it CHARTER OF SERVICES of the General Practitioner and Service Continuity Care The general practitioner is the doctor of the city and held against her tasks of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, prevention and health promotion. For the choice of doctor citizens, equipped with the tax code and health insurance card, he must go to the District agency. And 'possible affiliation to a medical clini c with shared residence other than on application - the form is issued by the di strict - in which the physician chosen will give their acceptance. If domiciled in a ULSS different from that of residence for a period exceeding three months, may request the provisional allocation of the general practitioner to a maximum of one year, renewable (for information contact your District). DISTRICT No. 1 Chioggia Borgo S. Giovanni 1083 â ¡ 0415572100-101 Cavarzere Via N. Sauro No.5 â ¡ 0426316470-429 DISTRICT # 2 Rain Sacco Via San Rocco No.8 â ¡ 0499718019-8020 TASKS of General Practitioners: Not a performance fee. outpatient visits for diagnosis and therapy, 2. home visi ts to patients in outpatient non-transferable, 3. health interventions of expert ise in integrated home care (ADI), this special form of assistance, together wit h any social interventions, can assist the patient at home suffering from seriou s diseases, 4. the Home Care Program (ADP), with planned interventions at home i n favor of non-assisted walker 5. certifications for readmission to school, elig ibility for non-competitive sports activities in school and certificates for ill ness (except those under letter "b") 6. enforcement of anti-flu vaccinations for those at risk (older than 65 years, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, etc..) wit hin the vaccination campaigns organized by the Company; 7. perform other service s (see list displayed at the clinic). Benefits paid to) the home visit request f rom the patient can go to the doctor's office or member of another doctor (excep t in cases of replacement for absence). b) the following certifications: for gen eric work activities - to delegate to collect disability retirement - for use by insurance - for Civil and Social Security disability application - for insuranc e policies or certificates on form - for failure to testify - for exemption from physical education lessons in schools - for personalized diet for canteen - for INAIL - fitness sport is not competitive outside the school and was in good hea lth certificates - required for \ Lb no. Medical Conventions / MMG 18/04/2007 services provided by private healthcare - to send to climate stays, summer camps and settlements - for relief from physical activity at private institutions - t o license for moped - for firearms - certifications and / or geriatric assessmen t sheets for admission to nursing homes, RSA upon request of individuals - to us e military service - other certifications for private use. c) occasional visits to Italian citizens who, finding exceptional cases outside of their municipality of residence, recourse to the work of the General Practitioner. The rates are t hose established by the existing national collective agreement for general pract itioners (in tourist season rates are determined annually by the Veneto Region). The outpatient visit The outpatient visit is done at the doctor's office which is open five days a we ek. The opening is exposed in the study. The Doctor, in its discretion, may dete rmine specific times for visits by appointment. In the days before holidays midw eek the Doctor is not obliged to open the clinic in the afternoon. The Patron Sa int's day surgery is regularly open during the usual hours (morning or afternoon ). If no doctor is required to adequately inform assisted (eg exposure time suit able warning at the clinic, answering machine message, ...) specifying the perio d of absence, the name of the doctor who replaces him, address and time of surge

ry, telephone number. The home visit Where the patient - the physician - not transported at the office, the home visi t is provided as follows: â ¢ Day to visit if the request is made before 10.00 am; â ¢ if the request is received rather than 10 hours.00, the visit will be made be fore 12.00 am the following day. Saturdays and holiday eves the physician is req uired to accept requests to visit until 10.00 am. As above, the doctor's office should be equipped with appropriate means of receiving calls. The general practi tioner has no obligation of availability: for emergencies and emergencies is act ive 118. FORMS OF ASSOCIATION BETWEEN PHYSICIANS To give a better service to citizens, especially in terms of continuity of care, some physicians may organize their activities in association ("mere association " - "Network Association" - "association group" characterized by a single seat). Each physician who is part of an association, subject to the priority relations hip of trust with the patient's own doctor, is committed to conducting its busin ess against assisted other members in the absence of the latter, but also needs care not be postponed to occur at times other than those of GP surgery assisted. The above also to prevent the improper use of emergency services and emergency department for whose actions, if undertaken on a case not covered non-urgent or emergency (eg white codes and - usually - code green) is required citizen to pay the ticket. \ Lb No. Medical Conventions / MMG 18/04/2007 Doctors who have chosen to organize themselves into "association" are required t o coordinate the schedules of individual studies to ensure an overall availabili ty of access to patients for at least 7 hours a day, evenly distributed in the m orning and afternoon, 5 days week. At least one study of physicians associated m ust remain open till 19.00. On Saturday to be assured of receiving the call unti l 10:00 am. PHARMACEUTICAL ASSISTANCE The prescription of medicines is in quality and quantity, according to scientifi c evidence, the therapeutic indications and prescriptive rules. Your doctor can issue drug prescriptions in the absence of the patient when, in his view, the vi sit is considered necessary. Each general practitioner assumes responsibility fo r his personal requirements and therefore, because of the special knowledge of g lobal health problems the patient is not required to transcribe the regional pre scription - if not deemed appropriate - the drugs recommended by other doctors, although specialists, public or private, or if the drugs do not meet specific gu idelines or provisions of the Italian Drug. In case of improper prescribing doct or may be subject to disciplinary proceedings, administrative and, in some cases , even criminal. Requests for an investigation SPECIALIST The general practitioner, if it deems necessary, make application for examinatio n or specialized investigations. The specialist makes comprehensive written resp onse to be delivered to the patient that will lead "to the doctor." The speciali st public, if deemed necessary to answer the question put by the family doctor, personally requires additional diagnostic tests on NHS prescription. The general practitioner can not put on applications for specialist visits marked "urgent" when there are no reasonable grounds clinics. In the case of indication of urgen cy is not justified, the doctor may be subject to disciplinary proceedings. Citi

zens can book directly at CUP (toll-848900447 or at the counter) - without the p rescription of family - benefits for the following specialties: dentistry, obste trics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, ophthalmology (limited to optometr ic services), activities prevention services and consultoriali. And 'task of the family doctor or specialist who compiles the recipe indicate the exemption code if it has assisted law (excluding exemptions related to income). Hospitalization The general practitioner may suggest hospitalization in case of acute events and / or otherwise resolved outpatient or at home. The proposal for admission must be accompanied by appropriate form completed by the family doctor. Given that th e general practitioner still has the overall responsibility regarding the health of its clients, it is necessary for the patient to inform all other potential s helters made. PRIVACY The data are collected on board the assisted individual health and guarded with the utmost care, in compliance with applicable privacy policy.€Access to data i s available only to medical association, and their substitutes - limited to spec ific powers - has enabled the nursing staff and answering doctors' surgeries. \ Lb no. Medical Conventions / MMG 18/04/2007 THE CONTINUITY OF SERVICE 'care (former Doctor) Continuity of care is achieved by ensuring the rule - for services does not put off - house and land operations as follows: Home visits can not be postponed DAILY TIMES HOLIDAYS Saturdays and before holid ays from 20.00 to 8.00 10.00 to 20.00 8.00 to 20.00 ACTIVITIES 'OUTPATIENT (by appointment): Saturday and pre-holidays HOLIDAYS HOUR S 11.00 to 13.00 16.00 to 18.00 16.00 to 18.00 WITHIN CHIOGGIA - from September to June c \ o District Chioggia - Borgo San Gio vanni n.1183 \ C - C in July and August \ or Diabetes Center - First Floor of th e Hospital of Chioggia (No Way Marina M. 500) WITHIN CAVARZERE - No Way Sauro No .5 (Citadel Health - formerly Hospital) WITHIN Piove di Sacco - c \ o Ambulatory Geriatric - Ground Floor Hospital Rain Sacco (Via San Rocco No.8) NB Outpatient activity will be provided from 11.00 to 13.00 and / or from 16.00 to 18.00 in the other working days if, in these times, family physicians found t o engage in training / update authorized by the Company ULSS n .14 with relative closure of clinics. The Doctor, on the basis of the disease and related knowled ge and belief, makes therapeutic interventions deemed necessary, including any d irect warning of the emergency service and emergency planning. The medical care continuity also provides the following benefits: ⠢ certification of illness to w orkers for up to 3 days, ⠢ the requirements for pharmaceutical therapy can not b e postponed and to cover a course of therapy no more than 48/72 hours. ⠢ finding of death. The telephone number for the UPS service 'at Chioggia ASSISTENZIALE O ffice Cavarzere Seat Rain Sacco tel. 041492224 Tel. Tel 0426316111. 0499718223 \ Lb No. Medical Conventions / MMG 18/04/2007