NAVAL F TANDARDS Y M ETHODS PAINT STUDY Decinti VILLALON Opening Concert and drink Tuesday 24 October at 19:30 hrs Duration October 24 to November 11, 2006 Hours: Monday through Friday from 10:00 h. 21:00 pm Continuou sly. Saturday 10:00 to 14:00 Location: E.T.S. Naval Engineers Avda Arco de la Vi ctoria s / n. Madrid (next to the Museum of America) Decinti Villalon P ROY C TO E A RT Í S T I C O Decinti Villalon P ECTO ROY A RTÍSTIC O 2006 - Art Editions Decinti Villalón Santa Feliciana n º 19 Tel. (00-34) 91-591 37 53 Calle del Castillo 4 Tel No. (00-34) 91-447 24 26 28010 Madrid - Spain www Printing IG Salje S.L. COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION E.T.S.I. MARINE FORMS AND METHODS OF STUDY OF PAINTING DEC INTI.VILLALÓN OF OCTOBER 24 TO 24 NOVEMBER 2006

RAQUEL ELENA Decinti ALEJANDRO ANDRES ABREU JOSÉ MARÍA PILAR ALONSO Somal ACHA C RISTINA DIAZ GABRIEL CRUZ Artaza MARICARMEN Eldridge KATY FERNANDEZ LUIS MIGUEL FUENTES ANTONIO ASUNCION Vaga FERRACINI ANA LUZ GARCIA DE ALBA GARCIA IGNACIO AN A CARMEN KEARNEY CARMINA VILLALON OSCAR PENA ROSARIO MOYA CONCEPTION CONCEPTION RONDEROS ROLLAND MARY GREEN PURIFICATION SALAMANCA JAVIER RUBIO GLORIA VERONICA ZURITA Vindel THIEF ANTONIO DE GUEVARA CARMEN MARCOS LLORENTE MILA MARIA MAITE MARTÍNEZ MONTEJ O P RESENTATION J Esus P ANADERO A l beginning of this year marks among our goals to get over it is held at the Sch ool of Naval Engineering at least three cultural events, a concert of Students i n spring, a summer jazz concert, coinciding with the Feast del Carmen, and a pai nting exhibition in the autumn. Painting Exhibition To think of the collaboratio n of Decinti Art Studio & Villalón, whose works we already knew through the exhi bitions that had previously submitted some art galleries in Madrid. These painte rs welcomed very well the idea that they themselves together with their children could exhibit at our university. So we started working on this issue, which had no precedent in the history of our school, proposing that the exhibition would also differentiating elements for which usually are held in art galleries. Soon came the solution, we could combine Painting Exhibition by holding a concert, fo r which immediately had the support of Chancellor of our University, which found very appropriate combination in a single act of two of the major arts, Music an d Painting. In this concert, should be interpreted, almost obligatorily, "The Pi ctures at an Exhibition" by Modest Mussorgsky, composition inspired by a posthum ous exhibition of watercolors and writings, most of them have now disappeared, t he Russian painter and architect Victor Alexandrovich Hartmann, a who Mussorgsky had met through a mutual friend. The pictorial work of Hartmann, who died prematurely in 1873, was marked in part by the status of architect. Thus th e painting "The Great Gate of Kiev" refers to a draft submitted by him in that c ity to build a door in the old Russian style, which held that the Tsar Alexander II had escaped alive from an attack. "The Cabin on Chicken Legs" was designed a s a cabin with a large clock to dwell on it the witch Baba Yaga. Other architect ural and landscape elements were reflected in his paintings "The Old Castle" and "Tuileries." Hartmann himself is represented, along with two friends, walking t he "Catacombs" to the faint light of a lantern. Today, painters Decinti and Osca r Alejandro Villalon, who arrived in Spain a few years ago from the sister repub lic of Chile, have been discovered and incorporated into his paintings, and thos e of his disciples, beautiful corners of our cities and homes , coinciding with Hartmann on the taste for the old and traditional, and giving his work a realist ic, albeit with a play of light that make us see new aspects of everyday things that have always been at our side and we are familiar. The version of "Pictures at an Exhibition" to be interpreted in our school is the transcription for a tri

o of Gregory Gruzman, which will premiere in Madrid. To give continuity to this work, Mussorgsky introduced the theme of "Promenade," which is heard at the begi nning and throughout the piece while visitors to the exhibition is going from on e frame to another. The French word "Promenade", later extended to other languag es, is commonly used to mean "Walk."€For all who are part of the School of Naval Engineering will be honored in the Cultural Event to be held in this house the next day October 24, count with the presence of many friends that after enjoying the Concert Hall of Margulis played by the Trio do a short "Promenade" Sala del Carmen to visit the exhibition to delight the Decinti Art Studio & Villalón. JE SUS BAKER Pastrana Director School of Naval Engineers F TANDARDS Y M ETHODS R AUL A LONS E sta interesting display offers the possibility of tracking the latest concerns a nd Oscar Alejandro Villalón Decinti their creative and educational aspects. Whil e Alejandro Decinti notice the inclusion in some of his recent works by elements of abstraction in the service of figurative schemes, Oscar Villalon denotes a p articular interest in recalling their experiences, always expressed in a manner suggestive. In 2004 these artists founded the Decinti & Painting Studio at its h eadquarters Villalon Castillo, 4, and Santa Feliciana, 19. This is an ambitious project that combines academic teaching methods in different fields like paintin g, composition, drawing, computer techniques applied to the plastic arts and pai nting outdoors, along with recent proposals such as children's art workshops, ga llery space or editorial. The instructive role of these artists is certainly imp ortant and plural. For them it is not a trivial task. Just as the university has to respond to the evolution of science, they include in their teaching methodol ogy and continuous metamorphoses and mutations suffering pictorial creations by the contributions offered by new information technologies, computer applications , etc. . Sharing space with the works of Decinti and Villalón we find the cream of the production of his disciples. These are paintings that speak of many thing s, but his reading is never limited. We can say without shame that this is a group of authors that are characterized by a preponderance of the communication, sincerity and spontaneity in their arti stic achievements. With this modest exhibition, the creators get a pleasant way to communicate their experiences from the guidelines set by their young teachers . This kind of suggestions passion for the creative possibilities of the student s, encouraging and providing all the freedom necessary for the creation and inte rpretation of the issues addressed in his paintings, from coherent and honest ba sis, in conjunction with pictorial procedures instilled from base. Similarly, it was evidence of a weighted rational control over the outcome painting as the id eal means to reach a critical figuration. The School of Naval Engineering, heir

to the old Academy of Engineering of the Navy created by order of Carlos III in 1772, provides the perfect setting for this exciting show and if, as says the Fr ench historian Fernand Braudel "The sea is wealth, "we affirm that art enhances and this shows we are delighted. ALONSO RAUL Art Histo rian XVII CYCLE OF MUSIC IN THEIR CENTERS Romantic Cycle and renovators "The Western spirit of Russian music" Margulis TRIO ALISSA Margulis Natalia Margulis Violin, Cello Dimitri Morozov, Piano First Prog ram "dramatic composer PI Tchaikovsky Souvenir of a dear, For Violin and Piano, Op 42 M. Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition Transcript GRUZMAN GREGORY (Pianis t of the Shostakovitch Trio) 1993 Release in Madrid. ON THE OCCASION OF THE OPEN ING OF THE EXHIBITION OF PAINT STUDY Decinti VILLALON Tuesday October 24, 19:30 Hall of the School of Naval Engineers / cultural RELEVANT EXHIBITIONS 2006 "Decinti VIVE!" Ana Samarah Gallery, Madrid. Spain ALEJANDRO Decinti (1973) Born in 1973 in Santiago de Chile. In 1991 he joined the Faculty of Arts at the University of Chile, being awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship 1991 admi ssion process to the university level. Since 1992, research focuses on processes and materials of painting and began his teaching painting courses Student Feder ation of Chile (date) and subsequently in different municipalities of Santiago. In 1994 starts in digital technology applied to design and art, also receiving t he first place in the painting contest "Live Art" organized by the National Libr aries, KLM and the Royal Netherlands Embassy. Gets the Bachelor of Arts in 1996. €After years of dedication to teaching and various group exhibitions in Chile, i n 2001 is awarded Graduate Fellowship of the Spanish foundation Art and Contempo rary Authors. From 2001 until 2003, is a professor of drawing and painting at th e Academy headquarters Chinchón and Madrid, where he worked in the workshop of d igital image. At present, along with Chilean artist Oscar Villalon, has founded the art workshops Solana 12, Del Castillo Santa Feliciana 4 and 19, in Madrid, S pain. 2005 Hispano - INGLESE REALISM "Galleria 44. Torino, Italy" Tetralogy DELLA NATU RA: TERRA "Artefes of Bologna 2003. Marieschi Galleria. Bologna, Italy 2004" DEL LA NATURA Tetralogy: I 'FUOCO "Artefes of Bologna 2003. Marieschi Galleria. Bolo gna , Italy "LOOKS UP." Ana Samarah Gallery. Madrid, Spain. "DICE GAME" GAME RAN D. Ateneu Fort Cultural Pienc. Barcelona. Spain. 2003 "gives the Natura Tetralog y: l'acqua. Artefes of Bologna 2003. Galleria Marieschi. Bologna, Italy S / T, 2006 116 x 130 cms. Oil on on canvas. RELEVANT EXHIBITIONS 2005 "JOGO DICE" Espaço Basque Prado. Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana. Porto Alegre, Brazil 2004 "LOOKS UP" Gallery Ana Samarah. Madrid, Spa in. "DICE GAME, GAME, RANDOM" Cultural Ateneu Fort Pienc. Barcelona. Spain. 2003 "THE ACADEMY". Centro Cultural Moncloa. Madrid, Spain. 2002 "the Scuola di CHIN CHÓN." Marieschi Galleria. Milan. Italy 1998 "Counterpoint" Kempinski Art Galler y. Oscar Villalon (1972) Born in 1972 in Santiago de Chile. In 1990 he began his studies of iron sculptur es in 1992 entered the Faculty of Arts at the University of Chile. In 1995 obtai ned the title of Bachelor of Arts majoring in painting, is dedicated to teaching and enter the circuit of galleries and his work is gained in public and private collections. In 2000 the Government of Chile to the Presidential Palace becomes a work for the Cabinet of Ministers and subsequently obtained the Postgraduate Scholarship Foundation for Art and Contemporary Authors. From 2001 until 2003, i s a professor of drawing and painting at the Academy headquarters Chinchón and M

adrid, in 2003 the Chilean artist Alejandro Madrid Decinti been founded on artis tic workshops Solana Castillo 12 and 4 which gave way to the Painting Study Arte dv creation. I digress, 2006 147 x 97 cms. Oil on on canvas. Blue cloth FERRACINI Vaga, 2006 70 x 30 cms. Oil on on canvas. Cover with soil FERRACINI Vaga, 2006 92 x 59 cms. Oil on on canvas. CARMEN MARCOS Garden Gate, 2006 73 x 50 cms. Oil on on canvas. CARMEN MARCOS pond with water lilies, 2006 38 x 55 cms. Oil on on canvas. ABREU ELENA Botanical Garden, 2005 80 x 80 cms. Oil on on canvas. ABREU ELENA Chamberí Plaza, 2005 62 x 100 cms. Oil on on canvas. ABREU ELENA Retiro Park II, 2006 54 x 73 cms. Oil on on canvas. ABREU ELENA Park "Florida" (Vitoria, Spain), 2006 50 x 70 cms. Oil on on canvas. ANDREW RAQUEL Forest, 2006 73 x 54 cms. Oil on on canvas. PILLAR II ACHA Sailing Boat, 2006 40 x 40 cms. Oil on on canvas. ACHA PILAR Sailing Ship I, 2006 81 x 60 cms. Oil on on canvas. PILAR III ACHA Sailing Boat, 2006 40 x 40 cms. Oil on on canvas. JOSÉ MARÍA ALONSO Somal Autumn Retreat, 2006 26 x 34 cms. Oil on on canvas. CRISTINA Artaza Vista Columbus, 2006 80 x 120 cms. Oil on on canvas. CRUZ MARICARMEN Sunset at Sea, 2006 50 x 70 cms. Oil on on canvas. CRUZ MARICARMEN Sunset at Sea, 2006 50 x 70 cms. Oil on on canvas. DÍAZ Gabril Aragonese Pyrenees, 2006 38 x 46 cms. Oil on on canvas. Katy Eldridge 2006 92 x 60 cms. Oil on on canvas. Hug, LUIS MIGUEL FERNANDEZ Agrigento I, 2006 29 x 19 cms. Oil on on canvas. LUIS MIGUEL FERNANDEZ Pompeii, 2006 130 x 116 cms. Oil on on canvas. ANTONIO FUENTES S / T, 2006 70 x 50 cms. Oil on on canvas mounted on panel. ANTONIO FUENTES S / T, 2006 73 x 100 cms. Oil on on canvas mounted on panel. ASUNCION GARCIA Boulders, 2006 73 x 50 cms. Oil on on canvas. ASUNCION GARCIA Sunset at Sea, 2006 46 x 64 cms. Oil on on canvas. MOYA CARMINA Flor, 2006 35 x 27 cms. Oil on on canvas. ANA LUZ GARCIA DE ALBA S / T, 2006 50 x 73 cms. Oil on on canvas. IGNACIO CARMEN Sink for Aunt Flora, 2006 50 x 35 cms. Oil on on canvas.

CARMEN IGNACIO's bed Aunt Flora, 2006 50 x 35 cms. Oil on on canvas. ANN KEARNEY Air Dance, 2006 73 x 54 cms. Oil on on canvas. Antonio Ladron de Guevara 37 x 80 cms. Oil on canvas mounted on panel. MILAGROS LLORENTE Village, 2006 65 x 92 cms. Oil on on fabric. MILAGROS LLORENTE Vista Hermosa, 2006 70 x100 cms. Oil on on canvas. MAITE MARTÍNEZ S / T, 2006 Triptych (55 x 38 cm. / 55 x 73 cm. / 55 x 38 cm.) Oi l on on canvas. MARY women MONTEJO Study I, 2006 20 x 40 cms. Oil on on canvas. MARY MONTEJO Colors I, 2006 36 x 80 cms. Oil on on canvas. CONCEPTION PENA S / T, 2006 35 x 65 cms. Oil on on canvas. ROLLAND ROSARIO Detail of the Fountain of Carlos V (Alhambra), 2006 60 x 40 cms. Oil on on canvas. RONDEROS CONCEPCIÓN Dawn, 2006 50 x 70 cms. Oil on on canvas. SALAMANCA JAVIER market "Souk Larbae" 2006 55 x80 cms. Oil on on canvas. PURIFICATION GREEN Aigüestortes National Park, 2006 100 x 100 cms. Oil on on can vas. PURIFICATION GREEN Sunset at Sea, 2006 50 x 70 cms. Oil on on canvas. Vindel GLORIA yellow and pink paper, 2006 60 x 80 cms. Oil on on canvas. GLORIA Vindel White Paper, 2006 60 x 80 cms. Oil on on canvas. Patio ZURITA VERONICA Chile 2006 38 x 50 cms. Oil on on canvas. VERONICA ZURITA Ronda, 2006 90 x 61 cms. Oil on on canvas. Printed in I.G. S.L. SÄLJÖ October 2006

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