CATALOGUE OF LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE RESOURCES Addresses and links of interest 1 . Language and Literature: http://www. website of the Real Academia de la Lengua. http://www.el-mundo .es/diccionarios/ Dictionary, synonyms, antonyms ... / ~ msanto1/lengua Very useful for first cycle. http: // official website of the Instituto Cervantes. http :// Virtual Library. All works of classical literature online. Spanish literature. Multiple links on the histor y poetry readings Authors alphabetically. http: // Includes Latin American authors. http://www.aplicaciones .info/ interactive spelling exercises, readings riddles, etc. stories, essays, readings of many authors Spanish literature and foreign. Comprehensive information on writers hp Extremadura. Includes readings. on Spanish literature. onal6/bardonmanuela/toc.htm About Castilian and literature. resources and links language and literature. Interesting for the first cycle of ESO. http://centro Schemes and concept maps for History of Literature. Schemes an d concept maps to Language. Notes and exercises. nule.htm exercises and notes on Language and Literature. http://www.auladiez.c om/ejercicios Language for Interactive Exercises foreigners. the editorial page Luis Vives, with interactive activities Language and Literature. with teaching units, notes, maps conceptual activities with Hot Potatoes, Webquest and electronic books, all on L anguage and Literature. Multiple text comments on authors such as Alberti, Lorca, works like Don Quixote, etc, and also notes o n how to make text comments on the simple and compound sentences, etc.. Activ ities for implementation in areas of grammar and spelling, and to set the correct rule s of writing of the Castilian language. Very playful. Activities on literature, from medieval times to the eighteenth century also mea

sure activities and rhetoric. Units interactive educational publisher ESO SM. Portal comprehensive Spanish literature for theory and notes. Includes a very interesting section on children's stories (Han s Christian Andersen Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault) and short stories (O. Wil de, E. Allan Poe, Dickens, Sherlock Holmes tales, etc) Alfonso Sancho Rodríguez notes, exercises, graphics projected in class, sample tests, and even literary w orks of required reading. http://personal teacher page is the same page as above but with graphics to project in class. Very good high school level. Includes news, notes on language, literature, spelling ... page with links to different pages with resources and materials in the area tick Language and Literature. 2. General resources: Essential CNICE page. For free courses CDROM. http://www.formacion.cnice.m

Multiple educational sites. educa tional resources for all subjects. School resources for different subjects. Editorial page hp Luis Vives with many activities of all subjects. different topics. For online test on 3. Interdisciplinary: http:// / teacher's corner. http://www