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All about the new Highway Code • The period of validity of license is 10 years. • Drivers aged over 65 will und ergo a medical examination every two years. • The maximum credit for a provision al license is 20 points and 30 for the final. The sanctions were eased, but rema in a deterrent. • The heavy prison sentences in cases of proven fault, drunkenne ss or falsification of documents. A year after being passed by the House of Repr esentatives, the draft of the Highway Traffic Act was finally passed, Tuesday, J an. 5, the House of Councillors and return to the First is a mere formality. Not such a bill has generated more differences. For three years, discussions on the text in parliament were marked by a series of strikes that threatened to wreck. This text, the rest being very proactive, despite the various amendments that h ave reduced its severity, contrasts with a law being very flexible and enforceme nt against violations of the Highway Code. Details on its main chapters. The dri ving license is valid for ten years now fixed. Its renewal is mandatory, especia lly when any change of information on the identity or address of the holder, or information concerning the categories of driver's license. Failure to comply wit h these provisions is liable to an administrative fine of 500 DH with an increas e of 10% of the amount of penalty for each month of delay. All data on the drivi ng license (card holder's name, administrative and judicial decisions, records o f violations, payment of fines, withdrawal and replenishment points ...) are rec orded on the national register of driving. The information on fines and convicti ons are erased once passed the time of rehabilitation. The licensee has the righ t to consult the data concerning him and request correction of erroneous data. T ractors, motorcycles, construction equipment, permits for everyone Drivers of ve hicles driven agricultural or forestry and public works vehicles and special mot or must be licensed to drive them when using public roads. Users of light motorc ycles, motor tricycles light and heavy quadricycles motor must have a driver's l icense Class A1 drivers of motorcycles and motor tricycles with a driver's licen se Class A. Now, there is no distinction between the power of engines. Until the n, only engines with a cylinder capacity exceeding 50 cubic centimeters were con cerned. Temporary permit: two years instead of one year holders of driver's lice nse must undergo a medical examination every ten years, this period is reduced t o two years for people aged over 65 years. The duration of temporary permit (als o known as probation), acquired at the end of the qualifying examination is two years against one year now. Exempt from this transitional period the licensees t o drive B, C, D and E, normally used to drive commercial vehicles (buses and coa ches, freight vehicles, agricultural and forestry vehicles motor ...). The provi sional license is credited with a maximum principal amount of 20 points. The ded uction of points is done automatically based offenses. Where the provisional lic ense holder loses over half its credit, it must undergo sensitivity training to road safety. When the capital is exhausted items, the permit is automatically ca nceled. In this case, the holder can not apply the tests to obtain a new license after a period of six months at least. If he returns to the examination, he hol ds a provisional license for one year with a capital of 10 points. In case of re cidivism, the provisional license holder is prohibited from competing for obtain ing a new license for a period of two years. And if it returns successfully the examination, the p robationary period is one year with a capital of 20 points. Final permit to be r enewed after 10 years and six months without driving if permanent loss of points Expired probationary period, the licensee has a definite maximum credit of 30 p oints which are removed eventually lost points during the transitional period . The capital is likely to be diminished by withdrawals of points.€These are done automatically after the payment of a fine and lump transaction or a court convic tion. The number of points to be removed depends on the seriousness of offenses. The deduction of points is confirmed in person by a simple post. In the case wh ere the offender is punished for a crime after they lose all the points it recei ves a receipt allowing him to drive for a period of 96 hours from the time he is notified. After the cancellation of driver's license, a person can run again in the tests for licensure after a period of six months and subject to undergo tra

ining at the expense of road safety awareness. This period is increased to two y ears in case of recidivism during a period of five years after the previous with drawal. Reconstructing the credit points: three years without offenses! The hold er of a probationary driver's license (provisional) may exceptionally recover fo ur points without exceeding the maximum credit limit if it follows a course of r oad safety awareness. If no offense is committed during a period of three years, the licensee's license covering the maximum principal amount of 30 points. If t he driver does not commit an offense involving a deduction of points for a perio d of one year, he gets four points. If he spent two years without committing a c rime, and if his account is less than eight points, his credit is increased to 1 2 points may also have four points, it runs parallel to an awareness course . Dr iving license for professionals: valid for five years and renewable after traini ng in a professional's conduct now requires a professional driver card is issued by the administration. This map is obtained after a training qualification. To extend the validity of this card, holders are required to follow every five year s, culminating in a training, after a review by a certificate. The placement of skills and training are provided by institutions approved for that purpose by th e administration. Earned points The points will be removed even more important t hat the offense is serious. For offenses: up to 14 points in case of murder with aggravating circumstances of the offense is penalized more than one resulting f rom a traffic accident occurring manslaughter with aggravating circumstances. If the permit is canceled, the credit allowed is reduced by 14 points. In the case of manslaughter without aggravating circumstances, removal of 6 points licensee . Six points are also reduced in accidents who have produced unintentional injur y in aggravated circumstances, as well as in the case of driving under the influ ence of alcohol or under the influence of narcotic substances. Same penalty if t he driver refuses to stop after an accident caused traffic. Ten points are to be debited from the account of your driving license when the holder because of uni ntentional injury resulting in permanent disability aggravated during a traffic accident. This penalty is reduced to four points when the aggravating circumstan ces are not considered. For unintentional injuries without aggravating circumstances because of a traffi c accident, the driver's license is withdrawn from 3 points. Four points are rem oved when driving a vehicle while suspended administrative or judicial driver's license or for the duration of retention of this document. Two points are delete d when the user of the road driving under the influence of drugs indicated conss for driving. For offenses: six points if you exceed the speed limit of 50 km / h A penalty of 6 points is provided in the case of exceeding the speed of 50 km / h or more above the speed limit. Four points are extracted when the driver co ntinues to operate with a suspended license and when it takes the expressway or freeway against the flow of traffic, or when it exceeds the gross weight allowed the passage of a crossing. Three points of penalty are expected against the dri ver who is backing up or turn on a highway or a freeway crossing the central div iding strip of pavement.€Two points are removed from the driver's license, order ed to stop, refused to run or ride his vehicle impounded. Even when driving pena lty without having a professional card of the driver. For tickets: 4 points if y ou schedule a stop sign or red light at four points out, the ceiling in this cat egory of faults. The penalty for nonadherence to stop for a stop sign or red lig ht, exceeding the speed of more than 30 to less than 50 km / h above the speed l imit, the excess non-regulatory and traffic No Entry. Three points below are pro vided for driving at night without lights out of town, driving in the absence of a certificate of roadworthiness; traffic on one lane of a motorway emergency or wrongful arrest on the highway and stopping or parking at night without lightin g or signage on a road or place unlit. Two points are to debit the account of an y driver who has exceeded the rate of more than 20 to 30 km / h above the speed limit, or one that is more than 20% to 40% total weight so specified. Ditto for drivers of motorcycles, tricycles or quadricycles, without bodywork, without wea ring safety helmet. The law provides for the removal of a point for non-complian ce with the compulsory wearing of seat belts and for boarding to children under

10 years on the front seat of a car. Multiple or recurrent: attention is double that applies in cases of recidivism, the number of points to be removed is being doubled for violations. In case of multiple offenses committed at the same time , the number of points to remove the capital is, at most, equal to 16 when one o f these cases one of three incidents resulting in manslaughter, involuntary inju ry causing permanent disability or accidental injury , all with aggravating circ umstances. This ceiling is set at 10 where multiple offenses committed simultane ously, and 8 points for tickets. Penalties The owner of the vehicle, the shipper , carrier, forwarder, shipper, consignee or payer has created or helped to creat e a situation causing an injury, is punishable by a fine of 1200 DH 12,000 DH, w hen he established or deliberately violated a specific duty of prudence or safet y provided for by law or a mistake exposing people to a risk of particular sever ity. In case of recidivism, the fine is doubled. When the payer is a corporation , it is liable to a fine of 5000 to 35,000 dirhams. If more than one record is e stablished against the same driver for an offense related to a mechanical malfun ction of equipment or vehicle other than on the security organs of the vehicle, the driver that is sanctioned 'once for the same offense within 72 hours between the first and last observation. Offences relating to driving: up to 10,000 DH fine for driving a vehicle without a license or permit not related to the offender is liable to a fine of 2000-400 0 DH, and deprivation of the issuance of driving licenses for a maximum period o f three months. In case of recidivism, it is liable to a fine of 8000-20000 DH w ith deprivation of issuance of driver's license six months. These provisions als o apply to people driving without driver's licenses, farm vehicle or engine or f orestry and public works vehicles when they borrow the highway. Is sentenced to imprisonment for 1 to 6 months and a fine of 5 000-20 000 DH or one of these pen alties, any person who obtains more than one review after driving along the Moro ccan category. The law also provides for a penalty of imprisonment ranging from six months to three years and a fine of 2000-5000 DH against anyone who uses ill egal means to the examination of driver's license (false statements , fraud exam ination, forgery of license). Driving vehicle with a fake driver's license is pu nishable by imprisonment of six months to three years and a fine of 2000-5000 DH . Any person using, as a professional driver's license without holding the card or professional driving without an extension of the validity of the card is liab le to a fine of 4 000 to 10,000 dirhams.€In case of recidivism, it is liable to 1 to 3 months imprisonment and a fine of double the original or one of two penal ties. Offences relating to the vehicle: Watch your license plate driver of a mot or vehicle subject to registration, without license plates and the owner or hold er who has made outstanding or authorizing the movement of his vehicle without t hese plate is liable to a fine ranging from 2000-12000 DH. The vehicle was impou nded until its compliance with the provisions of the law. Failing such complianc e, the court ordered the confiscation of the vehicle in favor of the state. Unin tentional injuries: liable to imprisonment if you are at fault Any driver who, b y mistake, recklessness, carelessness, negligence or breach of duty of safety or prudence, unwittingly causes of injury, disease or strokes after a traffic acci dent resulting in a temporary inability to work more than 21 days is liable to i mprisonment for one month to two years and a fine of 1200-6000 DH. This penalty is doubled if the driver is intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or nar cotic substances or drugs mentioned cons-s This also applies in cases of exceedi ng the speed limit less than 50 km / h, non-possession of driving license, viola ting a decision of revocation, suspension or cancellation of permit drive and in the case of violations (failure to stop the red light, right of priority, the s peeding violation by slow signals, non-regulatory parking at night without light outside an urban area , failure of brakes). In similar cases, but where injurie s, strokes or illnesses resulted in permanent disability, the offender is punish ed with one month to two years imprisonment and a fine ranging from 2 400 to 10, 000 dirhams. This penalty is increased if the circumstances of the accident are marked by one of the cases previously cited. It also incurs a suspension of 3 mo nths to 1 year driver's license. Manslaughter: three months in jail if you are a

t fault Any driver whose liability is proven in a traffic accident causing mansl aughter, risk 3 months to 5 years imprisonment and 7500-30000 DH fine. This pena lty is doubled if the accident is related to the cases cited above (alcohol, cri me ...). Then there is the suspension of driving license for a period ranging fr om 1 year to 3 years. Crimes related to driver behavior: drunkenness can lead to prison is liable to a fine of 7,500 to 10,000 DH and suspension of driving lice nse for a period of 1 to 6 months every driver who committed the following offen ses: • Exceeding the speed of 50 km / h or more above the speed limit. • Traffic in effect prohibited. • Reverse or U-turn on a highway across the central strip dividing roads. • Borrow the highway against the flow of traffic. Any person wh o drives a motor vehicle while intoxicated "in the absence of any signs of obvio us intoxication" or under the influence of alcohol "characterized by the presenc e in the breath or blood a fixed percentage of alcohol by the administration or under the influence of narcotics or under the influence of certain cons-medicinal substances are indicated for driving a vehicle is punishable by i mprisonment of six months to a year and a fine of 5 000 to 10 000 DH or one of t wo penalties. In addition to the suspension of driving license for 6 months to 1 year. The excess of gross weight allowed more than 40% is liable to a fine of 2 000-5000 DH per ton overload. Fine DH 1200-3000 and a suspension of driving lice nse for a period of 1 to 3 months against drivers who commit the following offen ses: • Non-operation of the tachograph. • exceeding the maximum driving time. • Failure of the rest period. The owner of foreign vehicle which has no registrati on number of Moroccan and performs a transport between two points within the Mor occan territory without special permission from the Moroccan regulator, is punis hable by a fine of 5000 DH per ton transported. In case of recidivism, the penal ty is doubled. The vehicle is impounded until the fine is paid.€1st class ticket s are punishable by a fine of 700 to HR 1400 the following offenses: 1. Speeding 30 to less than 50 km / h over the speed limit. 2. Traffic on the highway of a vehicle out of town at night without lights. 3. Parking in violation of the law at night without light outside an urban area. 4. Failure to Stop or stop by a re d light. 5. Crossing a continuous line. 6. Overflow defective. 7. Stopping or pa rking a vehicle at or near a crossing. 8. Brake Failure regulations. 9. Lack of lighting. No device of seat belts. 10. Excess of travelers. 11. Overflow 30-40% of the total weight allowed. 12. Lack of technical control. Violations of the se cond class value of the fine is set from 500 to 1000 DH. This applies to offense s such as, among others: Exceeding speed of 20 to less than 30 km / h over the s peed limit. Use through the hand of mobile phone while driving, and any other de vice capable of reducing the attention or movement. Non-compliance with priority given to vehicles of police, civil defense, police and ambulances making their special warnings. Stop vehicle on or under bridges, tunnels and subways or ... A ccess to the highway by a non-mechanically propelled vehicle, and cycles, trikes , quads with engine capacity is less than 125 cm3. Stopping and parking on the p avement of a highway or backing off on his or its connecting roads unless absolu tely necessary. 3rd class tickets The fine is set for this category between 300 and 600 DH. The offenses are concerned about the rules of technical equipment an d management of vehicles, such as not wearing seat belts (devices accessories an d safety). Finding offense: Speed cameras and checkpoints regulated The new code introduces new provisions that regulate, for the first time, the action procedu re of enforcement officers. Control of vehicles on roads and highways must now b e pre-marked and both day and night, under the conditions set by the administrat ion. The interception of vehicles on the highway by the officers and agents can only be made toll stations and only at exit points of the highway. In other word s, with checkpoints on highways outside of these points will now be non-regulato ry. Violations can be found and established by means of technical devices operate au tomatically even in the absence of enforcement officers on the scene of the crim e (speed cameras). Breathalyzer With the entry into force of this Code, the enfo rcement officers now proceed to check via a breath test which is to blow into a

device that detects the level of blood alcohol levels in expired alveolar air. C hecks are made to the test during a traffic offense. Enforcement officers, howev er, have the discretion to refer any person who drives a vehicle for testing the alcohol concentration in expired air at any time even in the absence of overt s igns of intoxication. These provisions are applicable to any teacher who accompa nies a learner driver. Enforcement officers will also conduct testing for the ef fects of narcotics or drugs mentioned cons-s for driving. Fines and Recovery: we can pay by check the amount of fines and lump sum transaction can be paid immed iately into the hands of the enforcement officer or a maximum of 2 working days from the date of confirmation of the contravention, secretariats grafts all cour ts. New: the immediate payment of the fine and fixed transaction can be made in cash, by check "or by any other means of payment fixed by the administration." I f not paid immediately, the officer must keep the license against a receipt auth orizing the offender from driving for a period of two working days from the day following the retention of the permit. This period of time for infringements thr ough fixed cameras, from the date of receipt of the letter establishing the offe nse.€If the offender fails in this case, to pay the fine within the time specifi ed, he must surrender his driver's license to the authority of determining viola tions of the nearest place of residence. If the offender has a driver's license electronic data therein and the retention of the license becomes moot. Challenge s to the violation, the offender may contest the ticket must be, however, solely on the failure of the legal element of the offense and the quality of the enfor cement officer. In this case, it must formulate a justified complaint to the pro secutor before the enforcement officer who prepared the statement and, if findin g automated service which comes to the notice of violation. Commissions of inqui ry into the fatal accident, a national commission and regional commissions and a dministrative techniques will be implemented under the supervision of the Minist ry of Transport. Their mission will be to develop technical and administrative i nvestigations into the fatal road traffic. The survey report is sent within 10 d ays from the date of accident, the relevant administrative authorities, prosecut ors and the court concerned to take account of its conclusions in the determinat ion of responsibility s party . A copy of the report is sent, at their request, the parties, their counsel as well as professional organizations or unions (if t hey are identified). Use of road: no display dazzling luminous Any advertising d evice or reflecting device is prohibited on vehicles. It is also prohibited to i nstall on the highway billboards, signs or other devices that dazzle drivers, mi sleading, or are even partially mimic traffic signs, merge remote signals or int erfere with any other to the effectiveness of regulatory signals. Hakim Challot11-01-2010 - Economic Life