WORK: Cadima Anabela Duarte Ana Paula Silva Discipline of CLC Domestic Air Conditioner Purification system with

air-ion and Patrol Sensor. A revolutionary new mechanis m catches dust particles and capture them to the filter, working with the Patrol Sensor to effectively clean the air. Patrol Sensor is a sensor that monitors di rt in a room 24 hours a day. Class A - Energy Saving Inverter Technology obtaine d by high-efficiency technologies Panasonic the standard for energy saving. The new Deluxe models had the highest rating Energy Efficiency Class A, which puts t hem in first class in the industry. This means you can use these templates every day, without worrying about the electricity bill. Other Features: Slaughtering Capacity: 2.60 kW (0.80 ~ 3.00) Heat capacity: 3.60 kW (0.80 ~ 5.00) Consumption : 590 (175-750) W COP: 4.31 EER: 4.41 Noise: 21 dB Dimensions Indoor Unit (HxWxD ) mm: 280 x 799 x 183 Efficiency: Class A

Civil Anti-Odor Panel Removable and Washable Quiet Mode Timer Dehumidification M ode On / Off Real 24 h LCD Infrared Remote Control Auto Diagnosis Our equipment is: Country: Brand: Function: Air Conditioning / Air conditioner Japan / Japan ... It serves to control heat a nd cold of a given space. It is used to control the heat and the cold in a place Notre équipement: Pays: Mark: Function: Japan Refrigerator un ... Pour controler le chaud et le Froio Advantages and Disadvantages The choice of a heating system for our homes should take into account some funda mental aspects: the price, power consumption, functionality and comfort above al l. Feeling good inside your home is the natural and obvious goal of those who pu rchase and equip a dwelling. Anyone who has arrived home after a hot day in Augu st and felt he was entering a real oven at eight o'clock know what it is talking about. Traditionally, the heat is seen as an inevitability. As the cold, is her oically fought with sweaters and blankets, hot water bottles and at best, heater s with wheels that will be taking the house off as needed. But these solutions a re today beginning to have a taste of nostalgia, given the new possibilities off ered by the market. With an investment of several hundred euros is possible to h ave ideal weather twelve months a year. Air conditioning is the magic word that comes up already in the original equipment for most of the current supply of hou sing estate in Portugal. It will be worth putting air conditioning in addition t o cool, you can also heat up? In purely economic terms the answer may be no. But if the stock is not the only concern, maybe yes. If we want to spend a little w ith system with air conditioning and heating, air conditioning, with an expenditure of abou t 5,000, is perfectly sufficient. However, strictly in terms of comfort system s are possibly more advantageous. In short: everything depends on the budget. If the option is the air conditioning _ not only for cold and heat _ but also for the lowest cost will thus a counterpart to be considered: less comfort. 'The air conditioner must have a fan, which causes displacement of air. The heat comes i n the form of a jet of hot air that is inconvenient, it is a system similar to t he heater of the car. On the other hand always produces some noise. In contrast, experts point out the advantage of air filtration provided by air conditioning,

significantly reducing the number of impurities in the air. They also explain t hat a well designed, provides a uniform air distribution, air filters, and may a llow the renewal of the air, avoiding its saturation. Another factor of major co nsideration in choosing an air conditioning system goes through residential ener gy consumption. Here, modern equipment, air conditioning, using the heat pump sy stem "reversing the refrigeration cycle to heat" making electrical consumption m oderated. An economic council that some might like to hear, allowing investment in air conditioning for the car or the office where, then yes, if you spend hour s in the heat of day. But the air-conditioned home can be irreplaceable _ but fo r those working at home, for example, or who do not support the heat of summer n ights this case, what choice do? "People can only decide based on experience. Bu t who knows only the Steak rumped may not know that the sirloin steak is better. " According to existing studies, 1% of its population has air conditioning and a 6% buy the first.€The artificial climate turns out to be indispensable for achi eving a good level of comfort. One last tip: more expensive or cheaper is better to choose a brand certified. It is important to note that the equipment we buy is only part of the system. The way it is conceived and executed the installatio n determines the quality and effectiveness of the systems we buy. Consumers shou ld rely on professionals, avoiding buying inadequate solutions. Often a system i s not apparent because it simply was not designed or installed with precision. CONCLUSION Through research on the air conditioner can be concluded that, nowadays, the con sumer has all the alternatives and information to choose the best way to be comf ortable in your home. Given the competition that exists in the market, the consu mer has the advantage of choosing the brand, price, and the model, thus satisfyi ng their needs. We caution also must be aware that the proper employment of prof essionals in the equipment, for only thus can achieve better performance of the device. Completion of work 02.28 to 13.03