REVIEW OF BOND 2007. SPANISH. THIRD STAGE OF SECONDARY Read the following story: 1 .

- Which of the following is a description? A) "All the details of this dream remained as recorded in its report that for several days he could not think of a nything else." B) "... ascended a wooded hill whose summit was crowned by a beau tiful white house surrounded by a garden. "C)" Then he returned to have the same dream on three successive nights. "D)" There, on the right of the paved road, w as the peasant path of his dream. " 2. According to the story, the attitude of the young to see the house is A) indi scretion. B) obstinacy. C) curiosity. D) ambition. 3. Which of the following paragraphs presents the climax of the story before? A) 2 B) 4 C) 5 D) 6 4. Which of the following paragraphs presents the outcome of the previous story? A) 3 B) 4 C) 5 D) 7 5. For the elderly, to see the girl at the end of the story, was something A) un precedented. B) you want. C) expectations. D) surprising. 6. What does the word "peasant" in the story above? A) Rustic. B) Isolation. C) CLOWN. D) Ordinary. 7. What dashes ents which are tervention. C) dicate the end are used in the text you read? A) To separate the incidental elem inserted in a sentence. B) To mark the dialogue each partner's in To indicate opposition and non-fusion in compound words. D) To in of a line, a word is not over.

Read the following: A group of third graders High School "Land and Freedom" is g oing to do an interview with a martial arts master who teaches karate and aikido to learn more about these sports. First prepare your interview script, when rea dy, the teacher interview and then transcribed the interview to show your Spanis h teacher. 8. In the following questions to prepare these students, what allows to obtain more and better information about the subject? A) B) C) D) Is the box is more violent than aikido? Are you sure you are a martial arts master? Is it i mportant to salute before a bout karate? Would you like to focus on something el se instead of what it does? 9. Read the questions that students selected for the interview: 1. 2. 3. 4. 10. "Our country has good karate competitors worldwide? Since when he began teaching karate in our country? What Karate is based? What does karate? In what order sh ould make the questions selected? A) 1, 2, 3, 4 B) 2, 3, 1, 4 C) 4, 2, 1, 3 D) 4, 3, 2, 1 The following is an excerpt from the interview: Students: Is there a phrase with which to summarize the teaching of aikido? Teacher: Yes, Aikido is the martial arts we learn to forgive our enemy. I remember my teacher said: "Other practices teach us to punish, but the aikido seeks forgiveness." 11 Which of the followin g best describes the response of the martial arts master? A) The aikido, as well as the practice of other martial arts, teaches us to forgive our opponent. B) T he aikido is so effective that helps us to defeat our opponent so we can forgive him. C) Aikido is the martial art that teaches us to forgive our opponent after punishing. D) Aikido teaches us to forgive our opponent, but other martial arts no. 12. In the excerpt of the interview, why the quotes are used? A) To indicate the

same thing was said but in different words. B) To highlight the most important of the response. C) To indicate what another person said. D) To give a short ans wer. The following is an excerpt from the notes of the students during the interview: 13. Which of the paragraphs of the notes to the students is essential to integra te the report of the interview? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 14. Below is a paragraph from the report of the interview: What is the correct way to write the three words underlined in the passage above ? A) / aseptación / harmony B) Acceptance / harmonia C) what / acceptance / har mony D) what / acceptance / harmony 15. Why Kay asked the king to grant him custody of the Queen? To) Money. B) Out of loyalty to the king. C) For vain. D) As recognized by the people. 16. When Kay wants to leave the palace, take an attitude of A) resignation. B) s ervility. C) aggression. D) arrogance. 17. In the text there are four sentences underlined. Which of them have a partic iple functions as an adjective? A) run B) Dress C) received D) promised 18. Reread paragraph 11 and analyzes the sentence is in bold.€What is the optio n that can replace the preceding sentence without changing the idea of the parag raph? A) My king, I was always a liar. B) Dear King, I'm not joking. C) My king, I tend to be very scornful. D) Dear King, I'm not always sensible. 19. What is the tone of the speech that uses the knight in paragraph 6? A) Vain. B) Benevolent. C) Modesto. D) Melancholy 20. What is the purpose of the king, in the fragment of the earlier novel? A) Ge t in any way to stay Kay. B) Blame cowardly some people face adversity ahead. C) Save the prisoners and bring them back to the kingdom. D) Provide that the Quee n is under the stewardship of Kay. Observe the following announcement: 21. Which of the following expresses the purpose of the ad? A) The income of a r ecreation center. B) The income of a party room for children. C) The rental of a children's play center. D) Promote Summer courses. 22. Which of the following expressions are intended to convince the public it is for the ad? A) Are you partying? B) 2 floors of fun! C) Come and celebrate in o ur backyard. D) An old concept in fun. 23. What kind of people are targeted by the ad? A) Any person who reads it. B) P eople who want to celebrate something. C) Residents only South of the city. D) S takeholders, especially in summer courses. 24. What is the true message of the ad? A) That the attendees to visit the playr oom. B) That celebrated with a free gift. C) That the parents rent the hall to c elebrate their children. D) That the participants are familiar with all areas of the room. 25. Which of the following replaces the word "party" that is repeated several ti mes in the ad? A) Surprise. B) Break. C) Distraction. D) Recreation. 26. Which of the following statements is adequate publicity to promote "The Kite

" or a similar place? A) The clowns are the salt of life. All admire! B) Enjoy y our new children with our games and surprises! C) The children of your children is a party. Help them to enjoy it! D) Sad like winter? Laugh with us your proble ms without a solution! 27. What information you would place in the blank space to properly complete the picture? The ears are located on one side of the eyes are small and inconspicuo us openings with no external flaps B) The blood circulation helps them stay warm . Camouflage coloration known as shading, can help C) hide On average, mature ma les are slightly longer than females D) and considerably heavier A) 28. What is the main cause that bottlenose dolphins are different in weight and size? A) Because of their habitats. B) For the size of your head. C) Because of its skeletal elements. D) For the crosses have been made. 29. What is the central idea of the pectoral fins section? A) Report the circula tion of blood in the dolphin. B) Report how the dolphin keeps your body temperat ure. C) Report how the skeletal element in the dolphin. D) Report how they use t heir pectoral fins of dolphins. 30. In the section on body shape appears a sentence in bold Which of the followi ng are successfully replaced the direct object? A) A bottlenose dolphin has it s leek and streamlined. B) A bottlenose dolphin has a sleek and streamlined them. C) A bottlenose dolphin has them smooth and streamlined. D) A bottlenose dolphin has it sleek and streamlined. 31. Of the underlined sentences in the text, which of them, its structure is a s ubordinate clause? A single vent, located on the dorsal surface of the head, is covered by a muscular flap. As a youth, females grow rapidly to approximately B) 10 years of age. C) To open the vent, a bottlenose dolphin contracts the muscul ar flap. The forelimbs of the dolphins are the pectoral fins with D) major skele tal elements of the forelimbs of terrestrial mammals. A) 32. Read the following sentence taken from the head section and indicates the co rrect choice to replace the indirect object. Protecting your eyes due to the int ernal glands. A) We must protect their eyes. B) A gland they should be. C) What should the protection of your eyes. D) They are due to the glands of your eyes. Read the following poem: 33. How many syllables does each line of the first stanza? A) Six B) Seven C) Ei ght D) Nine 34. What concerns flowery metaphor year appears in the poem? A) When I was young Vargas. B) When fortune smiled at Vargas. C) When Vargas started to love someon e.€D) When Vargas restart their lives in their homeland. 35. What is the theme of the anterior part of the poem? A) The love of Jacinta. B) The return of Vargas. C) The beauty of Jacinta. D) The dismissal of Vargas. Read the following: 36. What section of the newspaper appeared earlier text information? A) Shows. B ) Economy. C) Editorial. D) culture. 37. What kind of text you just read? A) Scientific article. B) Interview. C) Rep ort. D) News. 38. What is the central issue of the text you read? A) To highlight the works of art theft in Europe. B) highlight the value of works of art from the museum. C)

Report the theft of some art museum. D) Report on the uncertainty in the museum of the city of Novi Sad. 39. Who referred the underlined word in paragraph 2? A) The head of security at the museum Novi Sad. B) The owner of the museum of the city Novi Sad. C) A museu m appraiser city Novi Sad. D) An employee of the museum of the city Novi Sad. 40. What word would you use to replace the underlined in paragraph 1? A) Foundat ion B) cloister C) Gallery D) campus 41. Which of the following statements concerning the text you just read is a ger und? The museum spokesman said that one of the stolen works has an estimated val ue of 3.6 billion euros. The police must find the gunmen who entered the museum B) city Novi Sad. Among the works stolen a picture of an unknown Flemish painter C) sixteenth century. Gunmen entered the museum, stealing four paintings worth D) several million euros. A) 42. Which of the following statements concerning the above text mentions an opin ion? Museum spokesman reported that armed men entered the museum of the city Nov i Sad. Four paintings stolen were valued at several million euros of the museum B) of the city Novi Sad. Rembrandt's painting is worth an estimated 3.6 million declared in C) museum spokesman. Museum spokesman reported that among the stolen works are one of a D) unknown Flemish painter of the sixteenth century. A) Read the following poem: 43. What is the rhyme scheme of the quatrains of the sonnet above? A) ABAB ABAB B) AABB AABB C) ABBA ABBA D) ABAA ABAA 44. How many stanzas the poem has before? A) 14 B) 8 C) 4 D) 3 45. What does the word "PEN" in the verses are in bold? A) The eyes. B) reflecto rs. C) Stars light. D) Expressions of affection 46. What is the theme of the poem above? A) The theft of jewelry. B) The pearls and coral as the most precious jewels. C) The defects exist even in beauty. D) T he inner beauty of a young girl. Read the following letter: 47. Which of the following refers to the purpose of the letter? A) Working in th e company Textasa. B) Request Cedec employment in the Group. C) Work with the pl anning section of materials. D) Applying for work as an expert in languages. 48. What formal element referred to is in bold part of the previous letter? A) D ate. B) Entry. C) Sender. D) Recipient. 49. Which of the following statements is adequate for the letter you read? A) I hope my way of working is to your liking. B) For the next will send you my resul ts of the French and English courses. C) I appreciate inform me what they consid er the salary for this post. D) I request you take into account the outcome of t he interview on my knowledge of sewing machines. 50. What other farewell could be used in the letter you just read? A) Until next time. B) Yours truly. C) A greeting to everyone. D) Hope to see you soon. 51. What other type of input could be used in the letter you read? A) I come to seek work. B) Dear Sirs, I am writing to you. C) I wonder how much they pay for the work. D) Request the company references Textasa mine. 52. To which of the following prepositions complete successfully in the blanks t

hat appear in the letter? A) in / from / in B) of / a / C) in / a / D) to / from / A 53. Which of the following underlined words in the letter has an accent diacriti c? A) Yes B) Mary C) worked D) cirriculum Read the following: 54. Which of the following mentions the idea of the text? A) The astronomers bel ieve the neutron pulsars are the remnants of collapsed stars or supernovae. B) s cientific discoveries about the origin and constitution of the new feature shall pass data to understand the universe. C) Pulsars are stars too small and too de nse, have a stronger gravitational field than the earth. D) The pulsars are foun d in the debris of collapsed supernovae,€therefore help us understand what happ ens when they collapse. 55. Which of the following sentences there is a cause / result of the text "Puls ars? A) A star, losing energy, it collapses. B) A small star is dense. C) A puls ar is unique so it is extremely fast. D) A pulsar is a waste of supernova starqu akes. 56. Which of the prepositions that appear in bold within paragraphs III and IV i ndicates the end of an action? A) B) C) D) 57. Why reading is considered to paragraph II and III and transition? A) Because it introduces the subject of the article. B) Because it contains the main idea of the text. C) Because it develops over the issue. D) Because it mentions the c onclusion of the reading. 58. According to the previous text traces the word means A) trajectories. B) par ticles. C) remains. D) stars. 59. According to the reading "Pulsar", which of the following links underlined i n the text is classified as disjunctive? A) and B) or C) which D) but Read the following: 60. Which of the following sentences that appear in the trial of Alfonso Reyes s ubordinating contains a link? A) The man has something in common with animals an d something exclusively human. B) This would be a horrible mutilation which woul d annihilate the human race. C) Such requirements are intended to ensure complia nce of the asset, to this end our behavior. D) The right not to be confused with our particular interest in this or the other time in our life. 61. What words highlighted in the earlier trial represent a logical connection b etween sentences? A) Good B) Do not C) For D) Other 62. The author's main purpose is to convince the reader of A) the importance of morality. B) the need for a constitution. C) that men are distinguished from ani mals. D) that is necessary to study the Greek philosophers. 63. Which of the sentences extracted from the text which contains two coordinate d sentences you read? The right not to be confused with our particular interest in this or the other time in our life. B) According to them, what is evil evil i nclination. A) C) To give drink to the thirsty enough to have a good heart, and water!. As part of the body in man's nature and soul as in D) man is spirit. 64. What is the conclusion of the previous test? For a good moral man must balan ce their instincts and spirit. B) The man should highlight their feelings. A) C) To be free we must let the instincts govern our actions. D) The man should be p olite and independent.

65. Which of the following is an argument that is contrary to what was stated on the test? A) The well will be known only through reason and requires no feeling s. B) Do not consider man as healthy as one that harmonizes body and soul, is un wise. C) Avoid that the man is shred the material. D) The moral is something not written but applies to all men.