The assistance of the Public Service Personalized guidance Tips TABLE OF FOCUS Competition Administration Department or Age Qualification

CONTEST CATEGORY A Accessible with a Bac + 2 or license POLICE Lt. at least 17 y ears - 35 years of age on 1 January of the year contest CONTEST CATEGORY B Acces sible with the baccalaureate degree or diploma or recognized equivalent TREASURE TAX PUBLIC LOCAL POLICE NATIONAL Supervisor Tax Supervisor Treasury Writer terr itorial Peacekeeper more than 45 years on 1 January of the year contest more tha n 45 years on 1 January of the year of competition at least 16 years 1 January o f the year contest 17-35 years at 1 January of the year contest 01 42 08 18 28 Career Development Police Captain, Police Commander By Contest: Tax Inspector Through Competition: Treasury Inspector Senior Writer, editor in chief Brigadier, Sergeant Major competition By: Lieutenant CONTEST CATEGORY C and D Accessible without any particular qualifications or wit h GCSE's or equivalent degree TAXES Officer announcement (or base) more than 45 years on 1 January of the year contest by contest: Controller then Inspector A s eniority: Principal Officer finding Senior Administrative Assistant For tax comp etition: Secretary of headquarters or field service Senior Administrative Assist ant and 2nd class 1st class ALL DEPARTMENTS Administrative Assistant State 18-45 years at 1 January of the year contest LOCAL Territorial Administrative Assistant Least 16 years on 1 January of the year contest List of qualifications considered equivalent to the assistance of the Public Ser vice LIST (not exhaustive) EQUIVALENCE OF DIPLOMAS OF PATENT ALLOWED IN COLLEGES • CAP and BEP: all options (certain specialties for the Ministry of Taxes) • Pat ent • PEBC • Elementary Teacher's Certificate industrial, commercial, hotel, off ice (Part 1) • Higher Certificate in Business Studies (Part 1) • Certificate of completion of the second class (all series) • Certificate of capacity in law (fi rst year) • Certificate in adult vocational training purposes (typist) • Various degrees of agricultural education (teacher's certificate or apprenticeship BEPA , Patent Agent Technical diploma graduation or agricultural studies in the secon d degree). LIST (not exhaustive) EQUIVALENCE OF DIPLOMAS ADMITTED TO BACCALAUREATE • Baccalaureate • Title technician admitted exemption for registration in the Eu ropean University • Bachelor of Laws • • Ability Special Entrance Examinations a t the University (ESEU, E 79 - 01/06

USDA) • Patent social education, hotel, commercial, industrial • BTA • technicia n certificate (certificate of secondary education agricultural trade school dipl omas Chamber of Commerce and Industry) • Certificate of Training Professional (E xecutive Secretary all options). CAREERS OF THE PUBLIC Contest Preparation Peacekeeper Level required and admission to the examination preparation for this competition must have the degree. The entrance examination to the use of peacekeeping is op en to women and men: • French nationality, having a criminal record. • aged 17 y ears and at least 35 years of age on 1 January of the year of competition, the a ge limit may be postponed (not to exceed 37 years) of time equal to the past for national service or a year per dependent child (not exhaustive). Moreover, the age limit shall not apply to mothers of three or more children and athletes. It must, moreover, satisfy the conditions of physical fitness requirements, includi ng: • size: measuring at least 1.60 m • body mass index (defined as the weight ( in kg) / height (in meters) squared): it must be compatible with the operational missions assigned to active employees of the national police. • Visual acuity: corrected at least 15/10 in both eyes, with a minimum of 5 / 10 for an eye, each correcting lens or lens with a maximum of three diopters to reach the limit of 15/10. • approved by the Prefect territorial jurisdiction. NB: The appointment a s a student is subject to the prior commitment to remain in government service o rientation customized for a period of four years of tenure. Advice 01 42 08 18 28 Admission Tests Police investigation, law enforcement, border control, intelligence ... the poli ceman has various functions to ensure the safety of its citizens. Each day he wo rks in direct contact with the public. It provides law enforcement in cities, is enforcing road safety and bring aid and assistance to people. As an officer of police investigations it conducts to prevent crime and prosecute criminals. It i s a multifaceted business that is done under very different services: forensic b ody CRS, victim support, monitoring of beaches ... The policeman has a gun and a uniform but can also operate in accordance with its civilian missions. The poli ce reform, the job of peacekeeping as well. The age limit has been set back 35 y ears but from 2006 will require the tank to take the examination. After his succ ess in the competition, the guardian of peace following a twelve-month paid trai ning in a school where it will combine theory and practice. Events ELIGIBILITY TEST • Composition on a topical subject using the general knowledge of the candidate and his capacity of expression • MCQ general knowledge about cu rrent events, under French and European political institution. • psychometric te sts (These tests are used as decision support in test maintenance, admission) Coef March 2 Duration 2h 1h 2h 30 TESTS FOR ADMISSION • Interview to assess the qualifications of the candidate de réflexion and motivation to perform the function chosen 4 • 25 min conversation in a foreign language: English, German, Arabic, Spanish and Italian 1 10 min (Th e candidate indicates the language at the time of entry. He can not in any way c hange the timing of events) • Proof of physical exercises: 3 term motor skill (s

coring less than 05/20 tests composition or maintenance is round). YOUR PREPARATION • RESET LEVEL Practice of French Culture and Society English accelerated initiat ion Tentative duration: 6 to 9 months • ADMISSION TEST talks Conversation Practice with the jury (book) and conversati onal English Version Number of controls - without upgrading: - upgrade with 2 co ntrols 5 controls 8 controls 10 controls 6 controls • ELIGIBILITY TEST Introduction to psychometric testing testing a control 10 con trols 6 controls Dissertation Geography History 2 controls 4 controls 5 controls public institutions Mathematics Level 1, France 3 controls 39 controls 62 controls If you are an employee (e) you may qualify for Continuing Professional Developme nt. 79001 - 01/06