Basic Tutorial Photoshop CS3 or 10.

0 Chair: Professor and Digital Media Programs: Walter Contreras Pupil: Paola Ferna ndez Retamal Guiglia Date: 04/15/1908 First, this screen will appear is called the Workspace, where you create and man ipulate your file or document. At your side you will see the Menu Bar, where you can import, exit and save as, open coat, filter, among others. Below is the panel of tools used for creating and editing images. Open the document you can use the Menu Bar and select the different tasks and yo u want to use Example: file (import) after I open the image and transform the image larger or higher, depending on what you want to achieve Then, open the layer began to work with the Toolbar. In this case, we use the be st known A) Magic Wand Select area of similar colors B) Cut Separate images C) Loop Make selections freehand, polygonal D) Move Move, select layers, guides E) Framework Make selections rectangular, elliptical tone row Tools used F) Brush Removes objects, tasks, deformation H) Draft Imperfections disappear G) Clone Stamp He paints with a sample image Tools used I) Brush Paint lines, contours J) Pencil Paint lines drawn K) Painting Fill area color L) Text Insert Text

Tools used M) Eyedropper Allows you to change through its dropper those areas we want to change eg eye co lor N) Hand Lets move the image à ) Zoom Increases and decreases image The new Photoshop, to create a Web Gallery, it is automatically and begin by cli cking on File, select and move to automate web gallery. Web Gallery (optional) Then the folder where you have 11 designs styles for your photo gallery Once selected click ok all right It is important to note that you must have a special folder for the photos go to work and upload to your gallery, so that the program, the process automatically . If you want to see what actions you have used, go to the History menu and there you can eliminate that which is not to your liking Unlike other programs like freehand, this program works with layers, so it is st ill possible to make changes to work. To do this, we will cloak and a white back ground, because it still has not run any option. Subsequently, the book is below and create another layer, so will the image that we have chosen as a layer To scroll the layers (eye), in which we work simply click and in the case that o nly want to work with a click again (in no case will remove the layer) If you want to put glitter, relief and shape you're opening your coat layer, Opt ion Fusion, and there begin to give you the effects you want If you do not want to work with so many layers, going to the landfill and delete the layer When its all ok, let's Workspace and select Save Workspace, we assign a name and save place The completed work, we select Print to File file, then do the last remaining tas ks (image change, number of copies, color management) and press print.