ENGLISH RESOURCES CATALOGUE Addresses and links Editorials • • • • • Longman: www.longman-englishzone.com (1st ESO).

Oxford: www.oup.com / elt / newt humbsup (2 º to 4 º ESO). Oxford: www.oup.com / elt / teacher / newthumbsup (tea chers). Burlington: www.burlingtonbooks.com (1 º Bachillerato). Longman: www.lon gman-citizens.com (2nd Bachillerato). Resources • • • • • • • • • • • • L to English Mansion: www.mansioningles.com (graduated exercises for all content , interactive games, dictionaries, etc ...). Grammar Help: www.hut.fi/ ~ rvilmi / help / grammar_help (grammar exercises). Learn Español (British Council): www. learnenglish.org.uk (exercises with all content, interactive games, etc). Vocabu lary University: www.vocabulary.com (interactive games and exercises on vocabula ry). ESL Partyland: www.eslpartyland.com (many interactive exercises for all con tent for students and ideas and material for teachers). Teaching Treasures: www. teachingtreasures.com.au / English_more.html (interactive exercises for all cont ent and levels). ESL Internet Group: www.esl-group.com/tres.html (links to many resources for all contents). 4 Teachers: www.4teachers.org (tools for creating i nteractive resources and links). Linguistic Funland's TESL Page: www.tesol.net / tesl.html (very interesting material for all content and links). English 4 You: www.english-4u.com/modules/wfchannel (interactive lessons organized by topic or level grammar element). Dave's ESL Cafe: www.eslcafe.com (many activities at va rious levels and sections useful for both teachers and students). IT's Magazine: www.its-online.com (files with collections of materials for classroom work and self-study). Encyclopedias and Dictionaries • • • • Yahoo Education: http://education.yahoo.com (monolingual dictionaries, bilingual and ideological, encyclopedias, dictionaries of quotations, etc ...). MSM Onlin e Encarta: http://encarta.msn.com (monolingual dictionaries and encyclopedias). Cambridge Online: www.dictionary.cambridge.org (monolingual and bilingual dictio naries). Dictionaries World: www.elmundo.es / dictionaries (bilingual dictionary ) 1 Forums and mailing lists • • • • • Linguistic Funland's TESL: www.tesol.net / Penpals / penpal.cgi (Friends via ema il and chat). Dave's ESL Cafe: www.eslcafe.com (forums for students). ESL Partyl and: www.eslpartyland.com (discussion forums and chat rooms). IT's Magazine: www .its-online.com (chat and penpals section.) European Schoolnet: www.eun.org (col laboration between European institutions, virtual communities, classroom materia ls, links ...). Newspapers and Magazines • • • • • • • •

Mr Showbiz: mrshowbiz.go.com (database of movie reviews more than 30,000 movies. Among other things, you can get biographies of stars and countless interviews a nd graphics.) IT's Magazine: www. its-online.com (e-zine weekly material for use in the classroom and for self). Amnesty International Online: www.amnesty.org ( information of interest about the harsh reality of our world. We intend to parti cipate in international appeals to facilitate the release of prisoners of consci ence). Disney Online: www.Disney.com (many stories, information and great graphi cs.) National Geographic: www.nationalgeographic.com (numerous documents of inte rest about nature and culture around the world.) Los Angeles Times Web Site: www .latimes.com (newspaper). The Times International Web Site: www.thetimes.co.uk/n ews/pages/home.html?1415495 (newspaper). USA Today: www.usatoday.com (magazine). "Treasure Hunt" (Treasure Hunt) • • • Cyberbee: www.cyberbee.com / hunts.html (treasure hunts). NASA Home Page: www.na sa.gov (contains numerous images and texts of interest. Just added a new section for kids NASA). New Thumbs Up: www.oup.com / elt / newthumbsup (treasure hunts) . Interactive Oral Activities • • • • Conversation Units and More: www.virgule3.ca/units (practice of oral expression) . Mistakes in Famous Movies: www.moviemistakes.com (680 movies for errors. Serve s to exercises oral comprehension and expression). Song Text: www.lyrics.ch (lyr ics. Listening comprehension exercises.) CNN Interactive: www.cnn.com (news inte ractive videos today). 2 • • • • • • • BBC Online: www.bbc.co.uk / channel (interactive news and videos on today). BBC Educational Pages: bbcnc.org.uk / education / index.html (complements the educat ional broadcasting for the BBC, with details of programming and support material s). BBC World Service: www.bbc.co.uk / worldservice. Discovery Learning Communit y: ericir.syr.edu / Discovery (this site complements the Discovery Channel;€incl udes a teacher guide, a list of discussion on current affairs and other interest ing materials that help the teacher to exploit this channel television broadcast s). MTV Online: www.mtv.com (multimedia content on the world of music). Dave's E SL Cafe Chat Central: www.eslcafe.com / chat / chatpro.cgi (site to chat within a page of teaching English). Internet chat in English: www.classicweb.com / usr / jseng / chat.htm (explains the whole process so you can chat and provides a si te). Projects • • • • • • • One World, One People: members.aol.com / Jakajk / Oneworld.html (includes lesson

s, games and resources for the EFL classroom, with topics such as personal descr iptions of places, tongue twisters, jokes, newspapers and web page creation .) D iscovery Channel Online: www.discovery.com (media). Hot Potatoes from the Univer sity of Victoria (Canada), Language Centre: web.uvic.ca / hrd / halfbaked (Hot P otatoes is a freeware that includes six applications, which allow you to create interactive exercises, multiple choice, short answer, jumbled-in sentence, cross word, unite and organize and gapfilling to the network). Barry's Clip Art Server : www.barrysclipart.com (accessories and aid for building Web pages). Fortune Ci ty: www.fortunecity.com (offers free space to publish web pages). Geo Cities: ww w.geocities.com (offers free space to publish web pages). Fast Counter: www.fast counter.com (counters for access.) 3