Subordinate clause EXERCISES 1. SUBSTANTIVE subordinate clause.

Notes the proposals as part of each of the se ntences, in each case identifies the subordinate clause substantive (noun or adj ective) and points out its function. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • George always ignores what is not interested. Philip knew t hat his father had died on the Russian front. I am amused that you would fall fr om the tree with so much noise. The news I have a few people have asked me. My f amily always thanked your parents had done for her. Just go to the tour with tho se who have deserved. Your trick, hair cut to zero, you will not have helped. Th is afternoon I have nothing to do. This memo is that it tells you the other day. Eating without rhyme or reason at any time is very detrimental to health. I'll say the usual: go to fry asparagus. The jury awarded the distinction he had earn ed less. Sinners repent spontaneously rarely have sinned. Virginia's obsession i s to get rich at any cost. Before yesterday, in physics class, Primitivo fell as leep without realizing it. Elisa was very ashamed of what he had done. The polic e asked me if he had seen anyone suspicious in the vicinity. The order, to leave all, Mr. Gonzalez was fulfilled immediately, I demand you answer me the questio n. The Esteban is married has been divorced for a very cloudy. All my life I hav e wondered why you're so irresponsible. The problem with this trip is where we g o to sleep. My grandmother used to scold me with the same refrain: "You're going to spoil it, son." Monica is sick of the compliment on the street. Do not you s ee I climbed back into the swing! Show me, please, which way is it to the Facult y of Sciences. Anyway, I can not imagine the smallest solution. Raul forgot I ha d to do an urgent message. The president is convinced of winning the next electi on. Alberto constantly displays the nasty attempt to impose their criteria. Fran cisco, who lived next door to Gonzalez, died yesterday morning. Yesterday I aske d Julian: where have you been? 2. ADJECTIVES subordinate clause. Notes the proposals as part of each of the sen tences, in each case identifies the adjectival subordinate clause (and possible cases of sustantivación) and indicates what kind of adjective is subordinate. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The boy in whom I trusted most disappointe d. In life there are rare examples taken from the neighbor. Mercedes went shoppi ng with Mary, which does not get anything right. That house, in which sometimes are living ghosts, was built by my father. Those unhappy living in his own world where no one can enter. I was at the farm I told you about in my letter. I woul d take away the middle, which is more secure. It is an insoluble conundrum led t he way out the crime. My cousin Augustine, who went to America, is visiting at h ome. John is an insufferable boor who has come to fool his mother. There are a h undred snakes, among which more than eighty are poisonous. I can not remember th e judge by whose intercession you escape from jail. What you say is false, which I confirmed by the weakness of your arguments. Send whoever commands, I'll do w hat I want. I remember those times, when we were so happy. George is one of thos e men which could harm with impunity. The man just to say hello is a known gangs ter. I saw no familiar face, so I left immediately. The terrorist, who was haras sed by the police, ended up shooting himself. The terrorist, seeing that the pol ice would stop him, eventually shooting himself. 3. Adverbial subordinate clauses. Notes the proposals as part of each of the sen tences, in each case identifies the subordinate clause adverb, and points out wh at kind of adverbial subordinate question. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jaime has passed the exam as it could . The partridge was like I could not fly. I'll see where we used to be. I will a rrive at the meeting did not permit either me my duty. The kidnapping took place last thirty days. It was as if someone had nailed black flags. We have not seen where it tends to make your daily walk. He paused, as if to concentrate better. Happy walking down the street, smiling with a happy expression. There is still unrest out there, so be cautious.€His temper was such that all his friends away from him eventually. His house is as I had imagined. In the driving test Mary be haved much better than you thought. It has as much as you want. Esther eats that

gives joy to see her. Marta eat less than a bird. The written is written, thus, obeys. Mario knows more than Einstein the owners rejected my proposal and there fore I go. Are more silly than to cook the butter. You're so stupid you would be able to cook the butter. You wanted it so now loaded with the consequences. Stu dy and tomorrow you will become something in life. Although there were many peop le on the street, the murderer managed to escape. I'll listen if not too long. G o home, papaya, to fry you an egg, or I'll split your face. Since no one saw me, I could sneak into the room. To be so prissy Stephanie, the kids like it. They put him in jail for stealing a sack of flour. Having decided on the action, you can not rajarte. I said nothing to the police, to protect Julian. As I win the l ottery, I leave this filthy gigs immediately. Whatever it was late, decided to s pend the night in the cave. When Martha says so convinced, have powerful reasons . Having thoroughly studied the subject, I have no fear in my report. I listen t o the end, despite bad you. The boys danced for fun. This being the case we will have no problem. Had I heard this news, you would have told before. From time t o talk about is his voice broke. • • • • • I will not be a member of that party so I'll be damned. We repeat the definition if you have not understood. Wait, honey, I'm coming. I was sent to Tours, in Fr ance, to study the process of blunt cutter. Invest a lot of money as long as I e nsure quick profits.