CLAYTON ALEX OLIVEIRA DE MORAES Brazilian 32anos, single. Martins Rua Moacir No. 35, Vila Anchieta, Elias Fausto - SP.

Phone (19) 3821-1204 - Scraps (19) 3821-2183 and 3821-2973. Mobile (19) 9 268-6928. E-mail: TECHNICAL WORK SAFETY TRAINING Complete high school coach. Indaiatubana foundation of education and culture - F IEC. Safety Technician Job - FIEC completed in 1996. COURSES • • • • • • • • • Prevention of accidents in plastic injection molding machines - 04 hours completed in January 2003 (Montiquieves and Menezes Consultoria S / C Ltda); Security for forklift operators - 30 hours completed in August 2003 ( Mo ntiquieves Menezes and Business Consulting S / C Ltda) Commission internal accid ent prevention - 20 hours completed in January 2003 (Igaratiba) Security in serv ice and facilities with electricity - New NR 10 - 40 hours completed in July 200 3 (IEF ) Operation of the crane - 16 hours completed in June 2006 (SENAI), First Aid, Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, immobilization and transportation of victi ms - 16 hours completed in June 2002 (FOX) program of risk prevention in presses and the like - PPRPS - 16 hours completed in December 2003 (SENAI) Fire Brigade - 16 hours completed in January 2003 (SERSEG) Occupational and Environmental Ma nagement - 03 hours completed in June 2003 (Microsiga) EMPLOYMENT HISTORY • Igaratiba INDUSTRY AND TRADE LTD. Occupation: Technician Work Safety Period: O ctober 2002 to January 2004 Note: Internship of 710 hours in safety. Assistant e xpedition. From February 1999 to September 2002 • METALURGICA OSANI / FILOAUTO L TDA. Occupation: Technician Work Safety Period: March 2004 to August 2004 • AGRI TECH Lavrale SA agricultural machinery and COMP. (YANMAR AGRITECH) Occupation: S afety Technician job. Period: October 2005 to October 2006 • GRAN SAPORE (FOOD INDUSTRY). Occupation: Safety Technician job. Period: Januar y 2007 to March 2007. Note: Hired as a stand-alone for three months. • SOLEV OF BRAZIL. Occupation: Safety Technician job. Period: Current since May 2007. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Accepted technical aspects of new chemicals; Accept machines and technical equipment; Monitoring t he CIPA (meetings, preparation of minutes, coordination); analysis, description and post-accident procedures (corrective / preventive actions), APR (Preliminary Hazard Analysis), safety audits of work; Auxilio the Medical Department of the company (PCMSO), Assistant to Engineer Work Safety in the preparation of reports (PPRA), Assistant to the Department of Human Resources; Good knowledge in compu ter; CIPA (Writs of Election, election, installation, training, coordination, mo nitoring of meetings, preparation of Proceedings); purchase and Control delivery of PPE and uniforms; Control outsourced, and Control request for review of wate r and pests; Coordination sector concierge, cleaning and property; development o f new PPE. and uniform standard, develop procedures and safety standards; establ ishing documents, C. Is, spreadsheets, internal rules, basic English; Inspection of firefighting equipment; Routine inspections at the plant in general, individ ual and collective Integrations for staff (admission and recycling), Organizatio n of sectors and painting of soil boundaries; PPRPS (Review and study for the im plementation and other security systems); PPP - Profile profissografico pension; Procedures for jobs outsourced, Responsible for the opening of CAT training for firefighters, training for operators of crane and electric hoist (NR 11); Train ings safety (PPE, safe behavior, etc.). Training for cipeiros; Remarks • • • • • Availability of time, availability for changing city; availability for shift work and travel; Facility in interpersonal relationships; Vehicle itself;

TELEPHONES scraps: (19) 3821-2183 (Nadia) (19) 3821-2973 (Helena or Nilza)