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Sastre Mar Tere and Moses Moreno David A. Elo Anna Noema Cristina Perez Mendez Mercedes Romano Margarida Marta Alicia Amador Canela Sesame Raquel Fraguas Aldaya This work is licensed under a Creative Commons © 2008 Spanish Tortilla chickpeas 1 2 3 tortilla chips tortilla Tortilla beef stew Apri l May June tortilla stuffed peppers leek and cod omelette omelette guírgolas 7 t o 8 Tortillitas three sausages rolled salmon and spinach cheese omelet batter Se ptember 10 11 tortilla puff pastry potato Pancakes Tortilla 12 Tortilla tortilla cod Marguerida 13 14 15 salmon rolls with avocado and green onions Tortilla 16 Tortilla 17 Tortilla Berber, 18 sponge Salad Spinach Tortilla 19 Tortilla 20 Tor tilla Salmon with spinach, pine nuts and raisins CONTENTS Spanish Tortilla chickpea by Delok Delok of cuisine Ingredients: 400-500g of cooked chickpeas (may be pot) 5-6 eggs 2 large onions, extra virgin olive oil salt Preparation: Chop the onions thinly and soften in th e oil until browned. Peel the beans, mashing lightly with a pestle (do not make a paste, should be quite whole) and fry the onion a few minutes. Beat eggs, salt and mix with the chickpeas sautéed. Spanish tortilla together some of the tradi tional way and serve hot. It is important to peel the beans, even a little labor ious, so it is a more fine. To do so, must be crushed, once cooked, lightly with the thumb and forefinger. It is much easier than it looks, although it requires a little time. Tortilla chips Juan Antequera Yutubi by Quo Vadis? Ingredients: Eggs Crisps to choose onion salt Preparation: cook the onion in a l ittle skillet. Beat eggs and mix with remaining ingredients. Curdle the tortilla in the usual way. Tortilla beef by Juan Mañas Ingredients: Eggs minced garlic and onion salt, pepper, nutmeg Preparation: In a skillet with a little olive oil fry chopped garlic and onion, add ground beef, salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg and finish fry. Beat 2 eggs with salt concern ed and the batter is poured into the fried meat. It is not too curd omelette. Yo u can take any leftover cooked meat or cooked a little with their deep frying ga rlic and onion. Tortilla casserole by His WebOS Fritos Ingredients: 5 potatoes fine, 5 eggs, salt, extra virgin olive oil, 1 / 2 onion, 1 piece of leek, a teaspoon of paprika, a few grains of pepper, a tablespoon of flour, a glass sheet laure aguaUna Salt, pepper, nutmeg. Preparation: Peel pota toes, wash, dry with a paper towel and cut into thin slices. Put plenty of oil i n a skillet and when hot, add the potatoes with salt. Allow frying until done, b ut be careful not to burn. In a bowl beat the 5 eggs very well, with a little sa lt, so that the tortilla is very fluffy. Remove with a slotted spoon potatoes dr ained to the pan with no excess oil and put them into the bowl. Move the potatoe s with a fork, to take the egg alike. In a skillet is not too wide-this recipe c alls for fat-a tortilla, add a little oil we have left over from frying the pota

toes. When hot, put the potatoes with the egg. With a skimmer going to shape the tortilla to make it good plump. Helping turn around a dish and congeal on the o ther side. Review the edges with spatula and turn them over again. Here now come s the skill of the cook and tastes of home to let her know how. At home we like juicy fruit set but with the egg inside. The capsized in a pan, to which we add some peppercorns and bay leaves. To prepare the sauce in a pan put some oil that we used for frying potatoes, and soften the onion and leek. When ready, add a t ablespoon of flour and a little paprika. Pour into the skillet of fried own wate r and allow to pickup a little salsa. Pour the sauce over the tortilla. Put it o ver medium heat and cook for 5 to 10 minutes to allow flavors to fundan.No is pl enty of sauce, it is rather an accompaniment, which gives it an exquisite flavor . If you like wine sauce enlivened with a dash of sherry or white wine, it goes perfectly. Fa-ci-li-si-ma Tortilla stuffed peppers by Tere and Moses Goose Soup Ingredients: 4 green peppers 2 medium potatoes Media onion 3 medium eggs 4 slice s of ham Preparation: Peel the potatoes into slices to a tortilla, and chop the onion. The fry in oil over medium heat, which is tender but not brown. Besides, we beat the three eggs and potatoes and add them once made onion. Do not worry i f the egg is coagulated with the heat of the potatoes will then faster. Try to c hoose less twisted peppers are best to fill this time. Wash peppers and cut only the top, remove seeds and fill with the mixture of potatoes and eggs. No need t o close them as soon as you throw them into the hot oil, eggs do not curdle and fill out, once made, can give you a hint "of joy" by covering them with a slice of ham. Leek and cod omelette Elo de La Cocina de Mi Casa Ingredients: 4 eggs 2 people 2 bunches of leeks 1 medium onion Olive oil Cod Pre paration: A simple and delicious tortilla typical of the Basque Country. Remove the green part of leeks and the first layer of the same for very thin slices. Do the same with the onion. Poach both ingredients in little olive oil and throw c olor when making very fine cut cod (previously desalao and dry). Poach the set f ive minutes and remove everything with a spoon (well drained) to a plate. Beat e ggs and add the four cod and vegetables. In a pan put a little olive oil, heat u ntil steaming and add to first mixture over medium-high heat until it begins to set, then simmer until soft and golden underneath. Turn the tables on itself wit h the help of a lid or large flat plate and let slip the other side in the pan u ntil it slowly curdle. The tortilla should be golden on both sides. Tortilla rolls with salmon and cream cheese by Marona of Groundhog Weather Ingredients: 5 eggs for 2 people A handful of chopped fresh dill cream cheese te rrine Media A couple of spoonfuls of sour cream Four or five slices of salmon (o r smoked gravadlax) Salt and pepper to taste olive oil Preparation: Beat eggs with a pinch of salt, pepper and dill. Fry tortilla thin (like crepes) in a nonstick skillet with olive oil. Beat cream cheese with cream . Then the rolls are mounted: on a tortilla place a slice of salmon and smeared over the cheese. It rolls and cut rolls diagonally. They can be served hot or co ld, as desired. I served them cold with bread and coleslaw. If cut into smaller rolls can serve as an appetizer. Tortilla guírgolas the three sausages by Anna Moreno Ingredients: 5 eggs 400 gr. approx. of girgolas 50 gr. white sausage 50 gr. 50 g r black sausage. egg sausage 50gr. ham 1 teaspoon parsley 1 garlic Olive oil Sal t Method: Wash the girgolas, drain and cut into four pieces. Fry the mushrooms i

n a pan with four tablespoons of olive oil, until it has completely evaporated a ll the water could drop. Add the parsley and garlic until golden carving. Book. Cut ham into cubes or strips and fry in the pan with one or two tablespoons of o live oil for about five minutes over low heat. Slice sausages and saute the thre e along with the ham for no more than a minute. Incorporate all ingredients, res erved mushrooms and ham with sausage to blend the flavors, for about five minute s over medium heat. Beat five eggs with a pinch of salt and incorporate all the above. Mix and curdle the tortilla on a nonstick skillet or curdled in the pan f irst and not get around to finish in the oven, as you can see in the picture. Fried spinach tortilla by David A. to give me a skill Cooking Ingredients: 2 eggs per omelette, boiled and sauteed spinach salt with a little oil, garlic and ham to taste Grated cheese (Emmental, mozzarella cheese or good) for the egg batter bread crumbs Preparation: Make the tortillas whisking the tw o eggs , with a pinch of salt and a subtle touch of nutmeg, add the grated chees e, stir well, and incorporate the previously sautéed spinach, well drained of oi l, mixing well. Pour the mixture into a not very large skillet with a drizzle of hot oil to make the tortilla with the traditional tortilla, long and plump, to be more manageable when batters. Allow to cool, and put in skillet heat oil in g reater quantity,€Here is how to batter. Pour the beaten egg omelet (it sounds we ird "...?), then by bread crumbs (if we do not coat them well, repeating egg and bread), and fry in hot oil. You can get a different version making round tortil la, thinner, and when cold put on top to melt cheese, ham, and fold, secure with a toothpick so it does not open, and coat well, type St. James. Note: Of course , the recipe can be prepared using any ingredient, taste, David prepares poached with onions or leeks, grated cheese and sometimes zucchini ... Puff pastry omelette for Cristina de La Cocina de la Crinch Ingredients: tuna omelette 3 eggs 2 cans tuna in oil or natural olive oil garlic salt 3 egg omelette garlic (can be frozen) olive oil salt tortilla squash, pepp ers, red and red pepper cheese 3 eggs, cheese pumpkin Sliced Mayonsa olive oil s alt Preparation: For the preparation of this recipe we have developed three type s of tortillas and a tower mounted on top of each other. Tortilla tuna: Beat egg s, mix with the drained tuna, add salt and pour the mixture into a pan with hot olive oil, cook for several minutes the two sides. Garlic tortilla: Fry the garl ic in a skillet until tender. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add the garlic you dra ined of oil. Mix, add salt, pour in a pan with a little olive oil and cook the t ortilla on both sides for several minutes. Tortilla squash, peppers and cheese: Fry in skillet red pepper cut into strips and squash, peeled and cut into cubes until tender. Beat the eggs in a bowl and we add the red pepper and fried pumpki n, oil drained and sliced cheese. Add salt. Pour in a pan with a little olive oi l and cook the tortilla on both sides for several minutes. Assemble the strudel: First the tuna tortilla, then put a layer of piquillo peppers, then garlic tort illa, put a layer of mayonnaise, tortilla finally squash, red pepper and cheese (can finish with a layer of sauce .) Potato Pancakes Tortilla by Noema Intercultura and Cooking Ingredients for 4 people: 8 eggs 220 g of potatoes a large onion, one small red onion olive oil salt Preparation: Peel the potatoes and wash well. Drain. Cut in to cubes. Peel onions and cut into small pieces. Season the potatoes slightly. F ry over low heat all ingredients in a saucepan with plenty of oil. Stir occasion ally so they do not brown much. When they are softened, and drain out all right. Beat eggs and add to potatoes and onions and drained. Adjust salt if necessary and mix with the machine until creamy. If it is too thick, add more eggs (or a l ittle milk). Finally, make pancakes on the griddle or skillet and brown on both sides. Can be served with different sauces (tomato sauce of aioli or are very ri ch) spread over like pancakes made with sweet.

The tortilla Marguerida by Marguerida of Acibechería Ingredients for 3 people: Ingredients for fillings: ¼ green pepper, red pepper ¼ ¼ ½ leek zucchini 2 medium onions 1 apple pink lady a piece of blue cheese 2 sl ices of ham Other ingredients: 5 eggs 100 ml double cream Salt , oil fried Tomat o Bechamel Mayonnaise Preparation: Chop and fry all the stuffed separately, let drain strainer. Lost frying oil to keep the rest. Excess oil and a little more i f necessary, is used to curdle the tortillas. A After draining the onions add a little sugar, a few drops of vinegar and leave it a couple of minutes the fire. In five bowl, beat the eggs, add a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of cream and fill ing thereof; mix well: 1 apple with caramelized onions 2 green pepper, red peppe r and blue cheese 3rd Squash with apples 4 green pepper , ham and some cheese an d ham with leek 5th. In a pan with hot oil making tortillas to go, which should be slightly curdled and made only one side, passing each to a plate. In a baking dish lay the tortilla and cover with a layer of tomato sauce. Top with second t ortilla will receive a soft bath mayonnaise. Repeat with the third and fourth .. . ... receives the fifth tortilla with pride the mantle of bechamel and grated c heese, Manchego Don, who has the honor of crowning this dish. Bake at 180 degree s, not too much, just enough to blend all the flavors, and only the final bath f or color melted. A bit of mango,€and a thread of Pedro Ximenez are reducing your company. The tortilla cod by Marta cookers home Ingredients: ½ Kg. cod crumbled 2 onions 1 or 2 green chillies chopped parsley 8 eggs salt and pepper 1 tablespoon olive oil Preparation: Desalination flaked co d as directed (usually enough to soak 24 hours changing the water a couple of ti mes), dry with a dish towel and reserve. Wash and chop the parsley very small. B ook. Wash peppers and cut into thin rounds. Book. Finite Cut onions and set asid e. Saute onions over low heat with oil, without burning. When the onion is trans parent place, add the green chillies until golden brown. When browned, add the c od and parsley. Poach it all together for 5 minutes. Beat the eggs and tortilla curdling, not too much. Salmon roll Honey Bunny by Mercedes Ingredients: 1 large egg 2 to 3 slices of salmon 1 tablespoon philadelphia chees e 1 tablespoon Greek yogurt 3-4 1 splash of cream or green olives 1 teaspoon cap ers 1 tablespoon grated onion dill chives Preparation: First off heat a skillet and pour the beaten egg seasoned with salt and dill. You have to make a thin ome lette, you can not stick to the walls. Reserve. Mix the cheese with a little yog urt and cream. I add very finely chopped olives, almost crushed, capers and grat ed onion (I did it like to be there runs under the texture of onions) and a smal l chopped chives. Apply the mixture on the tortilla to form a thin layer. Cover with slices of salmon and we can put more onions into pieces. Tortilla with avocado and chives by Alicia Aldaya Ingredients: Avocado Chive Eggs Olive oil Salt Preparation: Beat eggs and then a dd the raw onions and avocado oil picaillos. Salted to taste and made in a pan w ith little olive oil crude. When you mess cuajailla on itself or concrete round. You can make a great family tortilla. Bon appetit! Tortilla sponge by Cinnamon Cinnamon and Chocolate Ingredients for 3 people: 150 gr. cooked peeled prawns 2 spring onions 2 garlic fresh very tender, slender 100 grs. courgette cut little dash of Tabasco sauce S alt and pepper 3 tablespoons milk (I used oatmeal) Virgin olive oil 20 oz. grate d Cheddar cheese curing a fresh mint sprig Preparation: In a bowl put the prawns

, courgettes, garlic, chives and mint leaf. All chopped small. Whip the egg whit es to soft peaks. In a bowl beat egg yolks with milk and tabasco. Season. Pour t he egg yolk mixture to egg whites. Mix with straw and gently until the mixture b e taking a soft yellow color. Put oil in a pan of 20 cm. nonstick, heat and pour the mixture. Move the pan to avoid sticking and if necessary go putting a spatu la underneath to prevent sticking. Do not be afraid of the appearance it takes. Remove from heat when taken tan. Turn on the grill. Slide the tortilla to a roun d baking dish and pour mixture over shrimp and vegetables and grated cheese. Tur n SLIGHT edge of the tortilla like a visor. Keep about 5 minutes with the grill and let it gently for 5 minutes with the oven off. Decorate to taste and serve m eals. It is original, fast and easy. Berber Omelette by Sesame Zucchini La Flor Ingredients for 3 people: 1 finely chopped onion 400g pumpkin cut into small cub es 1 / 4 red pepper also diced 1 / 2 teaspoon cumin 3 eggs 2 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 3 fresh mint leaves 1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley sal t Preparation: Fry the onion, squash and peppers. Is appended to the 1 / 2 table spoon cumin. On the other hand beat the eggs, salted, add the flour and yeast, i t becomes to beat, add the parsley and mint. Mix the vegetables with the eggs, p our the mixture into the pan and simmer it for good fruit set. When curd on the one hand, he turns around and ends curdling on the other. What advantage! Tortilla salad by Anna Moreno Ingredients for 3 people: For the omelet: 2 eggs per person Salt For the salad: shredded lettuce leaves, washed and red cabbage cut into very thin strips of piq uillo peppers cut in strips of asparagus tips Tuna Olive oil Salt and vinegar or lemon pepper 2 tablespoons mayonnaise (optional) Preparation: Mix the ingredien ts in the tortilla and coalesce in a nonstick skillet with two tablespoons of ol ive oil. Book and let cool. Spread two tablespoons of mayonnaise or spread over the tortilla. Place tortilla on top of the salad ingredients and season to taste with olive oil, vinegar and salt in the last minute. Spinach Tortilla by Raquel Ingredients: 1 kilo of fresh spinach 5 eggs bacon sausage marinated fresh 1 garl ic 1 dash cream or milk Salt and pepper Olive oil Preparation: In boiling salted water are poured spinach, well washed. Once cooked, put on a strainer to loosen all the excess water and chop and a bit drained. Meanwhile separately fry the d iced bacon (it's very typical of Soria tiratripa also called pork or bacon) and fresh sliced chorizo; aboservente reserves on paper. In a pan with a little oil fry the finely chopped garlic clove and sauté spinach. Beat the eggs, add a dash of cream or milk, salt and pepper and unite with the smooth reserved. Shape at the pan should not have excessive diameter as part of the charm of this tortilla is that it is juicy and height. Spinach Tortilla with salmon, pine nuts and raisins for Rachel Ingredients: 1 kilo of fresh spinach 5 eggs Pine sultanas Salmon tacos fresh chi ves fresh garlic 1 Leek 1 dash of cream or milk Salt and pepper Olive oil Prepar ation: In boiling salted water are poured spinach, well washed. Once cooked, put on a strainer to loosen any remaining water and drained and a little chop. Mean while, fresh chives pocha a not very big and when it is transparent add a few sl ices of finely chopped leek and garlic. Blocks are added salmon must be marked b ut not facts at all and set aside. In a pan with a little oil, sauté the pine nuts, spinach and final previously so aked raisins Beat the eggs, add a dash of cream or milk, salt and pepper and uni te with the reserved ingredients. Pan shape at the normal mode. The mix of salty

with the sweet grapes gives a twist to a classic like this in the kitchen. This book has been produced with the assistance of readers Amiloquemegustaescoci nar Each of the recipes under the title, you will find the name of the author an d in those who have a link to your blog (cooking or not) bonito blog is the abil ity to share our recipes and our knowledge and I hope that this book will help y ou live and to not learn something new that we like the food bloggers Good appetite!