Sound effects in videos Using Avidemux and Audacity Sound effects in videos The idea is to create a sound effect

on a video (homemade youtube, films) as an artificial applause, a sound "of the street kid", etc. We will use free software and cross-platform Audacity Avidemux. The process involves the following steps: 1 .- Extract the audio track with Avidemux 2 .- Download the audio in Audacity and add the sound effect 3 .- Replace the sound track in the video with avidemux Case Study: Grandma DJ As a practical case we will insert an effect on the video DJ's grandmother. Ther e is a part of the video that made a change in camera, and the viejilla is seen as moving the neck. At that point we will insert a sound effect as rusty hinge ( xD). Case Study: Grandma DJ The first thing to do is find the right sound. We have two options, or find it t hrough google (for sound effects or similar keywords), or if it is simple, burn ourselves with the microphone. For this case study, we use the found sound of a door with rusty hinges. Step 1: Extract the audio track with avidemux Avidemux is started, it loads the video file, and look in File> Properties to se e how it is encoded audio track. In this case, is in mp3. So then go to Sound> S ave, and save in a folder and mp3 sound. Step 1: Extract the audio track with avidemux Step 2: Upload the track in Audacity Now comes the more complicated. We begin by starting the program Audacity, and l oad the mp3 track. Looks something like this: Step 2: Upload the track in Audacity Step 2: Add the sound effect Project> Import Audio, and select the sound effect in this case the rusty door. We are left with a screen like the following slide: Step 2: Add the sound effect Step 2: Add the sound effect The problem has been inserted and the effect is that saving the two tracks toget her, you hear the effect at the beginning, not when we need it. So the effect wi ll need to move just at the moment we want to hear it. Before moving it, therefo re we have to play video and record just the time of the timeline in which the e ffect should be inserted. In this practical example is given in the second 47 an d "peak." Step 2: Add the sound effect Now use the move tool audacity to move the effect for the timeline to where we w ant. Step 2: Add the sound effect Step 2 / 3: Add the sound effect

To insert it better, we can zoom into the timeline, to see just between 46 and 4 8 seconds. As it is difficult to hit at first, let's make sure it is well situat ed: In Audacity, File> Export as mp3 In avidemux, Sound> Tennis Home> Source Aud io> MP3 External and load the new file. Step 2 / 3: Add the sound effect Now encode the video (eg Xvid video, and sound in HTML), and we see it. If the s ound effects fit into the site we wanted ... Perfect! We already have the video. If you do not fit right where we wanted, as we have to go back to Audacity, and with the move tool, move the effect to where we are interested. Sound effects in videos FIN