€€€Cholesterol is scary. Everyone watches his cholesterol as if it was his sworn enemy.

It seems that there are two categories of French: those who have cholest erol and those who do not!

€€€However, cholesterol is not only your opponent. Rather, it is your ally in th at it is necessary for the proper functioning of your body. €€€What is needed above all to know about cholesterol is that there are good and bad cholesterol. And both are vital: they are blood components needed to build and good health of your cells. €€€High levels of good cholesterol is essential. And only a high level of bad ch olesterol can be harmful. You must be closely monitored to avoid problems.

€€€To locate a high cholesterol in your blood, a number of signals is easily ide ntifiable. These include, for example, hypertension, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, tingling in legs, feet or around the lips, overweight. Stress can also be an important factor in increasing your cholesterol.

€€€If you feel this kind of inconvenience, please feel free to control your chol esterol by your doctor. A simple blood test is enough. It is a small thing but y ou need to be reassured and calmed. €€€Indeed, a high cholesterol can have serious consequences. Grease build up on the wall of your arteries that will eventually become clogged and cause cardiova scular disease or cerebrovascular disease. €€€To avoid this end, it is therefore essential that you monitor your cholestero l levels, especially that you do not see your rates rise. In cases where prevent ion is not enough, there are ways to reduce your rates.

€€€If your cholesterol is especially high, your doctor will prescribe a treatmen t that will decrease. €€€A healthy lifestyle can also help. The latter is widely advocated prevention. €€€Tons of tips are distributed regularly to fight against cholesterol.

€€€Here are some tips that may help you do not have cholesterol or lower your ra tes.

€€€As might well told The Palisse, your cholesterol will be high if your diet is rich in fat. It's the perfect equation. Therefore, to reduce your cholesterol, you should adopt a diet low in fat. This is the essential point. Other foods are also recommended: those rich in fiber tend to lower cholesterol in the blood. €€€Vegetables perfectly combine these two advantages: green beans, peas, carrots , artichokes, onions, garlic, broccoli, etc.. are preferred.

€€€An important input fiber can be made by the bread, pasta and rice complete oa t bran you can sprinkle on your food.

€€€The fruits are also essential, especially apples (one or two per day, or 1 kg if you are able). Add some fatty fish such mackerel, tuna, salmon, sardines, he rring, rich in fatty acids and increase good cholesterol. Olive oil, rapeseed ha ve the same effect. Also drink green tea and wine (drink in moderation), whose t annins will decrease your cholesterol. Other Recommended foods: pickles, cucumbe rs, peppers, grapes.

€€€Avoid meat, sunflower oil or corn oil (because fats oxidize easily), fried fo ods, whole milk, butter, eggs (no more than two per week), alcohol (although som e Studies show that a glass of beer or wine per day can increase good cholestero l. But caution: this is not a reason to drink without moderation!). €€€If you are able, adopt a vegetarian diet that combines all the advantages.

€€€Other precautions. If your stress is the source of your cholesterol, try to m inimize. To be more relaxed, do yoga, relaxation, turn to Amma sitting meditatio n. €€€Other natural therapies are sometimes suggested to lower your cholesterol: re flexology (ask a very good practitioner stimulate points that correspond to your thyroid and your liver), the display would have an interesting effect. €€€Move more and also your good cholesterol will increase. You do not have to ex ercise to excess,€walking half an hour per day sessions of qi gong or gentle exe rcise may suffice. Some researchers also advise to stop smoking.

€€€Now you have all the keys in hand to prevent or reduce high cholesterol. Talk to your doctor first! Take you hands. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Thus, the chol esterol you will no longer afraid.

€€€Co-authors: BRUNET Isabelle (specialist in personal development) and Katy GAW ELIK (Doctor of Law, specializing in wellness and personal development)

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