external organizations • Middle • Organizations • Economic uncertainty state with a tendency to self-f inancing • Emergence of new technologies • Changes in expectations and needs of customers • Highly competitive market VISION OF THE CHANGES IN THE WORLD threat to people High competition for jobs Permanent reduction of organizations Human Physica l Financial (costs) High degree of uncertainty or fear of insecurity INSTABILITY OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH IMPAIRMENT LOSS OF VALUES VISION OF THE CHANGES IN THE WORLD undeniable trend INDEPENDENT WORK SYSTEM OPTION TO IMPOSE This forces us to reflect on what we should do in times of crisis to achieve the three basic aspirations of any man, health, money and love. TIMES OF CRISIS EXPERIENCES PERSONAL GROWTH Increased Corruption facile selfish indifference HEALTH O Improvemen Increased stress Poor eating vitamins and minerals. Hi gh degree of environmental contamination with toxins daily Food Permanent us e of drugs with side effects S.T. I ECONOMIC GROWTH OF INCOME Increased Wages work stable or deteriorating purch asing power Lost permanent Impoverishment How do you deal TO THE CRISIS? INDEPENDENT WORK THE SYSTEM IS THE BEST OPTION IN THE XXI CENTURY It is an exciting and advanced business in times of crisis will achieve the drea ms we expected long been successful, easy to operate, simple and accessible to t he ordinary citizen is not required special knowledge and experience The most important are the desire to work to raise their standard of living and that of his family All that is needed is to replicate what we are already doing under the principle s of honesty, abundance and sharing in this sense to think of someone sponsoring and guidance for you to be the winner COMPARE ALTERNATIVES Having a profit is better than having paid $ MILLION 5 INDEPENDENT LABOUR SYSTEM (gains) 3 4 1 2

EMPLOYEE (Salary) 0 1 2 3 YEARS VS TRADITIONAL JOB NETWORKING Where to be within 2-5 years? TRADITIONAL WORK Effort own weekly working hours Weeks per year Hours per year of productive work years QTY 100% 50 50 2.500 40 NETWORKING Quantity efforts of other people working in its network of weekly working hours per person weekly working hours of group Number of weeks in two years QTY % 100 10 1,000 100 Hours of productive work Lifetime 100.000 Hours of work in two years old 100.000 COMPARE ALTERNATIVES Having a profit is better than having you pay with salary o nly survives, with profits you can make a fortune When you take the decision to work with our system takes into account that: 1. N o need to give up your present job or business. You decide when you have at leas t doubled your current income. 3. No need to worry about investments, facilities, employees or risks. 5. All yo u need is the information (free) that will be available so you can start. OUR SYSTEM A pioneer in the development, production and distribution of high technology pro ducts, which, together with other companies of various kinds, are today the most exciting Working Group of the World. It has a wide range of businesses and serv ices targeted to help achieve real success: it takes each one to achieve a healt hy life, with a solid economic base and full personal development. Our system has helped thousands of families in various countries in America and Europe to improve significantly their quality of life, sharing with others the w elfare and growth.

INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION ARGENTINA SPAIN COSTA RICA MEXICO NICARAGUA PANAMA REP. BRAZIL DOMINICAN VENEZUELA BOLIVIA U.S. PERU ECUADOR EL SALVADOR GUATEMALA HONDURAS COLOMBIA RUSSIA CANADA CHILE UR UGUAY PARAGUAY ECONOMIC BENEFITS • BY DIRECT SALES: The difference between purchase price and the selling price t o the public (customers) This value ranges between 20% and 40%. BY COMMITTEES: T he difference between the percentage reduction of the sponsor and sponsored. SPO NSOR 35% 35% • DIFFERENCE% = 35-20 = 15% SPONSORED 20% 20% $ 400,000 $ 400,000 $ 400,000 $ 400,000 3x $ 60,000 = $ 180,00 0 COMMISSION = 15% X $ 400,000 = $ 60,000 ECONOMIC BENEFITS 3. Sliding Scale: POINTS OF VOLUME 0 500 1000 2000 499 999 1999 MORE DISCOUNTS 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% discount only for qualified distributors that have achieved a sales volume o f 4000 PV by a scoring method. ECONOMIC BENEFITS 4. ROYALTY: Percentage is calculated on Organizational turnover qualified distributors downline. DISTRIBUTED COMMISSI ONS = 40% = ROYALTY DISTRIBUTED R NOT QUALIFIED 25% 40% R DISTRIBUTED R QUALIFIED QUALIFIED ECONOMIC BENEFITS ROYALTY RATE Personal Volume Points - Group 0 250 500 750 1000 249 499 749 999 OR MORE Percent Cattle 0% 1% 2% 3% 4% ECONOMIC BENEFITS 5. OTHER BENEFITS: 5.1. Level rise within the Distributor: Distributor Silve r Bronze Distributor Distributor Gold Diamond Distributor 5.2 Participation in production bonuses 5.3 The right to participate in incentives: Training Bonds in U.S. dollars or apartments Homes Vehicles Travel and much more INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR REQUIREMENTS: 18 or older. Buy Distributor KIT (U.S. 25 approx. Or the e quivalent in your local currency) Photocopy of certificate of citizenship fill o ut the dealer agreement (contract) as follows: Name of Sponsor: ELMER SANDOVAL DOMINGUEZ

Sponsor Code: 51244936 SDE Submit the completed form in the Distribution Center nearest to your place of residence. BENEFITS authorized to distribute products to sponsor new Distributors law Right to participate in contests THIS AND MORE OFFERS YOU OUR INDEPENDENT SYSTEM WORK, AND THEREFORE WE WANT invi ted to become INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR NO WORRY us help Decide today BUT BECAUSE IF YOU DO NOT, others will do FOR YOU AND MAYBE TOMORRO W AFTERNOON AND SEA INFORMATION REQUEST FOR REGISTRATION AS AN INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR CONTACT REQUE STING AN INTERVIEW WITHOUT COMMITMENT: INTERVIEWS Send us your questions, fill out your application and resolve to work anywhere i n the world generating amazing health benefits, income and personal development • • • • • • This unique opportunity combines work and fun. Being a distributor means has dec ided to live an optimal quality of life, having a successful lifestyle and is ea ger to show others how they can do the same. You can devote part or full time. A t home or establish an office. You can choose your schedule and pace. And perhap s best of all, only accountable to yourself. In addition, initial costs are negl igible and the risks minimal. No experience necessary. All you need is that you like the products and willingness to work toward success. In short, THE INDEPEND ENT BUSINESS gives you the opportunity to take control of your financial destiny , just: 1. Play a business proposal. 2. Making a decision in March. And let you help!! SANDOVAL ELMER DOMINGUEZ AGENT OF CHANGE Code: 51244936 sde Let me share with you this wonderful opportunity HEALTH AND WELFARE Telephone Call me or write me 51 73 348181 Mobile 51 73 96 9952787 my email! RPM : 01 9-97522695 E-mail: SKYPE: sando_omnilife