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Piracy Types of Piracy The peer-to-peer piracy methods software piracy in the entertainment industry The law against piracy economic correlations Alternatives to combat piracy movements Microsoft and piracy 12/01/2006 Future prospects and final evaluation 2 What is piracy? - It is an illegal practice that involves the duplication, distribution or misus e, and unauthorized computer software, also the copy of literary, musical, audio visual, made without respecting the relevant copyright for subsequent sale 12/01 /2006 . 3 Types of Piracy • Unlimited access Softlifting • customers • Commercial use of noncommercial sof tware • Development of cracks or "bridges" to skip protection codes • Counterfei t software • Internet Piracy 12/01/2006 4 What are P2P networks? • A common network different for each program for linking the computers of users who share certain directories where files are exchanged. 12/01/2006 5 Hacking methods • shareware • Patches - Serial Numbers Cracks • • Hackers • Multiple Recording M ethods 12/01/2006 6 Piracy in the entertainment media • • Music Piracy Piracy of digital television - Canal + was the first, now the phenomenon is spreading in Digital + and cable television (R, among others). 12/01/2006 • Piracy of video games and movies 7

Spanish legislation against piracy • The law is violated if all the cases described below: 12/01/2006 8 Spanish legislation against piracy • The law is violated if all the cases described below: 1) When you copy or distribute a computer program without permission or license of the owner of the royalties. Using a program without a license or authorizatio n from the manufacturer. Using computer programs in a number of copies than auth orized by the manufacturer. Where a company or organization encourages employees to make or distribute unauthorized copies of the program. 2) 3) 4) 12/01/2006 9 Continued ... 5) When making unauthorized copies. 6) Get or lend the program to be copied or c opied while in their possession. 7) Create, import, possess or deal with article s intended to circumvent or neutralize any technical means applied to protect th e computer program. 8) Acquire and illegal software knowing their illegal origin . 12/01/2006 10 Economic consequences. • Who is affected ... - Consumers - A software developers and record labels - Vendors and distributors - Authors and artists - and to society 12/01/2006 11 Continued ... 12/01/2006 12 The hacking is a big problem, the figures indicate that the industry loses nearl y 29 000 million dollars annually! 12/01/2006 13 Alternatives to combat piracy. • Lower prices for original copies of software, music CDs, video games, etc. • A dd new royalties to the original products. • more stringent laws against the pir ates. • Link identification between the holder of the registration of software t o avoid being distributed altruistically. • Limited by the mp3 to play music onl y legal. 12/01/2006 14 Anti-Piracy Moves

• BSA (Business Source software Alliance) - This is the most important organization because large companies of computer (l ike Microsoft, Adobe or Symantec) is formed. - Made various efforts to curb the growth of piracy by implementing educational programs and public policy process underway. 12/01/2006 15 Continued ... 12/01/2006 16 Continued ... • CAAST (Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft). Disversos provides informati on to groups and companies on piracy and its implications. • FAST (Federation Ag ainst Software Theft). It was the first organization for intellectual property r ights. • SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association). Protects the intell ectual property of its members. It is a company with great influence because he works with major producers and distributors in the world. 12/01/2006 17 Microsoft and Piracy • Although it may seem, the company of Bill Gates is not the main harmed by pira cy. • The distribution of illegal copies of Windows operating system helps stand ardize private. 12/01/2006 18 Prospects and final balance 12/01/2006 19 Prospects and final balance • Piracy is a global practice and widespread, but illegal. • Free software can b ecome an alternative to paid software, for free, thus avoiding the growth of pir acy in the past. • The future is in Internet piracy: the copying and distributio n of pirated CD-ROMs will become minority. 12/01/2006 20 12/01/2006 21