Companies listed below with a list of products manufactured by them, Experiments with animals during their manufacturing processes

, causing terrible suffering a nd in most cases death. Please not to contribute to one of the cruelest forms of animal abuse there and that is avoidable, do not buy any products from this lis t and other similar purchases in the drafting, no animals were used. Spread this list to contribute to its disclosure. SOURCE OF LISTING: COMPANIES AND PRODUCTS THAT IF ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS 1 .- Procter & Gamble Chemical company, cosmetics and balanced. It is one of the major global players in the sale of detergents, present in 140 countries and markets over 300 brands (mostly the area of grooming and personal care). Test chemicals, cosmetics and b alanced in animals, has been denounced by issues of corporate influence, transge nics, human rights, pollution ... Among its highlights companies Iams / Eukanuba , balanced food for animlaes, bought by Procter & Gamble in September 1999. Toge ther with the animal testing practices carried out by P & G, Iams sterile and ma cabre experiments performed on animals to death. Report: On October 22, 2003, in an article titled "Procter & Gamble HUNTED," the BUAV re veals that Procter & Gamble has been pushing aggressively active and decision ma kers in the European Union to reduce the impact of any European ban animal testi ng to continue with their activities of animal experimentation. An internal memo sent to the British Union Against Abolition of Vivisection (published in the Br itish newspaper The Independent on April 11, 2002) revealed that Procter & Gambl e had secretly lobbied the European Community to support animal testing for arti cles beauty and vanity. The memorandum explained that the interest of Procter & Gamble's animal testing should be kept secret, and "it was important that Procte r & Gamble left out of the media, as it could damage their image being seen as a company experienced in animals. " The idea of Procter & Gamble was to conduct t hese experiments outside the United Kingdom. Some products of Procter & Gamble are: Food Products: Food: Pringles potato Household items: Deodorants and perfumes: G iorgio, Hugo Boss, Old Spice Diapers and Products for Baby: Pampers Pets: Eukanu ba, Iams Hair Care: Head & Shoulders, Pantene Health Hygiene: Always, Always, Ta mpax Clean: Ariel, Ace, rindex, True, Magistral, Ayudin, Crystal Medicine: Metam ucil, Vicks Tooth Care: Beauty Products Cloraseptic: Dove, Max Factor 2.-Nestlé S.A And balanced food business. It is the largest producer of food in the world with 479 factories in 81 countries, and over 150 brands. Balanced test in animals ha s been criticized for GM issues, child exploitation, adulterated products, pollu tion, ethics ... One of his company, Purina Petcare (formerly Ralston Purina) th at appears in the lists of animal testing companies, acquired by Nestle, has bee n experiencing since 1926, in a complex called Purina Pet Care Center. Among the experiments conducted, we highlight studies that lead to kidney failure in dogs and other animals to then try to cure them with a diet low in protein. Tests on animals to "create or explore new balanced" are totally useless, lacking scient ific rigor, cruel and macabre, much less now that we have methods like "Techno-T u", which reproduces all the reactions that have the food or substance in the gu t of the animal. Some of Nestlé products are: Foods: Nido, mollic, The Dairy, s oufflés, Maggi, Mendicrim, shimy, Nido Growth Drinks: Nescao, Nesquik, Nestle C afes Xocolat: Sunrise, Nescafé Ice cream and sweets: Noel, Frigor, Dolca Minera l water: Nestle, S. Pellegrino, Perrier, Eco de los Andes, Glacier, windings Vil la, Fresh Water

Pet food: Friskies, Dog Chow, Proplan, Purina One, Excellent, and Gati Dogui 3.-Colgate-Palmolive Chemical company, cosmetics, household products and balanced. Test chemicals and animal balanced on the Hill's Pet Nutrition Center, Topeka (USA). A few years a go, the British Union Against Abolition of Vivisection released details of an ex periment conducted by the company at the University of Columbia in which guinea pigs were enclosed in small plastic tubes and are pursuing a solution strong sul fide for four hours a day for three days€causing the animals' skin will crack a nd bleed. Some Colgate-Palmolive products include: Toothpaste: Colgate, Kolynos, Odol Shampoos and conditioners, soaps: Palmolive, Polyana Cleaners: Odex Pet Fo od: Hill's Pet Nutrition 4.-Mars Food business and food for animals. Test balanced pet animals at the Waltham Cen tre for Pet Nutrition, owned by Mars, maker of Pedigree pet foods and Whiskas. 5.-Unilever Anglo-Netherlands Multinational with over 1,600 brands in 150 countries markets. You also experience their products on animals. Products tested include cosmetic s, toiletries, limpiahogares, food, food additives and chemicals. Some Unilever products include mayonnaise, salsa golf, ketchup, mustard: Hellmann's, Fanacoa, savor soymilk: Ades Broths and soups number: Knorr, Arisco starch corn cornflour corn oil, sunflower oil spray: Mazola Tea , flavored tea: Lipton Ice Tea: Tomat o Sauces Kivon Cisco Household items: Deodorants, shampoos, soaps: Rexona, Hooks , Dove, Organics, Lux, Gentle Toothpaste: Close up Fixing Hair: Lord Cheseline D iapers: Huggies Pads: Day's, Kleenex Toilet paper: Kleenex, Scott Deodorant: Impulse, creams and emulsions Patrichs: Pond's Clean: Drive, Granby, Skip Comfort, Vivere, Ala, Cif 6.-Johnson and Johnson Chemical company and products for the home. Household items: Floor Cleaners: Bri ghtness, Blem, Brishine, Ceramicol, Echo, Glade, Clo Cot, Klara, Klear, Lysoform , Mr. Muscle Pass, Shout, Ziploc Matamosquitos: Fuyi, Off, Raid 7.-Reckitt & Benckiser: Chemical company, cosmetics and household products. Household items: Shampoo: Ha rpic Clean: Woolite Wax: Polycera