Djerba iterraneo island knows the fable of the Med CLASSIQUE 145 DJERBA Houmt Souk Melita Mezraia

Sigh Plage de Mares Hara Seghira Oualegh Midoun Mahboubine Tardaine El Grail Mazrane El May Aghir Houmt Tlet Sedouikech Plage de la Seguia Ajim Guellala Fahmine El Kantara Jorf Yati Sidi El Kantara Continent Zarzis Sidi Mahrez nizia the legend once lived a man named Odysseus who liked to travel. He venture d with their ships across the seas and docked a day on a small island. With his friends and traveling companions wanted to taste the lotus - a fruit taste of ho ney, so delicious to cause confusion and make people forget their homeland and t heir families. So he gave the mad joy ... Because of the experiences of this fir st "tourist" Djerba took the name of the "island of forgetfulness." Today many s eek in vain for the tasty fruit that attracts and helps to forget everything. Ho wever, despite the fruit lost on the island there are other wonders that takes p ossession of you and helping you to forget everyday life, allowing you to comple tely abandon. The many natural beauties and characteristics of Djerba have contr ibuted to its popularity and create the image of the ideal destination for holid ays. Equipped with excellent irrigation systems, the island is very fertile and green. Here grow thousands of palm and olive trees, some quite ancient. In fact the island is called by ten thousand palm trees. The ancient Romans gave the nam e to the island, calling Jerba, and their most important legacy is the Roman dam . Many things have changed since then: Djerba has now been conquered by the Arab s and later by some pirates a bad reputation, as the brothers and the pirate Bar barossa Dragut. The inhabitants, however, were not intimidated and continued to deal with what they knew to do best - trade. 60s of last century have begun to d

evelop tourism. The islanders are kind, true multilingual, whose main value is t he family. The family parties are considered an event of considerable importance . In these times people are told the latest news - on the island, in fact, almos t everyone knows. Often these celebrations are also an ideal opportunity to tell stories mystics. Djerba is a region just fabulous! A Djerba are also a Jewish c ommunity, which resides mainly in two countries, and Hara Hara Segira Kebira; na me translation means small and big ghetto ... this community is one of the oldes t in the world and gave to the island state since the time of Babylon. Worthy of their visit is the Ghriba synagogue, where you will find students in prayer. Th e Menzel, or the possessions of each family, give a typical picture of the islan d. Inside is a patio, where they met the landlady and the other women of the cou ntry for household chores between a story and another .... The island has become even more fascination with the construction of some beautiful hotels that are s cattered like diamonds on a necklace along the island's best beaches. Hoping to preserve the image from the Arabian Nights, hotels The Sidi Mahrez 146 Mediterran and n s and to CLASSIQUE DJERBA must have a maximum of three floors and style should be strictly Arabic Moorish. Probably it is because of these special design features and Menzel that, in fac t, there are cities in Djerba - except the capital, Houmt Souk. For this reason, the city offers a vibrant daily life with fascinating markets that generate muc h enthusiasm among the tourists. Worth visiting: the market in the city of Houmt Souk (Souk means market) on Monday and Thursday and Friday in the Libyan market town of Midoun, the second city of the island. Try a walk through the bustle of the market and you can try the art of bargaining. Your enthusiasm will increase Guellala visiting the picturesque center of production of pots and pans, alread y known throughout the Mediterranean since ancient times. Here the craftsmen wor k products using natural colors, creating geometric designs and decorated with o riental Arabic script. Surely not pass unnoticed 214 mosques with their beautifu l domes and were safe for the inhabitants of Djerba during the many conflicts wh ich the island was subjected. From their minarets five times a day he announces the time of prayer. A Djerba North African traditions have won many tourists who have made it the only holiday destination becoming regular guests of the fabulo us island. Sidi Mahrez Sidi Mahrez CLASSIQUE 147

DJERBA > Desk Museum Guellalla The Ghriba ISLAND TOUR A half day trip is the most easy and pleasant to discover the main a ttractions of this island, which is the largest island in North Africa. The tour begins with a visit to the ancient Roman causeway El Kantara, through which pas ses the only road connecting the mainland and in the past had considerable strat egic importance. You will discover the most interesting legends. The road will l ead us to the famous village of Guellalla, where you can admire the ancient kiln s for the production of ceramic vessels and possibly discover the secret of "mag ic camel." So climb on the highest part of the island, where you can admire the view and visit the museum. Here you can experience the traditional lifestyle of the island: marriages, agriculture, music, techniques for pruning and other inte resting things. Then proceed to Houmt Souk for visiting the bazaar, where we exp lained the method of manufacture of carpets by hand. Here you can also enrich yo ur collection of silver since the bazaars offer a wide selection of jewelry, but also objects of leather and pottery. Later reach the city market Souk where to buy some memory and art get their hands where bargaining. MATMATA-DOUZ undertake this trip on a ferry that will take us on the mainland Tunisia. The landscape v aries from the green oasis of sand dunes. Journey through the olive trees to Mat mata, where a nice lady Berber will invite us into his house and give us the war m freshly baked bread Berber. Continue through the region was the scene of the s hooting of "Star Wars", full of hills and mountains reminiscent lunar craters, t o the city of Douz - "the door of the Sahara." They passed thousands of date pal ms and see how people here lived for centuries on the same pace and is satisfied with their lives. Your interest will be drawn from the dunes to steer your eyes to the endless Sahara desert. You can also ride a camel in the desert (optional ). Oasis stop in for lunch. A Tamazret taste the whiskey while Tunisian visit to Matmata Hotel Sidi Driss, the set of the movie "Star Wars". Towards evening we return to Djerba, our fabulous island. PIRATE SHIP ISLAND Flamingos In many stor ies talking about pirates, is on an island and fabulous Tataouine 148 CLASSIQUE Desk> DJERBA you can also meet someone. This trip offers a cruise on board a ship with a real crew of pirates ready to entertain you. On route to the island of flamingos, wi ll lay the nets, you plunge in the beautiful turquoise sea and with a little 'lu ck you will admire dolphins from the bridge. A bathroom on a paradise beach sand will be ideal before lunch. Our pirates will turn into good cooks from entertai ners with songs and dances of the island. At the end of the excursion will wear the clothes of the sailors back to see the fish and bring back to port. TATAOUIN E - Chenin We will begin our adventure by jeep starting early in the morning. Ro man dawn cross the embankment towards the salt lake and the city of Tataouine. H ere you can put into practice your bargaining skills to the market Berber spices and herbs, visit the old city and know the Eastern way of life. So our journey continues towards the village of Chenini that blends with the surrounding mounta ins. This mountain village with houses built into the rock is under UNESCO prote

ction. On this mystical landscape stands a gleaming white mosque. Here we will s top for a traditional lunch and a sweet taste particular, the horn of the gazell e, which is found only here. Will visit the mountain village of Ksar el Ferch, w here we will see the famous gorfas. Our adventures have not yet concluded, throu gh the gravel roads we will face the Medenine town and visit the market. THE RES ERVE AND THE ALLIGATOR Ghriba Half day excursion around the island to the town o f Jewish origin Er-Riadh, formerly called Hara Seghira. Expect there to find the beautiful Ghriba, which translated means foreign. You'll discover the ancient l egends connected with this woman and the Arab world. Then follows the theme park with over 400 crocodiles of Madagascar. Stroll over to the crocodiles and disco ver many interesting things about these animals that are unusual for Tunisia.€Ve ry well structured are also the "theme park" that represent some traditional typ es of infrastructure that have developed under the influence of the various conq uerors of the island. You can admire the handwork of the objects in ceramics, dr awing water from the well with the aid of camel, processing of carpets, olive oi l mill and other interesting details. After the tour and walk through the impres sive you can eat in one of the many cafes, where you'll find some excellent past ries, or you can choose to take a tour of the modern boutiques. CLASSIQUE 149 DJERBA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 > Midoun Hotel Sidi Mansour Hotel Djerba Resort Djerba Plaza Hotel SUN PALACE Hotel Abir Hotel Djerba Hotel Vincci Djerba Resort Hotel Djerba Holiday Beach Hotel Djerba Haroun Hotel Radisson SAS Resort & Thalasso Hotel Venta Club Hotel ILIADE LES AL IZES Hotel Club Diana Rimel Djerba Hotels azurea 10 12 1 > 5 km> 11 9 7 3 8 6 5 4 13 2 um I t < golf course The island's second town stretches along the coast to most hotels which are loca ted on the island's finest beach. You probably will not find more small and trad itional town of old, but at least you will have everything a tourist offers: sma ll, modern shops, bars, souvenir shops, post office, banks, pharmacies, boutique s and market Libya. Near Midoun is a new stadium and the university faculty for Tourism, attended by many young people from southern Tunisia. The resort is 18 k m from the airport. Family room with connecting doors Hotel Sidi Mansour Resort tel.: 75 745555 Location: new structure that is the private beach 350 m. To reach the beach you have to cross a road. Houmt Souk is 18 km. Services: modern hotel built in 2002, offers its guests a reception desk with hire safes, a restaurant, Internet corn

er, a la carte restaurant, bars, Moorish café, pizzeria, boutique, mini market, hair salon, SAT-TV corner and indoor pool. Within the lush garden between the ho tel and the beach are a playground, mini club for children 4 to 12 years, the ou tdoor pool with children's area, the pool snack bar and solarium. Parasols and s un beds are free (subject to availability) or in the pool on the beach. As for f un and relaxation, the hotel offers free tennis court and paid, pool, fitness ce nter, sauna, massage room and hammam. Evening entertainment. All inclusive: thos e who pay its charges have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Continental breakfast de layed until 10.30 (on request). Local alcoholic and soft drinks during meals and from 09 to 23. Pasta, pizza and sandwiches from 14 to 15 and coffee, tea, cakes and snacks from 16 to 17. Sports as indicated. Accommodation: comfortable and t astefully furnished rooms are equipped with bath and toilet, balcony or terrace, air conditioning, satellite TV, hairdryer, telephone, refrigerator and safe hir e. On request Family rooms with connecting doors. Arrangements: American buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. 150 CLASSIQUE < Mid oun k Sou Midoun> DJERBA Hotel Venta Club ILIADE tel.: 75 745450 Location: modern hotel situated situated on one of the most beau tiful stretches of beach of Sidi Mahrez. Is 6 km from Midoun, 25 km Houmt Souk. Services: impressive complex of 315 rooms divided between the annex and main bui lding, offers guests a spacious lobby with reception, two lifts, a restaurant, a la carte restaurant, lobby bar, boutiques, internet cafes, jewelry, gift shop, hairdresser, club and indoor pool. In the garden, large and well kept, there are swimming pool, children's pool and kids club. Sunbeds and umbrellas (subject to availability) on the terrace and the beach. Among the sports are free of the po ssibility of using 5 tennis courts (floodlight with charge), volleyball, table t ennis, archery and rental kayaks, catamarans and windsurfing. Those who prefer t o pool, hammam, massage, sauna, hire bicycles and scooters. Daytime and evening sports, shows and dances. All inclusive: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Possibilit y of delaying breakfast from 10 to 11 (on request). On reservation can dine at t he a la carte restaurant. Snacks, coffee, tea and cakes. Local alcoholic and sof t drinks during meals and at the bar from 10 to 23. Sports as indicated. Accommo dation: Comfortable rooms, a bathroom with bathtub, hairdryer, air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, refrigerator, safe and balcony. Adjoining rooms availa ble on request.€Arrangements: American breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner buffet with show cooking. CLASSIQUE 151 DJERBA Hotel Abir tel.: 75 732500

> Midoun Location: the three-story hotel, built in typical Moorish style, only 400 m from the sandy beach. It is located 5 km from Midoun and 15 km from the capital Houm t Souk. Services: The hotel offers a lobby and reception with internet corner, w here you can rent a safe deposit box. It also features a restaurant, bar and sna ck bar, Moorish café, a small souvenir shop, hairdresser, beauty parlor, laundry , swimming pool with separate children's area and solarium with loungers and umb rellas. The younger guests (ages 4 to 12 years) will enjoy the kids club and pla yground. In pre-and post-season you can use the indoor pool. For lovers of sport and leisure activities are available for table tennis, bowling and sports court for sports. A payment can also enjoy massages, hammam, gym, tennis and billiard s. All inclusive: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks, coffee, tea and cakes. Lo cal alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages at meals and at the bar from 10 to 24. Sports activities as listed. Accommodation: the rooms are comfortable and bright rooms are private bathroom with tub and toilet, air conditioning, telephone and balcony or terrace. Possibility of renting the satellite TV and refrigerator. A vailable rooms with possibility of two, three or four extra beds. Arrangements: American breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner buffet. Hotel LES ALIZES tel.: 75 759154 Location: simple hotel in the heart of the tourist area. Distanc e from the beach, reached several times a day in cab, 900 mile. Houmt Souk is lo cated about 13 km while the picturesque Midoun is about 7 km. A 5 km away from t he golf course while the casino is 2 miles. Services: small and quiet hotel with 83 rooms offering its guests the possibility to rent a reception with safes, lo bby with Wi-Fi, main restaurant, a la carte restaurant, bar and Moorish café, co nference room, gift shop and swimming pool with separate area for children. Sunb eds and umbrellas (subject to availability) at the pool and beach. Paying fitnes s, jacuzzi, hammam and massage. Accommodation: simple rooms with bathroom with t ub and toilet, air conditioning, telephone and balcony or terrace. Treatment: co ntinental breakfast buffet and enriched buffet dinner. 152 CLASSIQUE Midoun> DJERBA Hotel Vincci Djerba Resort tel.: 75 730401 Location: newly built hotel, just 400 meters from the beach is connected by shut tle service. Midoun is 3 km, the city instead of Houmt Souk 18 km. Services: The hotel has a swimming pool complex with children area, free sun beds and umbrell as (subject to availability) and beach towels on bail. Hotel facilities: recepti on, internet corner, a la carte restaurant in the South American style, main res taurant, a typical Moorish-style cafe, bars, souvenir shops, jewelry, disco, hai rdresser, boutiques, three tennis courts (floodlit fee ), children's playground, mini club for children aged 4 to 12 years, indoor pool, table tennis, volleybal l, water aerobics and aerobics. A payment are available: bike rental, fitness ce nter, pool, balneotherapy therapy, sauna, whirlpool, steam bath and massage. All inclusive: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Possibility of late breakfast (on reque st) from 10 to 11. On reservation can dine at the restaurant a la carte menus. S nacks, coffee, tea and cakes. Local soft drinks during meals and at the bar from 9 to 23. Sports activities as listed. Accommodation: the rooms are nice and com fortable private bathroom with tub and toilet, air conditioning, satellite TV, t

elephone, hairdryer and balcony. Possibility of hiring a fridge and safe. Upon r equest we can book family rooms with connecting doors. Arrangements: American br eakfast buffet, lunch and dinner buffet. Hotel Radisson SAS Resort & Thalasso tel.: 75 757600 Location: luxurious fully renovated in 2006, is located near the sandy beach, 5 km from the golf course and 9 km from Houmt Souk. Services: Hote l with 296 rooms, elegant lobby with reception, lifts, main restaurant with terr ace, two a la carte restaurants (Oriental, Italian), lobby bar, bar, internet co rner, shop, library, hairdresser, discotheque and indoor pool. Outside, in the b eautiful garden, there is the swimming pool with separate children's pool, pool - snack bar,€playground and kids club for children aged 4 to 12 years. Sunbeds a nd umbrellas (subject to availability) or in the pool on the beach. Free sportin g activities are aerobics, table tennis, fitness, bowling and four tennis courts . With a supplement you can enjoy billiards, archery, thalasso-therapy and water sports. Location: new standard rooms, where living in harmony with the modern d esign style seventies, have bath or shower, hairdryer, individually controlled a ir conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, safe, mini bar and balcony or terrace garden view. And 'possible to ask deluxe rooms have sea views. Arrangements: Ame rican breakfast buffet, dinner buffet with show cooking and theme nights. CLASSIQUE 153 DJERBA > Midoun Hotel azurea tel.: 75 759154 Location: Hotel built in 2007, located in a quiet area just 400 meters from the beach can be reached by coach. Houmt Souk is about 19 km and 6 k m around Midoun feature. Services: modern hotel with 153 rooms, has a reception, restaurant, souvenir shops, Internet corner, indoor pool, gym and jacuzzi, bar, Moorish, poolside snack bar (pizza, grilled specialties and Italian), wellness center and pool separate outdoor area for children. Cots, mattresses and umbrell as (subject to availability) or in the pool to the beach. As for recreation, the hotel offers free: gymnastics, volleyball, bowling, mini golf, table tennis, da ytime and evening entertainment with games with entertainment, karaoke and tradi tional dances also. Charge: billiards, tennis, massages, hammam and beauty salon . Accommodation: Bright and spacious rooms, carefully furnished in traditional s tyle and modern en suite bathroom with tub and toilet, hairdryer, air conditioni ng, satellite TV, telephone and balcony. Opportunity to rent safe and refrigerat or. Also available rooms with two or three extra beds. Arrangements: American br eakfast buffet, dinner buffet, dinner with the opportunity to share lunch. Hotel Djerba Haroun tel.: 75 758561 Location: cozy small family owned business, situated only 200 meters from the sandy beach. The beach is several times a day in a carriage. Houmt Souk Midoun is 13 km and 5 km away. Services: renovated in 2005, has 64 rooms and 22 apartments distributed between the main building and b ungalows. Guests are offered a reception with hire safes, a la carte restaurant, pizzeria, bar, Moorish café, TV room, conference room, souvenir shop, supermark et, swimming pool with separate children's pool and snack bar. Sunbeds and umbre llas (subject to availability) in the pool and beach. A payment pool, hammam and massage. Accommodation: the rooms are equipped with bath or shower, toilet, air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, balcony or terrace. The apartments are f urnished in the same way but are also equipped with kitchenette, being more spac ious, and individual climate control. They also have a separate bedroom. Arrange ments: American breakfast buffet, dinner buffet.

154 CLASSIQUE Midoun> DJERBA Djerba Plaza Hotel tel.: 75 731230, Location: the imposing structure of the hig hest category is located inside a park of fourteen acres and is distinguished by its unique architecture. It rises 300 m from a beautiful sandy beach and is 17 km from the capital. Opposite the hotel is also a golf course to 27 holes. Servi ces: the prestigious complex has a reception, more lifts, a lobby with Wi-Fi, a restaurant with smoking area, a la carte restaurant, Moorish café, bar, internet conrner, hairdresser, boutiques and indoor pool. Outside there is a huge swimmi ng pool (towels seas free), pool bar, children's pool, playground and kids club for children 4 -12 years. Use of beach umbrellas and sunbeds are free swimming p ool, terrace and beach. Free activities: table tennis, darts, bowling, gymnastic s, soccer, volleyball and basketball. Charge: 6 tennis courts with floodlights, squash, billiards, beauty, fitness center, whirlpool, wellness center with sauna , steam bath and massage. Possibility of water sports. In the evening live music and entertainment. All inclusive (with supplement): breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main restaurant. After booking opportunity to dine in the à la carte res taurant serving Italian and Tunisian. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks during meals and from 08.00 to 24.00. Soft drinks from the minibar from 00.00 to 24.00 .€Snacks, coffee and cake at 16.00, cocktails from 18.00 to 19.30. During the st ay 30 minutes free internet and hammam. On reservation: fitness, squash, tennis (with illuminated field), rental racquets and tennis balls. In-room safe. Accomm odation: the rooms are comfortable and tastefully decorated. Feature private bat hroom with tub and separate WC, hairdryer, air conditioning, telephone, refriger ator, satellite TV, safe and balcony or terrace. Possibility of communicating ro oms on request. Arrangements: American buffet breakfast, second breakfast and di nner buffet. Hotel Djerba Palace tel.: 75 732600 Location: Hotel recently found in a large park on the beautiful sandy beach. It 's a complex of buildings built in Moorish style. The category o f the hotel provides a refined setting and a variety of activities. The beautifu l sandy beach, accessible through the park, is up to 300 meters. Nearby, a golf course. Services: A wide range of activities and entertainment staff discreetly caters for the most demanding tourist. The hotel has three outdoor swimming pool s with fresh water, one with slide and children's area, pool bar, sun terrace wi th free sun beds and umbrellas (subject to availability) (mat fee), playground, kids club for children , mini golf, table tennis and indoor pool. Paying a fitne ss center, massages and 4 tennis courts. The hotel also features a reception wit h safety deposit boxes for hire, bar, restaurant with sea view, à la carte resta urant, American bar, Moorish café, disco, boutiques, shops, a hairdresser and a brand new spa built in 2007 . Accommodation: the rooms were renovated in 2006 wi th characteristic details are typically oriental en suite with bath and toilet, air conditioning, telephone, satellite TV and balcony. And 'possible to rent a r efrigerator. There are also rooms with two extra beds. It 'can also book family rooms with connecting doors. Arrangements: American breakfast buffet, dinner buf fet. CLASSIQUE 155

DJERBA > Midoun Hotel Djerba Sun tel.: 75 758758 Location: a small coastal road separates the hotel from a long b each of fine sand covered and the individual buildings away from the beach from 50 to 400 m. Nearby is the casino. Services: The hotel comprises several buildin gs where the rooms are located and a central body, surrounded by lawn. The centr al building is a large living room with possibility of internet connection, rece ption with safety deposit box rental, restaurant, two bars, a Moorish café, a pi zzeria, a TV corner, the corner shop, supermarket, hairdresser, discotheque and in pre-and post-season including indoor pool with hydrotherapy can practice. The central part consists of a large outdoor swimming pool and modern with children area, playground, sun terrace with pool and snack bar. Sunbeds and umbrellas (s ubject to availability) are available both to the pool on the beach. The range o f sports is very rich and includes a daytime entertainment program (gym and vari ous games). Evening program full of entertainment and music. Guests have access to (paid) tennis, billiards, horse riding, sauna, massage, turkish bath and wate r sports to enjoy the beach. All inclusive: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Local w ine, beer and soft drinks for lunch and dinner from 11 to 22 in the main bar of the hotel. In the afternoon, from 15.30 to 16.30 will be offered coffee, tea, ca kes and ice cream for children. And then ping-pong, tennis (daytime only), arche ry, bocce, volleyball and basketball. Accommodation: the rooms are pleasantly de corated and feature private bathroom with shower or bath and toilet, telephone, air conditioning, satellite TV, balcony or terrace. A payment can rent a refrige rator. Available rooms with two extra beds. Arrangements: American breakfast buf fet, lunch and dinner buffet. 156 CLASSIQUE Midoun> DJERBA Holiday Beach Hotel Djerba tel.: 75 758177 Location: stunning, modern hotel, entirely built in Moorish styl e, is separated from the wonderful sandy beach by a small road. Houmt Souk 12 km , while the Golf Course with 27 holes is 5 km. Services: comfortable hotel with 297 rooms offers guests a lobby by the glass dome, with Wi-Fi reception, interne t corner, restaurant, Moorish café, two bars, disco, souvenir shops, boutiques, hair and indoor pool.€The lush garden is a large swimming pool with separate chi ldren's pool bar, playground, mini club for children from 4 to 12 years. Free su n beds and umbrellas (subject to availability) in the pool, patio and beach. Bea ch towels on bail. As for fun and relaxation the hotel offers 4 tennis courts, t able tennis, darts, archery, bowling, mini golf, volleyball. Paying fitness, bal neotherapy, sauna, massage, whirlpool and swimming pool with thermal water. Near by is a riding and bike rental. Daytime and evening entertainment. All inclusive : breakfast, lunch and dinner. Continental breakfast delayed until 11.30 (on req uest). Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages during meals and from 10.00 to 24.00 in the various bars. Snacks (soup of the day, omelets, hot dogs) from 11:00 to 1 7:00 at the pool bar. On reservation can dine once a week at the Indian restaura nt. Sports as indicated. Accommodation: the rooms are equipped with bathroom wit h shower, toilet, air conditioning, telephone, balcony or terrace, hairdryer, ca ble TV. On request rooms with two beds can be added. A rental fee of the refrige rator and safe. Arrangements: American buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet .

CLASSIQUE 157 DJERBA > Midoun Standard Room Hotel Club Diana Rimel DJERBA tel.: 75 745501 Location: beautiful hotel built in 2007, with the appearance of a sand castle, n estled in a garden of dates of ten hectares. Is about 300 meters from the beauti ful sandy beach, 6 km from Midoun and 20 km from Hount Souk. Services: the centr al body, around which are scattered throughout the main building accommodating 1 95 rooms, is shaped like a sand castle. Guests reception, main restaurant with f our dining rooms, Italian restaurant a la carte restaurant in the Tunisian Berbe r tent, seafood restaurant, beach restaurant, nightclub, souvenir shops and inte rnet corner. Between the hotel and the beach is the pool of 1600 m2 with separat e area for children. Sunbeds and umbrellas (subject to availability) in the pool and beach. For recreation and relaxation are available: table tennis, four tenn is courts (floodlight against charge), outdoor sports, water aerobics, beach vol leyball, soccer, water polo and daytime and evening entertainment. Paying the ho tel also offers horseback riding, rent a scooter and billiards. All inclusive: b reakfast, lunch and dinner. On request, breakfast can be delayed at the beach ba r from 10 to 11. Local alcoholic and soft drinks for lunch and dinner at the mai n restaurant at the pool bar from 10 to 23 and at the beach bar from 10 to 18. T he beach bar also offers coffee and snacks from 11 to 12 different between 16 an d 18. Sports activities as listed. Location: beautiful rooms equipped with bath or shower and toilet, air conditioning, telephone, hairdryer and satellite TV. P ossibility of requiring family rooms with balcony and separate bedrooms. You may rent a safe. Arrangements: American buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet w ith show cooking. 158 CLASSIQUE Golf> DJERBA British architect Martin Hawtree is the creator of the golf course of Djerba. It is distinguished by its breadth and the provision of luxurious playgrounds. The exceptional nature has transformed each into a unique playing field. The green oases, salt flats, sand of the Sahara, date palms and a view of the sea create i deal conditions for golf lovers. The camp is located in a tourist area, where al l our hotels are located. A provision is the playing field with 3x9 holes: Les P almiers PAR 9 / 37, length 3044 m, La Mer PAR 9 / 36, length 3125 m, Les Acacias PAR 9 / 36, length 2685 m Near the playground is also the training ground, wher e you play golf courses. In the field, you can also find the golf club, bar, res taurant and shop Pro-shop. Golf courses in collaboration with local instructors and timeliness with members of the PGA professional instructors have prepared fo r you several courses. You decide how many days and how many hours you want to p ractice. Acquire the basics of theoretical and practical and you will sure if th is sport is for you. Groups of participants are few in number, from 6 to 10 peop le, so you can enjoy more to play. You can choose between two or three hours of practice per day, from 9 to 11 or from 9 to 12, you can also choose whether to 2 ,3,4 or 5 days of practice. All equipment needed will be available on site.€They

only pay fees for the racks of balls. For the first course you'll need 5 coins per day, for 3 seconds instead. GOLF PACKAGES For those who already know the gam e of golf courses we have prepared special packages. Upon request we can also bo ok start times. For the golf course of Djerba is available both for men and wome n a 36 handicap. And 'possible to rent all the necessary equipment or its use. L ' CLASSIQUE 159 TUNISIA > The country and people Sidi Bou Said TUNIS Kartagina 1. Day: LJUBLJANA - Djerba island Arrival mild climate, numerous palm trees and long sandy beaches. Transfer to hotel accommodation in rooms, dinner and overnig ht. 2. Day: Djerba - Matmata - Tamezret - DOUZ (345 km) After breakfast leave fo r the coast of Tunisia. Our first stop will be the country Medenine, where we wi ll visit the colorful market. We will continue to Matmata, which will charm you with its lunar landscape and dwellings carved into the stone. This town has been the setting for the film "Star Wars". Many Berbers are returning to live in the se "homes". Lunch and then continue towards the "Gate of the Sahara". The oasis of Douz we welcome you and before dinner we will venture to riding a camel throu gh the desert dunes (optional). Dinner and overnight at a hotel near the Sahara Desert. Tunisia: El Jem amphitheater, which is no longer scene of fights between gladiat ors, but the perfect location for the International Music Festival. Imagine this amphitheater lit by a thousand candles ... The journey continues towards the ci ty of Sfax, hotel accommodation, dinner and overnight. TUNISIA Kairounan Sbeitla Sousse Monastir El Jem Sfax Gafsa Chott El chars MA R M E D I A N T E R R E O DJERBA Kebili Gabes Tozeur Chott el Jerid Douz Tamezret Matmata Medenine ALGERIA 3. Day: Douz - Chott el Djerid - TOZEUR (160 km) After breakfast we cross the oa sis of Douz, Kebili and Souk Lahad and the great salt lake Chott El Jerid, a tru e miracle of nature. LIBYA Our adventure continues in the land of palm trees, wh ere we will visit the beautiful Tozeur. In the nearby city of Nefta, take a carr iage ride (fee). Upon returning to Tozeur have lunch and then we will be explori ng this interesting city. In the afternoon you can take part in the excursion by jeep optional mountain oasis Chebika, Tamerza Mides and which are considered am

ong the most interesting towns of southern Tunisia. After dinner, night tour of the museum Dar Chraiet to learn about daily life from past to present. Overnight at the hotel in Tozeur. 4. Day: Tozeur - Sbeitla - KAIROUAN (300 km) After brea kfast head towards the north, through the region of the phosphate mine Metlaoui via Gafsa and reaching Sbeitla. This town is famous for its Roman and Byzantine archaeological sites. Lunch. We will continue towards our destination, the impor tant center of Muslim pilgrimage Kairouan. After lunch we will visit some intere sting areas of this city: the mausoleum, the Medina and the workshop of an artis an carpets. Dinner and overnight. 5. Day: Kairouan - Tunis-Carthage - SIDI BOU S AID - TUNIS (160 km) Breakfast. Busy day of sightseeing. In the morning we will retain in the city of Kairouan, where we will visit the largest mosque in Africa . In the afternoon we will see the capital of Tunisia, the city of Tunis. We vis it the ruins of Carthage, declared by UNESCO list of world natural beauty intere st. Will lead to the mountain village of Sidi Bou Said, which we also call "Rhap sody in Blue and White." The afternoon will be at disposal for individual visits or for a stroll through the narrow streets of the old district of Medina. Hotel accommodation, dinner and overnight stay in Tunis. 6. Day: Tunis - Sousse - Mon astir - El Jem - Sfax (285 km) Breakfast at the hotel. At the Bardo Museum admir e the magnificent mosaics of more than two thousand years ago, famous throughout the world. We will continue our journey south towards new goals as interesting Sousse, where lunch. In Monastir we have time to visit the Muslim fortress Ribat (famous art director for films). Among the immense olive groves we admire the m ost imposing Roman culture that has left Sidi Bou Said 7. Day: Sfax - Gabes - DJERBA (290 km) Breakfast at the hotel. Continue to rest in the oasis of Gabes and Djerba, where we will have the opportunity to visit th e colorful Spice Market The Jara. Free time for sightseeing tour of the oasis in a carriage (optional).€Finally do is return to the island of Djerba by ferry. A fter lunch, excursion to visit Djerba (Guellala, Ghriba and Houmt Souk) and time to relax on the beautiful sandy beaches, dreaming under the warm rays of the su n and remembering the good times of the trip just ended. Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Djerba. 8. Day: Djerba - LJUBLJANA After breakfast time for individu al visits, shopping and swimming, and then leave from Djerba airport transfer an d return to Ljubljana. Tunis Kairouan 160 CLASSIQUE Safari> TUNISIA 4. Day: Tozeur - GABES - Djerba (400 km) After breakfast leave for visit Nefta o asis famous for the best dates throughout Tunisia. For an additional fee you can enjoy a beautiful carriage ride. On the road to Gabes stop for lunch. Before cr ossing the strait by ferry between Djerba and the continent we will stop at the colorful spice market Jara. In the three days that follow spend our fabulous sta y on the island of Djerba. Dinner and overnight hotel accommodation in Djerba. 5.-7. Day: DJERBA 3 days safari jeep + 5 day stay at a hotel in Djerba One residence does not sati sfy your curiosity? To truly enjoy a vacation you need something more than sun a nd beach? We can satisfy your desire with this program interesting and fascinati

ng. 1. Day: LJUBLJANA - Djerba island Djerba Arrival, transfer to hotel and over night accommodation in the rooms. Half board in hotel. Days devoted to relaxation on the beaches of this beautiful country. 8. Day: Djerba - LJUBLJANA After breakfast free time for sightseeing, shopping and swimming, then farewell to Djerba, transfer to airport and return to Ljubljana. Chebika TUNISIA Mides Tamerza Chabika chars Tozeur Chott el Jerid Chott el Souk Lahad Gabes MEDITERRANEAN SEA Djerba Douz Matmata Medenine ALGERIA LIBYA 2. Day: Djerba - Medenine - Matmata - Douz - Souk Lahad (300 km) After breakfast , depart along the road linking the coast of Tunisia. Our first stop will be the country Medenine, where we will visit the "gorfas" and discover their ancient u se. We will continue to Matmata, which will charm you with its lunar landscape a nd dwellings carved into the stone. This town has been the setting for the film "Star Wars". We can see up close these "houses", although some of them are inhab ited again. After the lunch break we continue towards the interior of the countr y. Reach the "Gateway to the Sahara, where we can taste the immensity of the des ert and where we can take a walk on the sand among the palms. We will have the o pportunity to ride a camel (optional excursion). Continue to Souk Lahad and hote l accommodation, dinner and overnight. 3. Day: Souk Lahad - TOZEUR (150 km) Afte r breakfast we cross the great salt lake Chott El Jerid to arrive in the land of palm trees which is also the main city, the oasis of Tozeur, where time has sto od still. Near Tozeur are interesting for the idyllic mountain oases Tamerza, an d Chebika Mides with waterfalls and canyons. Lunch. In the afternoon we arrive i n Tozeur, unique city because of its particular architecture. Later visit the Me dina. After dinner and accommodation, visit the Museum Dar Cheraiet. CLASSIQUE 161 LIBYA > An adventure between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara ing regions and corners of the world that have not yet been achieved by mass tou rism is Libya, which jealously guards its natural treasures, its history and tra ditions. It 'a country that shows the history of many peoples, their homes and t heir houses big and small secrets, which are perhaps already lost as grains of s and in the immensity of the desert. It seems the last place in the world untouch ed, as hosts fewer tourists to the North Pole. T the diamond of the desert - the oasis of Ghadames, which lies north of the world 's largest desert - the Sahara. Ghadames, UNESCO was one of the largest and most

important cities in the northern Sahara. The oasis was already fortified in the first century BC Romans. The city in its current facility has about 800 years, during which has changed little, continuing to preserve its Arab character and t urkish. Lunch in traditional Ghadames house. After visiting the museum, the old city and its architecture will also visit the small Berber market with handicraf ts is also typical of the Tuaregs. Towards evening we go off road to the interio r of the desert to a vantage point, the fortress of Ras al-Ghul, from which poin t you can see Tunisia,€Algeria and Libya and from which to view the spectacular sunset. In a Berber tent and we await the typical bread. Enriched romantic impre ssions back in the city of Ghadames: dinner and overnight at the hotel ***. 5. Day: Ghadames-Kabaw - Gharyan-TRIPOLI (650 km) After breakfast we continue ou r adventure to the north. On the way we stop in the old 6. day: Tripoli-LEPTIS MAGNA-TRIPOLI (240 km) After breakfast head towards the c ity of Leptis Magna and stop for a visit. After 800 years of burial in the sand of the Sahara has been discovered by archaeologists in the twentieth century, th e ancient Roman city of Leptis Magna. In the past, during the Roman period, was one of the most important and rich. It was the birthplace of Emperor Septimius S everus who built many beautiful architectural details. Today is one of the most interesting and well-preserved Roman cities in the Mediterranean and it is also one of the few archaeological sites where we can imagine the life of the ancient city with all its characteristics and its details. Rich in new sensations will return to the capital, Tripoli, and we will venture into the largest bazaar in t he country and provided. Guided tour of the city and the market. Dinner and over night at the hotel ****. 7. day: Tripoli - Djerba (300 km) Leptis Magna 1. Day: LJUBLJANA - Djerba Arriving on the island of Djerba, transfer to hotel *** where to stay. 2. Day: Djerba - Sabratha - Tripoli (300 km) Breakfast at the hotel. Departure t o the border tunisinolibico morning and travel along the streets of this mysteri ous country. Short stop before lunch on the coast of Rasjder Tellil with a wonde rful view. Time for lunch. In the afternoon arrival at Sabratha and sightseeing, then the Phoenicians founded as an outpost for trade. The city flourished in Ro man times. We visit the Roman theater, which is still used for plays and concert s. We can see the temples, fountains, public baths and Byzantine mosaics. We wil l continue towards the city of Tripoli, sightseeing tour, dinner and overnight a t the hotel ****. 3. day: Tripoli - Qasr al Hajj - Nalut-Ghadames (625 km) After breakfast we continue towards the town of Qasr al Haj granary where we will vis it a typical Berber. Afterwards soak Nalut, a city surrounded by mountainous are a of Jebel, one of the Berber region. The picturesque castle offers excellent vi ews of the vibrant region. Then we will move from the mountainous area in the de sert, in the heart of the Sahara. The rocks and sand will replace the green grou ps camels people and towns. Continue towards the city of Ghadames, dinner and ov ernight at the hotel ***. 4. Day: Ghadames (20 km) Leptis Magna City Kabaw, now abandoned, which enjoys a picturesque location in a mountainous area and where it is preserved to this day a wonderful Qasr, warehouse fortified cereal. After the visit of an old stone building will continue to Gharyan. The city is the last stop on the road to Saba, deep in the desert. The main attracti on of the town houses are built in the old Berber underground to escape the hot summers to cold winters and the various conquerors. Stop for a taste of tea and bread. Because the city is known as a center of Libyan pottery, visit a pottery workshop. Dinner in Tripoli. Overnight in hotel **** in the city of Tripoli. After breakfast we will devote the entire day exploring the capital Tripoli. Res

idents are particularly proud of the old city, one of the most beautiful in the Arab world. The charm of this city is accentuated by the friendliness of the peo ple who are very hospitable. The nickname "the white bride of the Mediterranean" is still the most appropriate term to describe Tripoli. We will begin with a vi sit over the city, where we know the old Arab town, the Italian colonial Tripoli and the modern metropolis. We will continue our tour visiting the archaeologica l museum and the ancient fortress of Tripoli and the arc by Aurelio. Enriched wi th new experiences back on the island of Djerba. Dinner and overnight at hotel * **. 8. Day: DEJRBA - LJUBLJANA Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast free time for shopping, bathing and for individual visits. Then transfer to airport and departure to Ljubljana. Djerba MEDITERRANEAN SEA Tripolis Sabatha Gharyan TUNISIA Qasr al Hajj Nalut ALGERIA Kabaw Ghadames "Do not visit unless visits Ghadames Libya" is the phrase that we must keep in m ind. After breakfast visit LIBYA 162 CLASSIQUE DJERBA> every Thursday from Ljubljana April 3 10 17 24 1 May 8 15 22 29 June 5 12 19 26 July 3 10 17 24 31 August 7 14 21 28 September 4 11 18 25 2 October 9 16 23 30

November 6 13 20 Departure in the evening Carrier Adria Airways Mandatory airport tax: 79 . Hotel LES ALIZES *** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun Children 7 nights 298 307 362 50% A SS 99107162 B 7 9 182 50% C 7 nights 349 359 424 118 128 192 40% SS 4 470 202 40% E 7 nights SS 446 135 459 147 542 221 ore HB FB AI 50 40 33 20 27 50 40 33 20 27 50 40 33 T TO DB DB BB BB 3 2 SG / DB BB 1 DISCOUNT STANDARD Abir Hotel *** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun AD Children ABCD 7 nights SS 422 131 428 137 441 149 481 187 40% E 7 nights SS 4 87 143 494 150 508 163 555 204 30% Book surcharges week before HB FB AI 50 40 33 20 33 97 50 40 33 20 33 97 50 40 33 20 33 97 50 40 33 20 33 97 T 7 nights 7 nights SS SS SS DB 7 nights HB 4 325 105 349 118 380 125 DB HB 3 330 110 354 123 386 130 DB HB 2 340 119 365 134 397 142 SG / DB HB 1 371 149 398 168 433 178 50 DISCOUNT STANDARD % 50% 40% Abir at the hotel the first child from 2 to 12 years in room with two adults is free. Hotel Djerba Haroun *** + Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun A 7 nights 339 352 403 364 372 389 50% 198 SS 139 152 202 164 172 188b 7 nights SS 364 157 378 171 433 228 391 184 400 193 418 212 50% 212 C 7 nights 397 412 47 2 426 436 455 40% 228 SS 166 181 241 195 204 224 D 7 nights SS 441 174 457 190 5 24 253 473 204 484 215 505 235 40% 250 E 7 nights SS 508 190 527 208 604 277 545 224 558 235 583 258 284 30% Book Supplement / week before HB FB AI 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 21 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 T AD 3 2 1 4 3 2 Children HB HB SG DB DB / DB HB HB AP AP AP HB HB DISCOUNT PRICE SPECIAL STANDARD 16 nights SS 320 111 329 121 38 D SS 7 nights 387 123 398 13 30% Book surcharges week bef 20 27

Hotel Djerba SUN *** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun Children 7 nights 376 393 414 50% A SS 175 192 213 B 7 nights SS 403 197 421 216 444 240 50% C 7 nights 439 459 484 208 228 253 40% SS D SS 7 nights 488 218 510 240 538 266 40% E 7 nights SS 562 239 588 262 620 291 30% Book surcharges week before HB FB AI 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 23 T TO DB 3 dB 2 SG / DB 1 TO DISCOUNT STANDARD 16 16 16 Hotel Sidi Mansour Resort **** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun ABCDE 7 nights SS 577 227 601 249 687 325 600 247 626 271 30% Book surcharges we ek before HB FB AI 50 40 33 20 92 50 40 33 20 92 50 40 33 20 92 50 40 33 20 92 5 0 40 33 20 92 During the period 10.7. - 4.9. supplement to the required T TO Children 7 nights 7 nights SS SS SS 7 nights 7 nights DB SS HB 3 385 166 414 187 451 197 500 207 DB Hb 2 401 182 431 205 470 216 521 227 14 SG / DB HB 1 459 238 492 268 536 283 595 297 DB / VLP HB 3 401 181 430 203 469 215 520 226 DB / VLP Hb 2 418 198 449 223 489 236 543 248 STANDARD DISCOUNT 50% 50% 40% 40% at the Hotel Sidi Mansour Resort a child aged 2 to 14 years in room with two adults is free. Azurea Hotel **** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun Children Book ABCDE surcharges week before HB FB AI 50 40 33 20 54 50 40 33 20 5 4 50 40 33 20 54 50 40 33 20 54 T TO SS SS 7 nights 7 nights 7 nights 7 nights SS SS SS DB 7 nights HB 4 375 165 402 186 439 196 487 206 561 226 DB HB 3 387 177 415 199 453 210 502 221 579 242 DB H B 2 411 200 441 226 481 238 534 250 615 274 SG / DB HB 1 498 285 534 321 582 340 646 357 745 391 STANDARD DISCOUNT 50% 50% 40% 40% 30% at the hotel azurea a chi

ld from 2 to 5 years in room with two adults is free while 5 to 12 years has the standard discount. Hotel Djerba Palace **** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun A 7 nights SS 387 417 50% C 7 nights 40% SS 300 40% E 7 nights SS FB AI 50 40 33 20 54 T TO Children DB DB HB 2 HB 3 SG / DB HB 1 DISCOUNT STANDARD Djerba Plaza Hotel ****+ Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun A 7 nights 431 454 50% C 7 nights 504 412 40% E 7 nights FB AI 50 40 33 50 T TO Children DB DB HB 2 HB 3 SG / DB HB 1 DISCOUNT STANDARD 24 CLASSIQUE Hotel Venta Club ILIADE **** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun ABCDE 7 nights SS 722 365 749 389 903 528 745 404 772 427 776 413 806 440 30% Bo ok surcharges week before HB FB AI 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 65 43 43 20 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 53 40 33 36 T TO Children 7 nights 7 nights SS SS SS 7 nights 7 nights SS DB AI 3 482 267 518 300 564 318 533 229 252 330 50% SS SS 7 nights B 462 258 487 284 573 372 531 624 273 300 393 40% SS D SS 7 nights 559 286 590 315 693 SS 645 314 680 345 799 452 30% Book surcharges week before HB 40 33 20 146 20 146 50 40 33 20 146 442 50% 186 453 487 517 579 255 624 50 40 33 20 215 240 B 7 221 256 286 295 662 329 54 50 40 33 nights SS 415 209 447 242 474 270 D 7 nights SS 502 232 541 269 574 30% Book surcharges week before HB 20 54

626 333 DB to 2 500 284 537 320 585 338 649 355 SG / DB AI 1 603 386 647 434 706 459 783 482 DB / connecting AI 3 498 295 534 332 582 351 646 368 DB / connectin g to 2 515 312 553 352 603 372 669 390 DB / VML AI 3 518 302 556 340 606 359 673 377 DB / VML to 2 538 322 578 362 630 383 699 402 DISCOUNT STANDARD 50% 50% 40% 40% At Hotel Venta Club ILIADE the first child from 2 to 12 years in room with two adults is free. Holiday Beach Hotel Djerba **** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun ABCDE Book surcharges week before HB FB AI T TO Children 7 nights 7 nights SS SS SS 7 nights 7 nights 7 nights SS SS 50 40 35 20 dB 3 495 269 531 303 579 321 642 337 740 369 50 40 39 20 dB 2 522 297 561 334 611 353 67 8 371 782 406 50 50 50 20 SG / DB TO 1 599 372 643 419 701 443 778 465 897 510 5 0 40 40 20 DB / VML TO 3 532 307 571 345 623 365 691 383 797 419 50 45 45 20 DB / VML to 2 564 338 606 381 660 402 733 422 845 463 STANDARD DISCOUNT 50% 50% 40% 40% 30% at the Holiday Beach Hotel Djerba a child from 2 to 6 years in room wit h two adults is free, while a child aged 6 to 12 years has standard discount. Hotel Club Diana Rimel DJERBA **** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun ABCDE 7 nights SS 750 408 873 518 721 382 742 401 784 439 30% Book surcharges we ek before HB FB AI 50 40 33 20 63 42 42 20 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 T TO Children 7 nights 7 nights SS SS SS 7 nights 7 nights SS DB to 2 501 298 538 336 586 355 650 373 SG / DB AI 1 583 379 626 426 682 451 757 473 DB / connecting AI 4 482 27 9 517 315 564 332 626 349 DB / AI connecting 3 496 293 532 330 580 349 644 366 D B / connecting to 2 524 321 562 361 613 382 680 401 STANDARD DISCOUNT 50% 50% 40 % 40% At the Hotel Club Diana Rimel the first child from 2 to 12 years room with two adults is free. Hotel Vincci Djerba Resort **** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun ABCDE Book surcharges week before HB FB AI 50 45 33 20 50 50 33 20 58 58 39 20 50 45 33 20 50 50 33 20 T

TO Children 7 nights 7 nights SS SS SS 7 nights 7 nights 7 nights SS SS DB TO 3 491 289 527 325 574 343 638 360 735 395 dB 2 520 317 558 356 608 377 675 395 778 433 SG / DB AI 1 568 364 609 410 664 433 737 455 850 498 DB / connecting TO 3 506 303 543 3 42 592 361 657 379 758 415 DB / connecting AI 2 535 331 574 373 626 394 694 414 801 453 STANDARD DISCOUNT 50% 50% 40% 40% 30% at the 'Hotel Vincci Djerba the fi rst child from 2 to 12 years in room with two adults is free in the seasons A, B and C. Hotel Radisson SAS Resort & Thalasso ***** Accommodation Prices in Djerba - Midoun BC 7 nights 681 712 924 756 791 40% SS 450 480 693 525 560 D 7 nights SS 756 473 790 504 1025 727 839 551 879 588 40% E 7 nights SS 872 518 911 552 796 968 603 1182 1013 644 30% 7 nights SS 625 426 653 454 848 655 694 497 726 530 50% Book s urcharges week before HB FB AI 50 40 33 20 108 50 40 33 50 40 33 20 108 20 108 2 0 108 50 40 33 50 40 33 20 108 T AD 3 2 1 3 2 Children 7 nights 582 608 790 646 677 A SS 378 404 582 441 471 50% DB DB BB BB SG / DB BB DB / DB Deluxe BB / BB deluxe DISCOUNT STANDARD SAFARI Accommodation Prices in Djerba T AD Children 7 nights 445 453 515 50% 7 nights B A SS SS 478 486 553 50% C 7 ni ghts SS 521 530 603 40% D 7 nights SS 578 588 669 40% E 7 nights SS 667 678 771 30% Book Supplement / week before HB FB AI 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 50 40 33 20 DB HB / FB DB 3 HB / FB 2 SG / DB HB / FB 1 DISCOUNT STANDARD INDICATIVE LIST OPTIONAL EXCURSIONS: GOLF: SAFARI TUNISIA: THE COUNTRY AND THE P EOPLE: Djerba Djerba Djerba Djerba ISLAND TOUR - 25 SW, ISLAND OF Flamingos (with lunch) - 40 DT, Matmata, Douz (wi th lunch) - 75 DT, TATAOUINE-Chenin (with lunch) - 65 DT, AND THE RESERVE crocod iles Ghriba - 25 DT Golf courses: 5 x 3 hours of lesson 413, 5 x 2 hour lesson 305. Golf packages on 18-holes green fee package 4 x 197, Package 5 x green fee 229 package, 6 x green fee 257. Possibility to rent the entire equipmen t. Departures every other week. The price includes: accommodation in 3 star hote l, flight, guide, Jeep 4 x 4 air-conditioned treatment and visits to the program (except inputs). The fee for the departure of 1.5. and 9.10 is of 555 . At oth er times only for groups of 20 participants. The price includes: accommodation i n 3 star hotels, tour guide, flight and bus transfers, treatment and visits (exc

ept inputs) as planned. Single supplement ged 2 to 12 years.

70. Standard discount for children a

LIBYA - ADVENTURE AMONG THE MEDITERRANEAN AND THE SAHARA: Djerba The fee for the departure of the 8.5 and 16.10. is of 861 . Other times, only f or groups of minimum 20 participants. The price includes: hotel accommodation gu ide, flight and bus transfers,€treatment and visits (except inputs) as planned. Single supplement 170. One child from 2 to 12 years in room with two adults ha ve a standard discount. WARNING! Libya is necessary for the entry visa (about 39 ) to be provided by our representative, if the reservation will be at least 21 days before departure. Otherwise you will need to obtain them individually. CLASSIQUE 25