html Dance in Church Dance is a ministry of worship that the Lord has risen in some churches, but as is common in evangelical circles has become a "fashion" and practically every ch urch has dancers on duty. I'm not opposed to the existence of the dance, I belie ve fully that God's Spirit has made use of this form of body language to honor a nd glorify the Almighty. And when this adoration is externalized with fear and l ove, our spirit rejoices to contemplate it deeply. Infidelity, infidelity and co nsequent lack of holiness of many people (churches), preclude the move of the Ho ly Spirit, resulting in lack of true worship anointing that feeds the soul. To g et out of this situation, resort, copying, all sorts of movement. They forget th at the Spirit of God is pouring oil and these practices devoid of unction, are i nconsistent and worthless before God. Dear leaders, we must hear the voice of th e Holy Spirit, to consult Him and know His will for the church, do not make deci sions or in the wisdom and human understanding. After all, the Church is the Lor d God sent the Holy Spirit to build it. If approval of the Lord as to the existe nce of a ministry of dance, some points should be observed by those who will be anointed. 1 - Love of God: "Love the Lord your God with all thy heart and with a ll thy soul and with all thy mind." Matthew 22:37 Our serfs obliges us to be dep rived of their own choosing, subject to field full of the Lord God. This means: First to God's will and in the background and in accordance with divine principl es, our desire. This condition is so real, that Jesus himself, when man, underwe nt complete by the designs of the Father, the direction of his life was no longe r under their control. He said: "Father, if thou wilt from me this cup of suffer ing! But that is not done what I want, but what thou wilt. " (Luke 22:42) This u nconditional submission was the result of the great love of the Lord Jesus, firs t towards the Almighty and also the humanity that is taking great strides toward s eternal damnation. 2 - Fear God, Heart wise. "To be wise, you first need to fe ar God, Jehovah. It gives understanding to those who obey his commands. May the Lord be praised forever! "(Ps 111.10) Fear of God means that we have a feeling o f reverence and respect, contrary to what some think, to associate fear to fear. It is inconceivable that impure lives, devoid of holiness can take place in the performance of the work of the Lord. The lack of fear opens loopholes through w hich the malignant infiltrates and the works of the flesh win space. People who should be worshipers become in "dancers", eager for the compliments, feel pleasu re when they are glorified for doing the choreography well. ... How can you beli eve it, they accept being praised by others and not try to get the praise that o nly God alone can give? ... If I praise myself, my praise is not worth anything. Who praises me is my Father .. "(John 5.41,44; 8:54) Driven by love and fear, J esus disrobed of heavenly glory, putting up just like instrument in the hands of God, to be useful to the Kingdom, He dismissed the pr aise, see: "I do not seek to be praised by the people" (Jn 5:41) 3 - Santos and Pure "Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, an Apostle , apart for the gospel of God. " (Rom 1:1) Like Paul, we are called to do the work of the Lord God in various areas in the Kingdom. Separated for the honor and glory of the Lord. Aware of th is condition there must be an adaptation to living life defined by God. You are called by the Holy Spirit to join the ministry of dance? Praise? Preaching the W ord? Leader in the church? Oh thanks! You are blessed! The commandment is: Be Ho ly! Holiness gives us:-The opportunity to commune the same ideas of the Lord. Edeep intimacy with Him While this is a reality, our joy is to glorify Him with o ur actions. The fruits of the flesh "... sexual immorality, impurity, indecent a ctions, idol worship, witchcraft, hatred, quarrels, the jealousies, the fits of rage, selfish ambition, disunity, division and envy, drunkenness, the carousing and things like these. " (Galatians 5.19-21) are missing in life that seeks to b e holy and pure. Servo carefully read this message, think about your situation w ith the Lord, and never allow feelings of pride, pride and vanity penetrate your heart, robbing the place that is only the Lord.€You are anointed to worship th rough dance? Make it perfectly, with satisfaction and with all thy strength, tha t the Lord will see and approve, receiving as fragrant your worship. Do not let the meat stand out and the brothers want to hear friendly words, do not take the

Lord's glory for you. Amen, Elijah R. de Oliveira