Prepared by: Jaime Alberto Ibarbo D.

COURSE Working, Learning, and Winning with Tic - 54 871 1 EVIDENCE AND USING VIDEO CONNECT BEAM According to the statement or projection need be sure to choose the media that a ccompany the video projector beam (computer, VHS, DVD or camera) Making the conn ection of audio and video cables between the video for beam and the selected tea m. How to use a Videobeam? The Videobeam must be connected to an electrical outl et with a voltage of 110/120V. Always use a stabilizer and a voltage regulator t o prevent power surges mar team. The ignition off and the projector is extremely important. When you turn off the video beam double click the key "power" and not retry power on if it is hot. At the time of shutdown wait a few minutes before unplugging the computer complete ly. The cable from the computer must be Prepared by: Jaime Alberto Ibarbo D. 2 handled with care to avoid breaking some pins. If the video beam is turned off s uddenly during a presentation, the electricity supply fails, 0 is off, reboot wh en it heard a creak in the lamp. This is because it is metal halide and normally requires refrigeration. Such actions reduce the lifetime of the lamp and light. If it happens it is preferable to disconnect the computer and allow to cool bef ore relighting (20 minutes). If your computer is constantly rotating through var ious sites, you should secure it for transport, so that will not be damaged by i mpacts. Try not to leave the same image active for more than four hours, as this action in a repetitive manner may reduce the life of the optics. If you need to do this, do not forget to refresh the image by turning the computer screen save r. The video beam has a protective ventilation, if the computer is turned off su ddenly, after a presentation, it is unlikely to work again while they are still warm. The reaction of the equipment can be turned on or just vent. More attentio n should be cleaning the filter at least once every month. Do not place the unit on surfaces of metal or cloth, and it does not block the bottom ventilation equ ipment with papers or other objects. Any failures due to lack of preventive main tenance can be when the control panel stops working (the keys are tough, you see the dirt in the set of lenses, the lamp life is shortened by overheated same du st). The dirt in the system or optical drive, the quality deteriorates sharpness -definition video-forms. (Focusing) and dirt on the zoom, video quality deterior ates-sharpness-definition-forms (focusing). The ventilation system and dust filt ers to block or stop filter, dust affects the temperature rise inside the video beam and are fired thermal and video beam is blocked. The power supply can overh eat and suffer burns or undergo a Prepared by: Jaime Alberto Ibarbo D. 3 Short-severe damage to the ballast unit and thus affect the lamp. Welds crystall ize due to strong changes in temperature. The capacitors are dry or your coolant , due to changes in temperature or excessive internal heat. Crack or crazing fil ters, mirrors due to excessive temperature changes, including panels and also ca n burn to focus more light on certain points of the panels due to the filth that clings to them, so does the lamp. A bearing cooling fans or heat extractors its lubricant is dry, with that stop spinning or slow matching is not reached to ev acuate the heat from the video beam. The electronic cards catch moisture and sal

t affect the normal operation of electronic components and causing severe damage . Heat sensors are adulterated because abrupt changes in temperature, humidity, salt, dirt, etc. The IR sensor or infrared remote control (receiver and transmit ter) is blocked or failing to adhere to operate with remote control. The remote control is blocked or fails to transmit signals to the video beam due to lack of preventive maintenance. It can crack, stain or quartering the carcass. and must be strengthened connectors or plugs of any kind, or to remove because they are exposed to constant forces and movements affecting the output or input audio or video (and / or digital signals). The membrane switches and wear out the accumul ated dirt and misuse, therefore cease to operate. You must adjust and calibrate the optical drive, lens, zoom and plate RGB, because they are loosening motion, vibration, shock, etc.€You can also create fungi reproduce or lack of maintenan ce on the lamp, lenses, mirrors and optical drive. When no signal from the compu ter Beam Video image does not come out, only a blue screen, you must verify that the projector is in computer mode, pressing the mode of computer applications f rom the projector. Verify that the computer is set to an original decision to ag ree with the projector. Establish it between 60Hz to 75Hz maximum or minimum as shipped from factory to place or leave the hardware intact with Windows NT if th e computer is a laptop off the screen. Prepared by: Jaime Alberto Ibarbo D. 4 When the text is blurry, verify that the computer is set to an original decision to agree with the projector. Establish it between 60Hz to 75Hz maximum or minim um as shipped from factory to place or leave the hardware in touch with Windows NT, if the computer is a laptop off the screen. If the remote does not work as a mouse, make sure they have installed the correct cable to the computer projecto r. These cables vary depending on the projector and you can find in the projecto r manual to guide you and know which is correct. Restart the system each time th ey apply the cables. The USB port is only supported by Windows 98, Windows 2000 or MAC. OS 8.5 and higher. Make sure you have installed the correct mouse driver s. Whether Serial, IEE, PS / 2, USB. For the USB port to ensure that this port i s enabled, some laptops and desktop PCs are shipped with the port disabled, you should contact them if you want to enable the port. Using the projector with rem ote control mouse does not require a special driver, the unit uses standard driv ers in different types of either mouse (USB, Serial, IEE, PS / 2) If the project or does not turn on, no fans start to run, or indicator lights should be removed from the projector lamp, replace it with another, this is necessary because the projector can not make a good connection with the lamp. If not connected the pr ojector lamp is not going to be arrested, this is done to provide security in th e spotlight when it lights up. If this does not solve the problem, please contac t us. If my video does not work or the image does not work, verify that the vide o device VCR, DVD or other the like is connected correctly and that transmit the signal directly from the standard TV. Verify that the projector is in video mod e When you're making a PowerPoint presentation with MPG / AVI video and all I ge t is a black dialog box in my video, is because the problem originates from the portable that used by Laptops tend to absorb up to 80% of the strength of the si gnal generated by the video card. This makes the signal from the projector to be insufficient and not the projector to produce the correct image Prepared by: Jaime Alberto Ibarbo D. 5 leaving a black screen instead of video This can be fixed by turning off the lap top screen. To maintain that he can do is to make projectors weekly cleaning of filters. These filters can be dusty and restrict the flow of air inside which th e unit overheating. Symptoms of overheating include: the projector is turned off

after several minutes of use or yellow spots appear on the screen. The approxim ate time of the lamp life and what is it can affect the life of the lamp is a fu nction of temperature, so that the lamps in areas with hot temperatures would la st less than cold temperatures, the lamp life is reduced when the lamp gets into the air and not overheat much. Transporting the projector lamp physically insta lled can affect the life of this, can damage internal components, it is wrong to leave the projector in places with high temperature heat that can cause the lam p to become very hot and operated to clean the projector lens The projector lens need to be cleaned occasionally using a soft cotton cloth with water and alcoho l and avoid wearing scarves that they can wet the lens. Tissue optics and optica l lenses are available in camera shops, these are excellent for cleaning the pro jector lens. This is placing a small amount of solvent to tissue in a circular m otion. The powder can be quickly removed using a paint brochita.