Career Profile Graduates in Marketing specializes in the design and implementati on of strategies capable of providing solutions to companies in trade

-related as pects, the organization and the consumer in an efficient and productive. He is a lso the professional who develops marketing programs, promotional campaigns and market research and marketing of goods and services regionally, nationally and i nternationally. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS AS Degree in Marketing can establish policie s for market research, promotion, advertising and prices, and design strategies for the development of new products considered their life cycles. You can also e valuate the effectiveness of promotional advertising programs, marketing strateg ies and distribution channels to analysis and evaluation of foreign trade condit ions. FIELD WORK The career graduating from the Bachelor of Marketing will have a very wide field of work and you desempeñarte in public and private companies, as in any type of organization such as civic associations, trade unions, employe rs, foundations, and as a consultant. First Tetramestre Management Accounting I general civil law, constitutional and administrative Soc ial Security Sixth Tetramestre Marketing Finance II Industrial Relations Information Systems Applied Statistics I Second Tetramestre Accounting II Human behavior in the organization Economy employment law Seventh Tetramestre International Marketing Consumer Behavior Analysis Systems II Promotion and adve rtising information Valuation Project Third Tetramestre Accounting III Development of management skills, planning, decision making proce ss and control costs Business Law I Eighth Tetramestre Product development costs and budgets Seminar in Marketing Strategies Fourth Tetramestre Internal Control Management CostosII advanced than Algebra Ninth Tetramestre Export promotion and market research Analysis Seminar Marketing Sales Management Fifth Tetramestre Probability and Statistics Quotes FinanzasI tax law Marketing determinants of consumer products and services and industrial goods. Agenda 1 2 3 4 5 Definition of Market Research Market Research Process Research Types of Data Sources - Respondents Sampling June 7 August 9 Data Collection Method - Method of Communication Formats Data Collection - Quest ionnaire Common Mistakes in Applying Market Research Market Research Description The need to understand marketing is variable, who plans to pursue a career in marketing needs to know the fundamentals that led to this discipline,

then learn the tools that apply and obtain direct experience in marketing strate gies. Who seeks a career in business, but not in marketing, you need to understa nd the role of marketing in relation to other functions of a business organizati on. A person with general interest only needs to know what makes a marketing man ager in an economic system, modern and complex. This module meets these three ne eds, conveying the complexity of marketing as seen through the nature, character istics, development and evolution. These elements enable a global view, without losing the true meaning of marketing. In marketing there are no spectators. As a buyer of goods and services, we are all familiar with marketing. But that very familiarity keeps us from seeing the complexity of marketing activities in a mod ern economy of mass production. This course illustrates the important role marke ting plays within society, in order to reach logical and consistent conclusions about the environment in which it operates. Methodology The Diploma of Marketing and Sales, is aimed at all those people tha t require new teaching - learning via the Internet that offers the distance educ ation URBE, where the student will have products designed Web pages, mail, Elect ronic Communication, Forums, shared whiteboard, etc, which meets a set of specif ications and tools necessary to achieve the objectives. Support also accounts fo r 8 am to 10 pm for any questions or fault with your PC. Evaluation in the calendar have accurate information about the specific date and time to participate in chat, forum and job submission. Teachers MS.REPUBLIC 1994-1999 c William Gonzalez Develop plans and DDB ADVERT ISING TARGET Director of Strategic Planning communication strategies (launch, re launch and maintenance) for various organizations. Circulated to discretion and according to the previous plan, the budget allocated. Perform evaluations and co mpetitive analysis. Formulated and supervised market research projects. Presente d ad campaigns and promotional plans to customers. I leave this company in Augus t 1999 to enter this in a process of restructuring and change the Auditors atten ded Mass Consumption level: Marks working conditions. Own (El Cortijo and High Grade) Paris House. Mc Donald's. Pizza Pizza. The Heel. Canon Copy Data. The Ex clusive. Mobil (Lubricant Delvac). Millionaire Pyn. Triple Gordo. Peyless Shoes. Cellular Shopping. Cellular Team. Institutional Accounts addressed at: Hotel de l Cervecería Polar del Lago. Lake. Zulia State Government. Comptroller General of the State of Zulia. Corporate Accounts Served at: The Bar . Carbozulia. E.A .P. Porvenir Banco Popular. Santa Barbara Airlines. Supermarkets Victoria. 2000 - Present To Trade Marketing Auditor PLUS MARKETING • At present I work as Audit or of Trade Marketing in the consumer area, assessing the positions of products belonging to the business portfolio of leading multinational corporations. 1989 to present. I managed University of Zulia. Professor Ordinary. Category Added. different chairs in the areas of merchandising (Introd uction - Strategies - Management), in the words Advertising and Public Relations School of Social Communication. I currently serve as coordinator of the Marketi ng Area. 1991-present. C.U.N.I.B.E. Intern Teacher and Tutor for the lectures I have managed Fundamentals of Marketing and Marketing Area . Market Research. Cu rrently, I work as a Trainee Tutor, responsible for the placement, supervision a nd review of the activities performed by students in business. Teacher and Tutor On Line U.R.B.E. • Management currently manages the chairs Advertising and Cons umer Behavior in the Mention Advertising and Public Relations, under the traditi onal approach. I am also the Graduate Tutor On-line Marketing and Sales. Skills and knowledge of past semesters students and professionals in any area, w anting to develop and update their knowledge in Marketing. Technical Requirements NAVIGATOR AND PERSONAL COMPUTER WITH INTERNET CONNECTION DEGREE IN MARKETING

o o or o o o o o o It will be a professional with high academic quality, conscious of the social re ality of the country and the contributions that should be generated for the bene fit of the community. Possess extensive knowledge about salt analysis of consume r behavior, advertising strategies, development and product life cycle, distribu tion channels and regulations on designs, patents and trademarks. Promote resear ch in existing marketing systems in the country, to suit the objectives of moder nization of the state policy and globalization of the economy. It will have suff icient information on social marketing and what happens in international markets . Constantly seek to develop new marketing concepts, and have the capacity to im plement and adapt to organizations. Boost individual and organizational developm ent in the field of marketing, seeking to obtain through its integration in team s. It will be a top generator projects in the area of marketing. Design marketin g planning projects that incorporate the overall strategic plan and give a compe titive advantage in the market. Develop skills in managing the sales force, inte gration of groups, activities such as negotiation, entrepreneurial functions, de sign of marketing programs with a total quality concept, with innovative leaders hip learning. Extensive knowledge on the analysis of consumer behavior, advertising strategies , development and product life cycles, distribution channels and regulations on designs, patents and trademarks, may also carry out research on marketing system s, in order to adjust the objectives of modernization of the state and the polit ics of economic globalization, promoting the development of new marketing concep ts, able to implement and adapt in organizations. Possess skills in: Managing th e sales force, integration of groups, activities such as negotiating,€entreprene urial functions, and design of marketing programs with a concept of total qualit y and constant innovation. The field of professional development graduate can de velop widely in the public, private and social life, national and international contexts, and also ready to improve financial systems, accounting, cost and qual ity control used in public institutions and in business. Home General Training • • • • Language and Communication Mathematical Reasoning I and II Introduction to Econo mic history of Nicaragua Philosophy • • • Theological Reflection Optional Culture of Peace Seminar: Human Rights and / or Environment Basic Training • • • • • • • Accounting I and II Cost Accounting I Applied Mathematics Mathematics Financial Mathematics Statistics I and II Production • • • • • •

Project Formulation and Evaluation of Finance I, II and III Human Resource Manag ement Employment Law Seminar Monograph Tax Law Specific Training • • • • • • • • • • Administration I and II, Market I, II and III International Market I and II Mark eting Research Services Market Central Market Trade Retail Trade Law Microeconom ics Macroeconomics • • • • • • • • • Sales I and II Credit and Collections Sociological Methodology Consumer Research Advertising Marketing Management Advertising Statistics III Quantitative Analys is for decision Agribusiness