This is another versatile delicious presentation of the basic recipe of Panna Co tta.

Personally I see it as a dessert that fits in the letter or the menu of any restaurant. It is very practical and totally changes few settings, you can carr y easily from popular to unique among the ingredients simply by including one or two products extravagant. One detail to note is the degree of sweetness, becaus e once assembled should harmonize with the dressing or what we use to decorate. Sesame Panna Cotta. ... With dates and raisins. Ingredients 400 ml milk, 400 ml of cream, 6 tablespoons ground roasted sesame, 1 0 grams of gelatin, 1 stick of cinnamon, 150 ml of rum, raisins and a handful of other dates, 160 grams of sugar and condensed milk. Preparation Boil the milk, cream, 60 grams of sugar and sesame ground up to a boil. Add the gelatin sheets that you've soaked in advance and stir until dissolved. Pour the cream resulting in the mold or individual molds and let cool to room temperature first and then in the refrigerator. Now Heat rum in a saucepan with the cinnamon stick and bri ng to boil, remove the cinnamon and the contents of the bucket flies. Then add t he raisins and half the remaining sugar stirring until a light syrup. In another pan with a little water, cook the chopped and pitted dates with the remaining s ugar syrup to achieve another. Mold removed and serve the panna cotta onto a pla te or a fountain, water with both syrup and raisins distributed and dates. Term salsa dish with a little condensed milk. Speaking of versatility, here I show you a recipe on how to file and change the classic ingredients in a Panna Cotta to make it just a couple of additional proc edures in a new dessert. Panna Cotta Duo. ... With red fruits. Raspberry Layer Ingredients: 7 g unflavored gelatin, c / n of raspberries, 500 m illiliters of juice and raspberry jelly. Panna Cotta base: 14 g unflavored gelat in, 1 / 2 pint of cream, 1 / 2 liter milk, 200 g of sugar, Raspberry Layer 2. pr eparation Dissolved (hydrated) 21 g gelatin in cold water, let it thicken and heat 20 seco nds or until completely diluted in the microwave. Mix with wire whisk the juice, jelly and gelatin. 3. 4. Pour into individual molds or one large single raspberries placing first in the base layer and cover with juice, jam and jelly and refrigerate until set and rep eat the procedure with the last layer: Panna Cotta base: 4. Dissolved (hydrated) 42 g gelatin in cold water, let it thicken and heat 20 seconds or until complet ely diluted in the microwave. 5. Heat the cream with sugar until it breaks a boi l, remove from heat and add dissolved gelatin. Mix well and then invested in a w ater bath to cool to room temperature.