DON JUAN TENORIO SUMMARY This book is the love story between a crook and a pure and gentle

girl. She ends up dying to save the soul of her beloved impure finall y dies along her quiet. Part One: After a year in which Don Juan and Don Luis ha d to do all the mischief possible to win a bet are in the bar Buttarelli in the presence of a commander, where they compare the results: its victims, travels an d conquests. But do not know who are in the presence of the father of Don Juan a nd Doña Inés. The bet is won by Don Juan, but Don Luis complains that he is going to marry, but Don Juan swears that Doña Ana will impure the night before the wedding . Parents believe that Don Juan is a miserable man and break his commitment to D oña Inés, but Tenorio is willing to kidnap the girl. Both men are risking their live s. Upon leaving the officers stopped them: they have been denounced by his serva nts. Node: Both manage to escape justice. Don Luis spoke to his bride's servant to warn Tenorio's visit, while he and Ciutti prepare a plan: try to retain Ciutt i Don Luis for Don Juan to talk to another girl while Bridget falls in love for Dona Ines Tenorio. Don Juan is presented in the convent and to see his beloved a nd so faint that takes her to his house. Then go with Anna and returns home at t he same time Doña Inés wakes. They declare love for each other, but are interrupted by Don Luis Tenorio intended to challenge the betrayal by his girlfriend, but Do n Gonzalo arrives and although Don Juan admitted that truly loves Doña Inés, Don Gon zalo refuses and is killed as Don Luis Tenorio by fleeing to Italy with his serv ant. Outcome: Five years later he returned Don Juan who discovers that his house is a cemetery where she is buried Doña Inés. Don Juan is crying when you see the sh adow of the girl and asked to repent of all their wickedness to be together fore ver. Don Juan raises the possibility that everything has been a hallucination. A t night, invite your friends Sparks, Don Rafael and the late Don Gonzalo to show that is not afraid of ghosts. The spectrum Tenorio notifies that it is his last chance and makes the other guests swoon when wave awakening statue disappears a nd discuss with Don Juan, believing it was a prank. So Don Juan Avellaneda and d ie when he repents, but it's late and Don Gonzalo says he will take the winter, but Doña Inés saves at the last moment and die easy knowing that eternity will be ha ppy with her. Keiner towers. Valledupar Colombia