands of people through the centuries have reported benefit for various skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, burns, acne and insect bites. They found relief for bowel disorders such as colitis, diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome . Other conditions resulting from an immune system disorder like arthritis, asth ma, post viral fatigue syndrome and lupus erythematosus have improved after the regular intake of Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera therefore has a complementary role to play in treating various conditions. It is important however that people should always seek your doctors when the dia gnosis is uncertain or when they do not find improvements in their health condit ions. Self diagnosis can be very dangerous since a serious illness may seem unim portant at times. "About the Author Dr. Peter Atherton MB ChB. D. Obst. RCOG. MR CGP. Graduated in 1968 at Leeds University and after six years in the Royal Army Medical Corps, became a general practitioner. He is currently Senior Partner of a practical training with special interests in dermatology. He worked three yea rs in the department of dermatology of a regional hospital. These interests comb ined with a great knowledge of the qualities of medicinal plants acquired while serving in the East and India that led to his fascination with Aloe Vera. She gi ves lectures on various aspects of medicinal aloe and is the author of "Essentia l Aloe Vera," his final work on the subject. He is a researcher the GIFTS of Hea lth is also often a temporary researcher at the University of Oxford and Green. Bibliography • The Healing Power of Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera, Niels Stevens, Ed Madra s Magazine • Herbs & Plants, Ed Minuano, Year I, No. 1 • Herbs & Plants magazine, Ed Minuano, Year II, No. 10 • The capillaries determine our fate, Michael Peuser, Ed leart • Health & Beauty Forever - Your Guide to Contemporary Nutrition and Hygien e, Copyright Monica Lacombe Camargo, 2003, RJ . • The Essential Aloe vera: The Act ions And The Evidence (1997) • • Aloe vera: M agic or Medicine? (1998) Ed, Nursing Standard. The line of Forever Living Produc ts offers health, beauty, personal hygiene, make-up line, the control program of weight reduction measures, facial rejuvenation, the highest quality. Please con tact us for more information about our products and how to become a distributor PLF: (11) 6421-7033 - Talk with Humberto. You can also access my personal page on PLF for the link: On the next page you will find information about our Marketing Plan. FLP Marketing Plan The Marketing Plan of Forever Living has been successful thro ughout the world for being too simple. It is one of the easiest ways to start yo ur own business. And what's better, you start your business with proven products approved and in a market segment established and growing. Our plan also keeps y ou safe at any level of success you achieve. So, once you reach any position in our Marketing Plan, you never lose this position. You'll also enjoy the success of your whole group of distributors, because the plan does not allow a distribut or reaches a certain level unless you also reach. Everything that is related to the business model of FLP is designed to help you build a solid and stable busin ess. We offer training meetings and regular recognition, minimize your effort wi th accounting, inventory and paperwork so you can spend more time on what really matters: your customers and Distributors. With his dedication and a group of mo tivated and well trained distributors, their business will grow steadily,€generati ng higher incomes and approaching you from your dreams and life goals. Different ways to gain achievements in all FLP Marketing Plan are measured in terms of "c ash-credit" (cc). All start your business as distributors and have their earning s from sales at retail own personal bonuses on personal sales + retail + bonus o

n sales of any group formed by members Distributors added by the distributor. Marketing Team Now see how much you profit in each position of the marketing plan: Distributor: In this position you have a profit of 43% in retail. Not be allowed to develop marketing until you're in the position of Assistant Supervisor. NOTE : You can directly join the company as Assistant Supervisor, simply purchase two DC's (2 cases credit) directly. Assistant Supervisor: In this position you will have 43% profit on retail, 5% bonus of volumes in direct purchases, 5% bonus fo r new distributors enrolled by you in that month. When it reaches 25 CC's in a s ingle month, or two months in a row, you move on to the next level, which is the Supervisor. Supervisor: In this position you will have 43% profit on retail, 8% bonus volumes in direct purchases, 8% bonus for new distributors enrolled by yo u in that month, and 3% of all Wizards of Supervisors of his group. When you hit 75 CC's in a single month or 2 consecutive months, you go to the next level, wh ich is to Assistant Manager. Assistant Manager: In this position you will have 4 3% profit on retail, 13% bonus of volumes in their direct purchases, 13% bonus f or new distributors enrolled by you purchases this month, 5% of all supervisors in your organization; 8% of all Assistant Supervisors and Distributors in your g roup. When it reaches 120 CC's in a single month or 2 consecutive months, you go to the next level, which is the Manager. Manager: In this position you will hav e 43% profit on retail, 18% bonus of volumes in their direct purchases, 18% bonu s for new distributors enrolled by you in that month, 5% of all Assistant Manage rs your organization; 10 % of all supervisors of their group, 13% of all Assista nts and Supervisors Distributors. Take this opportunity, please contact us: (11) 6421-7033 - Talk with Humberto. You can also access my personal page on PLF for the link: