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Experimental studies Descriptive Case report Case series Case-control study of prevalence cohort - In vitro Animal Clinic Analytical Prospective Retrospective sergio.uribe @ sergio.uribe @ Cohort studies Defined population that used for sub-group distingur features may or may not be exposed Year Introduced: 1989 MeSH sergio.uribe @ Uses in Dentistry Identify risk factors or duration evaluate survival outcomes Other Complications sergio.uribe @ Cohort study Healthy Sick sergio.uribe @ Cohort study Healthy Sick to c sergio.uribe @

b d Cohort study Healthy Sick to c sergio.uribe @ b d at Risk of exposure to + b ---- c ---- c + d Risk of non-exposed Cohort study Healthy Sick to c sergio.uribe @ b d at Risk of exposure to + b ---- c ---- c + d ---------- ON RISK Risk of non-exposed example bottle bottle without noc noc az az Sano CIP 245 50 75 360 sergio.uribe @ The Prevalence and Incidence of Coronary Heart Disease is Significantly increase r in periodontitis: a meta-analysis Results Meta-analysis of the five prospective cohort studies (86 092 Patients) f ound people with PD Had a 1.14-fold High Risk of Developing Coronary Heart Disea se (CHD) Than controls [RR, 1.14, 95% confidence interval (CI), 1.07 -1.21, P <0 .001]. P <0.001] Case-control studies (1423 Patients) show an Even Greater Risk of Developing CHD (OR, 2.22, 95% CI, 1.59-3.117, P <0.001). The Prevalence of CH D in the cross-sectional P <0.001) studies (17 724 Patients) Was Significantly G reater Than in Individuals with PD in Those with no PD (OR, 1.59, 95% CI, 1.33-1 .91, P <0.001). Analysing the Relationship Between number of P <0.001) of CHD in cidence, and teeth found Increaser 1.24-fold risk (95% CI, 1.14-1.36, P <0.0001) of Development of CHD in people WHO HAD <10 teeth. Bahekar et al. Am Heart J 2007, 154:830-837. sergio.uribe @

Thomson WM et al Cigarette smoking and periodontal disease Among 32-year-olds: a prospective study of a birth cohort Representative. J Clin Periodontol. 2007 Oc t; 34 (10) :828-34. Broadbent JM et al Progression of dental caries and tooth lo ss Between the third and fourth Decades of life: a birth cohort study. Caries Re s 2006; 40 (6) :459-65. sergio.uribe @

Simecek JW et al. Dental sealant Longevity in a cohort of young U.S. naval perso nnel. J Am Dent Assoc. 2005 Feb; 136 (2) :171-8. V Kirstilä Longitudinal analysi s of the association of human salivary antimicrobial agents with caries incremen t and cariogenic micro-organisms: a two-year cohort study. J Dent Res 1998 Jan, 77 (1) :73-80. sergio.uribe @

Advantage temporal relationship estimated incidence verifiable multiple or unknown outcome s <selection bias calculated risk cases and controls sergio.uribe @ Disadvantages unifactorial sample size cost dropout duration sergio.uribe @ Study Case-control Prevalence Incidence Population Association Cohort Transverse OR sick no no if not all RR, OR healthy if RR, OR Incidence sergio.uribe @ Presentation with on a PC with sergio.uribe @