Prayer â ¢ â ¢ Prayer - In the theological sense means: A group of words expressing a complete thought, raising the soul to God

, intercession, supplication; belief that the he avenly Father provides care about us. In Greek - (proseuche) - means "prayer req uest" or "praying praying. I Samuel 12:23 As for me, away from me that I sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you: but will teach you the good and right way. 01) Biblical Allusion In one period the people of Israel were murmuring against the Lord. And as usual , pressed the prophet who was assisting with God. While this event that the Prop het Samuel wrote the above verse, the Lord became notorious through thunder and rain, leading the people to fear and consequently revoke opinion counts the Sove reign Master. Prayer is the key to the dispensation of God, just enter the path of meditation that the blessings begin to be poured into our lives. Someone may even imagine that praying is complex and mysterious, but prayer is as simple as talking with a friend. I can even give an example of a company that spends all d ay on our side, which does not lack subject to talk. Likewise is true of God, He is with us every moment of the day, and usually we only seek his presence when we are inside a temple or in moments of distress. But God has been with us every second of our existence and generally do not understand, even to the point of t hinking that He lives in a distant sky at infinity. 02) Prayer is not a cult or a set time Psalm 55:17 Evening, and morning and at noon I will pray, cry aloud: and He shall hear my voice. The psalmist shows that he had an affinity with the Lord in a way so profound a point is all the time talking and getting answers fr om the sky. The American writer MAX, always took his daughter to a park far from your apartm ent for it to have contact with nature and life free of the field. One particula r day when he went to buy ice cream, watched the child with his mouth full of sa nd that field, and Max lovingly removed all the dirt from his mouth giving him t he sweetness of ice cream which he had in his hands. Taking this example to the spiritual realm, we can understand what God has done the same with us today. He only wants to sweeten your mouth and remove the dirt that we bring on our lips, and as usual we want to continue with the filth of sin. However, Max did not sto p loving your child to eat sand, so that God does not cease to love us. It clean s and freshens our mouth all the time. Daniel Daniel 6:10, because when he learn ed that the writing was signed, entered his house, and three times a day was sin king to his knees and prayed and gave thanks before his God as he did before. In the above verse tells a written adversity that the prophet Daniel was passing i n Babylon, where the wicked hated him for having an intimate communion with God. The Babylonians eluded the king Darius, saying that at some time nobody could m ake any petition to any god, except the emperor. Those who disobeyed would be th rown into the den of lions. But Daniel did not flinch, he continued praying and seeking the Lord as before. This shows that the enemy of our souls do not want t he man to talk with God. Every time we put the purpose of the Lord's presence is certainly the enemy to create situations to break our fellowship. â ¢ If we were a car, God would be the fuel â ¢ If we were a land, He would surely grow â ¢ If we w ere in a plane, ship or locomotive, the Lord would be the pilot But we are his i mage and likeness, and of course, He wants to control our hearts through our pra yers and Bible instruction every day. 03) Positions To Pray A) Laying Prayer - Psalm 4:4 Pertubai you and sin not speak to you in your hearts on the bed and hold your pe ace emphasizes the point that the psalmist faced difficulty and could not find a position to seek God. A simple example is when we are stricken by some illness

and we have no physical condition to kneel before the Lord. There is a species o f plant in the desert known as "Pitacho" it grows only two glasses of water per year. This shows the strength of will and desire of life in nature. Thus we can portray this example for our lives, that at some point went through great anguis h and lack words to worship God. But how do Pitacho, which grows only with a lit tle water. If you miss prayer, we can solve the problem only with a little pure words before the Lord.€B) Praying Knees Daniel Daniel 6:10, because when he lea rned that the writing was signed, entered his house (It was in his bedroom windo ws open in the band of Jerusalem), and three times a day put on his knees and pr ayed , and gave thanks before his God as he did before. This time I made a point of showing a particle of emphasis (It was in his bedroom windows open in the ba nd of Jerusalem), to draw your attention to the importance that Jews had for Jer usalem. Meanwhile, Jerusalem is our spiritual, it means that God is in heaven. T he Psalmist also was emphatic when he quoted the following: Psalm 1:1 I will lif t up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help? My help cometh from t he Lord who made heaven and earth. We believe that our target is in heaven, not on earthly wiles, everything that man does is perfect. But in the things created by God, we can find perfection. I know people who bowed before all to worship, except in the presence of God. They might say you love, but their practices not consistent with the Bible, and are far from the spiritual reality taught by Jesu s Christ. There is a thought that says: "Quantity is not quality." On one occasi on it is true, and not in another. Imagine a famous restaurant (five stars), and the waiter asking you the most exp ensive dish of the house, and when he will serve only a small portion of a parti cular food, which does not give a position to satisfy the hunger that time. So y ou complain to the waiter, and in response he says: "Quantity is not quality." N otoriously this is not true, we have an obligation to give God a greater quantit y and quality of our actions, especially in our prayers. c) Pray in Foot and Han d Raised I Timothy 2:8 I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. We can find other prayers such as "I Samuel 1:10, 26 ; in the episode that Anna, his mother prayed and received criticism from the pr iest Eli judged that she was drunk. It shows that prayer does not require rules or fanaticism human, and yes, purity of heart in the words we say to God, and si ncerity in our petitions, and thanksgiving, and finally a true worship offered t o the Sovereign Creator. I know the story of a lady who owns a house on the coas t of Ireland, made a surprise to the entire community when he appeared on the li st of those signed to turn your home into electrical energy. Since it was a lady of many possessions, but greedy. But on the professional reading that company w as in the house of Mrs. greedy, he realized that the clock on his meter had bare ly left the place, without registering consumption. Meanwhile he asked the woman if her energy was in order. - She said yes. He in turn tried to understand the situation, and the woman explained that only used the power in time to catch the spark plugs and spark, coming off the light again. Notably there are thousands of people in relation to God behave this way. Is the power of the Lord at your d isposal and do not want to use, still locks in, thinking that the things of God are over. If the man knows the power of prayer, the world would have less chaos. I can even say that there are saved in the evangelical community who fear pray not to arouse the fury of the enemy of our souls. Is the adage that says: "If you run the beast catches, if you stay the beast eat s." But a wise evangelical plagiarized as follows: "If you run the beast catches , if the animal runs pray" 04) Epilogue All successful men in the Bible, were vi ctorious in prayer. There is an interesting fact in England, was given a queen w hen he confessed that he feared another believer praying that the whole army of his nation strongly. Beginning of the patriarch Abraham and other men like Moses , Samuel, Elijah, Elisha and Jesus Christ himself, were all before God in ferven t prayer. The story is the story of a man who was part of imperial orchestra in

a particular nation. Meanwhile the man had never learned even a tool, just gesti culating in the middle of the orchestra, as payroll and received the best influe nces in the kingdom besides a large salary. Once, the emperor decreed that all w ould hear musicians play individually. In turn, this poor man fell into despair by the due date is near, and had not learned the instrument that he carried in h is luggage. And in despair that man committed suicide. So many Christians behave within their churches, which at one time part of the great orchestra of prayer, praising and worshiping the Great King€But when asked to pray individually, th ey do not know if you want a simple words of the celestial chord. Prayer is the Lavancia that moves the hand that moves the earth. This means that access is pra y God's love for us. However the best position and situation to pray to be every where all the time. Prayer is a process not an event. Presbyter - Robson de Lucena Colaço Webmaster - Alisson Alves de Lucena Visit: Make donwloard for Preaching and Son gs in mp3 at: