381/0001-09 Rua São Francisco Xavier 424 - Maracanã - Rio de Janeiro / RJ - Brazil. Tel.: 55 (21) 22649356 - 34720856 94845277 to 82004888 E-mail: DESIGN AND SOCIAL SPORTS BOX REDEEMER Venue: DE STREET Square Niterói - Maracanã / Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro / RJ Brazil Rio de Janeiro, August, 2007. Managers / Coaches: Joel Marques & Pires Renata Valim Almeida Leite DESIGN AND SOCIAL SPORTS BOX STREET REDEEMER DESIGN AND SOCIAL SPORTS BOX STREET REDEEMER, social activity and sports trainin g focused on Olympic Boxing, without charging for the athlete and competitive an d inclusive social order. Initiative and implementation of REDEEMER ASSOCIATION SOCIAL, CNPJ 08.811.381/00 01-09 Rio de Janeiro / RJ, 2007 SUMMARY DESIGN AND SOCIAL SPORTS BOX STREET REDEEMER MAKING SOCIAL ASSOCIATION REDEEMER CNPJ 08.811.381/0001-09 SPORTS PROJECT E SOCIAL BOXING DE STREET REDEEMER, social activity and sports training focused on Olympic Boxing, without charging for the athlete with a purpose and sustained competitive strategy development and social inclusion, initiative and implementation of REDEEMER ASSO CIATION SOCIAL, CNPJ 08.811.381/0001-09, is aligned to the bulge of the goals of social status of this entity with legal personality under private law, nonprofi t and economic, cultural character , sporting, charitable and social care, offer ing practitioners improved their physical, health and education, learning the te chniques of Olympic Boxing, the rules for league's exclusive AIBA (Amateur Inter national Boxing Association), living in the sports world competitive and knowled ge base for the peaceful settlement of social conflicts and the ability to trans form for the better future for themselves and become leaders and positive refere nces as citizens. 1. ABOUT THE PROJECT: THE PROJECT AND SOCIAL SPORTS BOX STREET REDEEMER, social activity and sports tr aining focused on Olympic Boxing, without charging for the competitive athlete a nd with purpose, is an initiative and implementation of REDEEMER ASSOCIATION SOC

IAL, CNPJ 08.811.381/0001-09, and is aligned to the bulge of the goals of social status of this entity now called REDEEMER SOCIAL simply having legal personality under private law, nonprofit and economic, cultural, sporting, charitable and social welfare. 2. WHAT MAKES: It offers improvements to the practitioners of the physical qualities, health an d education, learning the techniques of Olympic boxing, the rules for the league 's exclusive AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association), living in the comp etitive world of sport and basic knowledge for peaceful resolution of social con flicts and ability to transform for the better future for themselves and become leaders and positive references as citizens. 3. CONDITIONS OF PERFORMANCE: Rests, therefore, the feasibility DESIGN AND SOCIAL SPORTS BOX STREET REDEEMER, government programs and / or private partnerships and the supporting cast, desig ned to democratize access to sports activities and complementary and developed i n physical spaces available, public or private having as its main focus in this project, Boxing Olympic competitive sport in the counter-round school. 4. SUPERVISION, SUPPORT, CONDUCT AND ADMINISTRATION: THE PROJECT AND SOCIAL SPORTS BOX STREET REDEEMER is supervised by BOXING FEDERA TION OF THE STATE OF RIO DE JANEIRO, is supported by City Hall RIO DE JANEIRO, w as designed and is conducted and administered by REDEEMER SOCIAL. 5. LIST OF RUL ES TO BE FULFILLED: Athletes PROJECT SPORTIVE the following rules: a. b. c. d. e. f. Austerity and d iscipline; E SOCIAL BOXING DE STREET REDEEMER should obey Respect for law, legal authorities, the neighborhood and everyone involved with the project, especially the coaches and fellow training, Willingness to learn th e techniques and rules of Olympic boxing, Overcoming the suffering that comes fr om training, because it is directed to competition; Arrival at the training plac e half hour before the scheduled time, use of clothing covering the chest, genit als and thighs, namely shirts, shorts with maximum length up to 10 cm above the knee, and top female underwear, for both sexes, the proper training - clothes fo r training should provide convenience and comfort to the athlete and should ther efore be broad and not glued to the body, athletes will be selected for the comp etitions according to the presence in practice, the compliance with this regulat ion and the technical level acquired, leaving only the choice of the coaches; g. h. Failure to observe the precepts above regulations will prevent the athlete to pa rticipate in the project. 6. DAYS AND HOURS (SUBJECT TO CHANGES): Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15:00 to 16: 30 h. Last Saturday of each month, 10:00 to 11:30 Start: January 16, 2007 - Tues day. 7. SETTING: Initially in Niteroi Plaza - Maracanã / Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro

/ RJ - Brazil and may be extended to other physical spaces available, public or private, as demand and opportunities for implementation. 8. COMMENTS: 1. For the first lesson you must bring ID card, medical certificate and proper clot hing; 1.a The medical certificate is necessary to document conditions of trainin g, without which the athlete is unable to train; 2. The civil identification will be required to participate in official competition s, so those who have not yet identified his notary, should provide it sooner. Th e days and times listed in this project, and the place of execution, can be modi fied depending on demand and conditions of government support and, or, for priva te and / or partnerships supporting cast. THE PROJECT AND SOCIAL SPORTS BOX STRE ET REDEEMER began on January 16, 2007, in Niteroi Plaza, Maracanã / Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Contact: 5th By phone: 22649356-34720856 - 94845277-82004888; 5.b By e-mail 3. 4. 5. 9. TARGET AUDIENCE: Project Street Boxing Redeemer has a preferential target adolescents and adults of both sexes, aged between 12 and 34 years, exposed to social risks. 10. OBJECTIVES: 10.1. General Objectives: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. The sports-oriented Olympic Boxing competition, the dissemination and facilitation of access to competitive sport Olympic Boxing, the sport training Olympic boxing competition, improvemen t of physical and motor skills, improving the quality of life; Decreased exposur e social risks; The understanding and development of ethical and social values; The fastening of full citizenship, and promotion of a social event and competiti on as a means of social inclusion and sport, occupying idle time at risk to enco urage social interaction affective and effective, inclusive and comprehensive. 10.2 Specific Objectives: a. Providing appropriate conditions for the Olympic sp orts of boxing, with excellent quality, so that this sport in Rio de Janeiro in the Brazilian scenario emerges first and equals to the current major centers of national and international training and then, in the shortest possible time, to overcome; Amparo social and sporting, so that most who remain in the rear of the classifications can reach the best positions in schools, universities, jobs, in their family lives, in economic affairs and in all your endeavors lawful and et hical; b. Using the training Olympic Boxing and the consequent competition for the acquisi tion, through teaching the strict rules of this sport, to improve social relatio ns in wise and appropriate attitudes among the citizens of these athletes and to society in an attempt to harmonize relationships and minimize social violence. 11. ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: c. Are considered complementary, in DESIGN AND SOCIAL SPORTS BOX STREET REDEEMER, a ctions that address issues related to education, employment, health and culture, such as: a.

Strengthening School: establish a permanent relationship with the school learnin g, in order to provide athletes participating in the project the confidence need ed to overcome the barriers they are facing in the teaching-learning process and returning students; Bank jobs: to establish a relationship permanent cooperatio n with local business, with the purpose of obtaining employment for adults parti cipating in the project; b. c. Health: providing for the formation of concepts and habits that can educate part icipants about the conditions necessary for the development and / or maintenance of good standards of health. Culture: guide to the development of skills to dem onstrate creativity and awareness, stimulating activities and knowledge of art h istory; guide to the aspects of collective life, related to the production and t ransmission of knowledge, the intellectual and artistic creation; guide to codes and standards that regulate individual and collective human action in society o r specific groups, such as methods of survival, behavioral norms, beliefs, insti tutions, spiritual values and material creations, etc.. d. 12.€TEACHING SCIENCE IN SPORTS AND SOCIAL PROJECT BOX STREET REDEEMER: Experience-oriented methodologies to practice boxing at DRAFT SPORTS AND SOCIAL BOXING STREET REDEEMER, boxing history, accident prevention, first aid, study of the sequences pugilistic offensive and defensive practice, equipment, rules, ar bitration organization, fitness and technical-tactical boxing. 12.1 General Objectives: a. b. c. d. e. f. Differentiate amateur boxing professi onal boxing; perform the defensive and offensive actions and sequential combined ; Identify and learn how to use the auxiliary training boxing; Identify and lear n how to use the devices to protect the boxer; identify and learn to use the off icial clothing Learn to own boxer using the ring boxing match, identify the comp onent materials, dimensions, protective coatings and the official colors and use fulness of these traditional competitions, identify and learn to use equipment r ing; Apply to individual psychophysiological characteristics performance of the boxer in the competition; g. h. 2.12 Didactic Program: a. • world; History of Boxing: Origin, evolution and current state of boxing in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and b. • Prevention and emergency action in accidents: Urgent relief items, and • Technique in cases of fainting, bleeding, falls and transport the injured; c. • • • • • • •

Techniques of boxing: Study and practice of pugilistic sequences: conceptualize and demonstrate techni ques in various situations pugilistic; basic elementary techniques; guard positi ons; offensive techniques, defensive techniques; Displacements; Fintas. d. • Auxiliary Training: Study and applicability; e. • Tools and materials required in the competition: Study and applicability; f. • Rules: Study and theoretical analysis and practice of Technical Regulation of boxing (a mateur and professional); g. • Arbitration: Study and theoretical analysis and practice of arbitration in boxing; h. • Organization: Sporting and social system; i. • Physical preparation: Analysis and use the methodology of sport; j. • • • Methodology: Study of technical actions and basic tactics of boxing, with music and without m usic; Realization of circuit training with offensive and defensive moves, talk a bout training procedures in boxing PROJECT SOCIAL SPORTS BOX STREET REDEEMER. E 13. ADMINISTRATION: For appropriate development activities and the regular functioning of the PROJEC T SPORTING AND SOCIAL BOXING STREET REDEEMER, the administration of the same sha ll be exercised only by the ASSOCIATION SOCIAL Redeemer, which give an account o f his administration to those entitled and as stated in the relevant legislation into force.

14. SPORTING AND SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL FOR USE IN TRAINING AND COMPETITIONS: To equip SPORTS PROJECT SOCIAL BOXING STREET REDEEMER, we estimate the following materials in quantitati ve outlined below: E 1.14 Training and competitions: Each PAR PAR UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN P AR UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN MT UN UN UN UN PAR PAR PAR UN UN Amount per group ben efited Price U.S. $ 50 50 02 01 04 50 02 04 04 02 150 02 150 20 20 50 50 01 10 1 0 50 10 02 01 01 01 50 04 01 20 05 01 50 01 01 3.000,00 Basic material to be acquired trimmer blows whistle Balance digital Filizola "Bu cket 10 L Bandage Stool rest Bola Bola pear complete roof-to-ground pump to fill ball Pants Shin guard shirts Electronic Calculator Ball Pen BIC 02 Kg Helmet Sh ield Mattress Computer Die size M Corda 10 m rope skipping rope with elastic wri st stopwatch 10.5 mm Datashow DVD DVD Digital Camcorder Format D310PL-S Panasonic - LCD 2.7 "Wide Plastic bottle for drinking water plastic bottle for water, spray type Gong Halt er Halter 01 Kg 10 Kg Printer Glove 16 oz Mini CD sistem In UPS for computer Cleaning Cloth Paper A4 tire truck Shield Protector oral breasts Chest Protector Ring Road full official rubber bag Pouch for hit material for Big Screen datash ow Camcorder Tripod WT3770 Greika TV / Monitor 40 KLV40S200A Sony Bravia LCD. RM UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN UN 20 05 03 50 10 10 01 04 06 02 01 01 01 04 6000.00 120.00 Broom type street sweeper 2.14 Material Health and First Aid Unit PC PC PC LT RL UN UN UN CX RL RL RL PC PC UN UN UN UN UN UN UN Amount per group of 50 beneficiaries 10 5 1 1 2 2 1 02 1 1 1 1 3 5 20 01 1 1 2 1 2 Value £ Basic material to be acquired intimate feminine absorbent hygienic absorbent cot ton Alcohol Antiseptic Liquid Bandage crepe Bag Ice Vest cervical swab Loved ela stic bandage for use on injuries in wrist, ankle, knee and elbow Surgical Tape G auze Kleenex, disposable latex gloves Maca Bag First Aid Manual First Aid Tweeze rs Saline moldable splint Thermometer Scissors tips curved tube portable oxygen 15. STRENGTHENING FOOD UN UN UN January 1, 2002 Given the proximity of the popular restaurant Broadcaster Jorge Cury, in the Mar acanã, the cost of R $ 1.00 (a real) per meal (lunch), for an estimated group of fifty (50) athletes benefit from three meals per week, and there approximately 4.29 weeks in each month, totaling a cost estimated at U.S. $ 643.50 (six hundre d and forty-three reais and fifty cents) per month, resulting in a forecast for a period of twelve months, R $ 7,722.00 ( seven thousand, seven hundred twenty s

ix dollars) total cost of the enhanced food. 16. PERIOD OF EXECUTION The REDEEMER SOCIAL PROJECT performs SPORTING AND SOCIAL BOXING STREET REDEEMER seeking the celebration of life, liberty, education and personal security, right s of every human being, while there are social ills, social and administrative d eficiencies, focusing on activity Boxing Olympic sports, with the utmost respect to the dictates of law and economic possibilities and materials of the contribu tors to the feasibility of this project, considering the needs of return of coll aborating partners, provided they are legal, full of justice, ethics, common sen se and not injure the human dignity of athletes beneficiaries. REDEEMER ASSOCIATION SOCIAL CNPJ 08.811.381/0001-09 Rua São Francisco Xavier 424 - Maracanã - Rio de Janeiro / RJ - Brazil. Tel.: 55 (21) 22649356 - 34720856 - 94845277 to 82004888 - E-mail: