Santos uncorrupted Exclusive preserve of the Catholic Church He wanted God to the supernatural gift of preservation that defies

natural laws in some cases proven holiness, on the occasion to strengthen our faith and enhan ce the memory of that model of faith. Incorruptibility is the only way to preserve that obeys no law, because does not depend on the form, or temperature, or place of burial. These bodies are not ev en affected by the expected time for burial after death, nor by the dampness of the graves, nor lack of care that were in some cases and by frequent transfers, to be covered with quicklime or by its proximity to decomposing bodies, all prov ocative elements of putrefaction. The mystery of the preservation also goes hand in hand, events such as the preservation of blood, or the emission of soft arom atic oils is almost needless to say: never have been found in preserved bodies d eliberately or accidentally. June 3, 2001 - John XXIII - Plaza de San Pedro March 27, 2001 after 38 years of his death. "No part of his body was broken," sa id Cardinal Virgilio Noe, Senior Pastor of St. Peter's Basilica. St. Pius X (With a silver mask because his face is not very well preserved, but the body it self) San Ubaldo of Gubbio, Bishop d.C. 1160 846 years of his death. May 16 Blessed Aloysius Stepinac (Bishop Martyr) San Francisco Javier (Preserved in Goa, India, was very "abused" by the "hunting relics"). An attempt was deliberate and rapid destruction of the bodies of three saints pu t lime in their coffins: San Francisco Javier, San Juan de la Cruz and San Pascu al Baylon. As is well known, lime leaves absolutely clean bones in a few days. Uncorrupted are several parts of the body of St. Francis Xavier, the priest who evangelized several countries in Asia centuries ago. Blessed Angelo of Acri, cappuccino glass with a face mask to protect face 1781 SAN IGNACIO DE LACONI d.C. 225 years of the deceased. May 11 Went blind in 1779, died in Cagliari on 11 May 1781. He was 80. His body is pres erved in the church of Buoncammino of Cagliari, Sardinia highly revered througho ut San Juan Bosco priest, "Father and teacher of youth," the patron saint of editor s, founder of the Salesians. For his great devotion to Mary Help of Christians, it was getting countless miracles. "In his life he became almost natural superna tural and the extraordinary, ordinary." Pius XI on S. Juan Bosco. San Vicente de Paul 346 years after his death St. John Vianney (Cure of Ars) 147 years after his death. Confessor and spiritua l director 4/08/1.859 Great patience and peace of mind. Exorcist I was attending the confessional for sixteen hours a day, estimating that he confessed to twent y thousand people a year.

Venerable Mary of Jesus of Agreda's Mystical City of God. Visions and revelation s related to the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ Beata Maria Mazzarello SANTA MARIA MAZZARELLO d.C. 1881 125 years of dead He was born on May 9, 1837 in Mornese, Italy. Being a simple peasant, poor and i gnorant, became the founder of what is now the second largest religious communit y of women in the world (in number of its religious), the Commonwealth of Salesi an Sisters Saint Rita of Cascia 1457 d.C. May 22 Being very ill and asked as been called "Advocate tuations you have prayed ed on May 22, 1457. Died a visitor to bring her roses, then figs in winter. It h of the Impossible" and many people in very difficult si to Santa Rita and have found wonderful solutions. He di 549 years of

The body remains fragrant after more than five hundred years. It remains in the city of Puebla, Mexico Stefano Blessed Bellesini Blessed ESTEFANE incorrupt body BELLESINI St. Bernadette Soubirous. seer of Our Lady of Lourdes died in 1879 (127 years de ad). Convent in Nevers, France. The relics roaming the First Grade are two ribs, clavicles and a fraction of the brain St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690) The church of San Claudio de la Colombiere contains their remains. Paray-le-Moni al, Burgundy, France. Beata Ana Maria Taigi. Tertiary secular Trinity. He received the revelations abo ut the three days of darkness San Liberato Martyr of Isernia Beata Maria de San José Founder of the Augustinians of St. Rita San Carlos de Sezze St. Veronica Juliani Franciscan Santa Clara de Montefalco Her incorrupt body and heart are venerated in Montefal co, Italy. St. Catherine Laboure Fifty-six years after death€his body was found perfectly white and natural, eve n when his triple coffin was severely affected by excessive moisture. So great w as the amount of moisture that entered their cracks that part of his habit was b roken ..

Santa Agape St. Euphemia of Chalcedon Beata Ossana of Andreasi SAN SALVADOR DE HORTA d.C. 1567 439 years of the deceased. March 18 This saint is truly a unique figure, a saint very poor, humble, almost illiterat e, despised and even persecuted before being recognized as the "great miracle wo rker of the sixteenth century." Blessed Gaetano Catanoso incorrupt body April 4 SAN LUIS 1940 d.C. ORIONE March 12 He has helped heroically to populations affected by the earthquakes in Italy. He suffered and died from heart and lung problems in San Remo. Don Orione died on March 12, 1940. He was placed in the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Guardia in To rtona, beatified by Pope John Paul II. PATRICIA SANTA d.C. IV CENTURY NAPLES August 25 Santa Patricia, virgin in Naples. She was granddaughter of Emperor Constantine t he Great, was born and educated in Constantinople. Having taken a vow of chastit y., Was forced to flee their homeland by not getting married to the Emperor want ed to force her father Saint Peter Julian d.C. 1868 138 years of the deceased. August 1 He distinguished himself by his ardent love for the Blessed Sacrament. Also foun ded the Congregation of Sisters Servants of the Blessed Sacrament. Promoted thro ughout the world, and with all means at its disposal, the cult of the Eucharist. This was her message: "Only around Sacrament Christ is salvation." EZEQUIEL MORENO SAN d.C. 1906 August 19 San Ezequiel Moreno is considered a special intercessor before God for cancer pa tients and one of the greatest apostles of the evangelization of America. ANGELA DE LA CRUZ SANTA d.C. 1932 March 2 The motto of the Institute of Sisters of the Society of the Cross "to become poo r with the poor to take him to Christ." This theme was brought to his life and f ounded the spirituality and mission of the Society of the Cross. Santa Clara de Asis San Juan Nepomuceno St. Peter Newman Philadelphia Milagros de la Sangre Another condition that defies explanation is the after his death. emanation of blood fresh coming from a good number of these bodies for many years

This show was seen eighty years after the death of St. Hugh of Lincoln, when he severed the head of the neck. Nine months after the death of San Juan de la Cruz , fresh blood flowed from the wound resulting from a finger amputee. During the solemn exhibition of the body of San Bernardino of Siena, which lasted twenty-si x days after his death, a number of bright red blood came out his nose during th e twenty-fourth day, as observed and recorded San Juan Capistrano. During the me dical examination of the body of St. Francis Xavier a year and a half after his death, one of the doctors inserted his finger into a wound of the body! and reti red with blood, which, as stated, was "fresh and unpolluted." The deadly wound on the forehead of St. Josaphat Twenty seven years later bled t o death. Forty-three years after the death of Saint-Germain Pibrac, while some w orkers were preparing the grave for another occupant, a tool they were using sli pped and damaged the nose of the saint, making it bleed Forty years after the de ath of St. Nicholas of Tolentino , a lay brother secretly broke the arms of the relic. He was found and severely reprimanded when a copious flow of blood marked the sacrilegious act. We have seen blood flowing profusely from both arms on ma ny occasions over the next four years (13), an event that was accepted as a mira cle by Pope Benedict XIV. Healing Oil Apart from mysterious perfumes, liquid exudation of this unusual phenomenon is t he most frequently reported. It has been registered, to name just a few saints a nd disadvantaged, in cases of: Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzi (9) Santa Julia Bi lliart St. Hugh of Lincoln (10) St. Agnes of Montepulciano St. Teresa of Avila S t. Camillus de Lellis San Pascual Baylon oil flowing from time to time over the centuries, the body of the Blessed Nazzarei of Matelica Matthias, who died in 13 20, has been flowing continuously from their hands and feet since 1920. The phen omenal conservation of St Charbel Makhlouf is constantly supplemented by transpi ration of water and blood that have flowed from its appearance four months after his death in 1898