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ar Scientific Affirmations for Healing: Theory and Practice of Concentration. Autho r: Paramahansa Yogananda. Published by: Self-Realization Fellowship, 1st Edition : 16/02/1999 ISBN: 0876121466. Yogananda was born under the name of Mukunda Lal Ghosh in Gorakhpur, India within an upper class family. In his autobiography he notes that during his teenage years he met several of the holy men of his time. In 1910, with 17 years, met his Guru, or spiritual master, Swami Sri Yukteswar. He attended high school at Scottish Church College and then earned his undergrad uate degree in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Calcutta. In 191 5 he took formal vows as a monk in the former monastic order of the Swamis and c hanged his family name by "Swami Yogananda." Contents: PART ONE. THEORY OF THE HEALING 1. Origin of the effect of Claims. The spiritual power of human speech. Divine Power of Man. Implementation of the Will, Feeling and Reason. Mental Origin of Chronic Diseases. Faith and Service: Two Factors N ecessary. 2. Healing Energy is Produced by Vital. Healing the Temperament Agreem ent. The Power of Emotion and Will. Vital Energy Stimulation. Knowledge of the G reat Therapists. The Power of Affirmations lies in the truth. 3. Healing Physica l, Mental and Spiritual. Preventing Mental Illness. Spiritual Preventing Disease s. Evaluation of treatment methods. Divine Law Enforcement in the Material Plane . Purchasing Power of Vital Energy. 4. The Nature of Creation. Consciousness and Matter. Thought: The Subtle vibrations. Body and Consciousness, created by man in the dream state. Cosmic Maya or Illusion. Humanity Needs Extraviada. Wisdom: Supreme Purifying Therapy. Human Consciousness and Divine Consciousness. Trust i n the Divine Power that lies within you. 03 05 08 12 PART TWO: METHOD AND PRACTICE. 5. Technical Claims. Preliminary Rules. Affirmati ons Inspired by the Soul. Physiological Three Centers. 15 2 1. Origin of the effect of Claims. The word of man is the Spirit in the name. Spoken words are sounds produced by v ibration of thoughts. The thoughts are vibrations emitted by the ego or the hear t. You should saturate each of your words with the powerful vibrations of your s ouls. If a man is unable to breathe on her words the force of the spirit, theirs is a dead language. When we talk too much, or exaggerate or falsify the facts, our words become so ineffective that paper bullets fired from a toy gun. That is why both the words and the prayers of people loquacious or unscrupulous in thei r language, often lack the power to bring about a positive change in the course of events. The words of the men should express not only the truth, but also thei r own understanding and realization [of the truth]. A language devoid of the str ength of spirit, resembles a stripped corn cobs of the grains. The spiritual power of human speech. Words filled with sincerity, conviction, fa ith and intuition, act as highly explosive vibration pumps, which disintegrates explosion rocks the difficulties, operating the desired transformation. Avoid un

pleasant words to pronounce, even when it relates to truthful information. Where a conflict, we repeat sincere statements, with full understanding, feeling and determination, they inevitably attract the support of the Omnipresent Cosmic Vib rational Force. Power appealed the infinite confidently away all doubt, otherwis e the arrow of your attention will wander the target. Once you have planted in t he land of the Cosmic Consciousness seed of your prayers, not excavéis often in order to check whether they have germinated or not ... Grant him divine forces the opportunity to operate without interruption. Divine Power of Man. There is nothing more than the Cosmic Consciousness or God. His power infinitely beyond the limits of the human mind. So, seek only His hel p, which means that you should not you again passive, inert or gullible, nor tha t you should neglect the power of your own minds. The Lord helps those who help themselves. He has given you the powers of will, strength, faith, reason and com mon sense€in order that you do use them in your efforts to free yourself from p hysical disturbance and mental. You should apply all of these powers, more appea ling simultaneously to the help of God. In giving your prayers or affirmations, do always with the confidence that you are using your own powers-powers received from God to heal either yourself or others. Ask God's help, more Take simultane ously aware of the fact that you yourselves who you are using, as beloved childr en of God, of the gifts you have received from Him, the will, emotion and reason , to resolve all complex problems of life. There should be a balance between the medieval concept of total dependence of man toward God and the modern habit of relying entirely on the ego. Implementation of the Will, Feeling and Reason. The mental attitude should match the type of statement that applies: statements regarding the will must be accom panied by a strong determination, statements relating to the feelings must be ac companied by devotion, statements regarding the reason, must be accompanied by a clear understanding. When you want to heal others, you must select a type of st atement that matches the patient's temperament, whether active, imaginative, emo tional or reflective. Essential condition in the practice of any claim, is the i ntensity of care, more continuity and repetition are also factors of considerabl e importance. Repeat your statements carefully and repeatedly saturated with dev otion, 3 will and faith ... and do not worry by the results: they must occur naturally, a s a result of your efforts. During the physical healing process, attention shoul d focus on the infinite powers of the mind and not on the disease itself, becaus e the latter may undermine the faith. When it comes to overcoming delusions, suc h as fear, anger, bad habits, etc., The concentration should be fixed at the opp osite quality to which you want to win. Thus, to overcome fear, you must cultiva te awareness of the value, to overcome anger, awareness of peace to overcome the weakness, awareness of the fortress, to overcome the disease, health awareness, etc. . Mental Origin of Chronic Diseases. When we fight to regain lost health, often we tend to pay more attention to the overwhelming power of the disease rather than concentrating fully on the possibility of healing, in this way, we allow body d isease becomes a habit, both mentally and physically. This phenomenon is particu larly evident in people tense and apprehensive. All depressive, all thoughts of happiness, irritability or calm, subtle groove records his brain cells, strength ening our tendencies toward either the disease or to wellness. Our subconscious "ideas" habits "either health or disease, exert a powerful influence on us. The rebels, both mental illnesses and physical-have always deeply rooted in the subc onscious mind. To remove the disease is necessary to start these hidden roots. I t is therefore aware that every statement must be practiced with sufficient stre ngth to be able to print [the truth] in the subconscious mind, then the latter i

n turn will affect the conscience automatically. Thus, the strong statements tha t are practiced in a conscious way they operate on the mind as on the body throu gh the mediation of the subconscious mind. The statements made with a larger for ce, not only to reach the subconscious mind but also the superconscious dispense r magical miraculous powers. Any assertion of truth should be practiced by apply ing in her will, feeling, intelligence and devotion. It should not be allowed to distract attention. Attention is necessary to train as if it were a naughty boy , every time that deviates from its target, it must bring back and show, again a nd again, repeatedly and patient, to concentrate on the task assigned. Faith and Service: Two Factors Necessary. If you want to reach the superconsciou s a statement, that statement must be free of doubt and uncertainty. The attenti on and active faith which torches capable of driving to the subconscious mind an d superconscious including those statements that are performed without a full un derstanding of its meaning. Patience and repetition Alert and intelligent, works wonders.€Claims practiced to heal chronic physical or mental disturbances, sho uld be repeated frequently, depth and continuity, until they form an integral pa rt of our deepest convictions intuitive. We should never pay any attention to th e fact that the state of our health to remain steady or even worse. It is better to die - if death is coming "with the conviction of possessing perfect health, rather than with the idea that a victim of physical or mental ill incurable. Eve n though, according to current knowledge of man, death to irrevocably constitute s our body, soul power is able to modify the "High Noon." 4 2. Healing Energy is Produced by Vital. Jesus said: "Not by bread alone does man live, but by every word that proceeds f rom the mouth of God." (Matthew 4:4) The "Word" is Life Energy or Vibrational Co smic Force. The "mouth of God is the medulla, located in the back of the brain w hich tapers, melting into the spinal cord. This area of the human body, the most vital of all, is the divine portal ("mouth of God") through which enters the "W ord" or vital energy that sustains the man. In the Hindu and Christian scripture s, the Word is designated with the terms of Om and Amen, respectively. Only thos e perfect power [of the Word or vital energy] is capable of restoring health, an d all external stimulation methods act only as long as they cooperate with the v ital energy, and lack any value in his absence. Healing the Temperament Agreement. The drugs prescribed by medicine, massage, sp inal adjustments and electrical stimulation can assist in the recovery of the lo st harmony of the cells, either through its chemical action on the blood or thro ugh its physiological effect. These external methods are sometimes cooperate wit h the vital energy in the process of healing, but without any power if applied t o a dead body, of which the vital energy has been withdrawn. Few people know tha t, according to the particular nature of each individual - whether it is imagina tive, intellectual, idealistic, emotional, volitional or combative, it is possib le to apply special form either imagination, reason, faith, emotion , will, or e ffort, respectively. Coue has highlighted the value of the autosugestión1. The method of psychotherapy used by Coue was based on the power of imagination, and not in the power of willpower. Drawing on statements such as: "Every day I'm improving in all aspects," Coue asked his subjects to repeat again and again, w hen their minds were in a receptive state. His theory was that the statements pe netrate into the subconscious, displacing the anxiety-provoking thoughts or lead to disease) and an intellectual type of person is susceptible to suggestion, an d only react to a metaphysical discussion about the power of awareness the body, since it is essential to understand the "how" and "why" the power of the mind. If an individual learns of this nature, for example, that through hypnosis is po ssible to produce blisters on the body - as stated by William James in his Princ iples of Psychology - may also understand that the mind is also capable of cure

a disease. If the mind is capable of altering the health, it is also able to res et it. The different parts of the body have been developed through the power of the mind: is she who oversees the training of body cells and can also revitalize . The auto is also of little value in an individual with a strong will. This typ e of person can cure a disease by the application of assertions that can stimula te their will instead of his imagination. But the auto is applicable in those wh o are endowed with a temperament essentially emotional. 1 5 The Power of Emotion and Will. He is known for certain individual mute, who rega ined the ability to speak to flee a building in flames. Acute Emotional received the impression at the sight of the flames and brought him to shout "Fire!" Fire ! ", Forgetting that until then had not been able to talk. The impact of violent emotion won his subconscious "disease" habit. " This event is an illustrative e xample of the effect of the power of intensely focused attention. Finding myself in India and Ceylon full journey, during my first voyage, I was suddenly beset by a fit of vomiting and dizziness. The incident disturbed me a lot,€then gripp ed me by surprise, just as I was enjoying my first experience in a floating room (my cabin) and a sailing village. I decided not to ever let me fall victim to s uch a trick of my body. Advancing a foot, I set firmly on the floor of my cabin, and ordered him to my will never return to accept the experience of dizziness. And even when he later returned to travel by sea on numerous occasions for a mon th between Japan and India, fifty days between Calcutta and Boston, and twenty-s ix days between Seattle and Alaska-ever I became prey to sickness. Vital Energy Stimulation. The powers of the will, imagination, reasoning and emo tion alone can not carry out any physical healing. They operate only as differen t agents, which, according to the temperament of each individual, can stimulate the vital energy, but is this who heals the disease. In a case of paralysis of t he arm, for example, if the will or imagination are stimulated repeatedly, vital energy can flow to the diseased tissues suddenly restoring normal arm. The repe tition of the statements should be firmly and continuously, in order that the fo rce of will, reason or emotion, possesses sufficient magnitude to stimulate vita l energy inactive, patency was reestablished to normal functions. Should never n eglect the importance of repeated efforts with increasing depth. When planting a tree, the success of the company depends on two factors: the power of the seed and soil conditions. Also, when it comes to healing a disease, two factors are e ssential: the power of the therapist and the receptivity of the patient. Here ar e two Bible verses that show that both the power of faith in the therapist and p atient are necessary: "Then Jesus, feeling in himself that virtue (healing power ) that had left him ..." "And he said, Daughter, your faith has healed you." Knowledge of the Great Therapists. Great men endowed with divine realization and the power to heal others, not cure the disease by accident, but carry a precise knowledge. Fully understanding the control of vital energy, they project to the patient a stimulating current, which, on entering it, is able to harmonize the flow of this energy in your body. During the healing process, such men are in fa ct how the psycho-physical laws of nature operating in the tissues of the patien t, restoring normal. People equipped with a lower level of spiritual fulfillment are also able to both heal themselves and others, mentally directing the flow o f vital energy through the internal visual representation, to the affected body region. The restoration of physical, mental or spiritual, can occur instantaneou sly. Darkness crowded through the ages in a particular room, can be dispelled in an instant, with just light a light in there, but no such drive away the darkne ss struggling. But no one can predict what will be healed right now, so you shou ld never set a limit of time for the event. It is faith, and not so time-which w ill determine

6 consummated when healing. The results depend on the proper awakening of vital en ergy and the state in which they are conscious and subconscious minds of the ind ividual concerned. The lack of faith paralyzes the vital energy, hampering the p erfect work of this doctor divine architect of the body and master worker. The e ffort and care are essential to achieve the depth of faith, the will or imaginat ion, which will move automatically to operate vital energy healing. Both anxiety and expectation with respect to the results weaken the strength of true faith. If man uses his will and his faith, the vital energy remains dormant, inoperativ e. It takes time to revive the strength of will, a faith or a weak imagination, in a patient suffering from a chronic disease, as morbid thoughts are subtly etc hed on their brain cells. Just as the bad habit of "Insight" usually requires a long time to develop, one also needs a certain time for the good habit of "healt h awareness" is restored. If you assert, for example: "I'm healthy," but at the same time think, in the depths of your mind, that this statement is ineffective, the result will be similar to that obtained if ingested a powerful drug,€while taking another drug to offset the effects of the first. As with the use of any drug, when used with thought in order to obtain a cure, you should take care not to neutralize the negative thoughts with healing thoughts. For a thought can ac tively operate successfully, must be imbued with such a strong will, able to wit hstand the opposition of contrary thoughts. The Power of Affirmations lies in the truth. To be effective, thinking must be u nderstood and applied correctly. Upon entering the first time in the human mind, the ideas often do so in its raw form, without suffering any digestion, to be a ssimilated, require therefore careful consideration. A thought devoid of spiritu al belief is worthless. That is why those who applied without understanding the true statements in which they are based, that is, the indissoluble union between man and God, they get very poor results, hence they lament the lack of healing power of thoughts. 7 3. Healing Physical, Mental and Spiritual. On its death, man is endowed with a threefold nature, and yearns for freedom fro m all forms of suffering, namely: 1) The healing of bodily ills. 2) The cure of diseases of the mind, psychological conditions, such as fear, anger, bad habits, awareness of failure, lack of confidence and initiative, and so on. 3) The cure of diseases of the mind, such as indifference, lack of purpose in life, dogmati sm and intellectual arrogance, skepticism, satisfied with the material aspect of existence, and ignorance of both the laws of life and the divinity of man. It i s essential to assign equal value to the prevention and cure of these three type s of diseases simultaneously. Most of the men fixed their attention on the heali ng of physical problems alone, because these are the most tangible and obvious. Most people are unaware of the fact that the real causes of all human distress l ie in delusions such as anxiety, selfishness, etc. and the spiritual blindness t hat prevents perceive the divine meaning of life. Once a man has destroyed itsel f mental bacteria intolerance, anger and fear, and freed his soul from the power of ignorance, it is very unlikely to suffer from physical or material deprivati on. How to Prevent Physical Disease. Obedience to God's physical laws, is the best m ethod to prevent any physical illness. Avoid excesses in diet. A large majority of people die because of their own greed, and their ignorance of correct dietary habits. Obey the divine laws of hygiene. The practice of mental hygiene purity is superior to physical hygiene, but by no means be neglected the importance of the latter. Do not live, however, according to rigid rules of hygiene so that th e slightest deviation from it disturbs you. Prevent the physical, by mastering t

he proper method to preserve the physical energy and to provide the body of an i nexhaustible amount of vital energy through practice exercises Self Realization Fellowship. Prevent hardening of the arteries through the diet. Avoid subjecting the heart to a unique work, the fear and anger fatigued this body. Whether thro ugh the practice of the method of Self Realization Fellowship, and the cultivati on of mental serenity, rest heart brindadle necessary. If we estimate that the a mount of blood ejected with each contraction of the ventricles of the heart amou nts to about one hundred and fifteen milliliters, this body would move a weight equal to eight pounds of blood in a minute. Thus, within one day, boost heart ab out twelve tons of blood, and within a year this value would amount to four thou sand tons. These figures demonstrate the enormous work done by the heart. Genera lly considered the heart relaxes between contractions (diastolic period or expan sion) it would receive every twenty-four hours, a total of nine hours rest. The diastolic period, however, does not correspond to a real rest, but 8 is merely a stage of preparation for movement following stroke. The vibrations c aused by the contraction of the ventricles reverberate through the heart tissue during relaxation, and therefore the heart is never really at rest.€While the h eart muscle day and night under a continuous waste of energy, naturally tends to lose his strength. It would therefore be of considerable value to the maintenan ce of health, hold for that muscle adequate rest. The conscious control of sleep , learning to sleep and wake at will, are part of yoga training, one of whose ph ases enables man to regulate the heartbeat. When you can consciously control the beating of the heart, has achieved mastery over death. Both physical rest and r enewal of energy produced during normal sleep, are only a pale reflection of the wonderful calm and strength achieved by the "conscious sleep", in which even th e heart relaxes. Saint Paul (I Corinthians 15:31): "... for the glory that in or der to you I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily", that is, the holy peac e that accompanies a Consciousness of Christ, rests or stops the heart. There ar e many scriptures that reveal the fact that the ancient prophets art dominated t he rest of the heart, either through scientific meditation or spiritual total su rrender to God. In 1837, some well-known Hindu fakir called Sadhu Haridas was bu ried underground in order of Ranjit Singh, Maharaja of Punjab, as part of a tigh tly controlled experiment. Under constant surveillance, this man was buried for forty days, within a completely walled cavity. After that period, his body was u nearthed in the presence of many dignitaries of the court, plus some English gen tlemen, among whom was Colonel Sir. C. M. Wade, London. Sadhu Haridas resumed br eathing and he returned to normal life. During a previous experiment, led by the Raja Dhyan Singh in Jammu, Kashmir, Sadhu Haridas remained buried for four mont hs. This man had mastered the art of controlling as much to rest the heart. Preventing Mental Illness. Cultivate peace and trust in God. Set free your mind of all thought disturbing, full of love and happiness. Take consciousness of the superiority of mental healing rate on physical therapy. Discard the bad habits, under whose influence your lives become miserable. Spiritual Preventing Diseases. It is possible that our minds become more and mor e spiritual, by the method of freeing ourselves from any notion of mortality and mutability, concepts that limit us. The body is nothing but vibration materiali zed, and should be recognized as such. The awareness of the disease, decay and d eath, can be evicted by the scientific understanding of both the deep laws that unify the subject and the Spirit, and the illusory quality of the manifestation of Spirit in form of matter , of the infinite in finite form. Firmly believe tha t you created in the image of the Father, and therefore you are immortal and per fect. Science has proven that even the tiniest particle of matter, or the slight est wave of energy, are indestructible, the soul or spiritual essence of man is also indestructible. Matter undergoes changes, the soul suffers changing experie nces. A radical changes are called death, but death, change of physical form, do

es not alter or destroy the spiritual essence. There are many methods of concent ration and meditation that is often taught, but the Self Realization Fellowship methods are most effective. Apply your daily lives of peace and balance that you experience during the practice of concentration and meditation. Preserve your e quanimity even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Do not be victimized by violent emotions, even compared to more adverse events, then look undisturbed. 9 Evaluation of treatment methods. Generally considered that the disease is caused by external causes, material. Few are aware that the cause of the process lies in the inactivity of internal vital energy. When the cell or tissue vehicle of v ital energy are seriously injured, that energy is removed from the affected regi on, giving rise to the phenomenon of the disturbance. Both the drugs such as mas sage and electrical stimulation, act merely as activating cells, helping to lead the life energy to return to their maintenance and repair work. Should not be e xtremist in any sense, but take any therapeutic method that we deem appropriate, according to our individual convictions.€Both drugs and food have a definite c hemical action on the blood and tissues. Since we use food to keep us why should we neglect the effects of drugs or other means of physical therapy on our body? While awareness of the subject prevails in man, physical methods of healing are always useful, even if tainted by limitations due to the fact that they are app lied from the outside. The best methods are those that help the vital energy to resume its internal therapeutic activities. Drugs can help chemically, through i ts action on blood and tissue, the application of electrical stimulation methods can also be useful. More or medicine or electricity are able to heal on their o wn disease, all they can do is encourage or induce the vital energy return to th e region that has left sick. If we can handle the action of the vital energy dir ectly, it should give up all external therapeutic agent, whether a drug or appli cation of electricity or any other instrument intermediary. Divine Law Enforcement in the Material Plane. The ointments may be useful in the treatment of sores, itching, superficial wounds, etc. Likewise, if you have bro ken a leg or an arm, it is necessary to give life energy to rearrange the work o f displaced bones, as an orthopedic surgeon, a child of God, capable of serving as an instrument of His-can treat the fracture through the use of their expertis e and their knowledge of God's laws applied to the material world. If, by mental power, you are instantly able to heal your broken bones, do well, but if you la ck this power, it would be foolish to wait until the buy to heal. We can help re move or alleviate congestion in the nerves or vertebrae by fasting, massage, ost eopathic and rheumatologic treatments, yoga postures, etc., Thus facilitating th e free flow of vital energy. Purchasing Power of Vital Energy. Mental healing is superior to all methods of p hysical healing, because the will, imagination, faith and reason are states of c onsciousness, effectively acting directly from within. They provide the motivati ng power that stimulates and directs the vital energy, inducing it to perform an y specific task. Both the auto and the use of different types of statements are useful in stimulating vital energy, but they are not always effective. This is d ue to the fact that those who practice these methods are often applied in an exc lusively mental, without consciously manage the vital energy and therefore witho ut making any physiological connection [between mind and matter]. When combined psychophysiological techniques with the power of will, faith and reason, control ling and directing the vital energy in such a way as to contact the superconscio us state, the cure is safe. In this blessed state of Reality 10 understand the indissoluble unity between matter and spirit, thus overcoming any state of disturbance. Realization Seif's teachings provide the modus operandi F

eIlowship to train the will in such a way as to be able to go to any region of t he body the flow of vital energy that it actually vibrates. Through the applicat ion of this method, you may receive as defined internal flow Cosmic Vibratory Fo rce. 11 4. The Nature of Creation. The matter does not exist as it usually conceive it, but does exist in the form of a cosmic illusion, and to dispel this illusion, it requires a defined method. As it is impossible to heal a man addicted to drugs in a single instant, so the material consciousness, which dominates the man through the law of illusion, bu t can not be overcome through learning and application of laws in conflict, ie t he law of truth. Through a series of processes of condensation, the Spirit turne d on, hence the matter comes from the Spirit, and therefore can not differ from its origin. Matter is a partial expression of the Spirit, which manifests as the infinite finite, the Unlimited as limited. Further, since the matter is but an illusory manifestation of the Spirit, does not exist per se. Consciousness and Matter. At the beginning of creation, the Spirit unmanifested until then, was designed in the form of two different natures: consciousness and matter.€These are two expressions of the one Spirit vibrational transcendental consciousness being a subtle vibration and vibration coarser material from him Conscience is the vibration of the subjective aspect of the Spirit, and the matt er is the vibration of its objective aspect. The Spirit, as Cosmic Consciousness , is potentially inherent in the vibrational field objective and, in its subject ive aspect, manifests as consciousness present in all created forms, reaching it s highest expression in the human mind and the many ramifications of thought pro cesses, emotional, volitional and imaginative it. The difference between Spirit and matter lies in the reality of the vibrations of the two, as to say, this is a difference of degree, not of kind. The following example will better illustrat e this fact: Even if all the vibrations are qualitatively similar to the human e ar can only perceive the coarser vibrations, those limits ranging between sixtee n and twenty thousand cycles per second; vibrations of less than sixteen and mor e than twenty thousand cycles per second are usually inaudible. There is no esse ntial difference between audible and inaudible vibrations, even if there is such a relative difference of degree between them. Through the power of Maya-the cos mic illusion, the Creator has made the physical manifestations are presented so clearly differentiated and individualized to the human mind, it did not in any w ay associated with the Spirit. Thought: The Subtle vibrations. Contained in the gross physical body vibration, the vibration is more subtle than the current cosmic life energy, and flooding b oth the body and the energy of life itself, is even more refined vibration of co nsciousness. The vibrations of consciousness are so subtle that they can not be detected by any physical instrument, only consciousness can apprehend consciousn ess. Humans catch the myriad of vibrations emitted by the consciousness of other human beings, expressed through words, actions, looks, gestures, silences, atti tudes, and so on. Every man carries the brand stamped on it his own vibrational state of consciousness, and emits a characteristic influence both on individuals and on objects. For example, a room in which dwells a man determined, is impreg nated with the vibrations of his thoughts. Any person endowed with a certain deg ree of sensitivity, will be able to clearly perceive these vibrations. 12 The human ego, or sense of "I-ness", the distorted image of the soul mortal cons ciousness inmortalaprehende directly, and matter (the human body and all other f orms of creation) indirectly, through mental processes and sensory perceptions. The ego is therefore always aware of his own conscience, rather it is not matter

- not even the body in which he lives, but when they fixed their attention on i t. Hence, a man who is deeply engrossed in a particular subject, be aware of you r mind, but not of his body. Body and Consciousness, created by man in the dream state. All experiments produ ced in the waking state of a man, can be reproduced in the dream state of consci ousness. Plunged in this state, man can dream happily walking through a beautifu l garden, and finds himself before the body of a friend, then suffers, weeps, he r head hurts, his heart pounding painfully. Or maybe a storm suddenly appeared i n his dream, and then feel wet and cold ... Plus, just wake up, the protagonist of dreams laugh at all your dream experiences. Is there a difference between the experiences of a man in the dream state and their experiences in the waking sta te? During his dream, this guy has seen matter-expressed in his own body, that o f his friend in the garden, etc., And consciousness, expressed in their feelings of joy and pain. Thus, both consciousness-that of matter and of consciousness i tself, is present when a man dreams such as when awake. The man is able to creat e matter and consciousness in an illusory world of dreams. There should therefor e be hard to grasp the fact that the Spirit, using the power of Maya, man has cr eated to the dream world of "life": a conscious existence is, in essence, so unr eal, so ephemeral and changing - as are the experiences of dreams. Cosmic Maya or Illusion. The phenomenal world operates under the power of maya, the law of duality or opposite states, and is therefore an unreal world€existen ce of which hides the truth of the unity and immutability of God. Man dreams, in his mortal aspect, with dualities and contrasts with the life and death, health and disease, happiness and pain, more so when you wake up the conscience of the soul, all duality disappears, and recognizes himself as the eternal and blessed Spirit. Humanity Needs Extraviada. For the disoriented humanity, both medical help and m ental support are important. There is no denying the superiority of mind over th e therapeutic power of the media materials, plus the action of foods, herbs and drugs, although more limited, it is also undeniable. By using methods for mental health is not necessary to completely disregard the physical systems of healing , since the latter are the result of the investigation of the physical laws of G od. While there is in man the consciousness of the body material, it should not completely dismiss the use of curative drugs. Plus, as soon as your understandin g of the origin of the body immaterial increase in the level enough, your faith in the power of medication will disappear, and you will understand that every di sease has its root in the mind. Wisdom: Supreme Purifying Therapy. My Master, Sri Yukteswar, I never said that m edicines were useless. And yet, he trained his disciples as to which, having exp anded their consciences, when 13 many of them fell ill used exclusively mental power to heal. The master musical notation stating: "Wisdom is the supreme cleansing therapy". There are individua ls in both the West and East, as a fanatic who deny the existence of matter, eve n when they themselves are still dominated by the body awareness to the point of feeling faint when they are deprived of one of their meals common. When we are in that state of realization in which body and mind, life and death, health and disease, seem equally illusory phenomena, only then it is fair to say that we do not believe in the existence of matter. Human Consciousness and Divine Consciousness. Through her Maya-and therefore man 's ignorance about their own soul-human consciousness is isolated from the Cosmi c Consciousness. The human mind is subject to change and limits, and Cosmic Cons ciousness is free from all restraint, and never engages in the experience of dua

lity: the experiences of life and death, health and illness, pain and fleeting j oys, etc. . Always prevails in the divine mind an immutable perception of suprem e happiness. The process of liberation of human consciousness is developed throu gh training through the study claims, concentration and meditation. This trainin g teaches us to retract our attention from the vibrations of the gross body and the incessant fluctuations of thoughts and emotions, enabling us to perceive the subtle vibrations and stable vital energy and higher mental states. Trust in the Divine Power that lies within you. People equipped with a heightene d awareness material, ie those who tend to identify their "being" with the physi cal body should be led gradually to learn to rely increasingly on less than drug s and foreign aid in general, and to rely more and more in the divine power that dwells within himself 14 PART TWO: METHOD AND PRACTICE. 5. Technical Claims. Preliminary Rules. A) Sit facing north or east. Choose a straight-backed chair, devoid of arm supports, and cover a chair with a woolen blanket. The wool serves the purpose of isolating the body of the earth magnetic currents, which tend to link the mind to the perceptions materials. 2) Close your eyes and focus attent ion on the region of the medulla (in the back of the neck), unless other specifi c instructions otherwise indicated. Keep your back straight, chest lifted, retra cted abdomen, but relaxed. Inhale deeply, then exhaled breath, repeat this opera tion three times. 3) Relax your body and stay still. Desalójense of mind all an xious thoughts, and withdraw the attention of all body sensation, whether therma l, auditory, etc. 4) Do not think the particular type of healing that is needed. 5) Discard all your worries, any lack of confidence, any concern. Take consciou sness, in a calm and confident that God's law operates effectively and is omnipo tent.€It should prevent doubt or suspicion to prey on the mind and concentratio n faith that the law allowed to operate without any hindrance. Print in the mind the thought that all bodily states are subject to change and are curable, and t hat the very idea of the existence of a chronic illness is an illusion. TIME: Th e statements should be applied at the time of awakening in the morning or during the period of drowsiness that precedes sleep at night When the findings in a gr oup practice, meetings can be any convenient time. LOCATION: To the extent possi ble should be chosen a quiet place and quiet. If necessary to meet in a noisy lo cal, ignore the noise and give full attention devoted to the practice of affirma tions. METHODS: Before practice statements should be wiped off the minds of any concerns and any concerns. Whichever statement is needed, and repeat it in full, starting out loud and gradually lowering his voice while the repetition is in t urn more slowly and ending in a whisper. You should then continue repeating the statement in mind form only, without moving his lips and tongue, until they feel it has reached a deep, uninterrupted concentration. In this period should not f all into a state of torpor, but there must be a deep continuity of thought, a th ought that flows without interruption. If you continue with the mental affirmati on, delving further, there will be a sense of peace and happiness growing. Durin g a state of deep concentration, our mental claims are immersed in the power of the subconscious, only to return later to the sphere of consciousness reinforced with the power to influence the conscious mind through the law of habit. In tha t period of practice in which one experiences a growing peace, your claims go ev en deeper, penetrating into the realm of the superconscious from the kingdom ret urn to consciousness this time endowed with unlimited power to influence the con scious mind to meet your desires. Do not entertain any doubt, and it will be pos sible to verify the scientific miracle of this faith. In statements carried out collectively to heal the physical or mental illness of a member of the group or other, obtain care for both the tone of voice as 15

mental strength, concentration and sense of faith and peace with repeated repres entations, are all equally consistent within the group. Weaker minds decrease th e strength of collective claims, and may even divert the flow of power to its de stination, the superconscious. It is therefore essential not to make any movemen t (during practice) and allow the mind becomes restless. To succeed, it requires the concentration of all group members. The group claims, the director of the g roup should read the statements in rhythmic form, and the rest of the crowd repe ated his words with the same rhythm and intonation. Affirmations Inspired by the Soul. The statements in this book have been saturat ed by the inspiration of the soul. These seeds should be sown statements in the land of peace superconscious, and watered by faith and your concentration, which will create active internal vibrations promote seed germination. There are many processes involved between planting the seed of the claim, and obtain its fruit s. In order to produce the desired outcome, all the conditions necessary for the ir development must be fulfilled. The seed of claim must be a seed in good condi tion, ie must be free of defects of the doubt, anxiety, and inattention. Should be planted in the minds and hearts, in concentrated form, serene, devout, and wi th a repetition regársela must always fresh and deep, and with unlimited faith. Always Avoid rote. In this respect the biblical injunction: "Do not take the na me of the Lord thy God in vain." (Exodus 20:7). Affirmations should be repeated in a firm, intense and sincere, until there is a power such that a mental order, a powerful internal analysis, it is sufficient to alter body cells and to urge the soul to work miracles. Stages of Mental Canticle. Remember again that the statements should be repeated aloud with appropriate intonation, I go down the tone of voice ending in a whis per, but remember, above all, that the practice should be done with concentratio n and devotion. In this way,€through their own conviction about the efficacy an d truth of statements, thoughts [contained in them] are taken from the sense of hearing to the understanding of the conscious mind, from there to the subconscio us mind or automatically, and from it to the superconscious mind. Those who beli eve and be healed through the practice of these statements. The five steps to fo llow in the repetition of affirmations are: conscious repetition aloud, repeatin g in a whisper, mental repetition, repetition subconscious. repeat v superconsci ous. Om and Amen, the Cosmic Sound Repetition becomes subconscious and automatic uninterrupted. When the deep internal vibrations of the claims are transformed into implementation, implanted in the minds conscious, subconscious and supercon scious, then you have come to the practice of superconscious statement. Singing superconscious is to keep the attention fixed, without interruption, in the true Cosmic Vibration [Om or Amen) and not in an imaginary sound. As one moves from one stage to another in the practice of affirmations, mental attitude should cha nge in parallel, internalized and increasingly concentrated. The goal is that bo th the person conducting the claim as the process of the practice itself and the statement itself, come to identify themselves in one indissoluble entity. The m ind should reach the deepest state (concentration) in a conscious way - without sinking into the torpor, the mental wandering or drowsy state in which attention is focused so intensely, that all thought is immersed and is based on a single central thought which metal particles attracted by an irresistible magnet. 16 Physiological Three Centers. During the statements which will mainly apply, care must be fixed at the midpoint between the eyebrows, when applied to claims of i ntellectual, the center of the concentration must be the medulla oblongata, and in the claims of fervor, concentration should focus on the heart. Depending on t he occasion, the man may set your mind automatically in any of these regions phy siological in emotional states, for example, is often perceived the heart center to the exclusion of the rest of the body through the practice of affirmations i t acquires the power to direct conscious attention to the vital sources of will,

thought and feeling. The absolute and unwavering faith in God is the supreme me thod of instant healing. And the most excellent and productive human duty is to make a constant effort to spark a similar faith. The medulla oblongata and the m idpoint between the eyebrows are in fact the positive and negative, respectively , from a single center of force intelligent. Paramahansaji sometimes used to ind icate the devotees that they should concentrate in the midpoint between the eyeb rows, and sometimes ordered them to concentrate on the medulla, but both sites a re indeed one, by its polarity. When, in a calm and concentrated, the gaze is fi xed at the midpoint between the eyebrows, the current from both eyes goes first fairy that point, and then to the medulla. Then appears on the front of the sing le eye of astral light, which is reflected there from the bulb. FIN 17