Tips for developing a Portfolio Evaluation of Teacher Performance The PORTFOLIO ...

must contain a record of reflections and practices and must be properly documented. 04/13/2008 1 It should contain: Personal and Professional; Individual Objectives, Preparation and Organisation o f school activities; Conduct of school activities; Pedagogical Value to Students , Learning Evaluation Process; Other functions Educational: Participation in Pro jects; relationship with the community; Continuing Education; Sheet Self - Evalu ation; Other elements. 04/13/2008 2 Personal and Professional Who Am I ... Re: Personal Professional Situation 04/13/2008 3 Individual Objectives What I propose to achieve (goals) Attachment: Record of Individual Objectives (In the document itself) 04/13/2008 4 Distributed service Re: Teaching component; non-teaching component; Positions / Functions; Others. 04/13/2008 5 Preparation and Organisation of teaching activities Description and documentation concerning: Planning of teaching / learning process; Detection learning difficulties and dev elop strategies to overcome them - (eg based on the Diagnostic Evaluation) desig n, selection of auxiliary teaching tools, participating in the activities of the department / group disciplinary Others. 04/13/2008 6 Conduct of school activities Description: Achievement of the objectives, guidelines and programs of the disciplines; Use o f training aids and assistive innovative resources (eg materials created by teac hers); use of ICT as a pedagogical tool; Participation in activities of teaching aids and curriculum enrichment; Others.

04/13/2008 7 Students with Educational Value Description: Evidence of care, information, guidance and support to students; Detection of le arning difficulties and develop strategies to overcome them; Granting of equal o pportunities, promoting the participation and integration of all students; Confl ict management behavior in the classroom and in school and develop strategies to overcome them; Compliance with Rules; contributions to reducing school dropouts ; Relationships with carers; Others. 04/13/2008 8 Process Assessment of Student Learning Description / Documentation: Procedure for evaluation of students; Criteria for evaluating school, specific e valuation criteria set out in the PCT; Evaluation criteria specific subject area ; Chips (other) formative evaluation; Defining strategies in light of results sh eets of self - assessment; Results evaluation; Progress in the scores; Others. 04/13/2008 9 Other Education Functions: Participation in school life Streamlining / participation in projects: Streamlining / Projects Coordination under the Education Project, PAA, PCT, or o ther Projects Extra - Curricular; Participation in activities under the SAP, EAP , or other PCTs; activities carried out; involvement of students and other eleme nts of the educational community; others. 04/13/2008 10 Other Education Functions: Performance Roles Description Administration and Management; Structures educational guidance, educ ational supervision; Others. 04/13/2008 11 Relationship with the community Evidence of commitment and quality of participation of teachers in the developme nt of relations between school and community: Students, Faculty; Contacts with g uardians; Authority; Auxiliary of education, other educational partners, Others. 04/13/2008 12 Continuing Education (compulsory) and Specialized or other (optional) Description Specialized training and others of interest to the personal and professional dev

elopment of teachers, training activities within the area of training of teacher s; Training in other areas, participation and encouragement of research, develop ment and innovation in education; Other 04/13/2008 13 Assiduity Description: Quantification of faults, types of faults. Class Attendance Expected teaching load off classes * Fouls Fouls Predicted * Not contained in article 103 of the ECD 04/13/2008 14 Other elements (publications, conferences ...) Descriptive and / or documentary: The teacher can enrich your portfolio with other information which is relevant t o their personal and professional development 04/13/2008 15 Sheet Self - Evaluation Attachment: Discussion and completion of the plug of self - evaluation. (In the document itself) 04/13/2008 16 END The guidelines for the organization of the Portfolio are indicative,€the teache r can improve its structure, provided it complies with the directions issued by the relevant internal organs (CP and / or EC). The Coordinator of the Department of Expressions: Agostinho Neves Silva (groupin g schools Lajeosa Dão, March 2008) 04/13/2008 17