Penile enhancement - surgery or therapy? Originally published in LOGDEMSN.

COM Since the Mother Goddess of the Neolithic period was devoid of explanations rela ted to fertility, comes in male supremacy and an unprecedented cult of the phall us - the phallus is the symbolism of power represented by the male genital organ . The man is seen as solely responsible for fertilizing the land and the woman, his semen was the secret of all creation and production of life. The cult of the phallus across the East and West, profoundly human history, dating back to the present day. In temples, monuments, statues, tombs, etc.., We find many symbols of the phallus, though its forms, in general, distorted and different from the p enis, all carry within them the idea of male supremacy. The Ankn is one of the o ldest symbols of male fertility, can be found in Egyptian tombs, in general, in the hands of the pharaohs. Gods were registered with enormous phalluses and rigi d, Priapus, the Greek god, was possessed of a drive member that attracts the env y of all women. All this historical process comes to today and tormenting men un happy with penis size. It does no good science to the measures considered "norma l", the thoughts of men are full of mysticism, beliefs and myths about the size of his reproductive organ. There is perhaps, a man who at some point in life did not bother with the size of their penis. Adults and teenagers have many relatio nships and associations that suggest a size. The idea that big feet or nose are signs of topping penis, the measure of the index finger at an angle almost strai ght with the thumb as far as the penis, the belief that Africans and Asians have small penises and large respectively, etc. . are some of the beliefs we usually hear. Certainly Africans may have bigger penises than Asians, but this is not a causal relationship that always occur. The human being is complex and biological determinants are not the same for all individuals. But mu ch worse that beliefs are the meanings that men attach to the penis. Men tend to associate the penis size with masculinity, believe that the more desirable and more "macho" are. Although studies of sexuality have shown us that the pleasure experienced during sex for both men and women are unique experiences and depend on a number of factors from both partners, men tend to believe that pleasure, an d it (the ) partner (the) only depend on the size of his genitals, bigger is bet ter. Already in women, the situation is reversed. The smaller and tighter the va gina, the better. A big penis and a vagina in smaller proportions represent the pinnacle of patriarchal supremacy, carrying an entire atmosphere of deflowering. This set of historical and cultural elements electing the phallus as a symbol o f female potential, has contributed to the sexual repression and segregation bet ween men and women. The male genital organ, oddly enough, is like an "entity" th an the rest of the body of man. As if it were a being apart in which men can com e to develop an extremely pathological, combining their powers with the size of genitals. Your penis can be blamed for their failures and dissatisfactions. The obsession with penis size for men can be compared to the obsession of women by t he size of the breasts and hips. Although both are victims of an historical proc ess of sexual control, which divided the world into two poles, male and female, with bonds that have changed over the centuries, are all in pursuit of ideologic al fit a pattern of beauty that says to be desired and happy you must have sizes and body measurements DDs, reaching, in most cases, the unnatural proportions. The men were accustomed to speak in their credit potential. In some cases, men a re more concerned with showing that they have a penis topping, even though it is not as efficient, than consider the entire function of the body. For them the b ig penis means virility, status, privileges and object of desire, which comes ou t to be better than a penis common in the anonymity of a sudden four walls get s atisfaction. Unfortunately, the surgery to increase penis - except the very rare cases that a ctually require surgery - have been growing in clinics specializing in plastic s urgery urologic. Likewise we are witnessing a boom for enhanced breasts and hips ,€we about to see men arise who will be willing to face scalpels and scissors i

n search of a few inches to the penis, which means centimeters a multitude of de sires. These men need surgery or therapy? * Image: Ankh, source Wikipedia