MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE Superior Title Doctor Title Music and dance E n s e n n i z a A t aria version Master Degree

Higher education Higher Artistic Education Drama Restoration of Cultural Property Conservation Arts Doctoral Studies Graduate Studies Title Title Grade Level Title Technician Title Technician Title Technician Higher Level Training Cycles of F.P. High Grade Fine Arts and Design. Higher Level Technical Sports Advanced Level Level Intermediate Professional Degree Bachelor's degree Title Title Technician Technician Technician Title Science and Technology Baccalaureate 2 Arts Humanities and CCSS Basic Level Secondary Education Professional music lessons and dance 1

Middle Level Training Cycles of F.P. Average Degree of Fine Arts and Design. Intermediate Technical Sports 6 COURSES Graduate Degree E.S.O. Professional Qualification P.C.P.I. Modules Modules professionals and general volunteers Basic Education 4th 3rd 2nd 1st 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st Second Cycle (3-6) First Cycle (0-3) Teaching elementary music and dance Elementary Ed Elementary Education E.S.O. Free Teaching Art Education Training Child Ed Early Childhood Education Sports Lessons Access conditions Diagnostic Test Access Test Childhood education. Educational stage. Organized into two cycles, the second fr ee. Basic education. It consists of primary and ESO, is free, compulsory and org anized according to principles of common education and attention to diversity. P rimary education. It consists of six courses that are taught usually between 6 a nd 12 years. Secondary education. It is divided into (ESO) and post-compulsory ( school, vocational middle-level vocational education art and design of mid-level and middle level sports education). Compulsory Secondary Education (E.S.O.). It consists of four courses that are taught usually between 12 and 16. Curricular diversity programs are from 3rd aimed at achieving the title. The graduate degre e that gives access to post-compulsory secondary. Initial vocational qualificati on programs (PCPI). For students over 16 years, exceptionally, 15. Include three types of modules: a) aimed at obtaining a vocational qualification, b) general training c) volunteers leading to the award of graduate degrees at ESO. Baccalau reate. It consists of two courses with three types: Arts, Science and Technology , Humanities and Social Sciences. The bachelor's degree gives access to higher e ducation. Higher education. It consists of university education, higher artistic education, higher-level vocational education, vocational education in arts and design higher-level sports education and higher grade. University education. The y are regulated by the RR. DD. 55/2005 and 56/2005 of 21 January. To access them is necessary to overcome an entrance test.

Vocational training. You can access the academic requirements without passing an entrance examination (the average grade of over 17 years and at the higher leve l over 19 or 18 if they are in possession of evidence of related technical speci alty). Special training courses. The lessons of languages, arts education and sp orts education. Language Education. To access will need to be 16 years, except t hose over 14 years if studying a language other than processed at ESO. With bach elor's degree can be accessed directly at the intermediate level of the first la nguage taken in the school. Sports education. To access the higher grade will be necessary to have a bachelor's degree and bachelor's degree through the relevan t field. In some specialties may be necessary to pass a special entrance examina tion. Can be accessed without exceeding the academic requirements of an entrance test (the average grade of over 17 years and at the higher level over 19 or 18 if they are in possession of evidence of related technical specialty). Art educa tion professionals. The lessons of music and dance professionals and middle and upper grades of plastic arts and design. Access is necessary to pass a specific examination. Students who complete professional music lessons and dance get a ba chelor's degree if they pass the high school core subjects.€Can be accessed wit hout the academic requirements for professional teaching arts and design a test of access (to the middle grade of over 17 years and at the higher level over 19 or 18 if they are in possession of evidence of related technical with the specia lty). Higher artistic education. For access is required, in addition to bachelor 's degree, pass a specific examination. May establish agreements with universiti es for the organization of doctoral studies specific to such teachings. Adult ed ucation. It is designed for over 16 years. Its methodology is flexible and open. To facilitate the incorporation of the adult education system to prepare the ev idence for and the granting of access to the various teachings. Language Lessons Design Undergraduate Studies Adult Education