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com Objective (s): Summary of Qualifications • Knowledge in Information Technology covering methodology object oriented / UML, hardware / software, Windows, Linux, Unix, Java, DBMS, enterprise networks TCP-I P networks and high speed ATM / Frame Relay, optical and mobile communications, audit and security in telecommunications and integrated management of telecommun ications, internet and intranet administration and security, switching and digit al transmission, wireless technologies, management focused on telecommunications , ADSL, SDH; and logistics supply chain management, purchasing, storage, handlin g and storage, production and quality, operational research, logistics, urban tr ansport and modal / infrastructure, insurance, risk management and fleet, packag ing, cost / price, governance in SCM, logistics, performance measurement, inform ation systems, logistics. Academic Course: Industrial Engineering Wood Instituti on: UFPR - Federal University of Parana Status: Closed Course: MBA in Logistics and Transportation Institution: Colleges Opet - Organization Paranaense Educatio n and Technology Home: 04/2006 10/2007 Course Conclusion: Administration in Tele communications Institution: Fesp - Faculty of Social Studies of Paraná Start: 03 /2001 Completion: 11/2001 Course: Technology in Data Processing Institution: Ese ei Colleges - College of Business Education and Information Front: 02/1998 Compl etion: 12/2002 Language Expertise in English and basic French • Complementary Courses • Comercio Exterior - Univeb / Consulting International Centre - 120 m - 2005; • System administration and network Unix HP-UX - Hewlett Packard - 40 m - 2000; • Basic Oracle Web Server - Cefet - 20 m - 2000; Workshop • Novell Academics - No vell - 8 h - 1999 • Day-to-peer networks and hardware - Elaborate - 4h - 1999 • Painter car - Senai - 160 m - 1988; • Electrical / Electronic and Electrical dig ital basic - Senai - 295 m - 1996 1997. Professional History Company: Makulele of Commerce and Clothing Fashions Ltd (Cl othing) Function: Sales Representative Autonomous Period: 05/2005 to Current Act ivities: Prospecting for clients, demand and order tracking merchandise, visits to commercial tenants, sale, collection, negotiation, handling complaints, deliv ery and exchange of defective merchandise, preparation of market reports. Achiev ements: Participation in trade fairs and events. Company: info @ (Information Te chnology) Position: Technical Support and Account Executive / Relationship (PJ S cheme contract) Period: 05/2001 to 11/2004 Activities: Initially working as Tech nical Support for external assistance including hardware / software and; later s erving as Account Executive / Relationship to sales / after sales of IT solution s, assessment, technical feasibility, monitoring of implemented solutions, train ing, prospecting and customer service, preparation of business proposals and bud gets, contracts for services, diagnosis, analysis and data collection. Achieveme nts: Contributing as a coach in control of technical support in computerized rep orts, registration and priority setting in serving as an executive in the claims and prospect for clients. Company: New Technology Ltd. (Information Technology) Function: Technician Data Processing Period: 09/2000 to 02/2001 Activities: Dev eloping Datacenter activities relevant to the mobile phone company Global Villag e Telecom for monitoring servers and network equipment, operation management sof tware, mediation, OpenView, NNM and control-M, operating system Linux / Unix, ch eck the EDM backup routine operation of the robot and tape. Accomplishments: Res toration of the problems and processes of production. Company: Commercial Associ ation of Paraná (Class entity) Position: Trainee in Teleprocessing Analysis Peri od: 02/2000 to 01/2001 Activities: Task analysis of teleprocessing, embracing ch ange and configuration of peripherals, operating Unix operating systems, provide technical support to companies and users, operating terminals / PC to process i

nformation, installation of application software / hardware, training and guide users about the capabilities of Office applications and operation of micro or te rminal, periodic inventories, net. Achievements: Participation in the implementa tion and analysis in preparing work plans, collaboration in solving specific pro blems. Company: Itaipu Binational (Energy) Function: Trainee Data Processing Period: 10 /1999 to 01/2000 Activities: Task analysis of development for the purchasing dep artment / logistical tasks Abragam Natural programming language and Adabas datab ase, Remote service and support requests from employees of Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant / Foz do Iguacu. Accomplishments: drawing up reports, tables, graphs and indicators of management. Company: KND Automotive Services Logistics (Logis tics Automotive) Position: Trainee Data Processing Period: 03/1999 to 09/1999 Ac tivities: Internship in the department of logistics / Gate for activities in the domestic automaker Audi / Volkswagen in São José - PR, covering tasks of operat ing the software logistics (Plum / SAP) for monitoring the stock as verification , reception, conference, distribution, control and handling, allocation of equip ment in the warehouse and billing, posting of invoices from suppliers Curitiba I ndustrial Park (CIP). Achievements: Support for operational contingency NC Compa ny: Bamerindus Bank of Brazil (Financial Institution) Role: Clerk Period: 09/198 8 to 11/1993 Activities: Initially working in the logistics department in tasks of dispatch, transportation, receipt, storage, road map fleet of vehicles, distr ibution, conferencing, billing and, subsequently working in jobs with agency com pensation, billing, collections, balance sheet, public attendance of production / services. Accomplishments: Collaborating in the coordination of staff (Departm ent) and to meet goals as existing portfolio of products (Agency). Additional In formation • • • • • • Project - Toyota - From mass production to lean production and its global implic ations for all of us - Colleges Opet - 2007; Opet Talent Award - I tender Gradua te - "Professional Challenges for this new millennium" - Grant School - Facultie s Opet - 2006; Design - Wireless Networks: Protocol 802.11 - Fesp - 2001; Projec t - Development Commercial System - Electrical Materials - Colleges Eseei - 2000 ; Development Project NGO - Elo Social Responsibility; Willingness to travel, re movals and portfolio Enabling "B".